Game Thread: May 2, Rockies at Braves

Fun Rockies Slur: What could be worse that the bitter truth that Todd Helton played football at Tennessee?

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    McCarver: “You’re a real man Deion…a real man.” (wipes face)

    Sanders: “That’s from Jac Holtzman sucka!!” (smiles exposing mad grillz)

  2. So Mac, back to the old AU vs UA battle:

    Hudson – Auburn

    Cormier – Bama

    For the sake of argument, can we leave JS Jr. (Auburn) out of this?

  3. Say what you want about Ramirez, but as of now he looks like he’d be a somewhat nice improvment over Jorge Sosa. It just better not be John Thomson he replaces.

  4. There’s no way they drop Thomson from the rotation at this point. It’s just not going to happen.

  5. I didn’t stick around for the whole thread last time, when I asked this: is there a place to get Sosa’s first inning numbers from this year? To my recollection they’re pretty good, so he might be a good fit in the bullpen.

    Just saying.

  6. My pet theory is that the Thomson demotion/trade rumors were a sign the team was frustrated with the poor conditioning he keeps. I know that’s totally out of left field, but seeing him pouring down sweat and visibly tiring early in games made me suspicious. Even if it’s true, I can’t imagine they would move him out of the rotation at this point.

  7. Again, best-case scenario: if Thomson’s arm strength improves & he maintains form, if Hudson’s year in any way approximates his recent starts, and if Smoltz is Smoltz, we got a pretty doggone-good top of the rotation.

    Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was worried about Sosa tonight (everynight, it seems, these days). And this guy we’re facing, Aaron Cooke, hasn’t had an awful start yet. (In fact, he’s been pretty good home & away.) The matchup isn’t promising, but let’s hope Sosa is just “due,” to keep us in the game, if not actually win it himself.

    The Wash/Met game could see some runs tonight. The Nats guy O’Connor is making his 2nd MLB start; the Met guy Maine is making his Met debut.

  8. hilariously, Sosa has a WHIP of 3 with runners on base this year. Remember when everyone said he bared down/pitched better in the stretch and cited last year’s results? As Tony Kornheiser would say, how’s that working out for him?

  9. Bell Curve,

    I looked it up. In four games, Sosa’s first-inning ERA is 0.00. Of course, after that, he’s been a disaster. He’s 0-4 & deserves to be.

  10. If Bobby puts Horacio in place of John Thomson, he may have to fear for the safety of his Georgia farm. As many bizarre decisions as Bobby has made in recent years, he’s not taking Smoltz, Hudson, Davies or Thomson out of the rotation.

    The only starter in question is Jorge Sosa. Tonight’s outing vs. the Rockies is probably a deciding game for Sosa. If he has another mediocre to bad start at home against a below average team like the Rockies, he’s toast.

    Now I am not a Horacio fan and HOPEFULLY, Horacio, will give way quickly to Chuck James, but as long as we keep the other 4 starters in tact and they avoid injuries, we should start slowly climbing back in this race since the Mets are only throwing two legit starters out there vs. our four legit starters. It will add up.

  11. And no matter how ludicrous it is that LaRoche hits 5th, I just can’t believe we won’t start averaging more then 2 runs again soon added to 4 good starters = division success.

  12. I’m goin to Thursday’s game in Philly so I wouldn’t be upset with a rainnout tonight since that would likely push [tommorrows probables] Smoltz-Myers to Thursday. Then again, Thomson-Lidle is the current probables, so I guess I’d see more offense from Atlanta against Cory anyways. Haha.

    I guess we’ll see.

  13. Mike,

    I really like going to that new Philly stadium. The actual park is nice & I find Phillies fans very amusing. Enjoy.

    I’m gonna try to go to Satuday’s game with Hudson pitching at Shea (vs. Zambrano), but rain is forecast for Sat. & Sun. I may have to see Davies (vs. Trachsel) on Friday instead.

  14. ububba,

    O I’m a big Eagles fan so you know I love the Philly fans…since I consider myself one.

    Thankfully, I’m not a Phillies fan, however, so you know I’ll be sportin’ my braves attire Thursday.

