Game Thread of the Red Death: Braves at Cardinals, July 16


1. Because Vincent Price was born in St. Louis.
2. Because I have lots of Poe titles I didn’t get to use for the Orioles.
Go Chipper.

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  1. If Chipper played for the Yankees, Bud Selig would be at the game and ESPN would show every at bat.

  2. Jeff Weaver career 4-0 vs the Braves with a 3.19 ERA

    This year: 3-10 with a 6.29 – something must give!

    Oh, and you can rearrange the letters in Tony LaRussa’s name to spell “Sourly Satan” but that sounds like something Mac already knows.

  3. Mac,

    I know it is a long shot, but if we do come back and win the division will you post that Troll Danny Kolb’s e-mail so we can send him warm wishes?

  4. From that article that Smitty just posted..

    “Let the e-mail floodgates open again. Here’s another question that forces me to once again show my belief in Adam LaRoche. Since June 24, he’s hitting .323 (21-for-65) with four homers. Defensively, he ranks right up there with the likes of Derrek Lee.”

    Anyone else here agree that Roachie ranks right up there with D.Lee defensively??

  5. LaRoche has Derrek Lee like ability but the concentration is just not there. I hate all the dumb plays he makes. Like a couple days ago with Smoltz pitching, he came up to field a ball that Smoltz easily had himself which required Smoltz to race to the line and make a tag for the out instead of an easy toss. I think I stopped breathing out of fear that Smoltz would tweak his leg again.

  6. Exactly Zach..

    Even if Roachie has D.Lee like “ability”…the concentration factor makes me not put them in the same group. ‘Till Adam’s concentration problems go away (if they ever could) can’t compare those two together..

  7. Mr. Bowman makes a lot of comments that seem kind of questionable in this column, such as:

    “Chipper isn’t just dazzling with his bat right now. He’s playing a stellar third base and there’s no reason to move him away from his customary position again.” Chipper is headed for his lowest FP% since his rookie season and fewer assists per game than his own (low)career average.
    Looking simply at those eight teams, there are very few attractive relievers who would be available. Among the most appealing are Cleveland’s Guillermo Mota and Bob Wickman. Wickman is adequate, but Mota has a 5.91 ERA and 19/24 BB/K in 35 IP.

  8. He does mention Mike Gonzalez..a young kid who I would love to see in a Braves uni…and Jimmy Gobble (still my favorite name in sports)

  9. 1914 Update:

    NY Giants 45-31 (–)
    Chicago Cubs 44-37 (3.5 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 43-40 (5.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 39-41 (8)
    Philadelphia Phillies 37-39 (8)
    Brooklyn Robins 35-39 (9)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 34-41 (10.5)
    Boston Braves 34-43 (11.5)

    Today: Braves win in Cincinnati, 1-0, on a shutout by Bill James. This is one of ten 1-0 games the Braves would play in 1914, winning six. By comparison, the Braves have played nine 1-0 games since 2002.

  10. The advanced fielding metrics all say that LaRoche does not get to as many ground balls as an average, let alone a superior, first baseman. The Hardball Times ran some things on this earlier this year. Your eyes tell you the same thing. However, he catches throws better than average (But not the best. Interestingly, that is probably Pujols). If LaRoche were a 1.000 OPS guy, then that becomes irrelevant.

    LaRoche is still possibly not at his peak offensive performance. Average players peak at 27, below average at 25, and superstars at 29 (on average). LaRoche did maintain 1.000 OPS for the last two months of 2004 and I thought he was going to really emerge. I question that now.

    Thorman gives you as good of defense as LaRoche. He costs less money. His 2006 AAA numbers say he can maintain as good or better OPS than LaRoche.

    I am not a LaRoche basher, but he is a low middle first baseman overall.

    Good possible trade partner on him : Giants. They have nobody in their whole system nearly as good.

  11. I’m glad to see ESPN is showing the game tonight, since TBS seems to have disappeared off the radar. 12 days between games is criminal (either that or TBS is a few years ahead of itself). I am going to flip over to ESPNews during Chipper at-vats to see if they’re showing them live. I will probably fall off my sofa in disbelief if they do.

