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Wow. I just realized, I completely don’t care that the Braves lost a game they once led 7-0 and that Kali Yates, yet again, blew a game. It’s his fifth “blown save” — really, blown hold — which is pretty remarkable considering that before the last six weeks he was mostly used in middle and long relief. He’s just so awful it’s getting comical. I was mostly watching the Giants-Seahawks game, because it does my heart good to see a Manning and a New York team get their face ground into the mud.

Oh, the Braves game. The Braves scored five runs in the first on one hit — a grand slam by McCann. Juan Morillo (a rookie starter we’ve never seen, and we hit him?) walked the bases loaded then hit Andruw, and Brian followed with the slam. In the fourth, we had solo shots by Chipper and McCann to take a 7-0 lead.

But Chuck James, after pitching well for three innings, gave two runs back in the bottom of the inning and a grand slam in the fifth. I hate Coors Field, if I haven’t said it already. Humidor? The only thing that would improve this place is plastic explosives. Renteria got a run back in the sixth with a solo homer to make it 8-6.

The Vulture got through the sixth, but McBride gave up a two-out double to score a run in the seventh. Enter the Destroyer, who allowed a two-run homer in the eighth and was lucky to get away without allowing another run when the next batter tripled. He’s very very bad. The Braves got two singles in the ninth but couldn’t get the tying hit, which would have brought Langerhans to the plate because Bobby used him to run for Chipper, who was only 3-3 with two walks. Ugh. McCann had three hits.

The last off day of the season. I prefer to think of it as a preview of the nirvana of never seeing the 2006 Braves ever ever again.

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  1. On the bright side, we no longer have to worry about seeing Yates blow a game in the playoffs causing the Braves to lose in the first round again… at least for this year.

  2. What’s the deal with the ownership situation? Will we have money to sign a free agent LF and some relief help? We have a lot of good things to look forward to next year but we need a hitter in left and some talent in the bullpen. What does everyone think of Devine’s chances next year of contributing?

  3. Let’s just finish this season without anyone getting hurt.

    Today’s debacle didn’t raise my pulse one iota either. September games with nothing at stake, I gotta admit, are tough to follow. I have tix to 2 Yanks games this week (Tue & Fri) & I couldn’t be less interested.

    RIght now, I just hope QB Joe C looks as good in Oxford this weekend as he did in the 4th quarter against the mighty Colorado Buffalos. Here’s to them shaky Dawgs…

  4. For about the 10th time, why is Yates still on this team?!?
    It’s unbelievable. He’s like Sosa was, Bobby just keeps putting him out there like he is going to change. Baffling. Sosa almost single handedly lost the month of June for us and then he screwed up July as a reliever. Why would Bobby let Yates repeat the same performance. Baffling! Why is Yates still on this team?!?

  5. Wow! kali is horrible, while i wasnt surprised by the outcome of the game, i was still pretty pissed, how can anyone give up runs everytime they enter the game, at least this nightmare of a season is almost over.

    oh the brightside of the day is mizzou cracked the top 25 for the first time since ’04

  6. Yates, much like most of the Braves pen this year, seems to pitch great when it doesn’t matter and awful when it does have bearing on the outcome of a game. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard Chip say of him “That is why Bobby Cox is so high on this kid” after a 1-2-3 inning (or just a strikeout, really) in a blowout.

    By the way, what is our record in one-run games now?

  7. 19-32 (needless to say the most losses in the league), imagine if we had gone .500 in those games we’d have 6-7 more wins we’d be 81-75 and like 1.5 games out of the wild card. ridiculous

  8. Even more ridiculous about Yates is when you compare our opinions of him with this piece of crap article about him on the Braves’ website that says he could be our top set-up man next year (and a good one, too!).

    I almost threw up when I read the second paragraph. Also in the article, and this is purely for comic entertainment: “Chris Reitsma may have a price tag that exceeds his value.” What? I mean, I guess that’s true, if you consider that he’s not even worth league minimum, but…

    It amazes me how some media people think certain guys (Yates, Paronto, Francoeur) are good, when they’re clearly not (or at least have some huge things to work on, in Frenchy’s case).

  9. “The Braves got two singles in the ninth but couldn’t get the tying hit, which would have brought Langerhans to the plate because Bobby used him to run for Chipper, who was only 3-3 with two walks.”

