Braves 6, Rockies 3 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Rockies

So, a humidor? Whatever works, I guess.

John Smoltz, whose option was picked up today, gave up three runs in the first three innings, but after that he put it together, striking out seven in seven innings and not walking anyone. He only needed 99 pitches, 70 of which were strikes, and got the strikeouts when he needed it. He did allow nine hits, but in that place, humidor or no, you’re going to allow some hits.

Andruw had four RBI. He gave the Braves a lead with a sac fly to drive in Marcus in the first, and then had a sixth inning three-run homer, scoring Aybar and LaRoche to take the lead. Aybar drove in two with a bases-loaded single in the ninth to give the Braves some breathing room. Aybar was the only Brave with multiple hits, two to go with a walk.

Kali and Wickman each gave up walks but nothing else in finishing the game off. And that’s pretty much it.

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  1. I’m rooting for it and after tonight it feels a bit more likely. This is, after all, the first time that we have been less than 4 games under .500 since the June debacle. Several times, the Braves were turned back from a streak or mini-streak at 4 games back. Now that we’ve made it to 3, a barrier has been broken. It’s not much to hope for, .500, but it is something. By the way, thanks JS for picking up the option on Smoltz. I’m also pleased about Wickman’s signing (though it may well backfire. But if it does, we ought not complain too much since it beats what he did last year.). The move will help psychologically at least early in the season. And if he pitches like he has the last few months, we will have a better bullpen.

  2. hey Mac, time for a new career move for you. Time to exercise your succession plan for the journal. It is always impossible to get the founder to hand off the baton. You can tell your grandkids someday, hey that was me. Maybe the new braves cable station will need a—, well you know. We all love you.RIP.

  3. “Keepman” is, I do believe, someone we’re familiar with. At the very least, he is an AOL user from the northeast. I have sent him an email; if he is using a valid address then he can stay.

  4. Well, here’s hoping you DO eventually get offered an announcer’s job, Mac. You’d be an immeasurable improvement over everyone not named Skip, and he’s retiring all too soon.

    Seriously, signing Smoltz and Wickman to extensions was a terrific idea by Schuerholz. It lets people know he has a plan. I hope we can get some clarification on Andruw’s status before the season is over.

    (By the way, does anyone know a good place to go for information on how the new CBA is shaping up?)

  5. I am certainly rooting for .500–I am a little surprised that it is within reach, but I do not want to get my hopes too high.

    Otherwise, the news about Wickman and Smoltz makes the end of the season a bit easier to bare.

  6. “Fortunately, Andruw Jones — in a season where there’s been a ton of injuries — plays every stinking day, makes a great catch in center field and hits a three-run homer,” Smoltz said. “Otherwise, we don’t win the game.”

    For all who have traded Andruw on this site, remember the Carol King song, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, ” trade Andruw Jones, plug in a Langerhans.

    Sounds like a plan. A stupid plan, but a plan nonetheless.

  7. HS Football Update: I’m calling a game tonight for the #1 team in state. It’s going to the brutally ugly.. I’ve already come up with a list of about 20 jokes once it gets out of hand.

    Can’t be worse than last week, when my squad was down 41-0 with 6+ minutes left in the first half .. good news was we didn’t turn it over on the 4th offensive play of the game, which is more than I can say for the first three. The 5th play, not so much.

  8. Thats a good one Davey…… on that subject, what is Culpeppers problem? In the Buffalo game it looked like when he had time, he was ok, but on the quick drops and under pressure he looks like a freshman starting on the varsity squad……

  9. I take it as flattery. I assume that the only reason that guy keeps trying to post here is that he’s awed by how cool I am, and by how awesome we all are. Sort of like how Homer Simpson always wanted to join the “No Homers” club.

  10. I’m a Dolphins fan, but Daunte Culpepper is overrated and always has been. He will put up good numbers, but turns the ball over in critical situations. Of course, he hasn’t even been doing that so far. I think they made a mistake going for Culpepper over Drew Brees.

    BTW, I think Bobby Cox deserves a lot of credit for the Braves not collapsing. They are showing a lot of pride in maintaining their focus when, in reality, they have nothing to play for.

  11. I second that praise for Bobby Cox. He is not great at in game strategy, starting line ups, and such but he unquestionably manages to get the very best out of his players.

