Braves 5, Rockies 4 – MLB – Box Score – Rockies at Braves

Everyone a hero, except for Jorge Sosa, who allowed only six hits but five for extra bases, including three homers to the newly terrifying outfield duo of Matt Holliday and Brad Hawpe. Sosa was able to get through the first five innings with only two solo homers, but got in major trouble in the sixth, allowing a triple, sac fly, homer, and double in order before mystifyingly being left in — and getting out of it. Go figure.

The whole regular lineup were heroes, though, led by Marcus, who went 4-5 with a run scored and doubled home Betemit with the game winner with two out in the eighth. Renteria had two hits to continue his streak. Andruw drove home two, singling in the Braves’ first run to tie the game in the third and doubling in the fourth run to tie it again in the seventh.

LaRoche doubled in Andruw in the third, followed by Francoeur singling him home. Everyone had a hit but Langerhans, and he had a diving catch to save a double. Bobby pinch-hit for him in the eighth with Diaz against Ray King, which made no sense because (a) it was a tie game, (b) it was nobody on with one out, and (c) Diaz hasn’t been able to hit all season and was at the Mendoza Line (now below it) while Langerhans is hitting .289. Predictably Diaz hit a soft liner to the pitcher. But Betemit (pinch-hit single) and Giles picked him up anyway.

Cormier bailed out Remlinger in the eighth when the latter couldn’t finish off the hitters with his usual panoply of junk (16 pitches, 14 strikes — but two singles and only one out). Cormier picked up the win for his troubles. Reitsma, despite again falling behind everyone, pitched a 1-2-3 ninth for the save, which simply isn’t going to keep happening between his control problems and missing fastball.

Another two-game mini-series awaits, this time at Philadelphia. Smoltz faces Myers in the opener.

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  1. I’m going to say that by the end of May, Diaz will be Designated for Assignment (When Kelly comes back), and Chuck James will either be in Sosa’s rotation spot or Reitsma’s closing role.

  2. I can’t believe Grady Little dropped Furcal to the second spot of the lineup behind Lofton…well, not start Furcal is hitting well…but still…

  3. Coming into this pair of 2-game series, I thought we really needed to take 3/4 rolling into Shea this weekend. Now that looks like a reality, barring rain in Philly.

  4. I never made a post on it Russ, but it’s been covered in several threads… Fox, after buying TS, has assigned its announcers to the network. A lot of people are upset, but I think it’s simply a contractual thing — the regular announcers are still under contract to Turner.

  5. No way…Chuck James will not be a closer. He’s all junk, No steam. Sosa should get a shot at closer. I’ve said that since we got him for Nicky

  6. Jared, as much as I don’t like him, HoRam will be the one replacing Sosa in the rotation.

    James will be handled by Bobby like Cruz was two years back: only be used in the middle innings when the Braves are behind. That will be enough to give James 70-80 innings this year. They will consider if James will be put in the rotation next year. Imagine the rotation of Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, Davies, and James.

  7. There is an apalling NASCAR conversation continuing in the other thread. Can somebody do something about this?

  8. Yeah Stu,

    Here we are in a time when gas prices are going through the roof and we have these dumb asses making 500 left hand turns, wasting gas.

  9. How bout all them dumbass fans “wasting” gas to get to baseball games EVERY day.
    And them dumbass team buses and planes “wasting” gas to get the teams all over creation.

    That’s okay tho ;)

  10. HAHA… I knew I should have signed off right after the game or I’d get started on it… I’m hard to stop

  11. NASCAR, golf, lawn bowling, hockey, polo, whatever. Let the people have their fun for a minute. It’s harmless.

    Hey, we’re supposed to be in a good mood tonight.

  12. Thank you ububba. You pretty much made my point.

    Don’t hate on people who like things you don’t. It’s ignorant.

    Unless they like tennis…hah just playin…but I really don’t like tennis…..

  13. Holliday should have had plays on both Andruw’s and Giles’ doubles. How did he make the WBC roster?

  14. But the worst defensive outfield I’ve ever seen played was Mike Lamb in the Houston series in Atlanta last spring. Wow, was he ever terrible.

  15. FYI, Turner South is replaying the game right now in case anyone missed it the first time around.

  16. I didn’t see the homers. Sure, he’s got some power, but so did Dave Kingman. Do you think he’s one of the five best OFs of American origin, Mac? Better than, say, Grady Sizemore?

  17. I’ve enjoyed watching Roddick’s arrogant demeanor slowly fade away in the wake of continued defeat.

  18. Ok, Stu, it’s a world gone mad!

    We agree wholeheartedly twice now this week:

    1. Only Skip & Joe for Braves games

    2. And that Nascar sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. By the way, has anyone heard about what this pitcher has been doing in the farm for us?