    Bobby had Brian Jordan on deck….either way it was game over if Renteria didn’t get the guy from second home.

  10. As i said in one of my rare posts, The most horrible Braves of this 06 nightmare is Hudson and Yates and Reistma and I hate of course Langerhans . Please JS start putting some pieace together in the off season.
    Why does Cox keep going to the well with this guy!. It has cost him the “500” record that he apparantly and the team wanted him to accomplish.
    Man I miss Lucken

  11. Rocker and Canseco should start a travelling roadshow — how long until they show up as a WWE tag team? Dennis Rodman could be their manager.

  12. English is the official language in 27 states and will be the official language of the country if HR-4437 or any of the newer house immigration bills were to pass. I hardly see how “speak English” is anything bad.

    BUT, I didn’t watch the video posted. I’m on dial-up. So I don’t know what John Rocker’s own words were.

  13. I posted that a few threads ago BigD. Maddening, isn’t it?

    Notes: Yates a capable setup man

    Oh really?

    At the time, Yates was just a few weeks removed from being released by the Orioles and attempting to prove himself at Triple-A Richmond. Four months later, he’s proven enough to believe he’s capable of being Bob Wickman’s primary setup man in Atlanta next year.

    What has he proven? That he makes probably $337,000?

    “Success breeds confidence,” said Yates…

    So, Yates, you are exactly how confident?

    After the Braves brought Yates to the Majors on May 30, the righty immediately began making an impression.

    No kidding. Now the rest of the Yates-related laughers:

    Yates has shown the Braves enough to prevent them feeling the need to overpay for a setup man in the offseason…..Yates, who has limited opponents to a .227 batting average and registered 44 strikeouts in 47 innings this year, currently appears to be the best option for the role.

  14. Watched the video. It didn’t do anything to detract from my opinion that Rocker remains an idiot on wheels.

    The fact that he remains a xenophobe shouldn’t be shocking; that he hasn’t learned to shut up is what I find mildly more remarkable.

  15. Para decir “habla inglés” los sonidos como una orden. La mayoría de las personas preferirían no tomar las órdenes de un imbécil.

  16. I’ll admit it: the reasons I haven’t posted here much are a)school’s back in session and b)I’m not really watching the games, so I have nothing to offer. I’m starting to get back into actual TV shows again, so this winter I’m not caught off guard when I start watching halfway through the season when I have no idea what’s going on.

  17. Yeah, but Rocker’s a “man of the people.” I look forward to his Fox talk show.

    As for Yates, better get used to him. I think Bobby really likes him. My prediction is he is going to be baaack!

  18. Any UGA football fans in the New York area? I’ve heard that there are a couple bars in the city where fans congregate to watch games. Can anyone from this area confirm and email me?….thanks in advance.

  19. Hoboken,

    Village Pourhouse: 11th St & 3rd Ave. They’ll be showing the Ole Miss game Saturday night.

    I’m a UGA grad living in NY & I’m on the alum club’s mailing list. I haven’t been to one of the game/events this year, but I may do it this weekend.

    I’ll email you this info as well.

  20. Update: My high school team lost 44-0 Friday night. My four football games in eight days in four different stadiums continues Thursday night as I’ll be in attendance of Auburn @ South Carolina.

    I’ve already seen 9 games this season – the team I’m rooting for is 6-3 in those contests.

    The road teams are 5-4 .. lowest combined score of any game is 10 .. highest combined score is 54. Largest margin of victory is 48. Downside, only 2 of the 9 games decided by 25 points or less. Blowout city.

  21. Jenny, I missed you most of all!

    Mac, now that a couple of days have passed, did the Alabama kickier have money on the game? I was there and Arkansas tried every way possible to lose the game. Shula and Nutt should start a support group with Rich Brooks at Kentucky and Sylvester Croom at MSU and call it, “How in the world did we get to coach in the SEC?”

  22. It was the sort of kicking performance that normally causes serious-looking men in dark suits to ask you about any shady connections.

    Arkansas didn’t “try to lose” that game — Alabama kicked their ass for most of the game. In the end, the kicker and the head coach choked.