  12. Who else here thinks we’ll see a bench-clearing brawl tonight? I have a sneaking suspicion that LaRussa will order chin music against Chipper at least once. Maybe his first at bat.

  13. Look for Frenchy to be one that could charge. Not only getting hit and thrown at last constantley last series with the Cards but he was ejected yesterday so he might have a short fuse tonight.

  14. I love the fact that everyone is forgetting about the Braves. I want as little commotion as possible. It will only make it that much sweeter.

  15. Peter Gammons was released from the hospital today. Very good to hear I like and respect him alot.

  16. Just watched ESPN’s top 10 plays of the weekend. And what do you know, Chipper Jones’ extra basehit record not on there.

  17. Line-up

    1. W Betemit
    2. E Renteria
    3. C Jones
    4. A Jones
    5. B McCann
    6. J Francoeur
    7. A LaRoche
    8. S Thorman
    9. H Ramirez

  18. ESPN still says that the Braves are “done”. What is WRONG with them? They are only 5 gb the wildcard.

  19. I bet that if David Wright had 14 straight games with a extra basehit they would be talking about all week long.

  20. Their reasons for the Braves being “done” were the number of teams that are still ahead of them.

  21. At least Betemit’s still batting leadoff. 1 through 8, that’s a pretty fantastic lineup. As long as Horacio and the bullpen give up 5 runs or less, I like our chances. Considering our team ERA is almost exactly 5, that shouldn’t be impossible.

    Do ya believe?

  22. ESPN doesn’t have the game blacked out tonight, so I have a choice: Sutcliffe and O’Brien, or Rathbun and Torborg? I am leaning towards ESPN. Oh, I just caught an Erin Andrews sighting, so I am going to stick with ESPN.

  23. I have the game here on ESPN but I live in Virginia.

    Mike Wilbon declared us “dead” on PTI. Frankly, the only ESPN guy who won’t bury us is Orel Hershiser…you go, Orel.

    ESPN is so frakkin desparate to see their New York Mets in that big New York ($Ratings$) Market that they want to bury us. That’s ESPN.

    I agree…5 gms back of the WC in this crappy league is nothing. But we still need a closer, folks.

  24. Weaver doesn’t look like he has any spectacular stuff tonight. Everybody is getting pretty good wood on the ball.

  25. But Weaver is 4-0 against us…doesn’t make any sense so let’s hope we bust that sh– up tonight and get the “good” HoRam on top of that.

  26. We do have a closer: Ken Ray. He is pitching very well, and I don’t think the pressure would affect him.

  27. Umps brother is Phillies pitcher Randy Wolf, lets hope he doesn’t let that play a part in tonights game.

  28. Ideally, Death “Rachel” Ray would be a 7th or 8th inning guy. If Rachel is the closer come September, we have no chance…he’s solid, but not nearly reliable enough for that role.

  29. Hey Alex R. you sound like an ESPN analyst. Have you consider changing your profession?

  30. pedro, you are predicting the Braves to lose tonight, you sound like an ESPN analyst too.

  31. I think we just got lucky with that Pujols at-bat. I would have waited for ball 4.

  32. Pedro,

    Should I get the feeling that you are trying to goad me into something? WHY?

    Can we all be nice & stick to talking about the Braves? Thanks.

  33. I understand that Kyle Davies should be back fairly soon. Anybody think that Davies might help us out from the bullpen more than as a starter, since it will no doubt take him a few starts to build arm strength?

  34. Yes, I remember Sutcliffe as a Cub too, but I think that he went to the Cardinals for a while after that…

  35. kc…I agree…he’s a Cub to me. during Sutcliffe’s CUB era, of course, I alwqays think of John Tudor and Joaqin Andujar as Cardinals. I just don’t think about Sutcliffe as a Card…agreed.

    oh…thanks Davey :-)

  36. Alex, I guess it’s because ESPN hates the Braves and they want the Braves fans to suffer by having to hear Sutcliffe.

    Jeff, is Davies coming back soon? I thought he wouldn’t be back by at least until August.

  37. I would like to see Kyle Davies in the 5th starter spot if he’s healthy. I am done with John Thomson, frankly. I hope we can find a deal for him and his incredibly sweaty cap.

