Braves 6, Delta Airlines Flight #537 from Houston to Miami, 4

Finally, a win!

The Braves ultimately didn’t take a day off and everything went completely right for a change.

First, Brian Jordan, Todd Pratt & Marcus Giles all went 4 for 4. Jordan and Pratt both hit for the cycle (solo shots) and Marcus also stole 3 bases. Everyone in the lineup had a hit except Jeff Francouer–who instead had 4 walks! The Braves also did not commit a single error and Rentaria and Chipper each made miraculous over the head catches that trumped Ben Roethlisburger’s motorcycle accident on “Sports Center”.

The Braves got a big time start from John Thomson who was fantastic through 6 innings throwing a 1 hitter. His only trouble came in the 7th inning when a freak pop up got caught up in turbulence and went from the Infield to over the imaginary fence for a grand slam for Delta flight attendant Cynthia Adams.

However, Oscar Villareal came in and struck out the side in the 8th, followed by Chris Reitsma in the 9th who also struck out the side and even threw 3 pitches that clocked at 101 MPH. All in all, it was a perfect day for the Braves and gave the team the kind of confidence booster it needed for the rest of June to try & climb back in the East Race.

Author: Alex R.

32 years old and I live in Northern Virginia. I am a die hard Braves fan and started following the Braves at age 5 in my hometown of Savannah, Georgia.

49 thoughts on “Braves 6, Delta Airlines Flight #537 from Houston to Miami, 4”

  1. Damn LaRoche hit in to that double play late in the game! If the Braves had gotten 10 runs everyone on the plane would have won 1,000 Delta Sky miles.
    If Giles hadn’t droped that ball on the double play in the 8th, where he was taken out by Pilot Gary Starnes. Luke Watson form Savannah would have also won 1,000 sky miles in the Delta Double play inning!

    It was nice to see Pratt throw out Muhmad Alji, the high jacker, so Terry Jenkins of Opp, Alabama got a Low Jack Car theft device!

  2. Oh. It’s a joke. Ha ha. Except that my brain doesn’t function before noon so I had to go check the official website to make sure I wasn’t imagining that yesterday was an off-day. Thanks, Alex. ;-)

  3. Smitty…funny stuff! Love the hijacker thing. Cute.

    Jenny…you had me off my chair, rolling, that you actually checked the website.

  4. Did Bobby come in a pinch run for anyone in this game. I think he stole a base too! Amazing game..

  5. Francoeur’s effort shows he is not ready. He didn’t swing at a strike on that 3-1 count. SEND HIM DOWN!

  6. also John Rocker was added, BC liked the fact he’s a veteran with good numbers in the past. Another move sent reekma out of the pen, his new job is to warm-up the third out fielder between innings

  7. I have seen several rumors about the Yankees going after Hudson. Does anyone think if we continue our ways that Hudson might get dealt somewhere? I dont see it, but what do you guys think?

  8. This morning, I heard the Bergen Record’s Bob Klapisch on WFAN in NYC say that, if things get worse for the Braves, they may entertain dealing Hudson. He didn’t cite anything further (no team, no reason), other than to say that Atlanta is playing for the Wild Card.

    Because he obviously hadn’t watched the Braves much, other than to say that Reitsma is killing Atlanta (shoulda been past tense, really) and Renteria has been awful defensively (he must’ve seen all 8 games where he made his errors), I didn’t take anything he said seriously. I’m guessing anything he heard about Hudson came from other teams interested in him, not from Atlanta.

    As long as the Braves feel like they have any shot at the post-season, I can’t see Hudson going anywhere.

  9. The Hudson rumors are funny, with our best (offensive) potential infield consisting of Betemit at 3B, Renteria at SS, Marcus at 2B and Chipper at 1B, I think that a pitcher like Hudson really gets neutralized – look at Brandon Webb’s turnaround since the D’Backs put a decent infield behing him. I like Hudson, but maybe he is not the right guy for the club.

  10. I would deal Hudson and some prospects, but only for a package of something like Cabrerra and Willis. Florida definitely wouldn’t want the extra payroll though

  11. The only way would be to put a serious package of Hudson and lots of prospects in a three-team deal where a team that can take on payroll will take on Hudson while the Marlins get tons of prospects.

