Generic Game Thread: Giants at Braves, Aug. 29

I don’t really have a joke here. Recap is liable to be late tonight.

Anyway, it appears that draft pick compensation is no more, either this offseason or next. Hard to tell what the results of this would mean. It should make free agents cost slightly more while making the trade value of veterans approaching free agency less. It makes it a lot more likely that the Braves will trade Marcus in the offseason since he would leave without compensation afterwards.

That being said, a few years ago compensation was supposed to be dead and it wound up part of the CBA anyway.

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  1. this draft pick thing will be interesting, I think it will do away with the half year rentals…time will tell

  2. Today’s Brian McCann for MVP update:

    Here are stats for the first full seasons (100+ games) for Brian McCann’s season (also 100 games) against 9 of the best offensive catchers ever–seven HOFers and two active.

    Bill Dickey 10/65, .324/.346/.485 (.831), age 22
    Johnny Bench 45/148 .293/.345/.587 (.932), age 22
    Mickey Cochrane 6/55 .331/.397/.448 (.845), age 22
    Gabby Hartnett 16/67 .299/.377/.523 (.900), age 23
    Gary Carter 17/68 .270/.360/.416 (.776), age 21
    Yogi Berra 14/98 .305/.341/.488 (.829), age 23
    Carlton Fisk 22/61 .293/.370/.538 (.908), age 24
    Javy Lopez 14/51 .315/.344/.498 (.832), age 24
    Mike Piazza 35/112 .318/.370/.561 (.931), age 24
    Brian McCann 16/66 .341/.395/.556 (.951), age 22

    Brian McCann’s OPS is the highest on the list, and his slugging is third-highest. His homers and RBIs are comparable to everyone but Mike Piazza, the greatest offensive catcher ever, and Johnny Bench, who won the MVP with a career year at age 22. Brian McCann is not only the Braves’ offensive leader, not only is he putting up comparable numbers to seven HOFers and Mike Piazza, he’s having one of greatest debut campaigns for a catcher, OF ALL TIME.

    B-Mac for MVP!

  3. The season you have for Bench was his third full season in the league. He’d played 154 games in 1968 and 148 games in 1969 before the 1970 season you supplied.

    Equivalent Averages for the same hitters:
    Fisk .322
    Piazza .318
    McCann .316
    Bench .304 in his 1970 season
    Hartnett .300
    Berra .283
    Lopez .280
    Bench .278 in his 1968 season
    Carter .277
    Dickey .277
    Cochrane .274

  4. 1914 Update:

    NY Giants 62-50 (–)
    Boston Braves 62-51 (.5 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 64-56 (2)
    Chicago Cubs 61-56 (2.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 54-60 (9)
    Brooklyn Robins 53-62 (10.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 51-61 (11)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 52-63 (11.5)

    Today’s Games:
    Boston 000 100 012- 4 5 1 WP- James
    St.Lou 000 000 000 – 0 4 1 LP- Perritt

    Boston 001 100 04 – 6 5 0 WP- Strand
    St.Lou 000 202 00 – 4 7 5 LP- Sallee

    Over 25,000 people- a truly massive crowd in those days- saw the Braves win two games at Robison Field, the second called after eight innings because of darkness. The Braves’ 8th inning rally in game two saw those four runs score on one hit (a Maranville triple), a couple of walks, and two errors.
    Reds won again, but don’t worry about them. They’ll go 6-34 the rest of the way.
    And playing his last game is a fellow whose name I’m glad I don’t have- Everitt Booe, from Mocksville, NC. An outfielder playing for Buffalo and Indy in the Federal League, he hit .224 without a HR in 300 PA. I’m sure he got to hear his name a lot this season.

  5. It’s the Baseball Prospectus version of an all-in-one stat, meant to express a player’s contributions on a scale similar to the traditional batting averages. Average is about .270, .300 is good, etc. I personally am leery of all-in-one stats because the variation among players is important (two players with a .270 EQA or 4.8 RC/27 can have very different stats and have contributions that are very different depending on the role they play) but they serve a purpose.

  6. From ESPN: The Boston Red Sox are actively shopping veteran pitcher David Wells to determine what they could get if they decide to trade the lefty in the next 48 hours.


