Braves 13, Mets 1 – MLB – Box Score – Mets at Braves

At a certain level, this makes me angry. I know that the Mets don’t care, but why couldn’t we do something like this when it mattered? The Braves took over the game in the sixth, scoring six runs in the inning to take a 7-0 lead and knock Pedro out of the game. McCann and Francoeur hit back-to-back homers. In the sixth, they scored five more runs on homers by Chipper, Francoeur, and Thorman. McCann also had two doubles to finish 3-4 with three RBI and two runs scored. Francoeur was 2-4 with three runs and three RBI. Langerhans was 2-2 with two walks.

Hudson allowed one run in six innings of work. He also threw 98 pitches, which seems like a lot for six innings. He walked three and struck out only two, plus the Mets weren’t actually trying. Moylan pitched the seventh unscathed, Franklin allowed two hits in the eighth but managed to not allow any runs, and Thomson, activated a couple days ago, pitched the ninth for his very first Atlanta Save.

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  1. We DID do this when it counted. Remember that stretch of games right after the All-Star break where we scored 10+ runs every game? The only problem was it didn’t last forever and after we stopped scoring over 10 runs a game, our pitching started to give up that many. That is not a good formula for success.

    Of course, it wasn’t against the Mets, but is was against the Cardinals and another team with a winning record, if I recall correctly.

  2. Going into the all-star break the Braves won seven of ten against the Orioles, Cardinals and Reds. Then won five straight after the all-star break against the Padres and Cardinals, before it ended when the Braves went against Chris Carpenter, while the Braves that game send Jason Shiell to the mound for the first time.

    How do I remember that off the top of my head I wonder.

    Anyway, I’m less inclinded to support trading Tim Hudson. He ended above .500 when the team will probably finish below .500, and he sounds determinded to change. Hudson sounds exactly like he did after that 2005 game one start, saying it wouldn’t happen again, then pitching great in game four before Kyle Farnsworth crapped all over it. I have a feeling this won’t happen again with Hudson in 2007. But again, any player not named Smoltz, McCann, Wickman Chipper and, yes, Francoeur can probably be had for the right price.

  3. “I know that the Mets don’t care….”

    If only that were true. They did care. The Mets desperately wanted a great start from Pedro Martinez, and they got jack. That shakes Pedro’s confidence, knocks him completely out of game one and possibly the entire first round. Now what for the Mets’ postseason? Hernandez, Glavine and Trachsel? That wouldn’t even scare the Devil Rays. It takes pitching to win, not offense like the Mets are relying on. Chris Carpenter can silence any offense, including the Mets. Who made the 2005 world series? The Astros, best pitching in the NL, and the White Sox, best pitching in the AL. it’s pitching that wins.

    And tonight the Braves have a chance to do the same “no game one for you” soup nazi impression to Orlando Hernandez. Too bad Kyle Davies is opposing him and not someone, you know, won’t give up six runs in three innings.

    Also, read David Wright’s comments about these past two games. I don’t know if anyone else on that team cares if the Mets win these games, but he most certainly does.

  4. McCann is absolutely carrying my fantasy team to a third place finish all by himself right now. Too bad he played to many games last year to qualify for rookie of the year this time around.

  5. While his contributions are resolutely modest, I like having Langerhans around. If, as they say, the secret to a good organization is accentuating what someone does well, there should be a roster spot for a guy with plus speed, decent OBP, and superior OF fielding skills. Diaz also has a useful skill set — of course, you want these guys to be your fourth and fifth OFs, not third and fourth….

  6. Gee, it sure was good to see Hudson pitch well in a meaningful game . . . oh, uh, that’s right, it wasn’t a meaningful game, that game was in August. Supporting or not supporting trading Hudson is irrelevant–he is going to be back because no one will take on a bad contract for a pitcher going downhill.

  7. The problem is that Langerhans’ OBP isn’t that great. It’s .351, but that’s magnified by semi-intentional walks in the eight spot. If he could hit .270 he’d be a useful player.

  8. One day I want the Braves to sign Andruw to the expensive extension he seemingly is asking for, the next day I want the Braves to trade him for nice prospects and free up all that money. I really don’t know what to think about him. I’m glad I’m not John Schuerholz, not the one having to make this decision.

  9. Trivia answer: Zero. In fact, Piazza has only scored nine runs all year from the bases on balls in play:

    2 — from second on a double
    2 — from third on a single
    2 — from first on a triple
    1 — from second on a triple
    1 — from third on a wild pitch
    1 — from first on a single and error by Francoeur. I remember a play earlier this season where Frenchy came in on a hard single and it went under his glove to the wall. This must have been the play.

    This is apropos of nothing, really. Just thought it was interesting.

  10. “he is going to be back because no one will take on a bad contract for a pitcher going downhill.”

    Is that really the biggest reason? Or could it be that Schuerholz won’t even dangle Hudson out on the trade market in the first place?

  11. Hey, after this blowout, in imaginary land (MLB X W-L), the Braves are tied with the Phillies and Padres for the wild card lead at 83-75. And only 4 games behind the Mets!
    I’m on the edge of my imaginary seat.

