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  1. He needs 3.1 ab for every team game played which comes out to something like 504 total which he’s unlikely to make unless the Braves keep scoring 12 runs a game.

  2. Using some harder figures:

    McCann now has 479 PA. He needs 502 PA to qualify for the batting title (3.1 PA/ games * 162 games). At 4 PA per game, if he plays each of the last 4 games, he’ll be seven short. He can win the batting title with fewer PAs if he’s still ahead after adding hitless ABs until his PAs total 502.

    Right now, McCann is 144-429, a .336 average. Freddy Sanchez is leading the NL at 196-566, a .346 averaage. If Sanchez stays at that level, McCann would need to go 13-16 (and then add those seven hitless AB) to finish the season at an adjusted .347 to win the batting title. If Sanchez’s bat goes cold and he goes 0-16 the rest of the way (he’s 0-3 today through 6 innings), then Sanchea would finish at .337. McCann would then need to go 9-16.

  3. Last game on TBS this year. I’m not looking forward to the 2008 season when I won’t get to watch the Braves at all because TBS has gone “national” on us. I’m still bummed about that (and wondering what’ll happen to Skip. It would not be cool to hear him doing other games and not saying “we” all the time, but at the same time I don’t want to see him retire. That would be sad.)

  4. And on to the ever-exciting

    1914 Update!

    Boston Braves 87-56 (MN 2)
    NY Giants 80-65 (8 GB)
    z-St. Louis Cardinals 77-69 (11.5)
    z-Chicago Cubs 75-72 (14)
    z-Philadelphia Phillies 72-75 (17)
    z-Brooklyn Robins 71-75 (17.5)
    z-Pittsburgh Pirates 63-82 (25)
    z-Cincinnati Reds 58-89 (31)

    Today’s Game:
    Cubbies 210 001 002 – 6 12 1 LP- Humphries
    Braves 024 000 01x – 7 13 2 WP- James

    Showing that jaded Braves fans are not a recent phenomenon, a mere 500 fans watched Boston move closer to the pennant. Red Smith’s game-saving play at third stops a Chicago rally and preserves Bill James’ 25th win of the season.

    The Braves have set ticket prices for the Series- 25,000 bleacher seats will be available for a princely $2 each, up from 50 cents during the regular season and $1 for the 1912 World Series (the last held at Fenway, the Braves’ temporary home).

    The Giants swept the Pirates in a doubleheader to stay alive. The A’s miss a chance to clinch by losing to the Browns while the Red Sox beat the White. The A’s magic number is also 2.

  5. Red Smith’s game-saving play at third stops a Chicago rally and preserves Bill James’ 25th win of the season.

    Though James was later to say that Smith’s fielding win shares over the course of the season were below average for a third baseman.

  6. Paul McCartney thought he riped ‘Yesterday’ off when he wrote it. He thought for sure someone else had written it, he thought therer was no way he was cappable of doing something like that on his own.

  7. What James really should have told Stallings was something along the lines of “You made me pitch three complete games in the last six days with the pennant almost clinched. Why don’t you just rip my arm out of its socket?”

    Seattle Bill James pitched 332 1/3 innings this season. He would pitch 73 2/3 innings for the rest of his career.

  8. w/ our offense to be as good as it is and have no chance of a winning record is unexcusable. Its just sad

  9. That’s what happens when your starters give up 5 runs a game and your bullpen blows half of its saves. Don’t forget too that Chipper has missed about a 1/3 of the season, Marcus has been out a lot, and McCann missed a couple of weeks.

  10. Not a good start for Davies. Back-to-back walks.

    Who said Davies will give up several runs in the first?

  11. Wow, who couldnt see this coming. Sorry, Davies is terrible. I dont know if winter ball will help him or not. HIs confidence has to be shot

    So much for getting rid of Horam

  12. Davies, you suck. I think we’re going to have a morning recap again this time. It will probably mostly be me mocking Davies and McDowell. I should have done a macro for that.

  13. also go Gamecocks

    KYLE YOU SUCK, my friend. Our pitching prospects arent to hot these days. Davies, Lerew, Devine (getting better)

  14. Little Tony is at short. I have to wonder if Davies is still hurt. He wasn’t this bad last year or very early this year.

  15. Yes. Davies has had some spectacular starts, but he has been total garbage lately. It seems something is amiss.

  16. I really wanted to beat up on Hernandez and slaughter the Mets’ one last time, and send them into the postseason on a real downnote.

    But nope, as said in the previous thread, Kyle Davies was to start tonight. Pick up the phone Kyle, Richmond is calling.

  17. Chip to Don, “Why don’t we go down all the playoff possibilities…”

    So we’re in Hell, right? When we talk to people, we can tell them we’ve been to Hell?

  18. This game is depressing. Orlando looks like Cy Young so far, and the Mets are getting undeserved confidence for their recently cool offense by beating up on a bad pitcher.

  19. I am sitting here watching the Auburn vs South Carolina game and the ticker at he bottom just said something about Tom Glavine pitching in the playoffs and it hit me: I am actually rooting for the guy.