  38. Yes, the latest report that I’ve heard is August, but that’s not that far away really. He’s said to have thrown off the mound in San Diego and I’m sure that a minor league rehab will await him (unless they pull another John Thomson on us)…

  39. ok…was that weird…did anyone else see Taguchi run in like 10 feet to throw the ball?

    wow, a really professional analysis by Erin Andrews. She was a Gator…and she’s no Jilly Arrington (a Dawg and hotter!)

  40. Alex,
    You’re right, but I think that Davies will need more time to build up arm strength and thus might not be terribly effective (just like Thomson has been uneffective). It is for this reason that I have advocated using Thomson in the bullpen the rest of the season–although honestly as bad as he’s pitched, I’m happy with him on the DL (a la Jordan).

  41. To be fair, when Thomson is pitching well, it’s hard to argue that he is not a decent pitcher. The question is whether he is healthy or not.

  42. Jeff,

    I hear ya…maybe Thomson can be better coming out of the bullpen if we cxan’t find value for him in a deal? He’s likely better then at least half our ‘pen.

  43. I agree kc. It’s just that Thomson has clearly not been well much of the year. If he had been healthy, he might well have been our second best starter all year. As it is, he’s been quite horrible (injury and all).

  44. My goodness Jeff, I wish I don’t have to see Jordan playing for the Braves ever again…

  45. Pedro – we don’t have a closer. We need a closer. We need a bullpen. Joe Torre on Mariano Rivera’s 400th save: “Closer might be the most valuable position on a baseball team, because if you have a lead and can’t finish it out, you’re not going to win many games, and those last three are the hardest outs to get.”
    John Smoltz (after his great pitching performance yesterday): “We need to get some veteran help in the later innings…”
    Pedro – I say again – WE NEED A CLOSER!!!!!!

  46. Maybe it’s just that Thomson hasn’t been healthy…I dunno half the time if the injuries are an excuse though for some of these guys (like Thomson) to gtry & save face as to why they stink.

    I am surprised Tim Hudson doesn’t have another injury excuse for all his garbage starts lately.

    I really, really hope the 2 ERA Hudson returns…we really can’t compete without that pitcher.

  47. That’s what the DL is for, kc. On it, Jordan can be the veteran presence who can, hopefully, remain unseen by us.

  48. I know the bullpen sucks, but I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off going after a couple of starters. If they were any good at all, they would at least help to minimize the exposure of the pen so it wouldn’t have to perform for so many innings each night.

  49. If you need a veteran presence, Alex, the DL is the best place for it…Count it!

  50. Regardless of whether Ray is a good enough closer, the Braves bullpen is in a dare need of better depth.

    Alex, personally, I believe the whole pitching rotation is a key to the Braves. We need a good Huddy, we need a good HoRam, and we need a good Chuckie James.

  51. Its hard to tell when Rick Sutclife is bashing us or complimenting uus. And how the hell did he manage to start talking about the Mets.

  52. I think it was ominous what Torre said about needing a closer…and he’s 100% right. Rivera is the most important player on the Yankees, hands down.

    And it is interesting that Smoltz talks about needing a closer (yes, we agree) but it was unwilling to move back himself…though truthfully, with the good Hudson gone, Smoltz is needed now for sure in the rotation.

    The bottom line is this:

    Where is John Schuerholz? Where????

  53. What we need is a setup and a closer. But I think We have some pitcher left in the minors.

  54. Living in the Dallas area, the line here about the old GM of the Rangers, John Hart, was that he was an empty golf shirt… Can the same be said about JS so far this year?

  55. We do Pedro? The entire Richmond starting rotation and bullpen are almost with the Atlanta team already!

  56. Davey mentioned Mike Gonzalez earlier and that would be a good route to go for our closer situation.

  57. Richmond? What about Missisipi? Rome? At least that’s what JS tried to do early this season.

  58. pedro – there’s a reason they are still in the minors.
    JS will do something. He has to. He has his best player basically challenging him – calling him out, as it were – to improve the bullpen. When a reporter asked Chipper his opinion of Smoltz’ comments, he said that he would ‘leave the pitching staff to the 20 year veteran to talk about. I’ll talk about and mentor the position players, and right now, I like what I see.”
    I wonder how injured Giles really is – it was awful convienient that Wilson got to start in San Diego with the rumor that the Padres are really looking at him and wanting to play 3b for them.
    Possible trade precursor??

