Braves 6, Cubs 5 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Cubs

It must really suck to be a Cubs fan.

First inning, your ace, Carlos Zambrano, goes out and walks the bases loaded with two out, and then, somehow, manages to walk Jeff Francoeur of all people to score a run. How does this happen?

But he doesn’t allow any more runs. Hey, he hasn’t allowed a hit yet! And you get two in the fourth, and two in the sixth, and you have a no-hitter and a 4-1 lead, and you’re feeling good, and the Braves hit for Hudson so you’re into their soft bullpen, and oh no, this Betemit guy (I thought he’d flopped, why don’t we ever have any prospect hitters come through?) hits a double (Jacque Jones misplayed it, why do we have the Jones who sucks?) to break up the no-hitter. And Giles (I thought he was slumping?) who had scored the Braves’ first run, doubles him home, and Dusty lifts Zambrano, and now he figures out that you might not want your pitchers throwing 130 pitches every time out.

But you get lucky, and Andruw Jones misplays a fly ball (that never happens!) and turns an out into a double and it’s 5-2. Feeling good, even though Dempster’s been struggling a bit… But then the Braves get the first two runners on in the eighth, but Eyre gets a comebacker to get out of it… only he almost throws it away, and you only get one out, and a run scores to make it 5-3.

You can stretch the lead, still, you get two hits off of Chad Paronto, it’s first and third, and who are the Braves coming in with? Ha, it’s Mike Remlinger! He sucks! And he… he strikes out John Mabry, then Pierre flies out, and come on, why does Remlinger pitch well for the Braves, he sucked for us…

And these guys whom you’ve never heard of, Pete Orr and Brian Pena — sorry, Brayan, what kind of name is “Brayan”? — they get back-to-back pinch-hit singles, and the tying run is on, and then Dempster walks Giles to load the bases. And then he walks Renteria to score a run! But he strikes out Chipper Jones! Okay, you can get out of this, but then Andruw Jones hits a long ball, oh no, oh, it’s going to stay in the park, the game is tied, but you can still…

You have got to be kidding me! Giles just keeps running from second! And Neifi Perez, it’s bad enough Dusty hits him second, but he’s at least supposed to play defense, he drops the ball! And then he throws it away! And the Braves are winning 6-5! Jordan makes an out, but who cares?

But the Braves bullpen sucks. You still have a chance. But instead of Reitsma, somebody named Ken Ray comes out. Who is this guy? And he strikes out Perez — I mean, you don’t want to pinch-hit for the guy just because he’s hitting .198, right? — and gets an easy fly, and then a popup, and you lose, and your pitchers walked nine guys including two with the bases loaded and you gave up two runs on a sac fly.

God, it sucks to be a Cubs fan.

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  1. anyone get baseball digest? im looking for something beyond SI and not that awful rag “The Piece”. or, if you have another magazine that covers baseball, etc. id like suggestions

  2. SWEEP!!

    I hate Dusty Baker and I hate the Cubs, just because they’re both inept.

  3. Just remember, any time you feel like it sucks to be a Braves fan, how much MORE it sucks to be a fan of any number of other teams. Think about how bad Rob Neyer must feel ALL THE TIME.

  4. Has anyone noticed Corey Patterson playing well in Baltimore? He’s on pace to steal 50 bases and hit .300. I’m not saying he’s gonna do it, but when you look at his .829 OPS next to Pierre’s .557 OPS (!), it kind of makes you happy to not be a Cubs fam.

    Great win, starts the weekend off right.

  5. Mac…that brought a tear to my eye. I guess I am glad (for today) I am a Braves fan-ha!

    Buh-bye, Travis Smith.

    And the Mets might sign him…since now they are going to “bury” us with the indominable, Dave Williams!!! :-)

    But I suppose a 1 legged, blind prostitute dying from Syphilis is more effective then Jose Lima.

  6. By the way, while half of my wife’s family are Cubs fans, and I am friends with a few, I do remember VERY DISTINCTLY how the Cubs fans treated the Braves and Braves fans at Turner Field in the 2003 Playoffs.

    I don’t hate the organization (pity is more like it), but I was sickened at how the Cubs fans treated us and have not forgotten that image.

    Still, I would root for the Cubs (in the NL) ahead of the Mets, Phillies, Marlins, Astros, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants and maybe the Reds. That’s more then half the NL.

    I am indifferent towards the Padres, Rockies, Brewers, and Diamondbacks, and since I live in Northern Virginia, I would root for the Nats after the Braves, 2nd most…sorry, Mac.

  7. I love how the Mets answer to a lack of starting pitching is to acquire really bad starting pitchers.

  8. My dad was a Cubs fan who grew up on the north side of Chicago. I spent a few summers up there during the 1970s & remember watching many a day game with my grandmother, watching the likes of Randy Hundley & Carmen Fanzone. I like the Cubs, but only when they’re really nice & give us games like today.

    After a game like that, we gotta kick ’em while they’re down & step on their cuddly throats. I’m assuming the Mets will do the same with Florida.

  9. I live in Wisconsin and, back in 2003, had to deal with my share of abuse from Cubs fans. True, I wasn’t at Turner Field that October, but that whole series left a sore memory for me nonetheless. I also think the entire ‘Bartman’ thing – or whatever his name is – was more than a little embarrassing for the north side of Chicago. I mean, dude was definitely stupid… but how can you reconcile the death threats? Cubs fans are like Clippers fans; you can pity them and that’s it.

