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  1. another exciting Braves game, I cant wait. I hope Davies can actually do more than hold BP for Washington tonight

  2. things worth keeping up with for the rest of 06 season

    1. Can Soriano be the 1st to the 45-45 club
    2. Can Howard get to 61 or higher
    3. Will any pitcher get to 20 wins

  3. oh yeah, and will the NY teams both win 100 games and ESPN dedicate two weeks of coverage to them. Also, will the Mets lose their last game. Forgot about that one Ububba, thanks

  4. And, as always, there’s the scintillating

    1914 Update:

    Boston Braves 77-55 (–)
    NY Giants 75-59 (3 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 71-64 (7.5)
    Chicago Cubs 72-65 (7.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 65-71 (14)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 62-72 (16)
    Brooklyn Robins 60-74 (18)
    z-Cincinnati Reds 56-78 (22)

    z- Mathematically eliminated

    Today’s Game:
    St.Lou 000 000 010 000 – 1 7 1 P- Doak
    Boston 000 001 000 000 – 1 3 1 P- James

    Game called because of darkness after 12 innings. In remarkably boneheaded moves, both managers let their pitchers hit with two outs and runners on base in the 12th inning. Yes, pitchers were “manly men” who usually completed what they started, but James was a 256/ 262/ 279 hitter, while Doak hit 118/ 148/ 153. Why wouldn’t you bring in a pinch-hitter if you can see the sun setting?
    The game won’t be made up, even if important to the pennant race. The Braves are forbidden by Massachusetts law from playing on Sunday, and by the time they hit the road, St. Louis will be finishing the season at home. It would take two days to get the teams together to play, a potentially serious delay to the World Series. (Several pennant races would be thus affected in baseball’s early years, like the 1905 AL race in which the A’s finished at 92-56 and the White Sox at 92-60, or the 1915 Federal League chase in which the 86-66 Chicago Whales nipped the 87-67 St. Louis Terriers and 86-67 Pittsburgh Rebels.)

  5. ESPN already declaring an “all New York world series.”

    I still don’t think (and hope) the Mets don’t make it out of the first round. Their starting pitching is horrible right now. Smoltz, Hudson and James would make a much better trio in the playoffs than Martinez, Glavine and Maine/Trachsel would right now, and the Braves’ starting pitching has been bad.

    That said, I’ll be very surprised if the Yankees don’t make it to the world series.

    From the previous thread:

    Baez, whose salary is $4 million, becomes a free agent after the season and hopes the Braves will try to re-sign him. Of course, closer Bob Wickman is also a free agent and remains Atlanta’s top priority.

    Get Bob Wickman first, then Danys Baez (only if he’s cheap.) That’s a nice set-up and closer duo right there.

  6. Koenen Watch: The Falcons say that they’re going to stick with him. Sheesh, there are a thousand former college placekickers out there who can do a better job. Hell, a Gramatica brother could do a better job. The problem is that a real player would have to get cut.

  7. Depends on whom they play. LA and San Diego both would give the Mets a world of trouble. SD’s bullpen is deadly, as is the LA rotation of Lowe/ Penny/ Maddux/ Billingsley.

    $4 million for Baez? I wouldn’t pay $1 million.

  8. “Koenen Watch: The Falcons say that they’re going to stick with him. Sheesh, there are a thousand former college placekickers out there who can do a better job. Hell, a Gramatica brother could do a better job. The problem is that a real player would have to get cut.”

    Maybe the Falcons can take Tyler Yates as their new kicker?

  9. “$4 million for Baez?”

    You don’t have to worry about that. Baez won’t be getting another $4 million dollar contract after this year. I think he’s a good gamble for the right price.

  10. The Falcons can take Paronto, too. And Davies. And Ray. And Cormier…

    Hold on, Davies has struck out the first two batters in a 1-2-3 inning..

  11. I heard that, too, and have to wonder what about his performance he thinks is so special. 25 HR in 150 games just isn’t that impressive these days for a corner OF. Ditto .446 slugging (going into today) in a league slugging .427. And that’s without going into his abysmal plate discipline, such as the 6:1 K/BB ratio (closer to 9:1 if you don’t count IBB).

  12. If my team lost the way Oklahoma did, I’d still be bitching about it, too. That was reee-diculous.

    Re: Falcons Placekickers.
    I heard an interview with ex-Falcons/current Giants kicker Jay Feeley on WFAN last month. They were discussing teams that spend money on placekickers and those that don’t & he basically said, “The Falcons are trying to get by on the cheap this year with someone who’s unproven. We’ll see how far they get with him.”

    I think we’re getting an idea on what he meant. This guy missed 4 FGs in a dome.

  13. There’s a reason no other NFL team tries to have one guy do all the kicking. Too many different trajectories for the ball, and Koenen can’t apparently manage those required for a short kick to get over a defensive line.

    Davies entered this game last on the Braves in VORP, which is impressive given all the other wastes of skin wearing tomahawks this season. Good show, but the ice is getting really thin.

  14. “Ok, so how many people think we can win the NL East next year?”

    Keep Wickman and maybe Baez (or another capable set-up man) and if the starters like Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, James and whoever put up good seasons, I think they’ll be in it all season. Win it? I don’t know. But the Braves won’t be out of it in June again. This season was some real bad luck too what with that June. The Braves aren’t great this year, but they’re not a 6-21 month team.

  15. This team has every chance to be something special next season if our brilliant GM will care enough to keep Wickman and exactly build a bullpen.

  16. That can’t be right; Braves fans asked that question a million times when wondering if we could DH for Belliard instead of Maddux or Glavine.

  17. I’m liking Mac being speechless (nothing personal, you understand… it’s just this is working almost as well as when you started naming your game threads)

  18. mac, why are my comments pending moderation? i did look at furcal and renteria’s defensive stats. furcal has twice as many errors as renteria, but he has 75 more putouts then edgar. thats a lot of putouts. WOW!

  19. The highpoint of the Mess’ season: they clinch the division on their fourth try by beating the Marlins 4-0.

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