    As for Citizens Bank Park, It is lovely, but just doesnt have that “Vet” feel to it. Unfortunate, but what can you do.

  15. Davies-Trachsel?

    I like our chances of taking two of three with that grouping. Who does Sosa face on Sunday?

  16. Mike, where are you from? I am also a huge Braves/Eagles fan and have been to plenty of games at the Vet/Citizens Bank Park with my Braves attire. It’s always nice to find someone else with such excellent taste in sports teams to root for.

  17. I’m from Pottsville, Pa., but I’m currently at college at Kutztown University, which is like 30 minutes east of Pottsville and an hour west of Philly. How bout you?

    I’m sure you take as much shit for being a Braves fan in Pa as I do? haha.

  18. Holy cow, Elvis Night SUCKS. Are we going to be forced to look at these horrible pictures all night? Wow.

  19. Harem (n) A group of women sexual partners for one man.

    Yes, Jenny. Definately where I live…


  20. I’m from South Jersey near Cherry Hill/Haddonfield (about 15 minutes from the stadiums), and yes I have been taking crap about the Braves ever since I was a 9 year old watching the horrible 1993 NLCS.

    I’m at school in New York right now, but my g/f is from Allentown and goes to school in West Chester, so I’ve seen plenty of PA lately.

    BTW, is the Yuengling factory worth checking out? I’ve been thinking about driving out there for about a year now..

  21. Well, I’ll be in a pseudo-harem next year, so I’m one to talk. And don’t tell me you seriously had to look that up…

  22. Yes, the brewery brings along many tourists. It is, of course, the oldest brewery in America. If youre into that kind of thing, or just bored, then yea, its worth checkin out.

    I’m actually the Sports Editor for Kutztown’s school paper, The Keystone, and Sports commentator for the school radio, KUR, so I’ve seen alot of West Chester sports. Let me just say I pretty much hate them, as they are our big rival. No offense to your girlfriend though…haha.

  23. Yepp Jenny, had to check the dictionary. Haha.

    I’m an Accounting major and, hey, it’s not like I work for a newspaper or anything…

  24. oh well… runners on base once again and they don’t score

    c’mon Sosa give us another like the first

  25. Dan,

    Sunday is Sosa vs. John Maine (Bannister’s replacement), who just gave up a 2-run bomb to Soriano. 3-1 Nats early.

  26. I was at Kutztown in October to see my g/f’s roommate play in a women’s rugby game against you guys. For the record, West Chester won by a fairly large margin, not that anyone really cares about women’s rugby. But, yeah, I actually have a few good friends at Kutztown.

    Crap…friggen Sosa

  27. Yup, Mike, your readership might think it was “definately” instead of “definitely”…

    Whoops, Sosa. Here we go.

  28. Really only one mistake. It’s only a run.

    ububba, thanks. No Glavine or Pedro gives me hope for a sweep.

  29. well crap… I went to eat a quick bite and I come back and we’re losing! I swear!

  30. Jenny, I “definately” don’t know what the word “definitely” has to do with this, but I’m going to nod and play along. :)

    Anyways, Mark, our women’s team sucks, but our men’s team is 18th in the nation as of today…not the DII nation…the entire nation, which is impressive. Read this weeks ‘Keystone’ for more! Haha.

    Silly Hawpe….

  31. If I was batting tonight I wouldn’t get anything done at the plate…I’d be too busy staring at how ridiculous I looked dressed as Elvis on the scoreboard.

  32. Did anyone see the brawl in the A’s-Angels game? It was hilarious. John Lackey threw a kind of high pitch that came down for a strike, about 5 seconds elapsed, and then Jason Kendall charged the mound and put him in a headlock. There was a big pileup. It was so funny.

  33. That Elvis thing would be distracting to me.

    Though it’s still not as absurd looking as the pirate one from last year.

  34. I’m sure it’ll be on BBTN, unless they spend 5 minutes of highlights on how the Sox-Yankees game was postponed by rain. I would not bet against this.

  35. Somebody suggested that ESPN stands for the “Epstein-Steinbrenner Propaganda Network.” My personal favorite is “Every Sports Pinhead Network.”

  36. Wow, we avoid Doug Eddings at the plate this series. He is at second base tonight. Thank goodness.

    Nice play Chipper!