  12. Two rival executives interpreted the Orioles’ promotion of Triple-A pitching coach Larry McCall to bullpen coach as an indication that the team is not completely satisfied with new pitching coach Leo Mazzone.

    Mike Flanagan, the Orioles’ executive vice president, told the Washington Post that the team hired McCall because of his pitching background and familiarity with several of the club’s younger pitchers.

    Mazzone shouldn’t need the help, considering that his $450,000 salary is the second-highest among major-league pitching coaches. But the Royals are the only club with a worse team ERA than the Orioles.

    Well I guess Smoltz, Maddux, Glavine, and Avery can make anyone a great pitching coach.

  13. I heard the Hudson to Yankees thing. The only reason it is flaoting is because New York sports writters have to make up stuff to get read. Anytime one of the teams need a player the press starts to say things, not matter how dumb. Like:

    “With all the problems the Yankees are having hitting, they may try to trade for Alber Puljos and Barry Bonds. They would move Puljos to second and Canto to center. It would probably cost the Yankees A-ball pitcher Jim Smith and rookie leaguer Larry Washington.”

  14. Tim Hudson won’t be traded, bet on it. It’s just the New York media thinking any player the Yankees want, the Yankees get.

  15. The best pitching coach in Baseball last year was the Astros’ Jim Hickey and I doubt most of us could pick him out of a police lineup.

    I really think what it comes down to is personalities.

    Certain pitching coaches are one pitcher’s lemons, another pitcher’s lemonade. And then there’s Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens, guys who essentially don’t need pitching coaches.

    For example, I think (overall) since Horacio has come back, that Roger has done a better job with him then Leo did. Roger has also been an asset to Tim Hudson after his rocky start. Leo may have done a better job last year with Jorge Sosa and John Thomson (though the evidence to the ladder is that it was only a matter of time before he got killed).

    but how many mediocre pitchers over the years to Leo squeeze “lemonade” from…Mike Remlinger, John Burkett, Greg McMichale, Mike Stanton, Steve Avery, Chris Hammond, etc. Then there were tons of misses too…kids like Jason Schmidt and Jason Marquis for example have done better with a different style pitching coach. Then there were “kids” who never amounted to anything, Leo or no Leo…Brad Clontz, Kevin McGlinchey, Rob Bell, etc.

    I think what this boils down too is that each pitching coach has a style that’s going to be successful with some pitchers and not with others. I think it means that while Leo has had more successes then failures, that there are pitchers that a Jim Hickey or a Roger McDowell will do better w/ simply because of style.

    The other factor is organizational “philosophy”.

    From rookie ball on, the Braves trach a certain pitching ‘philosophy’ that is taught at every level. There’s a guide to being a young Brave. It maybe better then other organizations, not as good as others…but it’s the Braves way. Leo and Bobby were the ‘final stop’ in the Braves train. So hopefully, many pitchers have learned the Braves way (or are vets that come in and accept it).

    The Orioles are a different franchise. They don’t have the “Braves” philosophy in place down in the low A ball levels like we do so Leo is getting Orioles pitchers who weren’t used to the Braves style.

    Maybe we should have both Leo and Roger and maybe teams (seriously) should have 2-3 pitching coaches? I am not kidding…there are so many different personalities that maybe you find who works best with whom and pair those people up? Is this a crazy idea?

    To (sadly) quote Isiah Thomas…”It’s so crazy it just might work!” (and it didn’t).

  16. I said last year (I think) that I thought it made sense to have multiple hitting coaches and even individual hitting instructors for some players (who would pay for them themselves, or have it as a contract provision). Pitching coaches have more responsibility for managing the team than hitting coaches, but other than that I don’t see why not. If nothing else, different coaches for the starters and bullpen.

  17. Mac,

    I think we are both onto something here.

    But really, if you think about it, no team in Baseball is going to have 10-12 pitchers all with the same style and personality. Or have 12-15 hitters who all have the same style and personality. It’s impossible to have a uniform clubhouse.

    And that’s again why you may see some team in the future have this set up:

    a “Head” Pitching coach and a “Head” Hitting coach (b/c each of those positions is like a mini Manager) and then each of those coaches has their OWN assistants.

    Look at College Football and the NFL.

    Take my Georgia Bulldogs for example.

