Game Thread: May 5, Braves at Mets

Fun Mets Slur: A clause in Pedro Martinez’s contract requires the Mets fund his charity, which provides pornography to poor teenagers in the Dominican Republic.

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  1. Another fun Mets slur: Willie Randolph is an escaped criminal screenwriter. His real name is Randall Wallace, perpetrator of the godawful movie Pearl Harbor.

  2. Fun true statement: Hey Mac, guess who’s having a rally in his tour across Alabama for Governor within 50 feet of my office at my work two weeks from yesterday?

    Everyone’s favorite – Judge Roy Moore. Aren’t you proud of me?

    *insert sarcastic, snide comment about Moore here*

    And no, I can’t stand him either (and I’m from the conservative right)

  3. I meant it’s in thirteen days – we’ll see. Should I autograph a picture (by me of my signature) and send it to you, since it would obviously be Roy Moore meeting me, the amazing legend that I am?

    I mean, c’mon, I have a wikipedia entry – ah well, so does he.

  4. Wryn Vance
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Wryn Vance (1984-) is a color commentator for American football in Alabama. Vance combines with Richard Byerly to form one of the most well-known and most-liked tandems in Alabama high school athletics.

    A 2002 graduate of Lee-Scott Academy and student at Auburn University, Vance is a former state basketball and checkers champion. He currently resides in Auburn, Alabama.

    Recently, Vance befriended long-time baseball announcer Skip Caray and encouraged Caray after spending time together. After spending time with Vance, Caray claimed to be renewed and decided to continue broadcasting with Turner Sports through the 2008 season.

    Vance, a devout Christian, recently said that “God is number one in my life, and after my family, the Atlanta Braves are far and away my third passion.”

  5. Mac, I ask you not let this become a bash Roy Moore thread. He hasn’t done anything to you personally, you just seem to dislike him for his views, and it’s not right.

    As for the game, what are the odds we here the idiotic “Larry” chant from the Mets’ fans?

  6. My magazine (DJ Times) is in Wikipedia and, I’m proud to say, there’s even a biblical reference!

  7. I love that the entire entry for Jim Bowden is:

    “He gave $18 million over 4 years to Cristian Guzman.”

    And that’s the whole thing.

  8. bobby’s solution to offensive woes:

    Play Brian Jordan and Matt Diaz versus a RH. Move Jeff Francoeur up in the order.

    Cool stuff.

  9. So we’re 7.0 games out of first and TBS says Cox’s big solution is Brian Jordan and Todd Pratt over Adam LaRoche and Brian McCann and Jeff Francoeur batting in the #5 spot?


  10. Whoops! I mean Matt Diaz over Ryan Langerhans, not Todd Pratt over Brian McCann. My mistake.

  11. Switching out Langerhans for Diaz is switching out a righty-lefty matchup for a righty-righty matchup. Not very Bobby-like. I wonder if Langerhans is hurt.

  12. Who was it yesterday that was talking about our pitchers bad pitches when they are up 0 balls 2 strikes? Looks like we continue that trend today.

  13. Have I mentioned that I love Brian McCann? Why is he hitting so f’ing low in the order?

  14. “but it gets results”

    BAHAHAHAHAH, if you call not driving in any runs results, yes it does!

  15. I swear I’ve been meaning to say this, not just because he did well there… But leave Jordan alone. He’s hitting well in a limited role (.280/.333/.400) and very well against lefties (.444/.444/.778). I didn’t want him on the team either, but getting him in the lineup isn’t a bad idea at all.

  16. I know Willingham’s having a monster year, but if Brian doesn’t make it as an All-star this year, I’m tearing up my ballot.

  17. It’s not like Jordan and Diaz have played much. I especially like Bobby giving Diaz a surprise start considering Langerhans has been struggling.

  18. Just so we understand each other: I meant Brian McCann. (Bobby, are you listening? The best Brian on our team is BRIAN MCCANN! Not Brian Hunter, or Brian Jordan, or Brayan Pena–BRIAN MCCANN!)

  19. That kid can make some knees buckle with that curve. Unbelievably scary how good he could wind up being.

  20. I had a chance to pitch Wainright pitched last night, and I can swear Wainright’s curve ball is even better.

  21. Even though that bunt was a hit, that was a pretty good play by Jordan. He got to the ball quickly, made a good turn and throw. Giles just didn’t get there in time.

  22. Rob,

    I just checked Wikipedia. It’s all true. Except I think he spelled his own name wrong at the end of the blurb ;-)

  23. We’re lucky the Mets decided to swing at a pitch. Davies could have walked guys forever.

  24. Who is this player/announcer? He is awful. He sounds like a choking drunk. “Uhhrrhrrhrrhhh…” That’s what it sounds like.

