Early Game Thread: May 6, Braves at Mets

Fun Mets Slur: Nobody will sit next to Billy Wagner on the plane, even though he showers once a week whether he needs to or not.

Author: Alex R.

32 years old and I live in Northern Virginia. I am a die hard Braves fan and started following the Braves at age 5 in my hometown of Savannah, Georgia.

211 thoughts on “Early Game Thread: May 6, Braves at Mets”

  1. Tough loss for the Braves. Last night was a game they would always win — not that the voodoo hex which the Mets have been suffering under for so many years was not hard at work trying to send things the Braves’ way. Unbelievable how many opportunities the Mets squandered. Anyway, lots of pressure now on Hudson for Saturday. Will be interesting to see how he responds.

  2. If Bobby does not boot Reitsma’s sorry ass from the closer’s role before he blows one more game, then Chris Reitsma must die. Honestly, I am beyond being sick of this shit. I was sick of this shit earlier. Now something must be done. It’s not funny anymore. It’s not cute. It’s not “Oh well, give him a chance.” I am sorry, it’s over. Chris Reitsma can never again set foot on the mound in a save opportunity as a Brave. If you want to demote him to middle relief, fine. If you think having him there will tempt Bobby to use him as the closer, fine…release him…NOW. I’m not absolving Ray and McBride of blame. They flat-out sucked, not doubt about it…but the fact remains that they’re middle relief. Chris Reitsma is supposed to be the closer. There is no situation in which it is ever acceptable for a closer to do what Reitsma did tonight. Occasionally blow a lead? Sure, everyone does it. But we fight our asses off for 11 innings and then that jackass comes in against a Mets team that probably could’ve been knocked over with a feather at that point and hangs a f- change-up on the SECOND GODDAM PITCH!!! Then, he get six outs with relative ease and acts as if he’s accomplished something. Apparently he doesn’t realize that those outs didn’t mean shit because he lost us the game 20 minutes before!!! Closers do not let their teams lose games like tonight. Everyone else may be pitching like crap, but the closer finds a way to win that game when given the lead. Hence Chris Reitsma is not a closer. Other people made bad plays or had bad outings, but if Reitsma had decided to actually attempt to do his job, none of it would have mattered. This loss is ENTIRELY Chris Reitsma’s fault. He is flat-out terrible, and he must be either demoted or let go of…now!!!

  3. Who else here is tired of seeing NY METS on here when they win games? I am.

    And for all of you fans that want to get rid of Reitsma and LaRoche, I’m finally right there with you.

    Reitsma gives me a stroke everytime he takes the mound. When he’s out there, he looks like he’s pained to make pitches, like he’s waiting for the inevitable blowup that happens every couple of save attempts.

    I haven’t really bashed on John Schuerholz during his tenure here, and I haven’t quite lost faith yet, but it’s time to for a new closer. I don’t care if they acquire someone, or promote someone from within. A move has to be made now, we can’t risk any more games. I know it’s early, but it’s DEMORALIZING to EVERYONE involved: the fans, the players, the organization.

    This team should be a few games OVER .500, not 5 games under.

    If NY METS starts talking again, I swear I’m gonna hang myself. I cannot stand people who write off teams in the first quarter of the season (or in this year’s case, before this calendar year even started).

    That means eff you ESPN, NY METS, Mets fans in general, Phillies fans scattered over the past few years.

    Ah, that was a good rant. I feel refreshed.

  4. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH OUR “FLAME THROWER”. BOBBY: REITSMA SUX! SIMPLE AS THAT GET US A FREAKIN CLOSER. BRING UP LEREW LET HIM START LET SOSA CLOSE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!AND GET US A BACKUP OUTFIELDER AND ANOTHER FIRST BASEMEN CALL UP SOME KIDS DO SOMETHING IM GOIN CRAZY!its bad everytime reitsma come out all of us braves fans say oh well there goes the game..we did okay for a while..might as well not have showed up now that hes coming in.

  5. “wow guys we are up by three runs…wait its the top of the ninth, oh shit theres reitsma..id rather have bobby dews closing”

  6. James… strained right hamstring

    but that’s all it says in the game summary story on the braves page… nothing else

  7. where do you all get this misconception that I only come here when the mets win games. Last night I came here with the score tied in the 9th inning. I also came here when the braves beat the mets at shea for the first series. So what the fuck are you people talking about? Incase you have not noticed I usualy only come here when our teams are playing against each other.