  7. I think I brought up David Wells up last week, I wouldn’t mind having him for the final couple of weeks. The Red Sox would have to send cash though.

  8. ESPN is showing David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Wily Mo Pena, & David Wells on their way back to Boston. Ortiz, Ramirez, and Pena all have injuries but they haven’t said why David Wells was going with them.

  9. To all of those who read and/or responded to my “Andruw should be traded this summer” remark from the previous thread, my apologies. I’m in school-mode — thinking the “break” between “sessions” comes in the summer — and I really meant to say he should be traded in the offseason this winter. The moral of this story: you should ignore me.

    AAR, I like your style and I respect your opinion…but B-Mac ain’t the League MVP this season. He’s almost certainly the Braves MVP, but this year, I don’t think that’s saying much. And I’m not sure why him being one of the greatest rookie catchers of all time means he should be given MVP consideration…shouldn’t he be compared to other players in 2006?

  10. You can go ahead and write it down- Carlos Beltran will be the NL MVP. He’s the best player on by far the best team in the NL, with statistics that place him among the top echelon in the league.

    That doesn’t mean Beltran actually is the best player in the league, but with no other team able to get more than a few games over .500, I think MVP voters are going to conclude that the MVP must be a Met. (I’m not saying this is right, just that it’s what will happen given the past behavior of MVP voters.)

  11. Correction, my personal top five for NL MVP:

    1. Albert Pujols, 2. Alfonso Soriano, 3. Carlos Beltran, 4. Ryan Howard and 5. David Wright

  12. Well, at least Marcus is sharing that honor with his brother.

    Giles is begging to come back next year, but the Braves have Aybar, Orr and Prado; all cheaper. Hmm….

  13. Todays lineups.

    S.Finley CF
    O.Vizquel SS
    S.Hillenbrand 1B
    B.Bonds LF
    R.Durham 2B
    M.Alou RF
    P.Feliz 3B
    E.Alfonzo C
    J.Schmidt P

    M.Giles 2B
    E.Renteria SS
    C.Jones 3B
    A.Jones CF
    B.McCann C
    J.Francoeur RF
    A.LaRoche 1B
    R.Langerhans LF
    T.Hudson P

  14. Barry Bonds, despite his off-year, still has an aura floating around him every time he steps to the plate that he’ll hit a home run.

  15. Kim Hudson in the building.

    I hate when pitchers put a team down before they even get a chance to bat. Hate it, hate it, hate it. And two will probably be all Schmidt needs knowing the Braves.

  16. Tim Hudson is our second best pitcher…

    And it’s still mathematically possible for the Wild Card to go to the Braves…

    The National League is crap.

  17. And the Braves don’t even get anyone on. It seems like one of those “over in the first” games. Hudson was one good pitch from it still being 0-0.

  18. True that, 4 Seam. It’s absolutely embarassing, a team in the playoffs that played most of the season below .500? Ridiculous.

  19. It insane. I think the wild car system needs to be changed.

    There should be ceiling. If you have more 79 losses, you are not allowed to play in the playoffs.

    The spot goes to someone else.

    I’d even consider mixing leagues by having an off-balanced number of one league’s teams (i.e. AL 5 NL 3). Although i’m sure oppositiong would arise to this arrangement.

  20. Anyone see how David Wright’s bare-handed pick-up made their top ten plays list? Chipper makes that play all the time, nothing. David Wright does it very averagely, and it’s great.

  21. Adam Laroche can win a gold glove, but Jeff Francouer can’t win a batting title.


    Landogarner just threw a knife at me!

  22. My apologies to Frenchy, although it was an out…it had more to do with Barry. That old man got hops!

  23. At least Frenchy made a productive out. Unlike Roachie

    I don’t think so.
    Francoeur did a sac bunt or sac fly? No.. He just made a out count. meaningless to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Wow, I wonder what this SF Giants will look like 2-3 years from now. All of these guys are almost eligible for AARP.

  25. Not in Turner Field apparently. In over half of the other NL ballbarks, the current score would be 6-2 Braves.

  26. Miranda, I’m sure you don’t like a beard. Hahaha. He looks older than his age. Judging from his appearance, I guessed his age to be forty.