  25. I have no idea. I’m on MLB.TV and there aren’t any graphics so I can’t tell what channel it is. But this guy is Mr. Mumbles!

  26. Jenny, you are watching the Mets’ network. We should be hearing Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez, and their other guy.

  27. Probably because when I rarely do get on, it’s really late at night and you, being an hour ahead, are in bed :-) But I don’t use it that much right now.

  28. Eww, stink. I’m already done. I took my fifth and last exam yesterday morning and I’m already home. Just in the past 24 hours, I’ve watched half as many Braves game as I have all season so far. It’s pretty darn sad. I saw Matt Diaz for the first time yesterday. It’s weird not having time to catch ball games and reading about people and having no idea what they look like. Does anyone else suffer from this disease?

  29. If the MEts announcer is the old guy,Bob Murphy, I think he had a stroke a year or two ago, not positive but I think i remember hearing that.

  30. Wow, nice one, Jenny. Ralph Kiner’s a good man, too. He plays right field on my MVP Baseball team. He’s so good I moved Mantle to center to accomodate him. And you make fun of his speech… sickening… :)

  31. Thats it, I live in NY and get stuck listening to the Mets on the radio too often, drew a blank on the name for a minute there.

  32. The good thing about our lineup is we still have Langerhans and LaRoche on the bench. Make fun of LaRoche all you want, but he’d be a darn good bench player!

  33. I have put my foot in my mouth enough times to have it permanently glued there. Maybe I should save myself some time.

  34. Don’t worry about it, my girlfriend just said the same thing: “Why do they let a drunk guy announce the game?”

  35. My gosh, will somebody please MOVE THIS GUY UP IN THE ORDER? This is approaching the ridiculous. I don’t care what draft pick he was. Right now, he is a better hitter than Frenchy, period. Better than LaRoche, period. Bat him 5th or something! Why is he stuck so low?

  36. Just like we’ll never know why he put LaRoach ahead of anyone in the lineup.

  37. jenny, there’s something to be said for distributing your best hitters throughout the lineup. I’m not saying that’s why they’re doing it, but it’s not necessarily a bad move.

  38. OK, I can see that. That’s a good reason. But I just doubt it’s Bobby’s reason. Which may not be fair…

  39. good point Joey… I’ve thought of it both ways…

    but if we’re losing… something definitely needs to be tweaked

  40. “almost skins his knuckles on the mound when he delievers”

    LOL Skip is so funny.

  41. Ick. Francoeur’s baserunning error leads to Andruw being out at the plate. End result is 1st and 3rd instead of 2nd and 3rd, so it’s not a huge error, I guess.

  42. yup…

    we can never get too comfortable with our leads though… we’re good at giving up runs sometimes unfortunately

  43. Davies is at his best when he just simply attack the strike zone instead of aiming for the corner…wait…I can say the same thing for all pitchers!

  44. I love how when the Braves were doing well this inning, all the Mets fans could do is engage in wars of “Let’s go Yankees!” and “Yankees Suck!”

    Of course, now we’re giving it all back, so what does it matter? Ugh.

  45. oh god…here’s Edgar again…ground ball right at him…that’s indeed his weakness on his defense.

  46. Plays like that come with the 21 game hit streak. Unfortunately, there’s no way to seperate the two.

  47. OMG!!!! YOU’RE KIDDING?!?!?

    if anyone can come up with a way to lose this game… WE CAN UNFORTUNATELY!

  48. I wonder if Edgar would move sideway on balls hitting right at him. He seems to be pretty good with the back-hand catch.

  49. Is Edgar still capable of bending over? He looked stiff on that throw last night too. Take the good with the bad I guess…come on Black Manta

  50. It’s weird not having time to catch ball games and reading about people and having no idea what they look like. Does anyone else suffer from this disease?

    Oh, yes. I live in Japan.

  51. Yeah that was a good idea….. NOT WL:RTj:ADBNsfdln;’xcblks’bdmvlnzfx;lnls’dfjf

    god damn i cant listen to these games anymore. bullshit

  52. I’d hate to sound like a psycho Christian, wait no I wouldn’t, but Landogarner, do you mind not dropping the G-d bombs? I can assure you He doesn’t like that…

  53. That’s okay, Rob. It’s pretty cool over here.

    I used to follow these threads and watch Gameday at the same time, but Gameday’s been fairly unreliable lately and these threads used to be pretty descriptive. I guess I’ll have to go back to both.

  54. I hear ya, billy-jay. About 15 games into the season I dropped Gameday as a reliable way of following the game. I had been sticking to BravesJournal entirely…

  55. 100% bullcrap.

    That is the most unacceptable thing I’ve ever seen a team do. We unquestionably deserve to lose this game for that.