    You have Mark Richt as the head coach–he’s Bobby Cox (though thankfully less stubborn).

    He has his “top” offensive assistant, Neil Calloway, and his top defensive assistant, Willie Martinez.

    Martinez and Calloway each have multiple assistants under them…under Martinez, you have a coach for the linebackers, a coach for the linemen, and a coach for the secondary. Under Calloway, a Quarterbacks coach, a running backs coach and a receivers coach.

    So, if in football we have all those “specialists”, why not in Baseball?

  18. The Yankees have a few affordable/tradeable commodities, but I don’t see us dealing Hudson for a package of Andy Phillips & Melky Cabrera.

    I’m kind of joking because the 2 guys everyone approaches the Yanks about are Wang & Cano. But even Brian Cashman has noted, “Why would we trade them? If we dealt Wang, in particular, the best we could hope for (with very few exceptions) was someone like him in return, and at a much higher price.”

    On that team, Wang is a solid #3 & Cano is hitting .320. No reason to move them. Dealing Wang for Hudson, say, would be idiotic for them. Apparently, when Sheffield went down, the Phils offered Bobby Abreu for Wang & the Yanks didn’t drop their pants like they used to in the days when Steinbrenner would freak out & get a Jose Canseco for no good reason.

    Andy Phillips is interesting because he can hit & play 1B, but Melky Cabrera is the new Ricky Ledee. Expect him to be moved at some point while his value is high. He doesn’t have enough power to maintain that position for that team beyond this year. He’s a decent 4th outfielder/fill-in type.

  19. You beat me to the punch Jason. It seems to me that many of the rumors on this site are just that, rumors. However, he says his source is solid. I believe that the Braves are at least exploring the idea of trading Giles. It’d be nice if they could get something pretty decent in return because Giles value is pretty low right now.

  20. They say the Cards might be interested, who do they have that we might want? I know the A’s have always liked him (Zito, maybe?)

  21. I think that would be a good move depending on what you get back. Betemit can match Giles’ peak offense, and perhaps his defense, outputs at a smaller price. A second baseman with good power and good defense. He’s basically Alfonso Soriano- except less power but better defense, when at second. Alfonso Soriano appears to have a large asking price, but that’s based on his 23 HRs. Who knows…

  22. Mark Ellis is having an awful year (I traded him away from my APBA team — Alex will tell you how rare it is for me to trade someone only for him to collapse), and is now out for another month or so… but the A’s have him signed through 2007 (with a 2008 option) and they love his defense. I don’t see them trading for Marcus, who is heading into his last arb year. If he was a free agent after the season, they might.

  23. “He’s basically Alfonso Soriano”

    And Bobby Cox is basically Scarlett Johansen -except…….

  24. At this point, Betemit will give us more offense and cost a lot less on the Payroll. If you can find a taker for Marcus and improve the outfield and/or the bullpen (or a better righty platoon at 1st), why wouldn’t you do this?

  25. Smitty,

    Of those 3 teams you mentioned, the Angels intrigue me the most.

    This is interesting…I looked up the 2 players who I would love to get the most, Chone Figgins & Scot Shields and get this–Figgins is from Leary, Georgia and Shields is from F.t Lauderdale!

    I realize the Angels are unlikely to deal 1 or possibly both, but if they were actually interested in Giles, they sure do have one of those deep pens with relievers who would work.

    We have all crowed about Shields…the guy has nasty stuff and a terrific K/BB Ratio and ERA. A natural closer who’s expendable on a team with a deep pen.

    I think to even attempt to get those 2 players, we should seriously consider packaging Giles with a few big farm guys to make that happen. It would solve 2 big issues and Figgins could be in the OF and leadoff?

  26. Smitty,

    Wow…I have to say…if all they wanted was that mediocre group….HELL YES!!!!!!!!

    In order to get a package of Figgins and Shields, we would have to add a big time prospect to a mediocre grouping like Lerew, Marcus & Langy.

    Don’t you think?

  27. Lerew is a big prospect. But you are right it might take more. They may take Thorman or Salty. I don’t see us sending a Giles/Salty package unless we get some big name players in return.

    I also think Brian Pena has made hiself a nice piece to trade.

