61 thoughts on “Game Thread: Braves at Rockies, Sept. 23”

  1. Shhh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. You’ll wake the Cwimson Tide.

    1914 Update:

    Boston Braves 81-56 (MN 10)
    NY Giants 76-63 (6 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 75-66 (8)
    Chicago Cubs 74-67 (9)
    z-Philadelphia Phillies 68-73 (15)
    z-Brooklyn Robins 67-74 (16)
    z-Pittsburgh Pirates 62-77 (20)
    z-Cincinnati Reds 57-84 (26)

    z- Mathematically eliminated

    Today’s Games:
    Cincy 010 000 001 – 2 8 2 LP- Ames
    Bostn 000 200 001 – 3 8 3 WP- James

    Cincy 000 000 003 – 3 5 0 WP- Lear
    Bostn 000 000 000 – 0 4 0 LP- Davis

    With one out in the bottom of the ninth in game 1, 3B Red Smtih launched a long fly ball that seemed likely to bounce off the wall for extra bases… only to see a fan reach out and grab the ball, making it a game-winning home run, one of just three Smith would hit on the season. No word if the fan’s last name was Maier.

    Charles Bernard “King” Lear pitches a shutout in game 2 to end an 18-game losing streak for the Reds and the Braves’ 8-game winning streak (and 9-game unbeaten streak). A two-run double by Doc Miller accounted for the winning runs.

    Giants lose a doubleheader at home to the Cardinals, 2-1 and 9-0, so the Braves gain a game and knock their magic number down by three.

  2. WAR EAGLE!!

    Condolences to Tiffin though. That’s miserable – I was at that same version of that when AU lost to LSU in 2005 thanks in large part to five John Vaughn missed kicks.

  3. a) No.
    b) I have no idea. I thought Bama lost the game on too conservative offensive play-calling at the end of regulation. Shula ran draw plays up the middle on second and ten from the 11 or so. I’d like to see one throw there from your leader at QB.

    c) Ken Darby’s overrated.

  4. d) Auburn looks relatively bad in a 38-7 win over Buffalo. It was only 7-0 until John Vaughn hit a FG on the last play of the first half. In truth, Auburn was planning for South Carolina in Columbia on Thursday night. Kenny Irons did not play. Auburn ran a junior-high offense, and frankly, Auburn rarely saw the field, running only 20 offensive plays in the first half.

    I’ll take it. Bring on South Carolina and pray Southern Cal doesn’t pass us in the polls.

  5. Shula has to take a serious look at Johns as the starting RB now. Darby is clearly not right. Of course, some of that is that the offense we’re running is different from what we did the last two years and he’s trying to run between the tackles instead of outside, but enough’s enough.

    I didn’t mind the end of regulation play. Conservative, but it was a 30-yard field goal, which should be routine. (And T*ff*n had made his last attempt.) But in the first overtime they had the ball and a stop in hand, they’d consistently moved the ball with short passes to Brown & Hall (weirdly, Bama threw only two passes to anyone else today and none to any other WR) but he settled for a long 42-yard FG. That was bad coaching. They should have gone play action over the top on the first play.

  6. I’ll take the Hogs victory for USC’s strength of schedule, but what an ugly game. I also sat through most of Georgia-Colorado and am now trying to remember why the SEC is consider the elite conference out there. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

  7. Davies sucks. No one talk about him for the starting rotation next season, please.

    Assuming no trades/signing: Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, Ramirez and James.

  8. So did I miss the official announcement that we’re giving up, or what? What the hell is Davies still doing out there?

  9. I can’t stand Davies’ pitching. What is Bobby thinking?

    J…just logged on MSN. If you watch the game,,,,got it??

  10. Florida’s had two extra points blocked by Kentucky, and the Wildcats are making a game of it in the Swamp, 12-7.

  11. The Braves can’t say they didn’t have a bunch of chances. Double plays kill you. Thanks Marcus Giles and Jeff Francoeur.

    And Bobby is leaving another pitcher in past his prime (one inning for relief pitcher.)

  12. Wow. I walk in to this. I thought it would be ulgy, but I didn’t think we’d score 5 runs and not have a hope of winning.

  13. Actually, I predict we score 20 runs this inning to break the game wide open, MLB looks at the remarkable inning and is overwhelmed and rewards us a division title anyway since we have to be the best team in the NL East to score 20 runs in an inning. That, our streak isn’t broken, Mets fans still hate us, and life gets back to normal.

  14. “I really don’t know why so many Braves’ fans think I’m good. Quite frankly, I really suck. Don’t let me start ever again. Even Lance Cormier can do better.” -Kyle Davies quoted in Madeup Quotes by Rita Goodlie.

    Maranda, think about if Giles didn’t hit into a double play with one out and runners on first and third. Or if Francoeur didn’t hit into a double play with bases loaded and no outs. Blame them too.

  15. Goddamnit! What does Brayan Pena need to do to show Cox that he exists? He’s a much better everything than Pratt.

    Oh well. Loss number 80. One more and we’re done.

  16. “I really wanted .500 too. Thanks for nothing Pratt, Langerhans, Hudson, Cormier, Reitsma, Davies et all.” -Bobby Cox, also in Madeup Quotes, also by Rita Goodlie.

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