137 thoughts on “Game Thread: May 26, Braves at Cubs”

  1. We have to beat this team while they are down, a loss today and I predict a sweep.. This team is playing terrible and we dont need to give them any reason to turn it around. I think they have only won 4 of the last 22 games and Barrett’s suspension starts today unless he appeals it. I dont know why he would try and appeal it though.

  2. The Marlins just swept them. I mean, c’mon.

    If we lose the series, I’ll be extremely discouraged.

  3. I rarely predict a sweep & I won’t this weekend, knowing full-well that HoRam’s pitching on Saturday.

    My Little Acre of Reality: I’ll take 2/3 & pray the Marlins take one at home vs. NYM.

  4. I hope the Marlins can somehow beat Pedro today. Johnson is pitching and has done a pretty good job so far. Maybe Pedro’s toe will start hurting. I dont pull for injuries, but you know….

  5. Lineup

    Giles, Renteria, Jones, Jones, LaRoche, Frenchy, Langy, Pratt

    What does Diaz have to do to stay in the line-up?

  6. Yeah, Johnson’s been decent. But Pedro’s on his 5th day of rest, and that usually spells trouble.

    Given Smoltz’s recent overwork (and recalling last year’s scenario), I wonder if the 5-day-rest thing is something that we could ever entertain. I don’t know how it would be juggled relative to other pitchers, but it certainly works for Pedro. He’s a monster on 5-days-rest.

  7. I wonder if the Royals miss Diaz.

    I know this is late, but how many here saw Grag Maddux pull a Dan Kolb on a water cooler?

  8. I was looking forward to seeing Brian back, but didn’t expect to… or rather was afraid they might actually start him today… I wanted him to but really didn’t… I don’t wanna rush it and risk him making what’s not so bad… really bad!

  9. Just a thought but I would love to see this line-up…

    Betemit lf
    Renteria ss
    Jones 3b
    Jones cf
    McCann c
    Francouer rf
    LaRoche 1b (only because I don’t know another option)
    Giles 2b

  10. McCann tweaked his ankle again in pregame drills when he tried to cut, and now looks like he’ll be DL’d tomorrow. They’ll wait till he gets in tomorrow morning to decide for sure, but it seems almost certain he’ll be DL’d to create the space for Horacio to come off DL to pitch tomorrow.

    -DOB (David O’Brien @ the AJC)

    that hurts… I didn’t want to have to hear that today

  11. Zambrano can be murder. Speaking of that it looks like Ol’ Ladouche is batting 5th today. I predict a three K game for him – long swing + 96 mph heater = bad news for Braves fans.

  12. I don’t Salty is pretty much sucking it up in Pearl…. I’ve seen him 4 games and going back tomorrow …he normally does pretty good when I’ve been but it isn’t going too good.

    He threw a ball into left field the other night although he threw out two people in the first inning last night.

  13. I hope they don’t DL him… if they do I wish they had last week so we’d only have a little bit left because if they do it tomorrow… that two more weeks! but who knows… whatever’s best needs to be done

  14. Salty is not even hitting as good as Marcus in AA, what’s the point of calling him up?

  15. O’Brien says…

    Horacio is definitely going to pitch, by the way. That part of decision has been made.

    McCann pulled up when he was running a “figure 8” drill in the outfield at about 11:45 a.m. here. Looked like he’d pulled a hammy or something, it was that noticeable. Came off the field and punched some padding over the dugout and shouted an expletive. Not good, folks.

    “That hurts,” Bobby Cox said of potentially losing McCann for the next 15 days.

    He felt fine running straight ahead and when they tested it in the training room. It’s just cutting that hurts, and he has to be able to do that to play. Trainer said if it’s still hurting like that now, six days after the injury, then it’s probably going to take another two weeks to heal, so Braves will almost certainly DL him.

    Brayan Pena will have to catch a game or two a week to preserve 39-year-old Todd Pratt, who’s playing on a bum ankle. If _ big IF _ Pena just can’t do anything, or if something were to happen to him, then Jarrod Saltalamacchia would probably get a call. But Salty hasn’t hit his weight and isn’t on the 40-man roster.

    Still, Braves are as high as ever on their No. 1 prospect (Salty) and Bobby said Friday he wouldn’t be afraid at all to use him at this level, now. But for now, Pena is the backup and Pratt the starter until McCann is back.

  16. Thought for sure he would just try to do too much and strikeout.
    That was good to see.

  17. I am finally on…it feels like forever between postings now.

    I called Mac as Chip Caray uttered the funniest thing I have ever heard and we won’t hear it again for 5 years:

    “Jeff Francouer on with an RBI Walk!”

