26 thoughts on “Game Thread: Braves at Natspos, Sept. 19”

  1. At the risk of violating the no-politics edict, I’ll just say that it’s amazing that the public has no problem with their tax dollars being spent on arresting “criminals” like this.

    Oh and Brent Musburger is a dick. But you already knew that. link

  2. Robert, with as much film study that the coaches do nowadays, they would have picked up on that anyway. USC just comes out of this deal sounding like whiney bitches. Just like they don’t want broadcasters calling them Southern Cal, its pathetic.

  3. Well, that was hostile. I’ll just say I disagree. The Southern Cal thing is a copyright issue if you care, which I suspect you don’t.

  4. who cares about teams from the PAC 10 anyways, other than USC they all suck. Oregon is paying ref’s these days. Horrible, Horrible conference.

  5. 1914 Update:

    Boston Braves 78-55 (–)
    NY Giants 76-59 (3 GB)
    Chicago Cubs 72-66 (8.5)
    St. Louis Cardinals 71-66 (9)
    Philadelphia Phillies 67-71 (13.5)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 62-73 (17)
    Brooklyn Robins 62-74 (17.5)
    z-Cincinnati Reds 56-80 (23.5)

    Today’s Game:
    Pburgh 030 000 000- 3 10 3 LP- Cooper
    Boston 010 007 10x – 9 8 1 WP- Davis

    Down 3-1, the Braves rallied for three runs off of Wilbur Cooper, and then Joe Conzelman did a fine Chad Paronto impression to let in four more. Giants keep up by beating the Cubs 5-4.

  6. Well, regardless of one’s views on whether our narcotics laws should extend to marijuana use in private settings like the home, it seems hard to defend marijuana use in a public setting like in a vehicle on the highway. One might also wonder whether the driver was smoking or just enjoying the contact buzz.

  7. Early returns show the SEC and Big 10 are a cut above the rest this year. The ACC, Big 12, and Pac 10 are a little down. The Big East maybe a little better than we thought.

    If you can get past the fact that Oregon stole their game, the Pac 10 had a nice weekend. 4-0 against the Big 12, plus a nice win for Washington at Fresno. You want to give a conference heat, try the Big 12. 0-4 against the Pac 10 last week, ISU lost to Iowa, Tech lost to TCU, and A&M needed a goal line stand to beat Army.

    Sadly for me (a guy with good tickets), it looks like Michigan-Ohio State has replaced USC-Notre Dame as the regular season game of the year.

  8. If marijuana was to be legalized it would be banned while driving just like alcohol (except in Mississippi where drinking while driving is legal.) If he was smoking it while driving, he should be treated just like any person arrested for DUI.

  9. Policemen often exaggerate the details of such a case, because you can’t pull someone over just for being a famous pothead. Though I don’t doubt there had been pot smoking going on.

    Anyway, I have class, recap ninish (CT) unless the game is still going on.

  10. Boy, I tell you what – the LSU/Auburn game was the most excited CFB game I’ve ever attended. I’ve seen a 23-20 win over #1 in the country on a last-second FG, I’ve seen shootouts, but that 7-3 game was BY FAR the best.

    You knew any touchdown in the whole game would probably win it.. and it did.

  11. Hold your horses, Aubie. Did we forget to mention an official’s dubious call, too? I think we did. I’m sure it was pretty exciting when they reversed it.

  12. Well, I’ll disagree plenty about that call.

    But, nonetheless, the way Auburn’s defense was playing, there was no guarantee that LSU was ever going to score. They needed any help they could get.

    It was a helluva ballgame and one I enjoyed watching in its entireity. I just hate when games get decided like that.

  13. Hey, we’re getting creamed! Get it all out of your system now boys, or else Chipper won’t even have .500 to play for…

  14. A hero wouldn’t be dumb enough to get caught. He’s willie freaking nelson, what the hell’s he doing riding dirty? He should have a palace to do that crap in.

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