  56. I think teams are figuring Ken Ray out. I don’t wanna sound overly negative here, but I really don’t see what everyone sees in McBride. I know he was on back-to-back outings, but I didn’t see it last night either.

  57. Everyone has been pretending McBride is good forever. I don’t get it, he has done nothing to earn that trust.

  58. Lando, when Rob asked you to stop it with the “G-d bombs,” I’m sure he didn’t mean substituting in “Jesus Christ.” I’d like to respectfully second the request…

  59. ok, the Braves should have won that first game at Philly…they should win easy tonight…sight…

  60. Respectfully, if you don’t like what I am saying.. don’t read it. As you people who like to talk about movie reviews said to me. I’m not forcing you to read it so it’s kind of funny that you would complain about me saying JESUS CHRIST GOD DAMN

  61. lando,

    I don’t think that’s a valid comparison. What you are saying is antagonistic to many (at least two on this thread). Movie discussions generally aren’t.

    In the end, though, it only matters what Mac thinks.

  62. Well even though you fundamentalist christians would like to erode the few freedoms we have left in this country, I believe freedom of speech is still one of them.

  63. I owe you one Mike. I will not be as harsh on you on your next bad outing!

    Landogarner, I am not a christian, but there has to be some level of respect on top of freedom of speech.

  64. lando,

    You’re free to say whatever you like. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences (such as being kicked off the board). Again, this is Mac’s place and he sets the rules.

  65. Let’s just enjoy the game and not worry about that guy. He’ll stand before the One that he’s cursing one day…

    But on a much more happy note, Remlinger pitched out of a nice little jam there.

  66. And KC, no there doesn’t have to be, that’s what freedom of speech is for. Someone elses beliefs shouldn’t prevent me from saying what I want to say.

  67. Uh-oh, the evil fundamentalist Christian coming for my freedoms garbage.

    I’m not going to talk religion or politics are Mac does not like it and this is no-doubt not the place, but exactly what freedom are the fundamentalists Christians coming for? The right to kill your unborn? They can’t take that away no matter what. Gay marriage? Can’t take a right that never existed, can you? What?

    It’s just because you’re a democrat and most of the fundamentalists vote republican, that’s all. That is why you never hear about the “Christian left” even though over 4 out of every 5 democrat describe themselves as Christian.

  68. LOL Rob, you naive little man. If god judges me unworthy of going to heaven for saying GOD DAMN AND JESUS CHRIST, well then I will be more than happy to go to the alternative.

  69. Landogarner, then people can curse at your family and throw that freedom of speech at your face. I am sure you would be ok with that.

  70. Landogarner, you’re at liberty to say what you want to say, but as billy-jay mentioned, that doesn’t mean there’s no consequences. But, in all due respect to kc and others who may read this and be non-believers, you won’t be held accountable to just Mac…

  71. No Dan, I am not naive enough to believe one party, or the other, is the answer. The fact that you vote for whatever your party tells you to, says a lot about you.

  72. Folks, I didn’t mean for this to evolve into what it’s become, especially with the guidelines Mac has set on here. There’s a time and place for everything, I suppose. I appreciate kc, Dan, billy-jay, and Jenny’s support, though.

  73. Ok Rob you just keep on living in your little fantasy world. I’ll live in this crazy place called “reality”

  74. Wow, we need a run in the worst way. I really don’t the idea of extra innings with this bullpen.

  75. You beat me to it, Rob. Sorry, guys. I didn’t mean to start something like this, I was just trying to make a polite request. It was answered kind of rudely, but that’s okay. Can we all drop it now? We may, despite our best efforts, still win this game :-)

  76. Landogarner, I’m sorry you feel that way, man. I would really like to enjoy this good ballgame with the good Braves fans that are on here without hearing that stuff. I’ll live in my “fantasy world” and you can take your chances with eternity. That’s all I’ve got to say.

  77. I wish I had your optimism Jenny, but I’ve listened to most of the games this season.

  78. Yeah, James usually struggles with the first two batters. That’s why he should be a starter.

  79. Yes I can Rob, that’s the great thing about this country. I hope your fantasy comes true for you.

  80. Yeah NY METS Dan, the Braves are pretty much trying to give this game to you.

    What’s wrong with James?! Hammy I guess, sigh…

  81. hay guyz, doo YU reley theenk the bRavez can win ths gaime nowe?? YALL must bee totul Ideeots 2 thinke you AREE butter than thee mETs!

  82. They said on the TV that he was a pharmaceutical salesman. That’s a drug dealer, right? ;-)

  83. Dan, I come here reguardless, it has nothing to do with your crap pitching. Dont be mad, or as we say in NY –DONT HATE

  84. Hey NYmet what’s the difference in our payrolls this year? 50million? Try to keep that in mind everytime your head starts swelling. And keep in mind one of our best pitchers is gone for the year.

