Braves 8, Marlins 7 (10 Innings) – MLB – Box Score – Marlins at Braves

Big props to the tag team of Yates and Paronto, without whom many a loss — for instance, today’s — would have been much more difficult.

Leading 3-1 in the eighth, Bobby used Kali to setup again for no readily apparent reason; he allowed a two-run homer to tie the game up. Typical. After Wickman got through the ninth, Paronto came out and allowed a two-run double, followed by another two-run homer, to lose the game. Oh, so typical.

Hudson started and did very well, allowing just one run on three hits, striking out five and not walking any. The only run the Marlins got off him was on the rarely seen sac fly to the second baseman (Marcus was running away from the play). I still have no confidence in Hudson… The Braves meanwhile drew six walks but had only five hits and left a bunch of men on. Francoeur had two hits and his assault on the Guillen Line continues. Renteria drove in two runs with a bases-loaded single in the seventh that should have won the game.

This team has so frustrated me that I’m writing this while the top of the tenth is still going on. We had no chance, even when it was only 5-3.

PREUPDATE: But wait! The Braves did have a chance! One out, McCann doubled, Francoeur singled, and Diaz doubled to bring the tying run to the plate with one out. (Both doubles could have been caught.) Aybar then hits a bloop single to the Bermuda Triangle behind second, making it first and third. Brayan Pena comes in to pinch hit… Ground ball to second, the second baseman throws to the shortstop covering… and the shortstop drops it! 7-6, everyone is safe, tying run at second, winning at first.

OHMYGOD!!! Marcus singles to left, Aybar is running home, the left fielder tries to pick up the ball and throw and it gets past him, Pena scores from first, Braves win!

I’ve got to pre-write more of these. Barry finished the tenth and gets the win. Joe Borowski is going to murder his outfield.

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  1. 5 runs and 1 out… Why did they have to wait until they were down by 4 in extra innings to start piling on the runs? To actually give us a good memory from the 2006 season?

  2. Skip said, “We discovered their weakness, boys: just put it in play.”

    What a great game to have Skip and Pete come out of exile to call. Loved it.

  3. Very nice to see the Braves aren’t the only team that can throw away wins. I think you can scratch the Marlins off the list of serious wild card contenders now.

  4. Chip was talking on the radio about the boost that this win is going to give to the Braves’ playoff chances. Got a good laugh out of it!

    And besides, the Braves didn’t win it, the Marlins lost it.

  5. Marlins 8, Florida 7, Braves innocent bystanders. Willingham, Ramirez, Yates, and Paronto should be demoted to a lower league. Perhaps T-Ball.

  6. Oh no no no no, you have got to be f-ing kidding me! When Chad Paronto gave up the two run homer in the tenth to make it 7-3, I flipped it and never looked back. They made a great rally!? And I missed it!? You have got to be kidding me. Bullcrap.

  7. Skip caray was awesome during the 10th, which made that win even better

    It’s time to update the francoeurmeter. It’s stuck at 24/18

  8. @13

    Well, it’s a was a rally considering they were hititng the ball, but not in the real sense of what a rally should be. :P But who cares.

  9. I flipped back and fourth between the Braves and the Falcons. And I saw that the Falcons next game is a Monday night football game, which in now on ESPN, against the Saints. That’s an all-game Reggie Bush love-fest waiting to happen.

    I’m going to watch the highlights now. I wish I had saw that comeback, even if it sounds like it was mostly the Marlins’ fault.

  10. Just got back from the game. I will never complain about being dragged to the Stitch and Pitch promotion ever again. That was just amazing. The knitters were going crazy at the end. Of course most of them were batty old ladies anyway, but still, it was a lot of fun.

  11. Walked out the door, mildly disgusted, and caught a train when it was 7-3. Imagine my surprise…

    I wish we’d won this kind of game back in June.

  12. Did anyone else see the article about Glavine and the Mets at It had this in it:

    He [Glavine] still knows plenty of folks around the Braves’ organization, and he also knows just how hard they’re taking not making the playoffs for the first time in 15 seasons. And he had no second thoughts about revealing this: “I’ve got a sense they’re not taking it well, that there’s a little bit more turmoil there.”

    Could that be payback from what JS put in his book?

  13. Another reason to hope the Mets lose in the first round (especially with that crappy starting pitching.) I’m really starting to believe there is a good chance it will happy, and we can have a “laugh at the Mets’ fans” thread where we let NY METS, just for one day, come back. Also Glavine, with the Braves, you would have had three playoffs these past four years, as opposed to one.