  12. I think Pedro & the Mets cared a lot more about that game than their lineup seemed to care. I believe what Dan says is correct: The Mets are hanging many hopes on Pedro & they’ve pretty much been dashed.

    In typical overblown NYC fashion, Met fans are finding new reasons to freak out (Pedro’s decline, they’re getting whipped, the very idea of Steve Trachsel, etc.) Strangely, I don’t find it that terribly amusing, but it’s better than listening to their lame bravado.

    A month ago, they were talking like they had a bye to the World Series.

  13. #10, JS probably wont have to worry about it. Kind of like Furcal, we’ll be close w/ several teams and Andruw will be leaning to stay, then someone will come along and offer something outrageous. Hopefully not the Mets, but if it goes to FA dont be surprised if they are not in the talks.

    I hope we win out. One to take almost all the confidence away from the Mets and also to keep Houston out of the playoffs. A little redemption maybe.

  14. The last 2 games may not have been relevant to anything, but I’ve sure enjoyed them. 4 more like those please.

  15. anyone think Thomson could be a decent set up guy for Wickman? I wouldn’t mind throwing him $3 mil if we have it for a backup starter or a set up guy. He’s better than Horam and Davies and we are injury prone

  16. is, and we’ll go from there,” Jones said. “We’ll see if [the Braves] want to accept it, and then it’s up to me if I want to go lower or higher. When the season’s over, that’s when we will talk.

    “There’s a lot of teams out there that have a lot of money. L.A. [Dodgers], Anaheim, the Mets. … A lot of people are willing to spend money for good players. But I’m not thinking about that right now. Hopefully, we can work something out so I can stay with the Braves.”

  17. We should have delt Thomson when we had the chance. I wouldn’t mind him as a set up guy if he can do it.

  18. I am interested to see what they do with him. If you could count in Chipper to play a full season I’d say deal Andruw and use is salary to get some great pitchers. There is the problem, how much of a hole would it make? If Mccan hit 4th with his .400+ obp how would that play out?

  19. 25-1 in the last 18 innings. For some reason I bet Davies gives up 2+ runs in the 1st innning of tonights game

  20. Its good to see that people appreciate what JS has done. We all question him at times, but even our biggest rival appreciates and respects him and the organization.

    If there was a Nobel Prize in baseball, they would be voted a Nobel Prize for the work they’ve done there. They’ve done it right. They’re like the model of success in the past 15 years.” — New York Mets general manager Omar Minaya on the Atlanta Braves.

  21. Gee, why are all the Met fans in my office avoiding me today?

    They usually stop by my office & bore me with details of the previous night’s game. Not today…

  22. There’s something to be said for peace and quiet ububba, enjoy it while you can, the playoffs aren’t far off, although I don’t see much success for the Mets with the current state of their pitching.

  23. there certainly isnt an overabundance of good teams in the NL this year, but there also isnt a lot of rotations as bad as whats said in #26

  24. Although I hope the Mets crash, burn and are eaten by vultures, I’d still say it’s still 50-50 they make the WS. I don’t think El Duque, Glavine, Trachsel & Maine (I hear that’ll be the NLDS rotation) is gonna give anyone pause, but it’s not patently horrible.

    As crazy as it sounds, El Duque has been pretty good lately. But you just don’t know what you’re gonna get from this bunch.

    Aside from the Pedro/rotation questions, what I think is scaring Met fans right now is 1) their offense has stalled almost completely 2) they’ve become really vulnerable to LHPs 3) their best guys in the lineup don’t have much post-season experience.

    Reyes: Never
    LoDuca: Never
    Beltran: 1 post-season, 12 Games
    Delgado: Never
    Wright: Never

  25. Every lousy start Pedro has is one less day I have to listen to Sox fans piss and moan about how Theo let him get away. I’d say it’s starting to look like the dude might have been right.

    Brian McCann is the only bright spot left in this season for me, though beating the Mets by double digits and ruining their confidence right as they’re heading into the playoffs is also pretty fun.

  26. ububba, my prayers are with you. I dont know who I hate more, the Red Sox or the Yanks. Maybe the Red Sox becuase their fans whine about every player who has left them

  27. Living here in the Northeast, I don’t hate; I just observe. Otherwise, I’d go nuts.

    When I lived in Georgia, I was a major Red Sox sympathizer because my mom grew up in New England, went to see Ted Williams, etc. But after going to dozens of Sox-Yanks games (incl. the ’99, ’03 & ’04 ALCS), I’d say the novelty of watching drunk 22-year-olds from Staten Island & Medford duke it out has faded. I’m over it.

    I know great baseball fans who root for the Yanks, Mets & Sox, but as a collective they can be hard to take. Just raise your glass if they fail to win their last game.

  28. I think there were a lot of things to be proud of this season.

    Andruw has had a nice season. Chipper has had a wonderful season (except for injuries). Renteria has played pretty well — well enough that I don’t regret the Marte trade any more. LaRoche had a great breakout year. Smoltz continued being Smoltz.

    If only this was 1925, when starters completed nearly every game, and bullpens were unnecessary…

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