  37. “Despite the rainout, Johnny Damon reportedly heard 470 ‘boos’ to just 380 ‘cheers.'”
    Now over to Betty Sportscenter, whos going to hype Josh Beckett up for the Cy Young for 10 more minutes.

  38. “Next, after a word from our sponsors: Barry Bonds pumps his own gas!”

    There are probably about 5 meanings to be found in that.

  39. Well, Chipper needs to come through here, because we have 3 automatic outs after him….

  40. You know the one thing none of us talks about is how much we don’t miss Furcal. Renteria is way more than adequate. He is also proving to be a much better option than Betemit.

  41. Until he slumps…then everyone will hate him and demand Betemit in there everyday. Haha.

  42. Andruw was An-due and he came An-through.

    K done with the rhymes.

    Typical Flyers embarrasing themselves…5-0 in the second.

  43. From the “It Could Be Worse” department:

    The Royals DH tonight is Tony Graffanino

  44. Haha Stu


    I bet thats the name of some kind of movie in the next year or so

  45. Well, I meant America. But come to think of it, you have to be 35 year-old to run for and be president. And born in this country. And you must have lived in this country for 14 full years.

    Andruw is out.

  46. Rely on Sosa to (a)keep the game close; (b) to make us wonder abut HoRam. Obviously, we do not need (c)…

  47. The Spanish word for home run is jonrůn; coincidentally, Jorge begins with a jota.

  48. sorry, I couldn’t get on for the past 30 minutes.

    Oh, now we are facing Ray King.

    Cormier had nothing tonight, the Braves lucked out that inning.

  49. Just spent an hour waiting for’s “customer service” to pick up & the woman gives me attitude. Unbelievable.

    This is a game we must win. However, here’s another reliever who was less-than-stellar for us (Ray “Burger” King)–so I’m afraid…

  50. Did y’all see Pete Orr hit into a double play on the first pitch he saw pinch hitting? Are you kidding me?

  51. Just throwing this out there: how would people feel about Prado being our starting 2B next season?

  52. Brad, get off the Orr/LaRoche thing. What have they done that is so bad you treat them like Dan Kolb, who really costs us a lot of games and almost the playoffs last year.

  53. Um, I wouldn’t feel too good about it, mraver. Unless we got a killer 1b or something for Giles.

  54. Just throwing this out there: how would people feel about Prado being our starting 2B next season?

    I’d be pissed.

  55. I’m not on the laroche thing. I’m on the Pete Orr thing, b/c he’s terrible. When your only job is to not suck pinch hitting and you hit into a double play ON THE FIRST PITCH YOU SEE, that’s horrible. BTW, Betemit, as a pinch hitter w/no one on base, just got a base hit.

  56. I don’t want anybody else starting at second base for the Braves except Marcus Giles…not only next year, but at least for the next four to five years.

  57. Why did Diaz pinch hit for Langerhans? Yes, King’s a lefty but I don’t agree…Diaz has been sucking and Langy has earned the right to stay in the game and frankly, hit higher in the order.

  58. Marcus broke out of it in a big way tonight, folks.

    Hear that? That’s the sound of impending doom. (R**tsm*.)

  59. Alex, that’s another classic “Bobby’s logic” moment in pinch-hitting Diaz for Langarhans.

  60. Why did Diaz pinch hit for Langerhans? Yes, King’s a lefty but I don’t agree…Diaz has been sucking and Langy has earned the right to stay in the game and frankly, hit higher in the order.

    Yeah, that made no sense at all. And now we don’t have his defense in there for all ofthe gap shots reitsma is going to give up.

  61. Well, we’ve seen it all this game. Diaz and Orr pinch hitting with men on base and looking awful, Betemeat pinch hitting with no one on and getting a hit; Sosa looking like, well, Sosa; Reitsma looking like, well, Reitsma; questionable Cox logic…see some trends?

  62. I’m sorry about the outage but it’s not our fault.


    1. Reitsmania! Not a Major League closer, but an incredible simulation!

    2. The Colorado SS is henceforth “Climt Barmes”.

    3. Thanks to Joe Table for the Grybo, and that sentence may not even be English.

    4. Skip and Pete on the radio mentioned that Mesa’s first season was 1987. Yes, we are celebrating 20 years of Joe Table.