  85. Oh, and the next thing to happen will be that Brian McCann gets injured, so the only guy left on our bench for extras is Betemit and we have what, 1 guy left in the pen?

  86. What the hell are you people talking about? where did the payroll talk come from or my head swelling up? I didnt realize that i was being a dick. Just came here to say hi. Its not like the mets are even winning. So what are you all upset about?

  87. Well, typical Braves blowing lead fashion, and Chuck James just hurt his hammy I think.

  88. Oh yeah way to go Jenny. If McCann gets hurt now I am so going to hunt you down.

  89. “Waltzing Matilda!
    Waltzing Matilda!
    Will you come a-waltzing Matilda with me?”

  90. Both, I’d say. Davies was walking the line all night, he got in a jam, and the bullpen couldn’t bail him out. They gave up the lead after Davies put two on, I believe.

  91. NY METS Dan, you have to realize your appearance here does not represent a “hi” to all of us, haha.

  92. Ok, thanks. I thought maybe me not watching a game would turn our luck around. Oh well.

  93. Lando, the idea was for a reverse jinx. But if that happens, feel free to come kill me.

  94. Davies gave up two hits and then McBride and Ray stunk up the joint. Four run lead blow faster than I ever seen one blown.

  95. KC: I know but no reason to be an ass. Just having a friendly chat, no hard feelings or anything. Its a ritual that I come here when our teams play

  96. Nobody wants you to come here and say hi. No one likes you. Even if we DID, we wouldn’t want you to come say hi. This website is for Braves fans, you moron. Whether we are leading the division by 10, or whether the Mets are leading the division by 10, nobody cares what you say or think. Your opinion is irrelevant.

  97. Did my television say 7-6 Braves for a minute or so? Now it’s back to 6-6.

    The rollercoaster of emotions continues. Can we just go ahead and get our inevitable loss and move on?

  98. If you didnt care what I have to say, you wouldnt bother talking to me you retard. I could care less what you think, no offense or anything. Dont be mad buddy, smoke some pot or something. Maybe you will calm down some

  99. Well this has turned into a battle of the bullpens. Kinda see where this is headed, I’m afraid…

  100. See, NY METS, you popped in right after our bullpen blew a huge lead. Maybe it wasn’t intentional, but it seemed like taunting. It’s like running in and telling your friend that the guy you’ve been chasing for a month agreed to go out with you right after she’s just been dumped. Terrible timing, and it’s not going to go over well.

  101. Nice use of capital letters to begin a sentence. Your first grade teacher must be proud.

  102. Billy, well KC and a couple other people did for a little while. Don’t ruin the moment for me :P

  103. Well, this is about as lopsided a bullpen battle as you’ll see: A multi-million dollar FA vs. a former pharmaceutical salesman from Australia.

  104. I just got home from work. so i figgured i would check the score and chat some. I didnt come to talk shit, or come here when it was convinet because we came back and tied the game

  105. Seriously, did anyone else see that 7-6 score? I walked away and came back and it was 7-6 Braves, so I checked here to see what happened. No one had said anything so I went back to the television and it was back to 6-6. The second time this evening I went from happy to sad in about a minute.

    Please Mets, use euthanasia. Hit a home run. Put us out of our misery. This feels like another 18-inning NLDS. I can’t take that.

  106. Dan, I just deleted a potential post that said that TBS said it was 7-6 for a second. I didn’t wanna sound like an idiot though, so I didn’t send it.

  107. Waltzing Matilda!
    Waltzing Matilda!

    Better score soon or else LaRoche is gonna have to pitch after Reitsma.

  108. well she is proud. Kinda like your mom was proud that at the age of 20 you were able to whipe your own ass all by your self.Dont fuck with me. You dont want any of this. please keep it friendly, Its in your best interest………some extra periods for you buddy. I know how you like them.

  109. Landogarner, if I gave you an impression that I like Reitsma…than…I guess I would have to make it clear…NO.

    Bobby, please don’t take Moylan out.

  110. That was actually exactly how it happened with me too. I saw 7-6, decided to break out Gameday, realized it couldn’t be so, looked back at the screen, and saw it was still tied. I was really disappointed…

  111. “Dan, I just deleted a potential post that said that TBS said it was 7-6 for a second. I didn’t wanna sound like an idiot though, so I didn’t send it.”

    Thank you. For a second I thought I had gone crazy. I guess I was, since when I saw the 7-6 score I thought LaRoche had hit a home run.

  112. Im pissed I missed so much of this game. It looks like its been one hell of a game from the box score

  113. Yup, bout time to give up the ghost in this game now that Reitsma is in. His streak is ready to die anyways.

  114. New rule: Putting Betemit in the game is never a bad idea.

    Add THAT one to the “book”.