  12. Wow, Joe Girardi can’t seem to win this season. First, he got a raw deal last year by signing with the Marlins only to watch them sell their entire team out from under him. Then he takes that team and proceeds to have a pretty decent season considering their extreme youth and lack of experience. I mean, they were in Wild Card contention until just a few games ago. Nobody guessed they’d finish anything but last in the NL East this year.

    Yet, a source told ESPN there would be “zero” chance he’d be back next year. So, I guess my point is, as bad as this year’s been and with as many seemingly conflicts going on, it could be worse. We could be the Marlins.

  13. I think Girardi is going to be a good manager, but might be a little over rated right now. Many of choices he wanted to make with this club have been over ruled by the GM. However, I think he is on his way to being a great manager…In Chicago!

  14. rumor from Colorado paper…

    • Boston remains focused on figuring out a way to acquire center fielder Andruw Jones from Atlanta, but a first step is for the Red Sox to unload disappointing Coco Crisp and the three-year, $15.5 million extension he was given before playing his first game in Boston

  15. found some quotes on it –

    Schuerholz said. “This was the appropriate thing to do as we were doing the Wickman deal. We always intended to have John back; that was never in doubt.”

    Manager Bobby Cox said the Smoltz extension “was going to get done, no matter what.”

    “I’m happy I know I’m going to be playing here next year,” said Smoltz, 39, the only player who has been with the Braves since their run of 14 consecutive division titles began in 1991.

    Schuerholz said he told Smoltz and his representative, Lonnie Cooper, that they would soon discuss the pitcher’s future beyond next season.

    After breaking with his normal procedure and finalizing the Wickman contract before the season ended, Schuerholz explained that the Braves didn’t want to let him become a free agent and risk losing the closer.

    Schuerholz was aware of the appearance it might have made to some that Smoltz wasn’t getting the same respect, which was part of the reason the Braves decided not to wait any longer to exercise the option.

  16. I hope Smoltz isn’t still pissed at Schuerholz. Not that I’d blame him: JS can occasionally rub people the wrong way, and Smoltz has a legitimate beef. But I really, really want John to retire as a Brave, and I don’t want any sort of residual pissed-offness to get in the way.

  17. I do give credit to the Marlin’s front office (and I suppose the scouts and people who developed all of that talent that have). My point was just that the Marlins have played way better than they were supposed to, and they’re going to fire their manager over it (with two more years remaining on his contract). Can you imagine what that team might have done with a united management?

    Also, Fredi G. was mentioned as a possible replacement in Florida. I don’t know that I would want to get into that situation, if I were him. Of course, he might think exactly like the Florida front office, in which case it wouldn’t be a problem.

    I think we should start guessing how many runs Hudson will give up at Coors Field tonight. I’ll say 6 in five innings…

  18. looked good last time, I feel like he’ll continue for some reason

    I say 7IP, 3ER’s

    also Ryder Cup update, after day 1

    Europe 5 USA 3, could be a long weekend

  19. I give the front office far more credit than Girardi.

    There’s enough credit to go around I think. The Marlines started out so poorly that I think you have to give Girardi some credit for keeping the players focused and not letting the season just go down the tubes.

    Of course he’s made some rookie mistakes, the biggest is of course the Josh Johnson rain delay fiasco. I’ll be interested to see how he does at his next stop.

  20. What is the difference between Andre 3000 and a cobra?

    I’m down with cobras…..but Andre 3000 drew my ire last night when he flustered Erin Andrews on the sideline of the UVA-GT game with his brutish hiphop behavior. My gawd, did she look hawt though. I saw her last week try on a hat at Kirk Herbstreit’s urging. Her exposed tanned underarms put me over the edge. PHWOOOAAHH…

    Braves Rock!!


  21. Just a couple of comments from being in attendance at last night’s game…

    Like most games in Colorado, there were ALMOST as many Braves fans as Rockies fans. My favorite comment was when Aybar got the hit to put the Braves up 6-3. A group of Braves fans cheered, but the Rockies fan response was great. “You realize that you aren’t winning the division this year, that you aren’t going to the playoffs!!!” This from a team that hasn’t seen a division race in YEARS, from fans of a last place team. Absolute classic…

    Lil Tony had more pop than I anticipated. And what about the terrible baserunning by Tulowitski? At that point, it was 4-3, the Rockies had 1st and 3rd, and who knows what would have happened…

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