    There was a thing about Glavine wanting to finish as a Brave, no matter what salary they gave him. I’d rather I never see his sorry a** in a Braves’ uniform again. I’ll take my chances with Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton and James/Ramirez/Davies/Whoever.


  14. why do you think glavine is such a sorry ass? people with this “braves first, family 2nd” mentality drive me crazy. glavine did what was best for him financially, securing what i would think to be a bright future for his family. professionally (since i dont konw hime personally), i like glavine, always will. he’s a classy player, and a well representative of any mlb uniform. i do wish he wouldnt have went to the mets, but i am not going to condemn him for thinking about his future. do you personally know glavine to make such harsh statements, dan? what did he do to you for you to justify calling him a sorry ass? ridiculous.

  15. Glavine is just pissed the braves didn’t pony up the money to resign him, and I’m glad they didn’t. I love Glavine, but he wasn’t worth what the mets were willing to pay. I also don’t want to see him in a braves’ uni again, because it would mean a younger guy wasn’t getting a chance. I missed the game, due to football. I can’t wait for Joe T to get back for the real sec competition, crapfford can’t handle the big boys.

  16. “why do you think glavine is such a sorry ass?”

    Because of Tom Glavine’s statements, and what Schuerholz wrote about what Glavine did in his book.

    “people with this “braves first, family 2nd” mentality drive me crazy.”

    That’s not my thinking. If it was, why do I still like Greg Maddux and wish he’d come back? It’s not like Maddux is having a good season.

    “glavine did what was best for him financially, securing what i would think to be a bright future for his family.”

    Glavine did the best thing financially. But I doubt his family would be living in a piano box had he went to some other team for less money.

    “i like glavine, always will. he’s a classy player…”

    If you read Schuerholz’s book, read it again. Sure didn’t seem like Glavine was acting very classy when he was using the media to make his Braves’ demands and how he was acting during the meetings with his agent and John Schuerholz.

    “what did he do to you for you to justify calling him a sorry ass?”

    Read above. It’s my own personal opinion, others may have different ones.

  17. As much as I appreciate everything Glaving did for us, losing him didn’t break my heart. I don’t really care who he pitches for right now. If he could still pitch & we could get him for a reasonable price, it would be fine by me if he returned, but I don’t see that scenario happening.

    My Take on UGA QBs: Joe T has marginal talent, if any. I’m not sure what it is that he’s supposed to do well. I’m sorry he’s hurt, but I don’t miss him on the field.

    I can see that Stafford has a gun. Gotta let the kid play, I say, even if it means watching him make a mistake. It’s not like Joe T is this year’s Shockley, who could’ve transferred to any number of teams. To me, Joe T is this generation’s Greg Talley. (Remember him? He was UGA’s least talented QB in the post-Herschel era.)

    I think UGA’s situation is pretty good right now. It appears that our next 2 games are very winnable (Colorado, @ Ole Miss), so I’d like to see Stafford develop some until Tennessee comes to town. Hopefully, our running game will benefit from his arm & his game will benefit from a stout backfield.

    It was my belief that this team could go 9-3 with a healthy Joe T; without him, I don’t expect to do worse. And after watching Florida & Tennesse this weekend, I pretty much expect to do better.

  18. What a win! this should put us back in the race for the East! Oh wait…

    I am going tou of town for a few weeks. See you guys when I get back

  19. The way the Braves have blown games this year it was fun to be on the receiving end for a change, but, other than entertainment value, it doesn’t really matter. There is no realistic way to make the playoffs.

    With an eye toward next year, I’d like to see Aybar leading off the rest of the year (probably playing 3B), B. Pena behind the plate, and Thorman in LF or RF on a daily basis. It might give us a little better idea if these players are capable of making solid contributions next season. They’d get 50+ plate appearances and have some continuity by being in the lineup on a daily basis.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing Eddie Perez activated for an at-bat or two in the last game of the season. He wasn’t a great player, but IMHO he’s at least as deserving of a decent send-off as Brian Jordan. Kind gestures toward Perez and others might actually make other players a little more willing to accept JS’s famous hometown discount.

  20. I wish that I had been able to see the end–as it seems to have been some sort of role reversal for Atlanta fans.

    The game may have also restored some of Tim Hudson’s trade status–but I fear that getting rid of Hudson is too much to hope for….