  116. I’ll tell ya what happened NY METS: We’re about to blow our SECOND lead!

    I’m just kidding; I have faith in Reitsma.

  117. No f-ing way. I didn’t see it. Was it off the great Wagner, blower of three saves (same as all last year), and horder of gullible Mets’ money?

    Please Reitsma, please. Not tonight.

  118. wagmer is playing hurt, thsy should just shut him down till he is healthy again. Dirty sanches can close for a bit

  119. I’m just kidding; I have faith in Reitsma.

    Hey, Rob, when did you start sniffing glue?

    Yes, I am totally kidding.

  120. “faith” and “reitsma” don’t belong in the same paragraph. I’m still terrified.

  121. Hey, I may be putting my foot in my mouth in a couple minutes, but I think Reitsma will be a dominant reliever when he gets a hold of his fastball. He already has his curve and change working…

  122. yeah, his home runs he gave up have not really hurt him thus far. but i got a bad feeling about this one. but i will still hope for the best

  123. Well, in light of our earlier discussion, I think I should note that “faith” and “Reitsma” do go together. He’s a devout Christian. Google him.

  124. Rob, I’m only on my 1st margarita…did you just say reitsma would be a dominant reliever?

  125. Well, at least he hasn’t blown as many saves as he did last year. Oh wait…

  126. settle down there braves fan who has the mets for a chat name. Wagner will be ok. He just hurt is finger. all will be good soon

  127. brad, you’d better start tossing those back quicker if you want to be able to forget this tomorrow.

  128. Rob, I remember a couple of yeears ago (I think the year of Charles Thomas) we had a TON of Christians in the clubhouse. Chucky T, Reitsma, Smoltz, JD Drew, just to name a few.

  129. Well for all of us I hope Reitsmas faith and your faith and whomever elses faith is well placed tonight.

  130. Haha, I’m still in the boat that Reitsma can be dominant. He may not be Lidge, Gagne, Smoltz, Wagner (heh…), Rivera, etc., but I think he can be a solid closer. I’m at a loss for a potential comparable, but I’m thinking a Todd Jones, Armando Benitez, that A- tier of a closer. By the way, I haven’t really checked the stats of those two guys, so don’t hold me to those comparables.

  131. KC–WILLIE IS A DUMB ASS. nothing more needs to be said. He is from the damn yankees. what do you expect

  132. There were a lot more Christians than those you mentioned on the 2004 team, Tennessee Brave. I saw an article on in a while back, but I can’t find it now.

  133. Oh yeah Rob, those were just a few off the top of my head. I think we must have read the same article.

  134. Well, this is either going to be the most unlikely win of the year or the most crushing loss. No in-between here.


  135. ububba, I think I would still be more hurt by the Wednesday night lost to the Phillies…

  136. yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cliff floyd is the fucking man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Why was Willie trying to use Wagner is two consecutive innings? That hardly ever works out for closers.

    I know Jorge Julio sucks, but jeez.

  138. As punishment.. this game should be lenghty.. make reitsma pitch til an outcome…

    wow I hate him

  139. Reitsma threw one down the middle to a struggling Floyd, and floyd hit it about 500 feet. as predicted.

  140. After watching him pitched for more than two years, what more does it take to convince people Reitsma sucks?!

  141. one more !!!!! just one more run. Lets go mets!!!
    what a good game. exciting as hell

  142. Adam Laroche, Russ Ortiz and Paul Byrd are also believers from that team. Pendleton is, too.

    I’m officially no longer a believer in Chr*s R**tsm*.

  143. Before people blame bobby, and not to beat a dead horse, but as I’ve been saying all year, this is schuerholz’s doing, guys.

  144. Wait, I think Reitsma is even more efficient than Kolbb. At least Kolbb walked the first batter…

  145. At this point I’d take my chances with Joey Devine over Reeksma. At least Devine has some glimmer of hope left.

  146. Yeah, I have never really hated on him, but enough is enough. I mean, call him whatever you want – unlucky or just plain bad – but the fact of the matter is, he is a not a very good relief pitcher. Personally I always thought he was VERy unlucky, until now. I like the guy just fine, but I would really like it better if he was not on my favorite team.

  147. that maybe so KC but he is 10 danny kolbs rolled into one person with a 8 million dollar price tag

  148. Stu, add C.J. Nitkowski, Adam LaRoche, and let’s not forget Julio Franco, whose walk-up song tonight said “People get ready, Jesus is coming back,” said this:

    “Andy Van Slyke is right,” Franco said. “I’m on the best juice there is. I’m juiced up every day, and the name of my juice is Jesus. I’m on His power, His wisdom, His understanding. … Next time you talk to him, tell him the steroid I’m on is Jesus of Nazareth.”