    It has taken me a long time, but I think with my loyalty to the Braves not interfering this sesaon I have finally forgiven him and am ready to root for him to do well.

    Don’t let this start a Tom Glavine debate, I just wanted to post that I’m finally all growns up.

  20. McCann just got thrown out. And Cox.

    Joe West got real mad.

    This hurts McCann for the batting title.

    Was that only 3 balls to Delgado?

  21. It was three balls. Good job Joe West.

    Good job too on Cox to get thrown out. Fire up the Braves and shoot for that record of most ejections for a manager.

  22. OK, let me correct myself. McCann loses his chance at the batting title because Devine is an idjit. And can’t pitch.

    Cox is now six ejections from McGraw’s record, I believe.

  23. Er, Davies. Argh. And yes, you pinch-hit to give the fans a chance to boo some of these relievers for the last time. I hope.

  24. I just heard on the radio that Lemke TIVOed the AB and said that the count was actually 3-2 when Delgado walked and McCann got tossed.

  25. West added a ball to Delgado’s count when Davies blew on his hands. Hence ball four.

    Not like Davies needs the help to walk people.

  26. “Davies, you suck.”

    “So, Davies blows? I guess it has been confirmed.”

    Davies has broken the laws of physics by being able to suck and blow at the same time.

  27. If Davies lost a pitch for blowing on his hands, we should be starting with 3-0 counts. Hernandez is constantly blowing on his hands…

    Double-standard there…

  28. Reitsma ERA: 8.68. Davies ERA including tonight: 8.43. He needs to give up two runs before getting his next out to pass Reitsma.

  29. “Reitsma ERA: 8.68. Davies ERA including tonight: 8.43. He needs to give up two runs before getting his next out to pass Reitsma.”

    Shoot for the stars Davies.

    Another inning, no runs, but so close. I hate this so much.

  30. “Okay, now I’m going to bed, but did Joey D actually get out of a bases-loaded, one-out situation unscathed?”

    He hasn’t be charged an earned run since being called up on September 3. Go Joey.

  31. I haven’t been watching, but is mlb.com right? Six walks in 3.2 innings? Damn, that’s just awful, Kyle. Did you not learn your lesson last time? When you’re hurt, confess (it’s good for the soul) and shut things down for a while (or forever, whatever works to keep your era below the Reitsma line).

  32. That is correct, Jeff. Davies was that bad.

    In other news, Daniel Cabrera is three outs from no-hitting the Yankees.

    Moylan’s still an Aussie stiff.

    I still miss Leo.

  33. ESPN reported at halftime of the SC game that Pedro is out for the entire playoffs for the Mets. If nothing else, perhaps we’ll get the last laugh having knocked him out for the rest of the year the other night. Best wishes for his recovery, but no best wishes to the Mets in the playoffs.

  34. It truly defies parody that Chip Caray would wax nostalgic for the days when players would settle their differences “under the stands” after the game. As if…

  35. Well, that’s that. If only we’d started an actual pitcher.

    And Steve Spurious loses again. Sorry, Steve, but we can see the man behind the curtain.

  36. I’ve got something interesting to say.
    Since last year the astros knocked us out of the playoffs, lets take away there chances. It’s like a playoff game that we can’t advance, even if we win. But we can’t win in the first round anyway, so.. Maybe Chuck James will make a bigger name for himself and beat the rocket tomorrow night and slim those houston chances.

    p.s, I still think about that 9th inning in houston when farnsworth was in with a big lead, I thought game 5 would have been ours..

  37. I dont think Davies is hiding an injury. I think hitters have faced him just enough to know what his tendencies are, and that’s he cant throw strikes and he leaves balls up in the zone. Kyle sucks, face it…

  38. Smoltz, Hampton, Davies, James…

    Those are the only 4 names I’m certain will be back with an opportunity at the starting rotation. Andruw is the first domino that has to be taken care of before we know where to go this offseason. If he can’t be resigned, then we have to get the best package possible for him. That would have to include young pitching and a potential centerfielder. If he is traded I think we should keep Hudson. A rotation of Smoltz, Hampton, Hudson, James, and Davies or someone like Lester would be terrific. On the other hand if we sign Andruw, we probably won’t be able to afford Hudson’s growing contract in 08 and 09. So, we would have to trade him and obviously get young pitching in that deal.

  39. I say we dangle both now and see what we get. My only fear is that we resign Andruw (mixed feelings, depends on where he would go) and then not be able to trade Hudson. I say we try to get rid of Hudson first, and if so, lets renog. w/Andruw.

  40. If we signed Andruw and couldn’t move Hudson, then who would have to go. I’m going with the assumption that in 08 we would not be able to afford both of them. I could be wrong, but my guess is that Smoltz will want to pitch in 08 and I don’t want to see him in any other uniform. We will also have Hampton’s salary in 07 (8mil if you believe they budgeted or 14+ if they didn’t) so some chips have to fall. I’m sure Giles is a name that will be mentioned, but he doesn’t save us a whole lot of cash. My preference would be that Andruw is resigned reasonably, we trade both Hudson and Giles for young pitching, and we sign Glavine for insurance.

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