  18. The WGN guys are saying Kerry Wood will NOT be pitching on Sunday…didn’t mention who will be pitching instead…

  19. I can’t seem to figure Marcus out. I know he is not this bad. So what is the deal? I just don’t see how moving one spot up in the order can have this bad of an effect. If anything, moving into the first spot “should” have made him more selective but he bats like he forgot his ridilin.

  20. Giles in the leadoff spot is the big problem with our offense. as long as he is batting first, we’ll be struggling more often than not. in the current roster, i don’t see THE answer. maybe try langerhans for a couple of weeks? when is kj back anyway? could he do it?

  21. I think BC should shake it up some and try some different things… I mean honestly could it be worse in the lead off spot?

  22. big z with a no no still, and almost 100 pitches. can you pull a guy with a no hitter going because of his pitch count?

  23. This has always been Cox’s problem…waiting things out too long. We hvae 1 good offensive game (the 10 run Padres Game) so that sets his mind at ease for 2 more weeks.

    Giles is too fu—-ng immature and needs to be yanked out of the leadoff spot already. I am running tired of his act.

  24. As someone pointed out on the DOB blog, thanks to Bobby using McCann as a PH for one at-bat and then yanking him again, we can’t DL him retroactive to the actual injury. Nice.

  25. Zambrano’s probably good for 140 if he had to. While it may bode well for us in that he may start to tire, there’s no way Baker pulls him until he gives up a hit, especially given his track record.

    I guess it’s a good thing this is happening on the road. Were we at home, our fans would start cheering for Zambrano next inning.

  26. That’s awesome, way to go Bobby. I’ll predict it now NO HITTER – Braves lose 2-1. Well Betemit, could still pinch hit for Hudson and get our only hit

  27. I remeber, BC pulling Moss three or so years ago after 7 innings, he had a no-hitter going, can’t remember how many walks and someting like 120 pitches or so…

  28. Hudson’s up 3rd – this will be his last inning. Maybe Diaz can come in a hit for Langerhans. This sucks!

  29. Hey all, finally back. Cubs could score 10 today, won’t matter with the way we’re swinging. Game was over when it was 2-1.
    Hey Hudson, that was FREDDIE BYNUM, by the way.

  30. I wonder how bad Kansas City could beat us, the Cubs could be the 2nd worst team right now. Good thing we can come help them turn it around. Lets go Marlins!

  31. Even if we could DL McCann retro, it may be better in the long run to let him sit for 2 full weeks. The last thing you want is for him to be rushed and get hurt for the season.

  32. oh crap… the fckin cubs have won only 5 games so far this month… just in time for the braves to come to town… jeeez

  33. BET!!! woohoo

    why is it that we’ve had three of those go that far?? c’mon Marcus DO SOMETHING GOOD lol

  34. Seriously, I was talking to my co worker yesterday, a downtrodden Cubbies fan name Kristine (but a total sweetheart of a person)…I told her I WOULD BET HER that her Cubs would win at least 1 and she felt the Braves would sweep but chose not to bet…I am sure she wishes she had taken the bet!

  35. Well at least we got one. The problem is that Betemit won’t be batting again this game.

  36. Ron Santo’s version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, while fairly awful, does not even approach Ozzie Osbourne’s in terms of ability to make one’s ears bleed. Note to kids: that is what crack does to your brain.

  37. The Braves have to find a way to get Betemit into the lineup on a regular basis, Firstbase, Left Field? I don’t care. Find a place for him. We need his bat. He defense will be OK also.

  38. Gosh, I can’t remember the last time (if EVER) I have seen Andruw misplay a ball hit hard to Center. This sucks.

    Plus, we are probably giving the Cubs all sorts of confidence and it especially hurts to lose a game where Hudson had been pitching well and we made Zambrano throw 40+ pitches in Inning 1.

    This is just a negative situation today all the way around.

  39. We kind of blew our opportunity with Zambrano when after extending him in the first we decided to swing at every first pitch from there on.
    Sorry about the run on sentence.

  40. lol… I’m going to a concert tonight so I’m trying to get dressed and watch the game and I can’t do two things at once! haha

  41. No Reitsma today?!?!?!!?



    Don’t let Braves fans down, Kenny boy. We are desparate not to see Reitsma again.