  23. I watched the Bama-Hogs game up until the overtime. (I was in a sports bar in Stamford, CT, driving from Boston to NYC & after watching the Dogs/CU game & the Ohio St/Penn St games, I just had to get home.) I did not see the OT, but I’ll agree that there were plenty of “what-are-they-thinking-about?” moments from both sides.

    Nutt should give the ball to #5 & not let his QB throw the ball in a big spot, if he can avoid it. That guy was scary bad, almost as bad as the Penn State QB.

    I’m not going to pile on Shula because I don’t know his personnel that well, but I’m not sure how that placekicker recovers. He’s gonna have to go in the Witness Protection Program, where he can join Matthew Stafford.

  24. My biggest question is, Wilson was 16-20 for 250+ yards, why didn’t he get the opportunity to throw 40+ times. They couldnt stop Hall or Brown. Shula is an idiot, I dont blame Tiffin. Shula needs to get out of his conservative mode and beat up on inferior teams. He cost us that game, period…

  25. Waa waa waa

    Your kicker has nothing on…

    John Vaughn 1st 08:52 41 yds – Missed
    John Vaughn 2nd 12:49 26 yds – Good
    John Vaughn 3rd 09:46 54 yds – Missed
    John Vaughn 4th 11:21 37 yds – Missed
    John Vaughn 4th 00:02 49 yds – Missed
    John Vaughn OT 15:00 39 yds – Missed

  26. National collegiate football polls are the stupidest thing in the history of American sports. At least figure-skating judges get to see the skater in question, up-front & in-person…

  27. Smitty, I think everyone who watched the game noticed that, except for one individual. His name is Shula and he sucks! Like I said before 16-20 for 253 yards.

  28. If you were Shula you would have said something dumb about avoiding mistakes, as if there was anything at all likely to kill you from throwing into the end zone with a stop in hand in overtime. There’s conservative, which is fine, and then there’s bull-headedness, which is stupid.

  29. playing for FG’s, unbelievable. Here’s to making our freshman kick a 38 yd FG in OT, after he had already missed 2 of 3. Dont worry about trying to actually move the ball. Guys, if your a fan of the TIde, you might want to make plans to do something this Sat. around 2:30. Its going to get very ugly, I’m afraid.

  30. I could mention that several years ago Bama came off an even more embarrassing loss, at home to LaTech, and went down to the Swamp and won. Of course, that team had Shaun Alexander, but the coach was even dumber.

  31. Anyone know who had the brilliant idea over at ESPN to charge people to start reading the internet colums. I really, really, hate that Insider crap.

  32. Mac, I’d like to get access to the private phone records of a bunch of HP employees, if you can manage that. Thanks.

  33. I think that’s why, when I try signing in with an updated email it always says no one can read it but me. My email now is Preciate it, and is there a way I can update it for my sign in info w/ out having to come up with a new name?

  34. Mac I would like to know who is holding the gun to Mark Bowman’s head and making him write all those positive pieces, especially the brilliant one about Yates.

  35. Ah, The Pictures, effective these fifteen years and more. Bobby Cox was a bad, bad boy back in the ’60s.

    1914 Update:

    Boston Braves 84-56 (MN 6)
    NY Giants 77-64 (7.5 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 76-67 (9.5)
    Chicago Cubs 75-69 (11)
    z-Philadelphia Phillies 70-74 (16)
    z-Brooklyn Robins 69-74 (16.5)
    z-Pittsburgh Pirates 62-79 (22.5)
    z-Cincinnati Reds 57-87 (29)

    Today’s Games:
    Cincy 000 000 000 – 0 7 1 LP- Yingling
    Bostn 010 000 10x – 2 7 1 WP- Rudolph

    Cincy 001 010 010 – 3 7 3 LP- Douglas
    Bostn 030 100 00x – 4 7 1 WP- James

    Rudolph had just started yesterday, and James two days ago, but maanager George Stallings decides to throw them both out there anyway, and the Reds’ feeble offense (7th in the NL) can’t make them pay. Maybe Stallings can’t believe that they’re likely to play in the World Series.

    Speaking of which, these Braves have permission to start printing the tickets. Our 2006 Braves, especially the bullpen, have permission … to bite me.

  36. O, how the mighty have fallen. Almost three hours since the last post…

    Look what the Braves have reduced us to.