  28. I think Lerew was a big prospect but he has not shown to even be consistent enough at Richmond, still, to warrant a consistent home in Atlanta, despite how many bad pitchers currently have jobs with us. So, at this point, I think Lerew is expendable.

    As for Langy, I think we have all come to the conclusion that we are happy to have him in Atlanta as a 4th outfielder, a non regular, with occasional flashes of offense and fantastic defense…but if he was used as part of a trade package to signifigantly help our team in 2 areas, then we’d deal him in a heartbeat.

    As for Salty & Thorman, honestly, I am OK with trading those guys. No one is really sure how good they will be at the Major League level and the Braves are barely treading water. We have a deep enough farm system that we can deal some of these guys for more “Major League Ready” help and improve some terrible parts of this team.

    As for Brayan Pena, again, like Langy, he’s a nice player to have on your bench, but if packaging him in a deal nets us 2 big time players, fine by me.

    Still, if they don’t trade Pena, he should at least be allowed to take Todd Pratt’s job away.

  29. I do think the idea of Giles to the Padres makes sense, by the way, but that would be out of their minds (of course) to trade us Jake Peavy.

    I am not sure when peavy is a free agent but I hope he’s a Brave at some point…he’s an Alabama kid, grew up a Braves fan, and apparently (from what I heard) bonded big time with Chipper and Frenchy during the WBC. Fellow southern boys.

  30. For Figgins and Shields, send them Thomson Giles Lerew and Diaz.

    That’s a pretty good trade if you ask me

  31. csg,

    yes…it’s a good trade for the BRAVES.

    I am not sure how good a trade it is for the Angels!

    But sure…I would do that in a heartbeat!

  32. csg…I vote for you to be our GM. Wanna take over for that ‘suspenders’ guy who writes books? (seriously).

    And again….not that the Angels would do this, but why aren’t we trying out deals like this in real life? This team needs a wake up call.

  33. Off topic, but let me second those ideas of (presumably) those posters from the NY area. Those rag papers just make up garbage when it comes to “trade rumors.” The Yankees don’t even have any trading chips for a guy like Hudson. Please. I wouldn’t give the NY Post to a homeless guy to wipe his ass.

  34. hoboken.

    The Yankees were also “supposed” to get Leo and he spurned them for Baltimore (though in hindsight he may be regretting this).

    That’s what they do in New York…make stuff up all the time.

  35. Here is a possibility a three or four club deal where we send St.Louis three guys that would help them. Their left field and second base have been huge holes. They need a guy to play first until Puljos comes back.
    Stl gets: Langy, Giles, and LaRoach
    Pitt gets: Salty and a couple of Cards prospects
    ATL gets: Wilson and some pitchers

  36. this was the 1st post by a Cardinals fan on the rumor

    “WOW! minus the steroids that his brother has horded in years passed, i am a fan of Marcus Giles and think he might be the best option the Cardinals have. What in the world would they need to trade for a “previously” underpaid All Star 2B?”

    how about Wainwright and someone else?

  37. I dont like that at all, because St. Louis, a likely playoff opponent, IF WE GET THERE, would be that much stronger.

  38. Smitty,

    I think your 3 way works salary wise and works for all 3 teams involved.

    It sounds like it could be something JS could discuss with Littlefield and Jocketty?

  39. I was wondering about Jered Weaver myself. I read somewhere earlier today that he is going to be removed from the starting rotation, win or lose, after tonight due to Colon returning. He’s 3-0, 1.86 ERA and hasn’t allowed more than 2 runs in any game. I’m not up on what his situation is but could we make this happen and is it worth it? Thoughts?

  40. Ok that Giles trade rumour is pissing me off. So they put Giles in as leadoff hitter and he does poorly. Why? Because he’s not a freaking leadoff hitter and they are trying to force him to be one!

    I think the pressure of being leadoff hitter and the resulting failure at leadoff has seriously messed up Giles entire game. And the Braves have nobody to blame but themselves. So now we are going to trade him after we screw him up? Put him back to 2nd spot in the batting order, or anywhere else for that matter, and I guarantee he would get back to his old .300+ average and above average defense.

    Trading him now so he will get less for him then he is worth, and he will do better where ever he goes because they won’t be stupid enough to repeat our mistake, is utterly moronic.

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