  149. Bobby may use Sosa tonight. I think that’s his last alternative…or is Sosa pitching tomorrow?

  150. Dan, there’s nobody left. So yes. We run Reitsma into the ground and then use a starter.

  151. We could always let LaRoche throw an inning if we have to. Everyone but the Braves wanted him to pitch, not play first base.

  152. We have nobody left in the bullpen. Reitsma’s gonna have to hit. Monday’s an off-day. No idea who would come in to pitch, if nec.

  153. Next time you talk to him, tell him the steroid I’m on is Jesus of Nazareth.” good stuff a little into god would you say. lol

  154. Yeah, that’s what they said. Sosa’s the next option. What’s weird is if we scratch out a run here, Reitsma will get another “unofficial” save situation.

  155. Well LaRoach couldn’t be any worse at pitching than our current bullpen so I’d be game to giving him a chance.

  156. Attention Atlanta residents: open tryouts for a bullpen spot. Come to the Publix in Marietta Sunday at 12. Prior baseball experience not needed. 2 arms and legs, also not needed.

  157. Yeah, I’d say he’s “little into God,” NY METS. Good thing for you guys God is in Julio Franco.

  158. Julio’s intro music is Twila Paris’s “God is in Control.” Yes, I’d say he’s into God. And I admire him unendingly.

  159. GOTTA GO FOR A BIT, I will be back to check on things. Take care and thanks for keeping things civil.


  160. The best thing that could happen here is a 20-inning game where reitsma blows out his arm so bobby CANT use him anymore. B/c you know he’ll stick him back out there tomorrow…

  161. As Mac has said many times before, maybe Reitsma is indeed better off to be a starter. His control seems to get better…

  162. This has game 4 of the NLDS of 2005 written all over it. And I don’t expect a different outcome. I honestly can’t believe I’m not watching, though if this game ain’t over when Jay Leno comes on, I’m flipping. I just know we aren’t going to win this, I can feel it.

  163. While the little fella is gone–I think it’s past his bedtime–can we all please agree not to talk to him at all anymore. Yes, he’s ignorant, and he opens himself up for easy insults with every line of every post he makes. But the only way he’ll go away is if he gets no response from us. I’m begging you. I can’t tolerate this uneducated, ignorant fool’s presence much longer. He’s never here when the Mets lose, and he says nothing of value. Ever. Please help me to make it stop.

  164. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t admire Julio Franco, Stu. And when you consider where he’s placed his trust, and where he says his strength is derived from, I will submit there’s only one juice that can keep a 46 year old playing major league baseball, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  165. Maybe so, I didn’t get to see that part. But that backs up what I’ve said all along–this is JS’s mess.

  166. Mac: It’s Reitmania! Not a major league closer but an incredible simulation (going off memory.)

  167. It’s now MAY 5TH—you think JS will finally get ollff his ass and nip the whole “Lobb 2: Electric Boogaloo” thing in the bud from Reitsma and go out and get a real f-ng pitcher?

    God I hope so and pray.

  168. I don’t think JS or Cox will do anything but move people we already have around. And eventally we’ll be 12 games back and it won’t matter.

  169. End it please. I never thought I’d root for a loss before, but just end it now. I accept our 8.0 games out of first and 3.0 games out of second status for now. Let’s focus on taking the next two.

  170. Sorry, but can someone tell me how many outs there are? I forgot and I’ve got no graphics.

  171. So which of those Braves fans that they showed in the crowd do people think might be ububba?

  172. IDEA.

    Why not bring SMOLTZ in for 1 batter.

    By the way, there is definitely something we can blame Bobby on because Chip and Joe did: Chuck James injury.

    Chuck got hurt because they said he’s been under used.

    thats a problem.

  173. Can we bring in Donald Trump to fire McBride and Reitsma? I hate disliking any player, no matter how bad, but they both seem AAA material at best (at least right now.)

  174. Hey man, I don’t need to do that for you. He’s more than willing to listen to you too.

  175. You know, I was going to out tonight and “drink” with “friends”. Thanks, bullpen, for allowing me some quality time alone in my apartment with my television.

  176. ububba…your here! I haven’t been on most of the night so I actually thought you might be at Shea. We could have used your good karma there in person.

  177. Alex R.

    I’m going Sunday.

    I was out really late last night & when I remembered that it was Trachsel pitching I decided to bail.

    Of course, I’m being held hostage by this game now.

  178. Yeah, it’s the Mets’ turn up. Time for a couple of shots. Let’s make it tequila in honor of Mexican independance.

  179. Well, here’s sosa. Not sure I wouldn’t rather have reitsma.
    Ok, that last comment was uncalled for.

  180. “That Rentaria drive would have been out in say Atlanta or Philly.”

    I think they’re all about 400 feet straight center.