  59. Jay, I don’t think the Pirates will trade away Gonzalez before Torres and Hernandez, which I don’t want either of them to join the Braves.

  60. Jeff,

    John Hart and John Schuerholz are extremely close and JS practically gushes over his love of John Hart in his book.

    As I have said before, JS essentially made “fun of” Ted Turner for wanting to throw some $ at problems.

    No one is saying we should be the Yanks, but a little Turner is missed now. JS is a corporate tight wad and I sick to death of him leaving the bullpen in shambles every offseason hoping Bobby just “figures it out”.

    I agree with many others in here…JS is enemy #1 right now to the Braves. At least he has been the last 3 years.

  61. Mike Gonzalez could be had in a multi player package…but I think the Braves need to put together a package that includes Marcus.

  62. tggrschult, Marcus has been hurting all season. I don’t think any part of his hand is completely healthy…oh wait, maybe his pinky is ok…

  63. Certainly, trading for pitching help right now is a tough proposition. And to be sure, we don’t want to make a Cincy-like move. Sometimes, however, a trade’s value isn’t just what you get physically, but also what you get emotionally (ie the message to your players that you are working as hard as they are). So, it sure would be nice to do something while the Braves are on a tear of sorts.

  64. JS’s love of veterans, especially veterans who used to be Braves once, has really crippled the team, and no farm system can stand promoting two dozen players in two years. That leaves us with money as our only tool to improve the team, and that’s of limited use in midseason.

  65. So if he has been playing witht he injury all season, why sit him in SD? All I am saying is that it may have been a nice ‘showcase’ of Betemit for the SD front office. Maybe to help give them a little push toward a deal.

  66. Maybe a third team could get involved with Atlanta and Pittsburg. Maybe San Diego, Joe Randa isn’t getting playing time with Sanchez there so that would solve SD 3rd base problem. We could get Gonzalez and Pitt could get some prospects. Just a thought.

  67. tggrschult, Marcus jammed his thumb trying to steal in the first game of the SD series.

  68. I would rather keep Betemit over Marcus but if it meant improving our bullpen, I would trade betemit in a second. It’s that important that we get some relief pitching.

  69. What an at bat for McCann. I love his approach to hitting.


  70. As I mentioned (late) yesterday, Reitsma was in Birmingham to see Dr. Andrews today. I haven’t heard if he’s getting sliced up or not.

  71. The only pick up worse then Weaver in my mind is Ponson to the Yankees…what, couldn’t pry Lima from the Mets? Ha.

  72. kc… I know, I saw that on ESPN too. Awful convienient. And maybe he did injure it enough to justify sitting him. But maybe it was just injured enough that he could have played but JS and Bobby decided to let him rest it (good for Marcus’ health) and give Wilson some playing time (good for spurring interest and getting the trade talks going)

  73. Jocketty was saying Weaver is a better option than Ponson…I really can’t see the difference…

    What movie did you watch Mac?

  74. All that money and both NY teams can’t find any pitching. How can everyone’s pitching suck at once?

  75. How can everyone’s pitching suck at once?

    The 12 man staff–30 extra arms from five years ago, 60 extra arms from twenty years ago. When coupled with expansion, pitching is going to suck for a while…

  76. There’s no point in playing hurt in July when a few days off gives the player a chance to heal. Now if only our pitchers (like Reitsma) would have learned to tell their coaches when they were hurt, maybe our bullpen would have been mediocre instead of awful.

  77. tggrschult, oh yeah, Bobby is trying to give Betemit as many at-bat as possible. That’s for sure. It’s hard to sit Marcus when he is on the nine-game hitting streak he is still sitting on at the moment…

  78. The Braves should move to second in the league in runs scored today; they’re one behind the Dodgers. Mets are first. Unfortunately, only four teams have allowed more runs than the Braves.