    Anyways…….Tonight should be a good game. I dont expect the win due to the fact we have Zambrano pitching against your ace Hudson. But you never know, these mets are able to pick up the pitching staff as are the braves so it should still make for an exciting game……..Or a game where we get blown out! God I hate Zambrano.

  8. Please … please let us be up by more than 5 going into the 9th. Please don’t let reitsma pitch. Please. I’ll do anything. Please.

  9. Agian, Im not looking for trouble but I found some interesting quotes from the braves players that seem to mirror what you the fans have been saying as of late about your team.

    . None other than Smoltz admits, “Unless we all stay completely healthy, we don’t have enough” firepower to win the East

    Smoltz believes the only chance the Braves have of catching the Mets is “some kind of injury or breakdown in their starting rotation.”

    “They’ve played great and we’ve played awful,” is how Smoltz put it. “That pretty much sums it up.”

    “There’s no question the Mets could run away with this thing,” Smoltz was saying before Friday night’s marathon series opener at Shea

    “I said it in spring training they’re a good, good team. And they’ve shown it,” Smoltz said. “The Mets play close games and they win them all. They’re built to score a lot of runs and then shut you down after the sixth inning.”

    Ok the last one Is not what you guys are saying but I liked the quote so I put it in here. :)


  10. NY METS – no worries, from my perspective. I like that you’re here. Makes the whole thing more fun. Keep in mind that after a loss like last night, some of us are going to look for someone to vent on.

    I hope you keep posting, win or lose.

  11. now that i look at it, it’s only smoltz who is saying all this. what a negative guy huh? But here I found a few qoutes from my favorite braves player

    Across the room, Chipper said it was “shocking” to be part of any ordinary team in the East, forced to concede the talent gap to the Mets.

    “They’re not just built to win the division, they’re built to go all the way,” Jones said.

    “But it’s mind over matter in situations like these. Hopefully, we can get it together and let them know we’re going to be in this thing until the end.”

  12. I for one think this will pass. Your team will make the playoffs. Who really can beat you out in our division? Plus you guys always make great trades when you need to. Your team is in good hands, I hate seeing you and your teams players get all down on your self’s. You and I both know your team is better then the record suggests. So relax and roll with the punches. Really all your team needs is a closer. First basemen would be nice but not necessary. Remember when I said that to all of you before the season started. remember how I said If I have learned anything over the last 20 years being a mets fan is that you need to have a solid closer. They can make or break the game.

    Gotta go to work now, but ill check in with you guys latter


  13. that’s good that one person is ok withe me being here. I spent all my time here because no mets blogs is as good as this one. It disappoints me but it is the truth.

  14. Thanks brian. The whole reason I come here to chat is just to have some fun with you guys. I like the fact you can see what I am all about. Baseball is just a game, It’s not our lives or a reason to get all pissed off at eachother.


  15. Wow, I like the guy who posted above trying to be me. Its not all that funny though, it’s been done like..200 times.plus you spell to well for anyone to believe that you are really me. Even though your trying to be an ass, I wish you well and tonight should lift up your mood as Zambrano will no doubt give up 7 or more runs.

  16. The guy who posted as me even went through all the trouble of copying my email adress so he could try and convince you all that he was me….clasic braves fan.

    you hate me and the mets so much you copy my name and you actually wrote “mets world series champs 2006”. Wow buddy you sure are showing me up. hahahahahahah

    Thanks for supporting the mets and our cause.

    Really I must go now, see you all win lose or draw.


  17. Is this guy a loser or what?

    5 of the last 6 posts were by him, a Mets fan on a Braves site. And he allegedly has a job to which he should be going. How very lonely he must be.

    Of course, if I communicated the way he does, I’m betting that nobody in the real world would have anything to do with me, either.

  18. Chipper should sue Time Warner, by the way. Nobody’s held up that end of the deal with respect to his contract restructuring. If it’s making me this mad, you know he’s pissed.

  19. Other Braves fans, get over yourselves. This is a Braves themed blog, not a Braves-only blog. NYMets is perfectly in his right to be here, as long as he’s going to post about the Braves. If he were talking about molesting little children, then it would be time to remove him. But he isn’t.

    NYMets, I’m fine with you being here. But please don’t post 17 times in a row. Thats excessive.