  37. Never mind. My browser just decided not to put Dan’s post up there until I posted something. Sorry about that.

  38. Still something to play for:

    Wednesday the Mets are going to use Pedro. If the Braves rock him, considering his last two starts since coming off the DL, it may cost him a lot of confidence come game one of the NLDS. That after Glavine got beat up by the Nationals today.

  39. How about this:

    “Joe Borowski seems likely to get about $10 million for two years as a free agent this winter, so it’s highly unlikely that the Marlins will retain their closer. Instead, it figures that Taylor Tankersley will get a chance to take over ninth-inning duties next year. The Marlins could look to bring in less expensive free agents like Scott Williamson and Dan Kolb….”

    Could you imagine a closer Dan Kolb with the Marlins in 2007?

  40. There’s an amazing article in the NYT about a 110-year-old man who played professional baseball for a black Pittsburgh team prior to the formation of the Negro leagues. Great read.

  41. The Braves look good–after I got up at 4:30 to watch the Falcons’ debacle.

    It is hard to believe the game was fixed; it also hard to accept that the Falcons actually showed up to play….

  42. It’s sort of ironic that the Braves were the first team to play in NY after 9/11 and the Falcons are the first team to play in New Orleans after Katrina. Someone thinks Atlanta teams make good sacrificial lambs.

  43. “Someone thinks Atlanta teams make good sacrificial lambs.”

    Maybe, that’s why we have only one major sports championship in the history of the Earth.

    Another thought related to your comment – it would not be entirely inappropriate to rename the Atlanta football team the Lambs. They certainly played like lambs last night.

  44. Smitty,

    Sure, Atlanta people like the Falcons. They’ve sold out the games for the last few years. Vick is the biggest star the team has ever had.

    The team’s history remains mostly forgettable, but the city is into the team. In fact, whenver the Falcons have been good, the city has shown up to the stadium.

  45. 1 down and only one more to go (Reitsma).

    Danys Baez apparently has thrown his last pitch for the Braves.

    The reliever remains sore from his Aug. 23 appendectomy, and Baez said he probably won’t pitch again this season and doesn’t envision returning to the Braves in 2007.

    “They signed [Bob] Wickman already, and I want to be a closer,” said Baez, who saved 71 games during 2004-05 with Tampa Bay but struggled this season with the Dodgers and lost the closer job after four consecutive blown saves in a two-week span.

  46. @84

    Eh, I didn’t really figure he would be. Might be a good second-tier hitter though after Giles goes, especially if we do get a speedy person in left field.

  47. Mac, I say for the rest of the season you should make up the recaps. YOu could include things like, “Then Jeff Blauser came on and hit a pinch hit home run!”

  48. things to watch for the rest of the year.

    Frenchy 100 Rbi’s 30HR
    Andruw 125 Rbi’s 40HR
    Laroche 100 Rbi’s 35HR
    McCann 100 Rbi’s 30HR
    Chipper 25HR’s
    Smoltz only pitcher with 15 wins

    I hope they achieve them all, just to highlight to us just how bad our pitching has been

  49. Prado seems to me to have more potential than Aybar as a replacement 2nd baseman if Giles is traded. Aybar will be needed to fill in at 3rd when Chipper gets injured anyway. Baez didn’t give us anything we can’t get from Yates for cheaper, so good riddance to him. I wish we had Betemit back, but he didn’t get along with Bobby or something. Who knows.

  50. “I wish we had Betemit back, but he didn’t get along with Bobby or something.”

    I guess this is just speculation. Bobby always had very good things to say about Betemit. We would have a very potent infield if we still had him. Maybe the Dodgers will take a Giles/Yates trade for Betemit…wishful thinking

  51. Posted this yesterday.

    things to watch for the rest of the year.

    Frenchy 100 Rbi’s 30HR
    Andruw 125 Rbi’s 40HR
    Laroche 100 Rbi’s 35HR
    McCann 100 Rbi’s 30HR
    Chipper 25HR’s
    Smoltz only pitcher with 15 wins

    Well, Druw got his 40Hr and is 1 shy of 125 Rbi’s. Smoltzie also picked up his 15th. McCann picked up 1 more Rbi, but his might be a stretch to get to.

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