Broncos 10, Falcons 9 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Rockies

Whee, I get to break out the football score conceit one more time! Humidor? What humidor?

Kyle Davies put in a Tiffinian performance, being knocked out of the game with one out in the third inning, having allowed nine runs on twelve hits and a walk. I know it’s Coors Field, but you can’t pitch that badly, or be allowed to pitch that badly. (Bobby with a Shulavian managing job.) After that, the Rockies just needed to hold on.

They very nearly didn’t. Down 9-3, they got a run in the fourth, a run in the fifth, a run in the seventh, two in the eighth, and one in the ninth. The Braves had the tying run on with one out in the ninth, but LaRoche and Pratt struck out.

Andruw had a big game, going 4-4 with two homers, three RBI and four runs. Pratt, before striking out to end the game, had three hits. Diaz, Aybar, and LaRoche had two apiece.

Ken Ray walked five in an inning and a third, but managed to allow just one run. Good relief work from Devine, Moylan (who pitched two perfect innings and may be pitching his way into the team’s plans for next year) and McBride.

Seven more.

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  1. Pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching….for those who wants the Braves to add a bat, the pitching should really be the main focus for this offseason.

  2. True, kc.

    From the AJC: [If Brian McCann were to win the Silver Slugger Award…]

    He would be the third Braves catcher in four seasons to win the Silver Slugger, after Javy Lopez in 2003 and Johnny Estrada in 2004.

    That’s incredible. To have that much turnover at a position and stay at the top of the league.

  3. Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, Ramirez and James.

    Not bad, but trading Andruw to Boston, letting Marcus go, and using the money to buy Schmidt or Zito might not be the worst thing in the world. I like Andruw, I really wish he’d stay, I just think hell will freeze over before the Braves keep him around after the 2007 season. Might as well get something for him, he’s too good to let walk away via free agency and get nothing for him.

  4. If Andruw really wants to stay, not even Boras can stop him. I guess we will find out in the next offseason. I don’t believe the Braves will trade Andruw, but I am very certain JS will trade Marcus.

  5. I think the problem is that because the agent takes his fee off the top, he maximizes his take by putting together the biggest deal, while the player should have to worry about cost of living, taxes, selling and buying houses, moving costs, etc. Meanwhile, the players’ union doesn’t worry about that stuff either because they too want the biggest deal, so they won’t necessary watch the agents like they should.

  6. “Dan, Marcus is not a free agent until after next season.”

    Can’t Schuerholz not offer Giles arbitration? Isn’t that the same thing as letting him walk?

  7. Clearly the Braves need pitching help: a rotation of Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, HoRam and James is not even good on paper. The reality is probably much worse.

    I would hate to see Andruw go, but I think there is a good chance that JS will trade him. I just hope if that is the case the Braves get some quality players in return.

    Between Giles, Andruw and some of the young players the Braves should be able to make some trades.

    This should be an interesting offseason….

  8. You are right in saying that agents only want the biggest deal possible since their take is a percentage. Just like the music business. Gotta pay the manager, booking agent, producer, lawyer, etc. their percentage. Buncha bloodsuckers.

    Love Andruw, but he should go. We can’t afford to keep him, if his agent gets what he wants. His knees are going sour. He deserves the big payday, another shot at a championship…. Yada, yada, yada.

  9. If Andruw is traded, I’d rather it be for cheap prospects and not two of three average five million a year players (Coco Crisp.) That way the money is there for Schuerholz to sign a big free agent bat or pitcher.

  10. “It will be hard to trade Andruw away because he loves Bobby.”

    If that’s the case, why is planning on hightailing it out of Georgia come October 2007?

  11. How do you guys propose to make up for Andruw’s offensive production if he is traded for, I presume, pitching prospects? This team is going to need a high powered offense in order to compete for the playoffs next year. There are too many question marks on the pitching staff to expect to win a lot of 3-2 games.

  12. The trade for Crisp and others looks pretty silly–but if it has to be done it should be sooner rather than later.

    In 1990 the Braves waited too long to deal Dale Murphy and received nothing: Murphy and a player to be named to the Phillies for Jeff Parrett and eventually Jim Vatcher and Victor Rosario. Of course by August 1990 Murphy’s career was in terminal decline. Nonetheless, by holding onto Murph for too long, the Braves managed to shortchange themselves.

    If Andruw has to go, it should be in the coming months and not during 2007.

    I fear that KC is right about Boras and I wonder how much Andruw can actually do to change it. This is too depressing to contemplate.

  13. I agree: his offense (and defense) will be very hard to replace. The idea of Coco Crisp replacing Andruw is laughable.

    It would be great if we could keep Andruw–but it simply may not be possible.

    The choice might well be keep Andruw in 2007 and let him walk and at least the Braves get one more season out of him and eventually more financial flexibility; or trade him now as part of a rebuilding strategy.

  14. Assuming all our pitchers are healthy to start next year, the Braves have a very good shot at being a playoff team. They can’t trade Andruw unless they plan on adding somebody like Sheffield or Soriano in free agency. I don’t see him waiving his no trade clause in the offseason anyway. It would make more sense for him to start the season as a Brave and only accept a trade near the deadline if the team stinks again.

  15. Hampton will be on his way back, but I fear that we have seen what the perfectly healthy Tim Hudson has to offer…

  16. The thing is that you won’t make up for Andruw’s offense. So, the trade has to be used to solidify the pitching staff (thus lowering the need for such offense), and with the thought of helping ourselves at another position either offensively or defensively (such as bringin in a left field masher). At the same time, such a trade must clear payroll to help us deal with needs at other positions. So, if a trade isn’t going to clear payroll and improve pitching/improve other positions, it would be better to hold on to him and take enjoy the remaining year. Creativity is a must here. JS has shown, at times, the ability to be creative, so I’m hoping he’ll either be creative or he’ll just enjoy Andruw’s final year with us. I’m not hoping for a repeat of the Murphy for Parrot, Vatcher, and Rosario.

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