  79. I know where we can find some decent relief pitching. The Amateur Draft. Yes I said it, the draft.

  80. I get the feeling the Braves will trade either Giles or Betemit…whichever one nets the better ‘package’ of pitchers. And I think we’d all be OK with that.

    There’s no point in hanging onto both if we are trying to get the WC…we need the pitching help.

  81. Outscoring the opponent-it’s the only way to win when when your pitching sucks. Doesn’t seem right, Mac, for a Braves team.

  82. Brian J –
    call it a crazy theory, but it’s possible that everyone pitching sucks this year because all of the pitchers are off the juice now just like all of the batters are. Think about it – Steriods main advantage is that they help you recover faster (which allows weightlifters to lift more, hence their bigger physiques). Who in baseball needs to recover more quickly and more often than a middle reliever? (Jason Grimsley, anyone?) Now with the testing, they can’t risk getting 50 games for steriods, and theres probably not that many (yet) that have jumped into the HGH pool.

  83. Or it will have to be a team that’s “in it” like the Padres where it’s a “you scratch my back, I scratch your back” deal, that can take place between teams in different divisions or different leagues.

  84. Alex, wouldn’t that be the ideal? I wonder though if all of the years of trading so called can’t missed prospects isn’t biting us now?

  85. I believe that more pitchers have been caught using ‘roids than hitters — and there are a few more hitters than pitchers still. Now, let’s not talk about ‘roids anymore because it always gets ugly.

  86. There have been several surveys indicating that “roids” had only minimal effects on hitters, especially home run hitting. But I’d hardly know where to start trying to test the effects of steroids on pitchers. I’m not saying you’re wrong, tggr, but it isn’t intuitive.

  87. That catch by Gary Mathews Jr that they show over and over reminds me of the Otis Nixon catch off Van Slyke.

  88. Pittsburgh has good relief but they are in need of starters.(none of there starters has an ERA under 4.78)

  89. Anyone else see this stat: At the All Star break, Sosa was tied (I forget with whom) for the major league lead in HR’s Given Up (20).

  90. Jeff: We don’t really have any “prospects” left to trade, or very few, because most of them are in Atlanta.

    Jay: And it’s why, if healthy, we could tease Pittsburgh hopefully wiht Thomson.

    I wouldn’t want to trade Davies though and if he comes back healthy and good soon, teams may ask about Davies. I would rather not deal Kyle because I think he’s on the verge of big time wins.

  91. BETA MEAT!

    Sosa still trails only Jason Marquis of St. Louis (21) in the National League.

  92. Gosh, with a healthy Chipper, a hot Druw and McCann, a now hot Thor and Betemit…this lineup has really molded into something special. If we had some relief pitching and the good Hudson…man, we could be a good, good team down the stretch.

  93. yess. It would be great to use up some of that Cardinal Bullpen tonight. might come in handy tomorrow or Wednesday.

  94. With the way the braves are hitting tonight, Chipper should get plenty of chances to break the record.

  95. I know he may be the only commodity we have, but I still hate the idea of trading WB. He’s not terrific defensively, but he makes it tolerable when Chipper, Edgar, or Marcus are out. And considering the health of Chipper and Marcus this year, he seems to be needed player, not a luxury.

  96. Brian J – thats the guy he was tied with! Thanks for that. I guess it was just the NL.

  97. Jeff…my preference would be to deal Marcus (when he’s healthy) but if it nets us say 2 really good relief arms, man, I would do it.

    it all maybe moot if Marcus goes on the DL…

  98. Jeff M, you just echoed what Sutcliffe said on ESPN. He thinks Marcus will end up on the DL due to 1-his injury, and 2-Wilsons play in lieu of Marcus.
    Anyone agree with Sutt?

  99. Coincidence. I’m online, but my children are hogging the TV (a Drake and Josh movie, ugghhh).

  100. By the way, I missed it earlier, but who is the pitcher the Braves have called up from Richmond to pitch against Carpenter?

  101. :) What, you don’t follow the adventures of Drake and Josh as eagerly as the Braves, Jeff? My boys like watching a few of those shows, too. :)

  102. I don’t watch enough Cardinals games to say this with any certainty, but I get the feeling that some of these “spectacular” catches they keep showing Edmonds make are plays that Andruw would make look routine. Any else feel the same? Anyone got any stats (range factor?) that might back this up?