  181. Actually, ububba, good point…considering this was a Traschel game, it’s rather appropriate how late its going.

  182. Yeah, Alex R. McCann hit a woulda been HR earlier that’s out of the park in probably 75% of MLB parks.

  183. Reitsma’s achievement tonight has been to extend the game long enough to lower his bloated ERA.

    I wish Bobby had kept him and let him blow out his arm…

  184. Hi, Chris Reitsma here, live-blogging via the dugout laptop.

    I really resent what was said. I feel I’ve been very good this year for the costs…..anyway, I am now looking for a new job.

  185. Why couldn’t someone have hit a line drive off Reitsma’s head? That would have been nice

  186. Jenny,

    Yes, it’s mean and I am sorry.

    Can I root for him to at least get a really bad 5 month long stomach virus?

    tell me what’s allowed and I will settle on that :-)

  187. Well, we’re in NY, right? Maybe he could get one of those Jason Giambi intestinal parasites.

  188. Whatever happens past this point, both teams are going to be running on fumes the rest of this series.

  189. I don’t want to say it and upset everyone in the room, but this is beginning to feel like that 18 inning game in Houston in October…

    sorry (preparing for bricks to be thrown at me for bringing it up).

    Hey, God, how about ‘changing the script’ and giving us this win.

    If the Braves did actually win this, we’d still have a tired and crappy bullpen but it my get the guys going and excited?

  190. Some of the opinions stated here are almost as hurtful as what John Smoltz kept telling me last year after me and my idol, Kolb, supposedly costs him 18 wins.

  191. Alex,

    In that NLDS game, the Astros resorted to Roger Clemens, not Jorge Julio. Have faith, my friend.

    FYI – The Mets have 19 LOB so far.

  192. Kyle, why ask questions for which their are no answers? Or at least ones that us mortal beings are able to comprehend.

  193. Kyle,

    After seeing “MI: III”, Please don’t start spouting “Dianetics” by L.Ron Hubbard and changing your kid’s name to ‘Suri’. Just checking.

  194. Any Tool fans in the house? They have a great song that rips on Hubbard on their Aenima album.

  195. …weak grounder by Laroche…how many times have we all said that in our lives?


    God we have some crappy talent on this team.

  196. Mi3 is alright. Some really cool stunts, a Lamborghini Murcielago, and Kerri Russell. You could do worse :)

  197. Hey Land…we have a lot of TOOL fans in here. LaRoche and Reitsma are “tools” and seem to still have some supporters!

  198. i really think the mets will score here and this game will be over. This is my prediction

  199. We are at the point of no return. Both teams are losers no matter who wins at this point.

  200. lol.speak for your self and your team. The mets are winners baby. And our record backs that up!)

  201. Considering how much I now hate Tom Cruise and considering how much I hated the first 2 Mission Impossible movies (yes, both), I am unlikely to see it…except I am a huge JJ Abrams fan (Lost and Alias).

    Kerri Russell actually does nothing for me.

    Kate Beckinsale on the other hand…yeahhhhhh

  202. It’s time to adopt the hockey rule and have ties. Neither of these teams deserve a win at all today. In fact, both the Braves and Mets need to have one loss added to their records.

  203. anyone remember watching that cartoon as a kid? kinda dumb now that I look back but i was into it when i was young

  204. The way NY Mets talks has me narrowed down to 2 things…either he’s 8 years old or doesn’t speak our language.

    Should we take bets?

  205. alex, we decided before you came to ignore him, not even acknowledge he’s here. Maybe then he’ll leave.

  206. I think Roger McDowell is in better pitching shape then Bobby “Abraham Simpson” Dews at this point. No?

  207. ALEX R: hAVE SOME FUN, THATS WHY WE ARE ALL HERE RIGHT? im glad you can joke around a little.

  208. Brad, yes, I was just having some fun…all you can do at this point is laugh at life when you see this horrible Braves team with no bullpen, an ancient Cox in the dugout, LaRoche at first, and then a Traschel start goes 15 innings and counting…it’s funny now.

  209. Mraver, we’re out of position players. No one to pinch hit for him. Besides, he’s hit a HR this season.

  210. Sosa is at least as good at hitting as he is as bad at pitching, so we have nothing to lose.

  211. How funny wouild it be if out of nowhere, Rocker (now fat) came running in from the bullpen like the old days. Plus, raising his arm and flipping his middle finger at the fans.

    Now that would be funny.

  212. Painful, just painful. The most depressing loss, well, since October in Houston.

    And it falls on the WUSSY shoulders of big hangdog Reitsma, the WORST CLOSE IN BASEBALL.

    stupid bastard.

  213. Yay, game over and we lose and the braves are going down this year.

    LOL PETE!!!!!! “AND THE BRAVES LOSE IN 14 AGONIZING INNINS…… stay tuned after this”

    That is comedic gold my friends.

