51 thoughts on “Game Thread: Braves at Rockies, Sept. 21”

  1. Ah, “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.” One of my all-time faves. It’s a song I sing to my nieces when they’re sitting on my knee.

  2. WOw that is odd, I was listening to that song when I got out of the car to come in the house to check my email.

  3. True, but the reality is that there just aren’t any good games this weekend. If you need to take one Saturday off and do something else, this is the week.

  4. Funny about “Roland.” I’ve had that kind of coincidence many times. I had a similar experience

    Yeah, this is a lame week for college football—Colorado @ Georgia isn’t so promising, and I’m glad about that.

    And funny, too, about OSU-PSU. I have to watch that game because I’m going on a business trip this weekend with an OSU grad & he insists on watching it. I’ll be sure to save up the best anti-Big 10 material. By the end of that game, he’ll want to shoot me.

    But I gotta say, you Auburn people didn’t help last January. ;)

  5. I still cant believe Arkansas is favored over Bama. I guess thats SEC road games for you. Bama isnt great, but Arkansas is terrible

  6. I still cant believe Arkansas is favored over Bama.

    Both the Hogs and Tide had similar pillow fights with Vandy, so I can see making the home team the favorite. Despite the score I thought Arkansas looked pretty talented out there against USC, once they get Mustain settled in, they could be a handful. Still, I think Bama is the pick, not that I would bet this game in a million years.

    SEC games are like soccer games now, any score is monumental and a bad call can totally change the outlook.

  7. It may have been the insurance payment on Chipper.

    Arkansas is a really tough place to play. I think Alabama is more talented overall and for once will have the experience edge, but even good Alabama teams have struggled with Arkansas.

    Also, if Arkansas loses Nutt might not have a job on Monday.

  8. Maybe for disputed home runs, but that’s about it. Baseball isn’t as clear on replays as the other sports in my opinion. Plus the games are already way too long.

  9. might actually speed up some of them. Instead of umps getting together and then managers coming out and arguing for 5-10 minutes, the replay would be quick. Probably wouldnt see a change in overall game time. Some people like watching managers argue for 5-10 minutes

  10. I like Robert’s idea, like that stupid non-HR call on Jordan last year in Washington.

    I remember going to a game years ago at Shea where Steve Avery was working on a shutout in the 9th inning & Howard Johnson hit a “home run” off him that was so clearly foul it was ridiculous. But that only made the score 6-1, so nobody cared except Avery.

    The out/safe stuff might make sense, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement.

  11. All I can say is that thank goodness Eric Gregg is gone; with instant replay, every game of his would have taken 12 hours.

    1914 Update apologizes for yesterday’s absence. Moving on:

    Boston Braves 79-55 (MN 14)
    NY Giants 76-60 (4 GB)
    Chicago Cubs 73-66 (8.5)
    St. Louis Cardinals 72-66 (9)
    Philadelphia Phillies 67-72 (14.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 64-74 (17)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 62-74 (18)
    z-Cincinnati Reds 56-82 (24)

    Today’s Game:
    Pitts 100 102 100 – 5 9 0 LP- Harmon
    Bost 110 400 00x – 6 9 0 WP- Rudolph

    A three-run triple by Connolly in the fourth inning was the big blow. After four innings, Harmon was pulled for Herb Kelly, who pitched four scoreless innings, but the damage had been done. Sounds like a lot of our games this year.

  12. Oops. Magic Number should be 15. Which, incidentally, is only one less than the 2006 Braves’ magic number for the wild card. The magic kind of goes out of that number when it’s more than the number of game you have left.

  13. Off to see the Drive-By Truckers now, then it’s off to Boston for the weekend.
    Go Dawgs.
    Go Braves.
    Hopefully, we’ll score about 40 runs this series—the humidor be damned.

  14. Shoot i guess JS figured that were out of the WC anyway so might as well lock up some key guys for ’07 before they get a chance to test free agency

  15. I’m just anxious to see what else he does with our pitchers for next year. I think I hope Schmidt and Zito get rediculous contracts and then JS tries to dump Hudson since he’s still cheap for next year.

  16. I am in Arkansas and I am going to the game on Saturday. I netted box seats and I am not really a fan of either team. But the Tennessean in me makes me pull for the Hogs.

    There hasn’t been a lot of local stuff calling for Nutt’s job, at the moment. Broyals is a big supporter of Nutt.

  17. WIth Smoltz usually being very outspoken, I wonder why there were no comments from him in either of the recent articles. The one about himself and the one about Wickman

  18. Just for fun. Assuming all teams involved are pretty much .500 teams…

    The chance of the Braves getting into a Wild Card playoff:

    Winning 10 of 10:
    Prob(ATL win 10) .000976 * Prob(LAD win

  19. Looks like it ate all my math, but the bottom line was we are around a 300-1 longshot at this point to play a 163rd game.

    Looks like it was the ‘less than’ sign that did me in. Should have known better.

  20. “Winning the division title is very gratifying to me because it shows the total Yankee organization – on and off the field – demonstrating incredible guts, smarts and quality in the face of adversity and stiff competition,” Steinbrenner said. “This is just the first step, and I’m excited about playing hard to win the championship.”

    nothing like buying championships

  21. I looked it up and Sheffield has a team option and buyout. I did say it was crazy.

    I’d do Abreu and cash for Hudson in a heartbeat but there’s zero chance of that.

  22. I’ll add that while I don’t know about how Sheffield the person would be accepted by the team, I think Sheffield the player has something left (he only played thirty games this year but hit .309/.372/.439) and is precisely what this team needs — a high OBP righthanded hitter. The Braves were killed by lefthanded pitching this season (.253/.320/.419, versus .274/.340/.459 against righthanders) and the team’s three best hitters are two lefties (McCann and LaRoche) and a switch-hitter who traditionally hits better lefty plus is having continued health problems that hurt his ability to hit righthanded (Chipper).

  23. Well, Sheffield and the Braves were just fine together during his two years of stay…except when the playoff started…

  24. Because everyone pitched around Sheff and Chipper because Andruw and Adam couln’d beat you. Sheff is oging to play some first base for the Yankees.

  25. Here’s a name to add to the discussion of Sheff (as well as Bernie Williams and Luis Gonzales in previous threads)–I think Trot Nixon is a free agent after this year. He’s a high OBP guy; he’s had decent power though it’s declined some over the past couple of years. Downsides: he’s 32, he’s had some injuries this year, he bats left (we have greater need for RH batters), and he’s currently making $7.5 million. I’m thinking he’ll get less than $7.5 as a FA, but I don’t know if it’ll go low enough. At the right price, though, he might be an interesting guy to plug in LF (or RF if Jones is traded and Francoeur moves to CF).

    And, yes, pitching should be a higher priority than position players. Other folks on this thread and previos threads started this discussion.

  26. “Oh no, the Braves are getting shut down by yet another pitcher with an ERA over five.”

    Finally. Cue Ode to Joy.

  27. you know…it really was unfortunate that we had all those double headers at the end of the season. we went 2-6 in double headers in september. if we could have just broken even in the double headers then we would be 1 game over .500 and the playoffs wouldnt have been out of the question. talk about suck.

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