    I know you are tired of hearing it, but guys, it’s May 6th. MAy 6th. Is Jose Reyes going to draw 70 walks this year? No, of course not. And Marcus isn’t going to hit .200. We will be fine. Think of the baseball season as a basketball game. If your team is down 20-12, do you get up and leave? Of course not. Seriously. Calm the hell down.

  20. Didn’t chipper get an extension along with that deal? Considering his injury problems, I highly doubt he wants to complain about anything.

  21. I couldn’t disagree with you more on anything you said, JP. I think you’re fully wrong.

  22. Marcus giles is a .200 hitter? Jose Reyes is going to draw 70 BB? Really? How can you honestly believe that.

  23. You’re right. I should read everything, or consider what I’m about to say a bit more carefully. Sorry, I’ll clarify:

    Chipper didn’t really get an extension. He got his option years guaranteed. You think the Braves would have actually failed to exercise those options? I’m skeptical. I think he lost a lot more than he got.

    Our team has glaring weaknesses and we’re already 8 games back. On one hand, yes, that means we’ve still got lots of time to gain ground. On the other hand, we’ve seen absolutely nothing to make us think that we’re capable of gaining ground. Just who is going to be our closer? I agree that Reitsma’s not fit for the job…but just who is? The problems at 1B, RF, and now LF have been discussed over and over. This team is not a strong one, and the Mets are strong. And they already have an 8-game lead.

    And this isn’t a Braves-themed blog; it’s a blog for Braves fans. And the vast majority of Braves fans don’t want to listen to an illiterate, obnoxious Mets fan who only shows his face when the Mets are beating the Braves.

  24. I think the Braves were probably going to excersize those option years. But theres also a pretty good chance Chipper is completey done by 2009, the last of those option years. Also, the options were based on performance, so he actually got an extra 3 million a year(they guaranteed the higher salary) in 08 and 09. Trust me, Chipper doesn’t love the Braves enough to give up money. He made the best decision for himself.

    Our team does have glaring weaknesses. And they were easy to see before the season started. Did you think the Braves were going to win the division before the season? I sure did. And to be honest, the only change bewtween the beggining of the season and now is a POSITIVE one, John Thomson is back in the rotation. We had flaws before the season, and we have flaws now. But you know what, the Mets have a ton of flaws too. And at the moment, a lot more is going right for them than is going wrong.

    The exclusion of others for shallow reasons(You don’t like the Braves? Fuck you) is a pretty pathetic practice.

  25. NYMETS,

    Just go away. 99% of people dont want you here. We dont need your sympathy or smartass comments or obvious quotes made by our players like “The Mets are playing good and we are not.” No shit Sherlock f’in Holmes.
    Go post on the Mets site. This site is for Braves fans to talk about whatever they want. All you do is instigate. It’s getting old. Go. Away.

  26. Why should I trust you on the Chipper thing, JP? Do you have inside info? If not, I’ll just trust me.

    Yes, I did think the Braves would win the division before the season started. But a lot has changed then from my perspective, namely what I believe to be LaRoche’s, Reitsma’s, and Francoeur’s ceilings this year. None of them are going to be able to perform to what I had expected of them this year. And that puts a big dent in this team’s overall capability to succeed. Plus, I expected both Devine and Boyer to contribute in the ‘pen this year.

    How is excluding someone who bashes the Braves on a site for Braves fans shallow? I’m not sure you understand the definition of that word. Or that this isn’t public property, but a privately operated website run by Mac, who gets to decide what topics are covered here and who can be prevented from coming back. It’s fine not to like the Braves–if you’ll read for comprehension, you’ll notice that my complaint isn’t that he doesn’t like the Braves–but that he only comes here to gloat and rub 1 month of success out of the past 15 years in our face. Not cool.

    (NOTE: If Mac is actually okay with the Mets trolls being here and saying what they say, I’ll shut up. But he’s demonstrated that he doesn’t want the guy here, and he would have gotten rid of him if not for the floating AOL IP address. With that in mind, I think it’s completely appropriate for other fans on here to echo those sentiments.)

  27. Zambrano injured himself on a pitch that struck out Andruw. I don’t know what to think about that.

    Also, I’m disappointed that Zambrano, maybe the worst pitcher in the NL East, is no longer in this game.