  63. Real closers dont look like pansies and throw freaking STRIKES to no name hitters.

  64. Somebody please tell McCann to stop frashing that fastball sign to Chris.


  65. Brad, If we win, (as we have the past..o..14 years…then I’m not complainin…

    Give Cox a break…we start slow every year. He finds out who can do what, what kind of team and players he has, and he adjusts. Then we bounce back and win the division. After that, well, you know.
    Point is, we do this slow start every year. Lay off my man.

  66. A 1-2-3 inning for Reitsma. Like a LaRoche 2 hit night with no errors, I guess they have to happen now & then!

  67. just saw the mound charge on BBTN… that was GREAT lol… very amusing! I almost got charged when I was pitching one time… that was very interesting! lol… but I had hit the girl twice already, but I had a nack for hittin’ lefties and she was a lefty

  68. This is a typical game that the Braves would lose. Glad to see them come through. 3 in a row and gain one NY? I’ll take it.

  69. Oh I know. I’ve been on Cox a lot, but he’s doing the same stuff every game. What has Matt Diaz done to prove he’s even a DECENT pinch hitter? And I get the pete orr thing…Bobby falls in love with a guy like him every 5 years or so and thinks he can do no wrong. I’ll just trust that maybe guys like Sosa and Diaz won’t be around later in the year for Bobby to keep ‘trying’ things with.

  70. LOL! That was great, Skip had so much surprise in his voice when he said “And Reistma sets down three in a row!”

    Good game

  71. Hearing Skip recap a win over “Brown Sugar” is one the coolest Brave moments I can remember.

  72. If we can make up 1 more game during the Phillies series and have it just at 4 games down heading to aNY, they will be nervous.

    The Phils are beatable at home.

  73. I’m an Avalanche I’m lovin it as well. I think I’m the only one who saw it comin a mile away. The Avs are built for the playoffs. Hah.

  74. Totally. Dallas isn’t the same defensively as they were five years ago. Didn’t matter how well Turco played.

  75. I am a New Jersey Devils fan. I have tickets to Game 3 vs. Carolina next week & I can’t wait. Let’s raise another Cup!

  76. die hard SPURS fan. Again, why all this Hockey talk? Mac…make it stop ;-)

    Hey…at least it’s not Golf…Hockey is Baseball or College Football to me compared to Golf (and Nascar).

  77. Baseball could learn a little from the new NHL…they pop that cap on the payrolls and look at the diversity. The 5, 7 and 8 seed won already in the West, and the 6 seed is one game away. Gotta love that.

  78. BBTN just gave us all of a 3 seconds (if that long) recap of the game… they showed last out and went on… crazy!

  79. There’s not much to LOVE about Hockey…thats why its on the Outdoor Life Network.

    All I know is this sport is stealing MLB package slots from Baseball.

  80. Folks, please stop the Reitsma hate mail until it is deserved. He’s something like 6 saves in 7 save opportunities. He isn’t Smoltz with a 95 mph wooly slider, but the bottom line is scoring 1 run more than the opposition.

    Okay, now all the really opinionated folks can start the harangue.

  81. Thanks Raoul…and yes, for the love of all that is good & holy, please don’t talk about Nascar.

    The closest I ever want to be to that is the Will Ferrell Nascar comedy coming out in August.

  82. Dude, I was being sarcastic. I thought it was pretty obvious that I’m a Reitsma fan.

  83. Internet rumor that potential Alabama starting QB next year Mark Guillion got in a fight over the weekend at the Florabama and broke his hand – hahahaha

  84. never mind on that thanks Raoul…you’d be wrong. The NBA is much more exciting but again, these are just all our opinions. I could absolutely care less about the Hockey playoffs and I worked in the NHL!!!!!!

    For my money, I am all over my Spurs and keeping up with my Braves…and when football season rolls around, it’s Dawg time. That’s it, end of story (at least for me).

  85. Reitsma has the makings of a good middle reliever. He’s not a pitcher who can afford to put runners on, which he does, and get pressured in the ninth. He’s got good stuff, but the pressure of the ninth doesn’t do him any good.