  103. That’s a good dad, Jeff. I, too, am only vaguely familiar with their exploits, just so i know what the kiddos are watching on the tele. But they’re not all bad. Better than alot of the crap on Cartoon Network and some of the Nick stuff.

  104. Oh, the Cartoon Network is terrible. We should all thank Ted for this “wonderful” idea…

  105. Jim Edmonds has to dive because he doesn’t have the range or quickness to the ball of Druw. Andruw makes everything look routine.

  106. from Trade Rumors Page:

    “Mets: The New York Post reported that the Mets “recently contacted Phillies GM Pat Gillick to say that if Abreu, closer Tom Gordon or starter Jon Lieber are made available before the July 31 non-waiver deadline to count the Mets in.”

    If the Phillies trade studs to the Mets, I hope we mash the Phillies into oblivion for that. Let’s hope a division rival isn’t helping another like that–total bs.

    But then again the Mets are more then happy to buy their way to a championship.

  107. My wife and I will be married 2 years next month and she just started a new job (officially, next week), so we are now in “discussion” phases about kids…I may seek advice from you at a later date, Jeff.

  108. kc – I agree. I wont even consider taking the boys to Tooner Field at the TED because they have JohnnyBravo strutting around and some of the other weird creatures they have created for that network. Bravo is anything but a role model for kids.

  109. I know, nobody in a braves uniform gets the respect they deserve from ESPN. They constantly bash Frenchy for hitting .260 but he has helped us win countless games.

  110. I am at the same stage as you are Alex, but everybody says kids are great things…I have my own reservation…

  111. Like I said earlier, he has been playing like he wants to keep his job not only with offense but his defense has been good.

  112. Yeah, I guess Adam can sense the pressure from Thorman. This year is really Adam’s last chance to prove himself, and I like what I am seeing at the moment from him.

  113. Alex, kc –
    Other people’s kids are cause for reservation. Your own kids are wonderful (not in a spoiled, ‘my kids can do no wrong’ sort of way). There’s nothing like it.

  114. Yeah Alex, I am sure I will brain-wash my kids with Braves, and I will teach them…Mets are evil.

  115. Yeah I have started brain washing my 2 year old sister to like the Braves. I get her to say all of the players but when I get to Oscar Villereal she just looks at me confused. It is hilarious.

  116. Tim Duncan is a great role model. I have respect for all NBA players who care about getting their degree before the monies.

  117. Big lead, Diaz is a better defensive outfielder, he or Langerhans would have entered the game anyway.

    Okay, what sucks more, Budweiser or Delta?

  118. Wow, four straight games with double-digit runs…when was the last time that happened? I can’t remember!

  119. kc,

    amen…Tim is a class act and I liken the way Popovich and his players conduct their business to the Braves and Cox. I have found several parallels in terms of team conduct.

  120. Shiell (vs. Marquis) tomorrow. Smoltz (vs. Carpenter) are listed for Friday at Philly.

  121. I will try to do a player analysis of Shiell when he’s formally announced as the starter. As you know, I’ve been lax there. In short, he was traded to the Padres in the horrifying Klesko deal and never did much, the Red Sox picked him on waivers, but after 2003 he vanished. This spring the Braves picked him back up as a free agent.

    Awful admission: I am oddly attracted to the girl in this Cingular commercial.

  122. Jason Shiell. Signed out of the independent leagues a few weeks ago, and pitching very well in three starts at Richmond (1-1, 2.14 ERA). Better than Cormier, and I’m a bit surprised we chose him. Last appeared in the majors in the Red Sox bullpen in 2003.

  123. Mac,

    You also like Chloe on 24 and Patricia Arquette…I will never full graspth your taste in women. I will take Kate Beckinsale and Ashley Judd.

  124. By the way, the poll on ask which the Braves need most…a starter, a power hitter in left, one or more relief pitchers or a a leadoff hitter…relief help is winning by a landslide, 75%

    I hope JS reads that site at least.

