Game Thread: May 23, Braves at Padres

I think we can safely say that Petco Park is a tough place to hit.

There, now it’s going to be 12-10. Hopefully we’ll be 12.

58 thoughts on “Game Thread: May 23, Braves at Padres”

  1. If the Yankees can score 4 in the ninth of Wagner with that lineup right now, no lead is safe. Maybe, somehow, Wagner can lose all confidence and become more like Lidge these days

  2. Hopefully Chipper will get his act together. LaRoche is also in the line-up. I’m predicting HR’s from the Jones’ boys.

  3. Hopefully Wagner will lose all confidence and start pitching like Lidge. If the Yankees lineup can score 4 runs off of him the Phillies can.

  4. Jeff F. needs to do a little better on the road. Just pretend it’s Turner Jeff. Do away with Reitsma! It’s bad when I get nervous even looking at him in the dugout!

  5. I remember the Braves didn’t do too well against Young last year when he was with the Rangers. May as well hoping Thomson to pitch seven shutout innings…

  6. So that would be five players on my fantasy team who have gone yard today so far. Marcus, don’t be the odd one out (oh, and Brian will have to get a PH one or something).

  7. To be honest, Andruw missed the previous fastball right down the middle before his homerun. His swing is looking a bit slow to me, maybe his back is actually still hurting…

  8. Hate to say it, but unless Pujols spontaneously combusts, there is no way Andruw wins MVP this year.

  9. sorry man… unless Pujols gets hit by a car or something, and perhaps Berkman and Ensberg both mysteriously disappear, I don’t think Andruw will warrant too much MVP consideration. Actually, Andruw is 45th in the NL in OPS coming into tonight… while that’s hardly the only indicator of a hitter, it’s pretty shocking all the same.

  10. Sorry I thought it hit Cameron’s glove and went over, it actually hit the top of the wall. Cameron was just way out of position to make the catch.

  11. Got caught up watching back-to-back specials on Aretha Franklin & Muddy Waters. At 6-1, I better go back to PBS. Nice way to break out of a team/Andruw slump.

  12. Not sure if you all saw, but the Mets traded Jorge Julio to Arizona for El Duque, Orlando Hernandez. Personally, I think it’s a bad move for the Mets — Hernandez pretty much has nothing left and, despite the inconsistancy, they would’ve gotten more for Julio. Think they’d like Kris Benson back?

  13. they should have had a strong rotation:

    Pedro, Glavine, Trachsel, Kazmir, Benson and they should have Seo in their pen. That would probably be the best in baseball. Thanks Omar, we appreciate your efforts

  14. Remember how he was our best reliever in the playoffs last year? And it wasn’t even worth anything since he’d been so bad during the regular season that he couldn’t really be trusted.

    On second thought, I guess that’s why we lost.

  15. i would have liked to see a pinch hitter there and let the pen take some action. i know we dont like to see them much, but there might be some rust forming on the “suck” . if a 6 run lead is not enough for them then all should be shot and replaced.

  16. And 76 pitches through 7 is very good.

    The Pads must have their plane to St. Louis warming up already because it seems like they’ve pretty much given up. They’re swinging at everything.

  17. If the CF calls the ball, the CF gets the ball. Francoeur could cost us our season if he doesnt listen to Andruw out there.

  18. Hey…success! Good win & nice to have a bit of a laugher for a change.

    On TV, I heard Pete say that Bobby might give Smoltz an extra day of rest & pitch him Sunday vs Wood. HoRam may pitch Saturday vs. Marshall. Friday, it’s Hudson & Zambrano.

    The Cubs are a mess right now. We need to stomp their guts out & come back to ATL with a winning road trip.

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