  27. haha… nope you’re right… I don’t like it at all! haha …I prefer Brian clean as well… some people can do it and its great but some… nope… Brian’s okay when he’s closely trimmed but I still don’t like it. Jeff’s too dark…

  28. The last time I remember(?) CJ and AJ went Back-To-Back was against Gagne last year right after he came off the DL.

    Hudson in trouble.

  29. The Reds are diving. The Braves are sputtering along. Only half of the NL stands in our way. We got this in the bag.

    When is Kyle Davies coming back?

  30. Howabouta Goatee? Oh yeah i think Jeff’s tried that. How about a cheesy mustache that I like to to now call “The Aaron Rodgers”?

  31. I know there is no doghouse if the Braves win, but assuming they do, can Torgorg go in it anyway? I’m starting to rethink my dislike of Ron Gant.

  32. Radiowryn…. I wonder who that could be… :D

    Ha, good stuff man.
    And judging by your other video, I see you have a Jack Russel aswell..:)

  33. By the way, Stu, sorry for not responding sooner, but you’re completely right: Brian McCann does not deserve to be the 2006 National League MVP. However, he does deserve to be on the ballot, and he fully deserves consideration for some 6th-10th place votes. I just want to publicize the excellence of his campaign, and also give it some historical context (although I suck tremendously at stats).

  34. So wait, i’m confused…did paronto actually get the job done? Things must be going great for us. Next Inning Yates is gonna strike out the side.

  35. Holy Cow, dudes. Yates walked the lead-off batter. I don’t believe it. He’s never done that before.

  36. The Saints traded their malcontent Stallworth for Simoneau and preparing it looks like to package their conditional 4th round draft pick they also picked up to trade possibley for the malcontent/legal hazard Donnie Edwards.

    The Saints defene just from 32nd best in the league to 28th.

    They now at least have one linebacker.

  37. i just checked the score (i don’t get turner south) why yates? why? this is beyond ridiculous.

  38. “Kali has actually exceeded Kolbous levels of incompetence. I mean, at least Danny would get a out occasionally.”

    Dan got 3 outs from the Braves a week ago.

  39. And the drinking game definitely needs an entry:

    “Announcer talks about how [CRAPPY RELIEVER] gets ground balls so Bobby will use him to get a double play: Drink until you’re so loaded you forget the bases are.”

  40. Can somebody tell him how yates has a job in the majors? I mean, this is unbelievable…he is the biggest liability a team can ever have.

  41. Ken Ray gets it done.

    Tyler Yates: I’m very upset with Bobby [Cox]. I’m only for games we’re losing by five or more runs late or when we have a fifteen run lead.

  42. I remember asking my best friend (a diehard mets fan) about tyler yates. At the time yates was pitching adequately. My friend’s response, “He throws hard, can’t find the strike zone, disappoints on a regular basis, you will hate him in two weeks.” Sounds about right.

  43. I don’t want to change the thread, but is anyone else going to the Georgia home opener this weekend?

  44. Alrighty, dudes, it’s been real, but I need to head out a little early for this one. I have some stuff to prepare for work tomorrow. Later.

  45. Well, I have four days a week covered right now, assuming night games: classes Tuesday and Wednesday, work either Monday or Thursday, and football on Saturday.

  46. Mac, I’m predicting Bama by 10 in an ugly game, Auburn by 17 as the benchwarmers play the 2nd half, Tennessee by 4, and UAB in the upset of the night winning in Norman.

  47. Go Sosa! I say we release the whole bullpen except for Wickman and let the Richmond kids have a go.
    It could not be any worse!

  48. Wow the 2nd out.
    Lets see we give up one run for each out, sounds like a championship bullpen. We just need to score 20 runs every night

  49. I don’t know how to tell you this, but these are the Richmond kids. The entire bullpen has turned over. The Vulture was the last member of the opening day bullpen still out there and he’s been in the rotation for a couple of weeks now.

  50. Richmond, Greenville, Rome bring’em up.
    It just could not be any worse than Yates, Ray, McBride, Paronto.
    It hurts just type those names

  51. Anybody else really hate all things Fox, including this dumb “You Can’t Script October” commercial?

  52. mac, sure ya can… two field goals and a safety… and the game isnt over yet, it can end up 13-9

  53. This is the worst bullpen I think I have ever seen.
    It’s got to be the worst in the majors.
    It’s amazing we have done as well as we have

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