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  1. 1914 Update:

    Boston Braves 80-55 (MN 13)
    NY Giants 76-61 (5 GB)
    Chicago Cubs 74-66 (8.5)
    St. Louis Cardinals 73-66 (9)
    Philadelphia Phillies 67-73 (15.5)
    z-Brooklyn Robins 65-74 (17)
    z-Pittsburgh Pirates 62-75 (19)
    z-Cincinnati Reds 56-83 (26)

    z- Mathematically eliminated

    Today’s Game:
    Pitts 200 000 000 – 2 6 2 LP- McQuillan
    Bost 201 400 10x- 8 12 1 WP- Tyler

    “Pirates Make Weak Stand Against Stallings’ Wonderful Team,” reads the New York Times headline. The Braves went 17-5 against the Pirates, their best performance against any team, including 10-1 at home.

    Next up, the patsy Reds, losers of seventeen straight. Giants fall another game back with a 5-0 loss hosting the Cubs.

    Also announced today: The World Series is to start on October 8th at 2pm, with home field to be determined by coin toss.

  2. OT: I need some perspective here. There’s a local high school football game tonight St. Bonaventure vs Oaks Christian. It seems they have a combined 50 game win streak, Oaks has the #1 QB prospect in the nation Jimmy Claussen.

    In addition to the game being on in the primetime slot on Fox Sports West tonight, they are doing a one hour live pregame and postgame from the field. The tickets are apparently going for around $100 bucks on eBay. St. Bonaventure brought in former UCLA RB Tyler Ebell to work on their scout team this week to simulate Oaks’ Marc Tyler (USC Commit!).

    Does all this activity surrounding a simple regular season high school football game seem crazy to anyone else? Is it like this everywhere now?

  3. I’ve never heard of high school tickets being sold on ebay. They might have been for the hyped up Hoover – McNeese game though. That was when Tim T was at McNeese last year, it was pretty big. So it may be getting pretty big for the really good HS teams

  4. Brian J., when was the last game those 1914 Braves lost? It seems like they’ve won everyday for like two weeks. They were on some streak.

    Thanks for keeping this up. I have enjoyed watching that season progress. I went through a 1914 Miracle Braves phase a couple of years ago, and it’s been nice to be reminded of how cool that season was.

  5. A line from DOB’s blog on AJC.com:

    “Kyle Davies’ start tomorrow at Coors Field is a bit scary to think about….”

    It made me laugh. It is, however, quite a true statement. We really need a win tonight to have a hope of reaching .500.

  6. The 1914 Braves’ last loss was on September 12, 4-3 against Brooklyn. Since then, they’ve won seven games, had two days off (Sundays), and played one tie (called after 12 innings because of darkness on the 18th).

    They’ve had a truly incredible run since landing in the basement, going 54-15-2 since their low point on July 4th. At that time, the ’14 Braves were 26-40, 15 games out of first and 5 games out of seventh. (We actually have seen the Braves play almost this well before- from July 22, 1993 to the end of that season, the Braves went 49-16.)

    Didn’t quite work. The Braves are 39-30 since July 4th (record then 36-48). Had they played all year at that pace, the Braves would be 86-67 and would have locked down the wild card and still had a chance at the Mets. Just goes to show how deep the hole was.

  7. As for the here and now, Hudson and Fogg are off to good starts. And I think I have a couple of their jackets in a closet somewhere.

  8. “Is it too much to hope that the complete game one-hit shutout against the Rockies on May 1 Tim Hudson shows up?”

    Guess not. The Braves should have gotten more than one run in the second inning.

  9. And that would have been a run if not for Renteria.

    I hate contact hitters. They may strikeout less but the double plays they hit into kill the offense.

  10. Not that McCann is going to win the batting title now, but why not bat him 3rd instead of Laroche anyway? It would get him a few extra at bats and really makes more sense overall.

  11. John Schuerholz: Tim Hudson, meet your 2007 team, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They gave us two A-level pitchers with ERAs under five for you if you can believe it.

  12. Gee, that sucked. And Hudson’s almost to 100 pitches now. Our bullpen minus air resistance equals souvenirs for everyone!

  13. Second and Third one out and no more runs in the second inning.

    Aybar getting thrown out at third when he should have stayed at second. Would have been second and third one out if Aybar stayed at second and Marcus’ fly out would have been a sac. fly.

    A quality start from a pitcher with an ERA near six because of this playing. And two shutout innings in a row by him, probably only the third time he’s done that all year.

    Time to coast to another loss. .500 is a pipe dream.

  14. Oh my God, why is Hudson still in there!? Has he not screwed the Braves’ chances for a win enough for Bobby already?

  15. Maybe we’re “rewarding” Hudson for his work this season by blowing out his arm… Seriously, I got nothing.

  16. The only thing that will make this offseason a success is if we find a sucker to take this stiff off our hands.

  17. I’m kinda pulling for Hudson to finish the year with an ERA over 5. He’s at 4.96 after tonight.

    Come on, Tim! YOU CAN DO IT!

  18. Looks like Huddy will stay at 4.96 until his next start. There, he’ll probably step into the cement with a little sign sticking out that says “Worst pitcher on Braves”. He has it already, but a 5+ ERA will, um… cement it. *shot*

  19. I know Andruw didn’t ground out, but it really feels like Andruw can ground to shortstop, have the shortstop drop the ball, pick it up, drop it again, boot it, pick it up yet again and still throw Andruw “no hustle” Jones out?

  20. @50

    True. It does feel like that. Maybe he needs a clause in his contract that cuts $250,000 from his salary every time he doesn’t bust his butt running to first.

  21. “Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Francoeur gotta ground out weakly on first pitch till he die.”

    Knowing the first pitch is the pitcher’s pitch, why in the world would you swing at something you can do no better with than a medium speed ground ball right to where the shortstop is standing?

  22. Matt Diaz may suck defensively overall, but that’s like the second time he has thrown out someone trying to advance to second on him.

  23. Isn’t that because he usually falls down when he swings and thus is just getting out of the box by time normal batters are halfway? I might be exaggerating, but it’s close.

  24. “True. It does feel like that. Maybe he needs a clause in his contract that cuts $250,000 from his salary every time he doesn’t bust his butt running to first.”

    $250,000 might be a little much. More like $25,000.

    With people like McCann and Pratt, it’s not a big deal. They’re always slow. But Jones is so fast in centerfield, why does he have to look so slow on the basepads?

  25. Bye, bye .500. It was a nice dream while it lasted. Bobby’s streak of 15 consecutive winning seasons just died. How sad…

  26. Marcus seemlingly always ends the game. It’s usually with a flyout, but he couldn’t end the game that way today, so he had to hit into that double play.

  27. Okay, I’m not confident in them getting there either but geez, don’t say they won’t get there until it’s impossible to get there.

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