  125. Ah, this thread drifts into some strange territory when we have a positive blow out. :)

  126. I didn’t say it was a bad topic, just a strange one for a baseball forum thread – the relative attractiveness of completely unattainable women. Good fantasy fodder, though.

  127. Beta Meat. Ask for it as your local grocery.

    4-5, double, homer, 5 RBI. Yeah, this should get him another start.

  128. Why isn’t he starting everyday again?

    Gotta say I love all this offense we’ve had lately but maybe we can save some for other games? Kinda starting to worry me.

  129. Holy cow, I get busy and stray away from watching ballgames on TV for a few days and the Braves start looking like the Braves again. Maybe I need to keep busy. Or at least keep listening to them on the radio.

  130. And this game was going so well. Ramirez has only thrown 76 pitches. Why replace him now?

  131. Do not use that name. Remember, #34 is to be referred to as Kim Jong-Il. Can he blow this lead? You bet!3

    Horacio is hurt.  Or at least sore.

  132. By the way, I imagine that it was just the heat and humidity got to Horacio. It’s ‘friggin hot. Anybody who is out working that long is going to feel worn out.

  133. Ok Mac, I’ve been away a few days….I am going to need an explanation of the Kim Jong Il thing.

  134. Here’s somebody who needs an all expenses paid 3 month vacation to beautiful Richmond, va

  135. Is Bobby chewing him out? That’s totally uncharecteristic of him. But not at all unwarranted considering who is at the receiving end.

  136. Saturday’s Game Thread intro:

    I’ve heard that when Don Zimmer was managing in Boston, one of their sports radio shows had a policy that nobody was to use his given name but had to refer to him as “Chiang Kai-Shek”. I am imposing a similar policy. From now on, No. 34 of the Braves must be referred to here as “Kim Jong-Il”.

  137. Ok, he needs to go back to being a hitter cause he’s not cutting it as a pitcher.

  138. Thanks Mac – it’s kinda like referring to an ex girlfriend as Jackie Chan….after a while, the real name just hurts to say after all of the hurt she caused….

  139. This is really incredible. In the past 18 months, we’ve had three seemingly competent, established major league pitchers (Danny, Reitsma, and Kim) become completely unable to pitch. It’s like the water has been poisoned by Wohlers cooties or something.

  140. Thank God Smoltz didn’t drink that KoolAid. he must’ve taken his own kool Aid to the bullpen rather than drinking the contaminated stuff.

  141. Bullpen Koolaid – Wild Berry
    Smoltz Koolaid – Good old fashiond Red Koolaid with twice the sugar.

  142. Could you guys imagine if Reitsma was still healthy? Cox would be “trying to find the right spot” for two worthless relievers to pitch in. The way things are going now, we can afford to give Sosa a few more chances, but if he doesn’t improve in the next few weeks, check the waiver wires.

  143. It helps give him that seriously focused look he always has. Extra sour Lemonade.

  144. Chipper should get one more chance if we get someone on base in the last three innings. And if Kim is still here on August 1st, there’ll be no way to trade for a replacement unless he passes waivers (although unlike in previous years, there will still be some teams behind us).

  145. He has had all the chances I can tolerate. They obviously don’t want to release him, then just send him down for awhile.

  146. I don’t think that the Braves can send Sosa down for a while without him passing waivers. The way he’s pitched lately, I wouldn’t be surprised f no one took him.

  147. You know, the Cardinals’ outfield isn’t really very good. Edmonds is now pretty ordinary, and their corner guys are downright poor. The only outfielder they have with an OPS over .800 is Rodriguez, and he’s only had 144 AB.

  148. LaRoche Koolaid: First get a pitcher of water and add… um, what were we making again?
    Francoeur Koolaid: First get a pitcher of water. Then drink it. Who’s got time to add all that powder?
    Chipper Koolaid: First get a pitcher of water. Than add Kool-aid powder. Then add sugar. Then get glasses. Then drop the pitcher.
    Paronto Koolaid: First get a pitcher of water. Then add Kool-aid powder. Then sugar. Then lard. Then butter…
    Giles Koolaid: First get a pitcher of water. Then dump Kool-aid powder somewhere near the pitcher. Then dump sugar somewhere near the pitcher. Then pour somehwere near a glass.