  28. Inside info? Yeah, actually I do. But Nothing I say is based on it because it wouldn’t be fair of me to do so. If you go to a baseball contracts webpage(Hardball Dollars for instance) you’ll see that the original contract calls for 8 or 11 million a year in 08 and 09. These years are both guaranteed at 11 now.

    Also, just going on 11 years of following baseball, very few players have ever actually given up anything to help the team. A-Rod to the Red Sox is one of the few attempts anyone has ever made to do so. And as we saw there, the MLBPA wouldn’t let someone screw themselves to help the team. That alone should tell you that Chipper didn’t hurt himself in anyway. And what can Chipper really complain about? We win the division every year, and its a month and a half into the season.

    And, at least in this thread, NY METS isn’t coming here insulting people. He responded to what a couple of others said, and basically just praised his favorite team at the expense of your favorite team. The most inflamatory thing he’s said about the Braves in this thread? We need a closer. I happen to think he’s wrong(we have far more pressing needs) but, hell, thats what you said!

  29. Come on Frenchy – stick it to those that thought you should have been sent down to AAA ….

  30. Reyes 2b, Matsui poked one to LaRoche to move him over, and then a legit single. Nothing exciting.

  31. Reyes lead off double. Matsui sac hit – Reyes to 3rd. Beltran walk. Delgardo single and Reyes in …. easy really

  32. Maybe the comment about Zambrano should have been qualified: Worst “consistantly starting” pitcher in the NL East. As for worst pitcher, we may want to look at Reitsma too:)

  33. I can’t believe the theme song for their backup catcher is the Imperial Theme from Star Wars. That is hilarious.

  34. I’m well aware of his contract figures, JP. I meant inside info with respect to this comment: “Trust me, Chipper doesn’t love the Braves enough to give up money.” See, that’s not a factual assertion unless you’ve heard Chipper say it. So, like I said, unless you know Chipper’s said that, I’m not going to just trust you.

    Yeah, I get that the Players’ Association won’t let someone technically give any money back. But are you familiar with the concept of the time value of money, JP? Chipper gave up significant money in the PRESENT (and over the next couple of seasons), for some guarantees that he’s likely to have received later, anyway. I think it’s a much stronger argument that Chipper lost out on that deal.

    NY METS hasn’t said anything particularly inflammatory on this thread. But he’s been asked to leave for weeks based on some stuff he has said. Plus, like I said, he’s only here when the Mets win, so even if he doesn’t say that anything that looks like gloating, the fact that he’s here only at such times is sufficient proof, I think. And, as I also said, the fact that Mac wants him gone should be reason enough.

  35. Even if he’s currently lost at the plate, Giles’ defense is a beauty today. Pratt is not that great offensively… how’s Eddie recovery going?

  36. Have I head Chipper say that? No, I have not. BUT:
    The Associated Press’ Paul Newberry reports Atlanta Braves 3B Chipper Jones restructured his deal to make it a three-year, $37 million contract. It guarantees Jones an extra $15 million and saves the team $6 million in 2006 salary. Jones had $22 million in guaranteed money remaining in a $90 million, six-year contract that began in 2001. He was due to make $17 million next season, and Atlanta had team options for 2007 and 2008 at $15 million annually. The options, which carried a single $5 million buyout, would have become guaranteed if he had 450 plate appearances in the previous season or was an All-Star. Under the new deal, he gets a $4 million signing bonus in January and $11 million in each of the next three seasons. The contract contains a 2009 team option at $8 million that would become guaranteed if he has 450 plate appearances the previous year and escalators that could raise his 2009 salary to $11 million.

    He gave up 6 million in money this year to gain 15 million in guarantees down the line, which gains him about 5-6 million in present day value. He did NOT lose money in the deal. Chipper did what was best for him, and what was best for the team. If you were holding a press conference about it, which side of it would you announce?

  37. By the way, I love Chipper Jones. Great player, borderline HOF when he retires, and one of the best Braves of All-Time. But let’s not romanticize this beyond reason. Chipper did not lose anything in the deal. He didn’t. He may not have made huge strides and guaranteed himself an extra 50 million, but he didn’t sacrifice shit.