  42. I’m still at work, anyone want to explain

    Jones hit sacrifice fly to second, Pena and Giles scored, Renteria to third on 2nd baseman Perez’s fielding error.

    for those of us watching on sportsline? :)

  43. Yeah. I’m a bit confused too (in a library, forgot my headphones, no visuals, etc.)

  44. The ball was hit really deep. Marcus just kept running and Fredi didn’t stop him because Neifi bobbled the ball, then when he picked it up he threw it to the backstop. It will probably be ruled two errors when all is said and done but I’d call it two RBI.

  45. Sutton just Called Maddux’s watercooler attack in Miami a “Hissy Fit”. I don’t like Don talking about our former Hall of Fame pitcher like that…have more respect and say he was understandably “frustrated”.

    Oh, and REITSMA…that’s how you get a 1-2-3 save, moron.

  46. Wow, what a wild game. Have a great weekend everyone – still no internet at home, so I might not post till next Tues.

  47. Yes, Mac, I noticed poor Winston is in Chicago. He’s just happy to be away from Kolbb…until Maddux got a hold of him…and unlike Kolbb, Maddux knows how to aim!

  48. Absolutely amazing. I guess we now know how they lost three in a row to the Marlins.

  49. Wow, the Cubs are just gag-o-matic. But we really needed something like that. That’s 2 pretty unlikely wins this week.

    Anybody notice that we’ve won 13 of our last 18? Not bad.

    Let’s go Fish & Brew Crew.

  50. I really don’t like Joe either. I think he complained about how he couldn’t say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Maybe that was Skip; I don’t know, they all need to relax.

  51. How refreshing to see a guy come in, throw strikes, and get a 1-2-3 inning. At least for one day that was nice.

    This is the second game this week that we should have never won. We did almost nothing to win this game. Three of our 5 hits were from pinch hitters. Crazy!!!

  52. Sac fly was to the warning track in RF. Cutoff throw to second, which was bobbled and subsequently thrown away. At least that’s the prevailing theory.

  53. Regardless of who said it, punching a water cooler because you can’t make your pitches is a “hissy fit.” And attacking a Hall of Famer for criticizing your “former Hall of Fame” pitcher is a weak attempt at defending that. Understandably “frustrated?” Make your pitches; don’t make more work for the water girl.

  54. Which refers to the Sportsline thing saying Sac Fly to 2B, which would have actually been weirder than the actual play. I do, however, enjoy stating the obvious.

  55. Relax, Adam? A religious holiday is being attacked because of the word “Christ” being in it, creating alienation towards Christians because we won’t adapt to this ridiculously politically correct, posmodern world, and we need to relax, all the while Muslims try to burn down half the world because of a few cartoons and no one says a word? Yeah, right.

  56. This game was very simliar to last year’s 3-1 win over the Cubs at Wrigly vs/ Prior. WIth Francoeur on third and Langerhans on 2nd Furcal hit a grounder to first. D. Lee didn’t get it clean and Langerhans came all the way from 2nd to score. It was an awesome game, like todays. These are the kind of games that make you think the team is special.

  57. Whoa! Didn’t mean to provoke any fury!

    Anyway, perhaps the tough schedule at the beginning really was the source of trouble; some home games, some games against the Marlins and Cubs, and the Braves are back to respectability. And the ‘pen, save for Reitsma, isn’t nearly as bad as it first appeared.

    Is there any word on McCann?

  58. Hey Mac I was just thinking, were all of your software problems actually a diversion to try to get NYMETS from ever finding us again?
    Just one of those Black Helicopter, Conspiracy Theories…

  59. No, but I can’t say that he wasn’t behind the DOS attack that caused the comments to get shut down. It’s a lot easier to delete him if we get another outbreak, though.

  60. Let me just say that I am Jewish and I think it’s completely silly that you can’t say “Merry Christmas”–that’s asinine. This culture is so freaking sensitive and politically correct, it’s ridiculous. I am with Joe and Skip…say “Merry Christmas”, say “Happy Kwanza”, “Happy Hanukkah”–who cares?

    People see me on the street in late December and they say “Merry Christmas” and that’s just people being nice…it’s not like I am wearing a big sign that I celebrate something else. I take it as a kind gesture of goodwill for what it is and I say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays back. Who cares.

    Anyway, as someone who celebrates different religious holidays, I thought it’s OK to offer some perspective. I think our culture is way too politically correct.

  61. No politics, especially over a bogus “debate” like that. Ooops… ;)

    Anyway…y’know, it crossed my mind that Mr. Met could’ve done something to the site. But, considering his level of discourse, I didn’t think he was actually capable.

  62. Saw this at the bottom of a game summary. Thanks for playing….

    Braves RHP Travis Smith , who was designated for assignment on Sunday, cleared waivers and chose to become a free agent rather than accept an assignment with Triple-A Richmond.

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