  21. I thought Mac has a “No Glavine conversation” rule in place. The guy is too controversial on this page.

  22. so i guess that makes js a classy gm by publicizing the altercation in his book? and imo, i wouldnt want glavine back in a braves uni because that would mean 3-4 lefties in a rotation. there are plenty of other problems to worry about. agreed, about the money thing. he wouldnt have been poor, but he could be securing his family’s future for a long time. i just think there is a difference in an opinion of someone calling a person a “sorry ass” and someone saying “i dont like him”. i dont like david wright, but i think terrell owens is a sorry ass.

  23. @ 16

    Normally I’d stick to baseball here. But as a Saints fan, Reggie’s maybe the second-most important storyline for the Monday Night game. And that’s only as part of the “rebuild” of the Saints (Payton, Brees, Bush, Colston, etc…).

    The REAL storyline will be Saints-Falcons, on a Monday Night, for the NFC South lead (and the Bucs O has written themselves out, while the Panthers try to claw back), in front of a sold-out crowd (just amazing by itself), in the Saints FIRST true home game since Katrina.

    Maybe now’s the time for the old rivalry to rise up, and return to it’s former spotlight.

    (Of course, we all know ESPN couldn’t get a storyline right if you aimed a nuke at Bristol…)

  24. The best was Abercrombie’s attempt, or non-attempt to catch Diaz’s double. He never even looked at the ball, hilarious

  25. I finally saw all the highlights & was reminded at something Skip Caray said about the Marlins during the broadcast. “This team is young & talented. They can pitch & they can hit. But defensively, they leave something to be desired.”

    What a meltdown inning. Very Little League. Again Skip: “What is going on here?!”

    For the first time since they got together in the playoffs a decade ago, I’m really looking forward to this Falcons-Saints game. Both teams 2-0, with Tampa & Carolina 0-2? Who’d a thunk it? (I think ATL will have a new placekicker, however.)

    And yes, I agree. Tampa’s in more trouble than Carolina. When the Panthers get their WR back, they’ll be OK. Tampa, on the other hand, is getting pushed around like a blocking sled.

  26. Pre-writing them seems like the way to go now. Let me offer some templates. These are the only two types of games I’ve seen this year:

    Scenario 1: The starting pitcher came out and had nothing. He seemed to be under the impression that throwing strikes was purely optional and anything that did drift over the plate was hammered like Tara Reid at Mardi Gras. The bullpen was decent but leaked just enough runs to keep us from getting back in the game. Francouer had two hits but misplayed a flyball so badly he looked like Chipper Jones with an inner ear infection. Tomorrow we’ll start some guy who has no business being in the Major Leagues.

    Scenario 2: The starting pitcher was surprisingly decent, and the Braves carried a lead into the late innings. Bobby Cox called on the bullpen to finish up. And so we lost. Francouer saw four pitches, went 0-4 and added new fire to the debate as to whether he is just dumb as a rock or mildly retarded. It’s unclear who’s turn it is in the bullpen to blow tomorrow’s game, but whoever it is, I’m sure they’ll do a bang up job.

    Your welcome.

  27. You left out:

    Scenario 3: Chuck James/John Smoltz pitched 8 brilliant innings, Adam Laroche/Brian McCann hit a homerun, and Bob Wickman nailed down the save in the ninth for a 1-0 Braves win. Tomorrow’ starter is Oscar Villareal/Lance Cormier/Kyle Davies/Krusty the Klown.

    I saw a few interesting rumors on They are reporting the Red Sox are going to go after Andruw again in the offseason. They also claim the Yanks and Mets aren’t interested in Barry Zito (hard to believe). Hot stove rumors while the season is still going on are of course totally worthless but still fun to comtemplate.

  28. That half-inning was amazing, Jenny. I watched the highlight of it on Hilarious, indeed…

  29. Hot Stove rumors or Glavinophobia look alot better in September when the playoffs no longer beckon. I am ready…

  30. (from the AP recap)

    Borowski, who has converted 34 of 41 saves this season, wasn’t saying much. ”You saw it. I’m not saying anything. I still don’t know what happened,” he said.

    Not a happy clubhouse right now I’d guess.

  31. Baez, whose salary is $4 million, becomes a free agent after the season and hopes the Braves will try to re-sign him. Of course, closer Bob Wickman is also a free agent and remains Atlanta’s top priority.

    “I definitely would like to stay here,” said Baez, who is 5-6 with nine saves and a 4.53 ERA in 57 games with the Dodgers and Braves. “I’ve played on the West Coast. I don’t want to do that again. I want to be closer to my family in Florida.”

  32. Ron, they said he’s still feeling pain while throwing from flat ground. Probably wont see him again this year

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