  38. Okay, you’re right. I like to talk about the time value of money without actually looking at the figures about which I’m talking. Nobody should every really take me seriously–I’m too lazy to research most of my remarks. I’ll submit to your assessment on this one. :)

    With that in mind, I guess my new question is, why are the Braves so stupid? Why would they commit so much more future money in order to free up a little bit of budget space this year…only to let that go to waste? I don’t get it.

    Also, why do we keep grooving pitches to Carlos Beltran? He’s overrated, but he’s certainly a good player who’s going to make you pay for making such mistakes.

  39. I should say overpaid, not overrated. Everybody knows what he is–he’s just paid too much.

  40. Well they didn’t commit that much more future money to Chipper actually. It’s a great deal for Chipper, but also a nice one for the Braves. They save 6 this year to pay him 11 million in 2009(basically). They probably won’t own the Braves or run them in 2009. Good deal really. And a great PR move.

    Eh, Beltran’s good and we might not should grrove him, but why do people throw Jeff francoeur fastballs? I mean seriosuly, he can’t hit anything but fastballs. Unless you throw 94+ just take it out of the repertoire, or at least don’t throw it for strikes.

  41. The fun will come back once they play more consistant. I’m sure it will happen by June.

  42. We just have to remember it’s only May. I have faith in these boys. It just sucks that it’s the Mets who are in front of us right now.

    Nice double play and diving catch by Langerhans!

  43. Any of you gonna follow the football, sorry… soccer world championships in Germany next month?

  44. Nada. Sadly, baseball consumes far too much of my life already, LOL. Not much room for another sport right now.

  45. No, but I’m sure my brother will follow it obsessively, so I’ll probably pick up on a few things.

  46. Hey All,

    Why do we have this need to take every crap ass loser from the waiver wire, a journeyman like DARREN OLIVER and turn him into Roger Clemens? Why is that?

    How is Tim Hudson pitching well enough to win and losing 2-1 in the 5th inning for DARREN FREAKING OLIVER?

  47. I not only no longer respond to said Met Douchebag, I skip right past his idiotic posts, unread. I recommend other to do the same. He offers nothing constructive and has the mind of a fly.

    We’re making Darren Oliver look like Steve Carlton.

  48. …and Now Hudson is giving the new Carlton doubles?

    The Mets have to add insult to injury by playing the annoying VONAGE theme diddy in the background. Yuck.

  49. JP – even if Time Warner don’t own the Braves in 2011 the contract, if over valued, should techinally be netted from the franchise value when it is sold …

  50. Mac – can you put an “ignore this person” checkbox on this blog. I have seen it on other chat-blogs …

  51. this surprises me considering they used seven relievers last night and the guys pitching pretty weell.

  52. This is from the last thread. I didnt think anyone would read since this ones up already. Anyways I’m replying to Stu. Okay I guessed I missed that. But I still dont think he deserves as much criticism as he gets. But I’ve seen Laroche make plenty of errors and thats supposed to be the thing he’s good at. Defense. But he sucks at that too. What I really think the braves should do is teach Betemit to play first. It cant be that damn hard. If he can handle third and short, playing first should be easy. We just got to get his bat in the lineup. The guy can flat out hit. I would use this lineup.

    Just trade Laroche or something or release his ass. I seriously doubt anyone would trade for him. And I apologize for talking about Jordan’s defense when you were right I haven’t seen to many of the games he’s played first. And NY METS is an idiot.

  53. Does anybody know if C. James is injured at all or may he be starting on Sunday? Anyone?

  54. f-ng Andruw…theres been much more of that lately, the Andruw I remember through 2004.

  55. Are there any other first baseman options out there? I’ve lost all patience with LaRoche and I’m a fairly patient person.

  56. Huddy is up to 86 pitches through 6. He doesn’t have his great stuff, but he’s gutting it out a little bit. Gotta get some runs here…

  57. I don’t think Ho Ram is back… I think they just meant that he was off the DL …could be wrong but I think he’s still in AAA rehab

    James is on the DL and they said earlier that Smoltz was pitching tomorrow…

  58. I think his back is bothering him so they just went ahead and took him out of this game for now… I’m guessing… Hope he’s okay though!

  59. Yea… I knew Pratt would be in today… I wasn’t looking forward to it… but it would’ve just been wrong if they had put Brian in!

  60. By Saturday morning, Cox had elected to bring John Smoltz back on short rest to face the Mets in the series finale and also decided to activate Horacio Ramirez from the 15-day disabled list.