  149. Cox really shouldn’t bring Kim into a game unless he’s checked all the other options, like if any of the position players want to try.

  150. BTW, has anyone else noticed we are no longer calling LaRoche Huckleberry Hound. That is one way you can tell he is playing well.

  151. I’m sorry. I just read my last post – and I owe all of you an apology. It sounded alot better than it reads.

  152. Sorry Mac, I used his real name in my excitement….can I assume it’s ok since he just hit a home run?

  153. Cox teaching Kim how to play left field:

    Cox. Alright, Kim. This shouldn’t be too hard. First is defense. Now, let’s say a ball is hit out here as if you pitcher it. What should you do.

    Kim: Turn around and hope it bounces off the top of the wall?

    Cox: OK, bad example. Let me try again. When a ball rolls your way, do what Andruw does. Pick it up and throw it to the infield.

    Kim: Oh yeah! Just as if I was pitching!

    Cox: No, throws have to be accurate. Lastly, when you hit, make sure that if the pitcher looks like you on the mound…

    Kim waits

    Cox: …take four pitches and he’ll walk you.

  154. What? If you pitch the final 4 innings you get a save no matter what? Is that right?!?!?!?!?

  155. As long as you don’t give up the lead, if you pitch the last 3+ innings, you get a save no matter what the margin, tggrschult.

  156. I guess so. The ESPN people were whaling on Sosa because he was just standing on the mound when the grounder to LaRoche happened. Anyone think that has any merit when it’s obvious that the only software installed in Sosa’s hard drive is turn around and watch the ball fly over the fence once pitched?

  157. Really. That’s a new one on me. I have never heard that rule before today. Of course, with the trend towards one inning specialists, I wonder how long it has been that someone has gotten a save by pitching the final 3+ innings without giving up the lead. Anyone know?

  158. I can’t imagine Cox actually sending Sosa down like the ESPN guys saying…but we’ll see

  159. I was temporarily distracted by Sutcliffe’s comment about the save rule…more pertinent to this form was his comment about Giles going on the DL and Kim getting DFA’d. Anyone think that might actually happen? Kim has had a few really big brainfarts tonight.

  160. mraver – LaRussa brings in Izzy for one reason – to keep Chipper from getting his hit and the record. LaRussa’s obsession with Bobby continues…

  161. There’s alot of things to like about LaRussa and how he manages a game. There’s even more to dislike.

  162. Yeah – bring in Ray and give Kim an early flight to Richmond. “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out’

  163. Bobby is one of the most well liked Managers in all of Baseball…I have never understood what that egomaniac LaRussa’s hard on is aimed at Cox. what a piece of crap Larussa is.

  164. I think it has to do with LaRussa’s being jealous of what Bobby’s legacy will be vs what his own legacy will be. He wants to be the best of his era – and as long as Bobby is around and ahead of him in most of the numbers, LaRussa will be second best.

  165. It just sickens me that whenever we play the Cardinals, LaRussa always has to do or say something and he can’t just act w/ class. I just find him completely dispicable.

  166. Well, LaRussa can have his pissiness. We can have our 12-run victories. I’m fine with that.

    Now, to send Kim down to Richmond to play left.

  167. Angel Hernandez, umpiring third base, throws out one of the Dodgers coaches for arguing ballas and strikes from the dugout. Coach goes out to argue, in complete disbelief that he was just tossed, and it escalates into a major thing, where the coach throws his hat, makes a motion to throw all of the umps out of the game, the Angel picks up the coach’s hat and gives it to a fan! – Before the coach had left the field!!! Hilarious!!!!

  168. Wow. You guys have quite the persecution complex. Isringhausen has proven to be fairly ineffective after he goes several days without pitching. I think the Cardinals were simply trying to get Isringhausen some work in so that he wouldn’t be rusty in his next save opportunity.

    It’s pretty silly to suggest that the Cardinals had an obligation to send some rag arm out there just to give Chipper a better chance at extending his XBH streak. But, hey, if thinking the whole world is plotting against the Braves … whatever gets you through the night.

    Speaking of Bobby’s class, which of tonight’s managers was arrested for hitting his wife?

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