  86. Sorry Jeff K, Reitsma is in a running tie as my least favorite Brave, with LaRoche of course.

  87. I think NBA and Nascar are closer matches. NHL has better history and the cult appeal of hockey. NBA and Nascar are more sensational.

  88. Don’t like hockey? It’s OK. I won’t hold it against you. ;)

    It’s an awesome sport and, in my mind, a dramatically better playoff sport than the NBA.

    Go to an NHL game (esp. a playoff game) once in your life & you’ll change your mind. I did & I now love the game.

  89. I think Reitsma is a fine reliever if he has better command of his fastball, and he is no closer.

    I still hate HoRam the most. Adam makes me sick because he had his two years of chance and he is looking worse and worse.

  90. NASCAR… that’s one subject my friends know to never bring up around me because I won’t shutup! LOL… I’m a huge fan… I didn’t go to school yesterday… stayed home to watch the race

  91. The best way to judge a sport is by attending a playoff game or, in nascars case, any race at all.

    The most exciting events I’ve been at are:
    1- Eagles NFC Championship win last year
    2- Any race
    3- Any other eagles game
    4- any hockey game
    5- any baseball game
    6- any sixers game

  92. BTW, if the WHA hadn’t folded the Birmingham Bulls when they merged, they probably would have made a hockey fan of me, but it didn’t happen.

  93. Good for him. I’m sorry he didn’t appreciate it the same way I do. But, as I say, difference of opinion is what makes a horse race…

  94. Miranda

    I only had a 9am…so I got to see it all anyways haha

    Even tho Mark wrecked 9 laps in…i hate restrictor plates…

  95. yea… in NASCAR all it takes is one race and if for some odd reason that doesn’t do it then something is more than likely wrong with you! LOL

    I love going to Talladega, although I haven’t been lately and it kills me everytime… I avoid the interstate on Atl and Dega race weekends… can’t stand seeing the traffic unless I’m going with em!

  96. As much as I love the hockey, the Dawgs remain #1 in my heart.

    My most exciting in-person event:

    Nov., 1982, Jordan-Hare Stadium: Georgia 19, Auburn 14

    Herschel vs. Bo. Unreal game. UGA wins 3rd straight SEC title. I somehow manage to avoid getting arrested for climbing a fence to get int the stadium.

  97. haha… I’m a Jr fan… so I love em… and he’s won everytime I’ve been to Dega… I feel at home there though… it’s all redneck Earnhardt fans! LOL I’ve been to Atl… I enjoyed it but I like Dega better!

    I actually went to school for a couple classes then flew home in time to see the race… Jr blew up so I wasn’t happy at all

  98. I hate Junior (but I met him as youll see in those pictures on the link I just posted haha), Gordan, Johnson, Harvick and any driver who only does well because of the car they are in.
    Love Martin and Kahne.

    Where do you go to school, Miranda?

  99. That would be awesome! So much fun!

    I want to go to Daytona, Richmond, Bristol, Charlotte, Texas, etc. …haha before I die. I want to go to every track!

    Maybe that’ll happen one day!

  100. When I’m rich and retired, I wanna go on the whole NASCAR tour for a year. That would be one amazing year. Tailgating is by far the best thing about sports, besides the actual sport i suppose

  101. the pics are killing me! LOL …that would be so much fun.

    I hate gordon, johnson, kurt & kyle…. etc

    I like Newman and Stewart too

  102. Yea, pretty much met everyone…got their autographs…chatted with them…talk to Mike Helton one-on-one for while…stood on pitroad for the national anthem…be jealous…haha

  103. yea… that’s my dream… the entire schedule

    oh…I’m still in high school… almost finished…

    I’m thinking of going into Mechanical Engineering and I’m definitely planning to move to North Carolina.

  104. Awesome. I wanna move to Charlotte. It’s beautiful down there…and Nascar’s home, of course. Haha.

  105. Stu is yelling at us Nascar folks. You have a screenname or something, miranda? Haha

  106. yes… it’s very nice

    we went over during Thanksgiving holidays… its awesome …I loved it …felt homey I guess

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