    Ramirez’s strained left hamstring is still not 100 percent healthy. But because the Braves used nine pitchers on Friday, they needed him to be available for emergency purposes. He had been scheduled to begin a Minor League rehab assignment with Triple-A Richmond on Sunday.

    …..okay… that sounds like Ho Ram is back with us now

  61. at the end of the day, you lose games when you can’t win games when you get only 3 runs off bad pitchers.

  62. This is depressing…I wanna scream and hurl slurs at Hudson for not pitching like the #1 starter he’s being paid like, but the fact is, the offense isn’t scoring the bullpen sucks and it’s gotta be getting (merntally) to guys like Smoltz, Davies and Hudson, all coming off mediocre starts.

  63. Side note: Todd Pratt may be the worst hitter ever. At least it looks that way

  64. Todd Pratt may be the worst hitter ever. At least it looks that way.

    Watch Alex Gonzalez sometime.

    Another note: I hate the OOGY role. It’s a waste of roster space and it makes you use up your pitchers too quickly. Well-rounded guys are much better than specialists. The OOGY theory needs to die.

  65. It’s the lead that can’t be held.

    Have we broken the record yet for most blown leads? 3 of the past 4 games, every time we score, we let the other team score the same amount or even more runs the very next at-bat.

    9.0 games back. Anybody know if the Phillies lost?

  66. Davies loses to Trachsel.
    Hudson lose to a rookie/Zambrano combination.

    John Smoltz losing to Jose Lima (4-12? with the Royals last year and second highest ERA behind Eric Milton) will be a perfect cap-off to our double-digit deficit.

  67. who was the person who enjoyed NY METS visits? really?

    But to what someone said earlier, yes, Giles is to blame for a lot of the offensive woes not producing in the leadoff spot. Langerhans has also disappeared.

  68. What was LaRoche doing there? He looked at 2 right in his wheelhouse.

    More importantly, why do I still care?

  69. Dammit Adam, what are you trying to do? Will the ball for a hit. As a side note, I saw Davey Johnson at lunch today. When my wife asked me who that was, I said it was the manager of the Mets the last time they won the World Series. Were you even alive then Mr. METS? With your grammar and syntax, I’ve pegged you as a 5-6th grader.

  70. stop preetending to be me. i dont have no manbreasts, and if i did i wouldnt be scratching themn.

  71. holy fuck. just when i thought this game couldn’t get any worse, todd pratt proves me wrong.

  72. I am proud of my small penis. I think I speak for all Mets fans when talk with pride of my small penis.

  73. I am a really bad manager and will eventually cost this team the division with bonehead moves.

  74. I decided against screwing the Mets because like their fans, they all have small penises.

  75. Marcus really really stinks right now.

    But at least our BEST hitter is at the plate right now. Thank God for that.

  76. I’m not the first to say it here, and when whoever it was in the past said it (doubledawg, I think), I was skeptical. But I’m starting to really think he’s onto something. He just doesn’t have that pop like he used to….

  77. 1-run losses, especially when you’ve had as many as this team, are incredibly demoralizing.

  78. NEW YORK (AP) – The Atlanta Braves activated pitcher Horacio Ramirez on Saturday and placed pitcher Chuck James on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right hamstring.
    Ramirez went on the DL April 6 with a strained left hamstring. James was injured Friday night pitching in relief against the New York Mets.

    What is it with the hamstrings this year. Lack of Camp Leo?

  79. We’ve lost so many games where we were ahead the pain of it is growing very numb with me. I almost don’t even feel it anymore.

    We got to win tomorrow, let’s get it back to only 8.0 games, who-hoo!

  80. What’s just so depressing is not to know how it can get as much better as necessary with our huge holes in the lineup and bullpen, not to forget Sosa AND/OR Ho-Ram. We gotta get Betemit in every day. It seems so wrong to have his bat on the bench.

  81. I have no patience for people who claim they’re looking for a new team to cheer for. I’m not gonna go on a long rant, as I’ll probably say something I’ll wish I hadn’t, but there is little in this world lower than a sports fan who abandons their team for another one just because their original team is losing. Not to mention the fact that this season is still far from over. Jesus…have a little class.

  82. LOL, Nick I am not going to call you the word I am thinking of for you but RELAX. It was a joke you dork. Wow, some people are wound way too tight. I think these losses are taking their toll on you Nicky.

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