  214. The fact that we allowed 30 baserunners in a game and nearly won it is pretty remarkable.

  215. But hey, ‘dont panic’, guys. It’s only May. Plenty of teams with no closer or 1b have come back from 8 down. Don’t shake things up, or have a meeting, or trade for some help. Somehow, magically, this team will ‘click’ one day.
    This is horrible.

  216. see you guys next game. I am one happy mets fan. Wright will be to you what chipper has been to us. You will grow to hate and fear him.

  217. This was a very entertaining game But we need to make a trade to make our pen better.When you have a 4run lead in the B7 There is no way that you should give up 4runs to tie it

  218. You summed it up Brad. Everyone keeps saying “it’s only april, it’s only may, blah blah blah”

    When the hell do you start doing something for petes sake.

  219. Voltron with the lions ruled..though it was kinda 2nd rate.

    Voltron with the cars sucked.

    This game was Voltron with the cars.

  220. Seid umschlungen, Millionen!
    Diesen Kuß der ganzen Welt!
    Brüder, über’m Sternenzelt
    Muß ein lieber Vater wohnen.
    Ihr stürzt nieder, Millionen?
    Ahnest du den Schöpfer, Welt?
    Such’ ihn über’m Sternenzelt!
    Über Sternen muß er wohnen.

    PS: please go away NY Mets? Is that civil enough for you.

  221. oh dan, dont be upset your team lost and pin it on me. I did nothing to you or your team. You act like I am the driving force behind your team not performing well

  222. same goes for you other two. Get over it and stop acting like a baby. Have some fun and relax.

  223. I just wet myself. No, really, I have no control over my digestive system. Good ole Depends.

  224. oh boo hoo, NYmets is such an ass. He kids with us and means us no harm ,but we are such faggs we cant take it and bitch and moan about him.

    Cry me a river!

  225. God I am so glad you are here NYMETS. You make me look like a freaking saint in comparison.

    Bless you my son.

  226. I am here not because you want or dont want me here. I come here because i want to. So really your oppinion means nothing. Get over it and just relax. It’s not like im talking shit about the braves or I come in here to come after you in any way. I just find it interesting to see what braves fans think of the mets, thier team and baseball in general.

  227. Aww.. he’s not all THAT bad. Besides, to the Victor (Diaz) goes the spoils.. for tonight anyway.

    We’ve got to get something going in the bullpen. Aside from the Devil Rays, I’m not sure who has a worse relief pitching than we do. There just isn’t *anyone* to feel confident about.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’d love it if they did well. Hell, Cormier was my favorite–Roll Tide–but they are just plain lacking as a group.

    Plus, Get Betemit More Playing Time. I like the idea of moving him to 1B for this year if at all possible. LaRoche has that ugly wrist-whip in his swing that I can’t stand to watch. Looks like he’d be late on the fastball EVERY time. Plus, he stinks.

  228. Time to think about next year. Get rid of Sosa, Retisma, Laroche by any means possible. Try to get some value for Giles.

  229. Jenny, I thought you were going to bury some of our collective misery in Psycho?

    OneEye, trade Giles? No way, I love him.

  230. you guys need to just stop. Your team will play better. stop with the”get rid of everyone” or the “season is going down” You will probably end up making the wild card and getting into the playoffs. The phills are not a better team then the braves. Your team will be fine.

  231. Trying to get rid of me, Lando? :-)

    I have been swallowing this all night, but I have to get it out: NY METS is a coward, hiding behind his stupid shifting AOL IP address like a little boy taunting from behind Mommy’s skirt, secure in the knowledge that he is all but untouchable and so he can troll and not be held accountable for what he says, unlike the rest of us, then pretending to be the misunderstood victim. So congrats, NY METS, you’re a real man. I hope this isn’t how you validate your real existence, because if so, you are a truly pathetic person and I pity you.

    There. I feel better. And now I will make Lando happy and go away ;-)

  232. Pfff, who else is going to make me laugh after a lose like that but you?

    I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now :(

  233. This is just pitiful and hopeless. The Braves just don’t have the talent to be much over .500 this year, and there’s no longer any major saviors in the minors. Chipper Jones got ripped off by Time Warner – he thought he took a pay cut so the team could acquire some talent -instead those bastards at Time Warner paid ten dollar for a handful of should-be-minor-leagers and pocketed the rest. I guess J.S. had to publish his book quick before the new multi-year losing streak began.

  234. Giles is an extremely streaky player who swings from his heels on any count/situation. He rarely has a productive out.

    He is walking a bit more this year, but is on pace for another 100+ K season. His .622 OPS is one of the worst in the league this year (if not the worst). He is a #8 hitter who is batting leadoff for a very bad team.

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