    And I certainly would never ‘love’ their team. Even if all they do is lose.

    Oh.. and as for the Mets… is it me or do they aim to address needs by signing guys first and worrying about their abilities to fix the problems later? It’s sooo pathetic!

  10. Hey Alex, saying you “would” root for the Nats is sort of like saying you “would” root for the Hawks in the playoffs. It’s a nice sentiment, but you’ll never have to prove it.

    Now, if only we could get them to trade us Ryan Zimmerman for Chipper…

  11. Yeah I remember the way the Cubs fans basically took over Turner Field in that playoff series in ’03. So much so, that they started a mock tomahawk chop/chant in OUR ballpark when they were leading late in game 1 of that series. I didn’t know who to be madder at, the crappy Braves fans that didn’t show up or the Cubs fans.

    How the heck Cubs fans can mock anybody is beyond me, but maybe the beer(afterall, their all a bunch of DRUNKS) got them into thinking they were the Yankees!

    So yeah, I loved seeing them basically pull off the BIGGEST CHOKE EVER in the NLCS and the next year(2004) basically with a playoff spot locked up they CHOKE again in the final 2-3 weeks of the regular season and blow their playoff spot with the Braves putting the final nail in their coffin that year with a win that eliminated them from playoff contention.

    Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” fanbase! 1908! clap, clap, clapclapclap, 1908! clap, clap, clapclapclap!

    — Bravesfan1

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  13. I know why the last one popped up. It was me ragging on Mike Clay for being drunk. Like last year. As for the first one, I think Mr. Another Alex R. has himself an admirer!

  14. Holy crap. I had to take my girlfriend to the airport, and I left the game when it was 5-3 heading in the bottom of the 8th (I think). I figured this one was over, so i wasn’t that mad about missing the end of the game. I drove all the way to the airport mad, thinking how ridiculous it was that we were going to lose to this bunch of clowns that just got swept by the freaking Marlins. I never thought much more about the game, but I wanted to log on and read Mac’s recap and see everyone’s comments. How excited was I to see that we actually won?!?! And not only that, but is it possible that Chris Reitsma has lost his spot in the sacred ninth inning? Awesome! I can’t WAIT to see Baseball Tonight for these highlights.

  15. I think you’re right about the gravatar … once mine is approved hopefully I’ll have one.

    I doubt Reitsma has lost his spot entirely … I suspect we’ll get closer by committee for a while now. Bobby likes the matchup of Ray against lefties, so that’s why I figure he was brought in there.

  16. Awesome, the Mets lost to the Marlins tonight. Josh Johnson allowed two hits, one unearned run, and had 8Ks. That kid is pretty good.

    The Mets have lost on four consecutive Pedro’s starts, and Duaner Sánchez is starting to show is true form as predicted.

    Good things keep happening!

  17. I was going to college in Chicago in 2003 and half of my friends were either die hard cubs fans or people that jumped on the bandwaggon (there were a ton that year, it drove me absolutely nuts because they were all rooting against the Braves). Anyways, after game 3, 5 us decided to jump in my car and drive all night to Atlanta to watch game 4. We got there and watched the game in standing room only seats. The game was great as the Braves had the lead most of the game, and then when they brought smoltz in I went on to proclaim that he was unhittable (he blew the save) and the Braves ended up winning on a double hit by…mark deRosa? Ever since that game and series the Cubs have become my second most hated team (after the mets) because a. there were more Cubs fans than Braves fans at the game, b. cubs fans are whiney bastards who are sore losers, c. most of them root for them b/c it’s the trendy thing to do..I’ll quit the rant, but wanted to post b/c I experience the 2003 series not only in Atlanta that year but also in Chicago, I hope all Cubs fans die.

  18. Sorry, Another Alex R, but your ‘admirer’ isn’t a female. It’s just the easiest way I could think of to find where Mac had moved to when I wanted to see what he thought of today’s win. Worth it!

  19. That was a wonderful re-cap.

    And speaking of being tough to be a Cubs fan…. You know, it is one thing for a team’s announcers not to be total “homers.” It’s another thing for one of your announcers to be doing the whole game from the standpoint of the other team. I’m looking at you, Chip.

  20. Ken Rosenthal says Dayton Moore is considering a 5-year offer to be the Royals GM.

    Somebody please call him and talk him out of it. Quickly.

  21. After the Braves game, went out to dinner & drinks with my gal @ our fave Mexican restaurant in Roslyn. Saw the Met loss.

    The day still feels good.

  22. ububba, also Mr Kyle “I can’t handle pressure” Farnsworth allowed a three-run hr to Angel Berroa in a Yankees lost. It was a great day!

  23. “By the way, while half of my wife’s family are Cubs fans, and I am friends with a few, I do remember VERY DISTINCTLY how the Cubs fans treated the Braves and Braves fans at Turner Field in the 2003 Playoffs.

    I don’t hate the organization (pity is more like it), but I was sickened at how the Cubs fans treated us and have not forgotten that image.”

    Amen, brother! Amen! Mets fans are the worst, but the way those Cubs fans acquitted themselves at our home field was deplorable.

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