    (From CBS SportsLine):

    Stockman, Phil RP

    News: Lance Cormier was glancing at the Braves’ minor league statistics when he spotted a familiar name. “Man, look what Phil Stockman is doing,” Cormier said Monday before Atlanta’s game against the Colorado Rockies. “Those are Bugs Bunny numbers.” For the uninitiated, Cormier was referring to the classic “Looney Tunes” cartoon in which Bugs beats an entire team by himself with physics-defying pitches such as the “stop ball.” Stockman has put up some impressive numbers out of the bullpen the first month of the season. The 6-foot-8 Australian pitched three games at Double-A Mississippi, where he allowed only one hit in 7 1/3 innings, striking out 12 and limiting opponents to a .043 batting average. The right-hander was just as impressive in his first five games at Triple-A — 9 1/3 innings, two hits with 13 strikeouts and opponents hitting .077. Analysis: The 26-year-old Stockman signed with the Braves as a minor league free agent after failing to make it to the majors with Arizona. If he keeps this up, he might just get a look in the Braves’ shaky bullpen. He would only be viable in the deepest of NL-only Rotisserie leagues if he were to get a call-up.

  20. And for the record, the world of sports boils down to these things:

    1. Baseball and the Braves. Cream rises to the top.
    2. College Football and the Bulldogs & Crimson Tide–The SEC…all else is just an imitation
    3. NBA and my Spurs
    4. NFL Football and Fantasy Football
    5. March Madness!!

    For the record, the following things should never be discussed unless they are being made fun of:

    1. Golf (not a sport–John Daly)
    2. Nascar (the wheels of the cars go round and round…)
    3. Hockey – Like Mac always says, can we just let the Canadiens have this one?
    4. Tennis – It’s fine to see live (like Hockey) but it’s not that interesting umless there’s Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova are playing
    5. Soccer – I was actually an all city soccer player when I was a kid and I still don’t care
    6. X Games or any new sports at the winter olympics – If I wanted to watch 80 pound, stoned snow boarders win Gold Medals, I would already head to hell to see this happen

    These are just thoughts to ponder for the evening.

    Back to the subject at hand…yeah Braves!!!! :-)

  21. To Golf Fans:

    You do realize, by the way, that the infamous phrase, “it’s like watching paint dry” was invented by someone forced to watch or play Golf.

    I would even choose Nascar, Soccer or Hockey over Golf…at least they don’t require fat guys in carts and absolute quiet while people smack a little white ball throughout wasted Real Estate.

  22. Still in awe over Langerhans’ catch. Wow, is he good. But, as I said earlier, I’m also worried this is going to cause an injury. I hope my fears are misplaced. That would force us into prolonged periods of Matt Diaz.

    I, too, hate golf and NASCAR (Mike and I have fought over this too many times to count). Soccer is boring, too, because nobody ever scores. I like tennis. One thing I will say about golf is that I’d love to drive one of those carts. Being a typical teenage driver with a bit of a lead foot, I bet I could give some retirees a run for their money. Literally.

  23. Nothing really to add, except that that Braves don’t face the Rockies again until they play four in Coors Field on the next-to-last weekend of the season. That should be fun.

  24. Okay, Alex.

    You’re just being ignorant.

    I can give two sh**s bout the Spurs, or really the NBA anymore, but I’m not gunna sit here and say it sucks or isnt a sport. I mean, that is your opinion, sure, but you talk as if the SEC and Spurs are all that matter. That is plain ignorance. C’mon man.

    My opinion, don’t like the Spurs, Georgia, or Bama.

    Also, when you can do what John Daly can do with a golf ball, then you can talk shit on him. That takes skill and talent. It is a sport in my book.
    And what do you say to people who say baseball is like watching paint dry?

    Hockey, nascar, golf, tennis, etc…all sports…dont like em? too bad.

    If you want to leave hockey to Canada, then let the Spurs in Texas.

  25. Don’t get me wrong. I hate watching/playing tennis and soccer. But, hell, if that’s your thing, good for you. Enjoy.

    I just can’t stand when people who have never been exposed to a sport like NASCAR talk down to fans of the sport. I’m sorry, but its ignorant.
    If you’ve been exposed to it, gave it an honest chance, and still don’t like it, you will still have built a respect for the fans and an understanding as to why people do love it.

  26. Golf, however, is incredibly boring, except when the course or conditions are so bad that the best golfers in the world are revealed for the pitiful whiners which they are, meaning the Masters and the British and US Opens.

  27. I hate watching golf on tv (Jim Nance is the human version of Ambien) but I can’t wait to carve out a three-hole par-3 course on our little homestead. Some of the best times my Dad and I spend together are on a golf course. And believe me, I’m nothing like your typical corporatist golfer. Much like hunting, fishing or music festivals, it is more about fellowship with family and friends than the actual event itself.

  28. I had friends back in Athens who used to listen to NASCAR on the radio.

    I mean, think about that…

  29. Jim Nantz makes you eat?

    Huh? I don’t see where that came from. Ambien’s a sleep aid…

  30. If only we had Roger McDowell as our hitting coach, he’d fix Matt Diaz and Adam LaRoche’s mechanical problems in no time.

  31. I don’t watch NASCAR, and the pretty-boys are certainly one reason. But I wouldn’t mind watching Danica Patrick…

  32. That’s funny. I’ve been known to make a sandwich in the middle of the night, but I hope it wasn’t due to Jim Nantz, lol.

  33. AAR, I wonder how much TP uses video to evaluate players. Has anyone ever read/heard anything to that effect?

  34. Well, it’s the middle of the night and I’m eating right now, but I haven’t been exposed to Jim Nantz in several months, so that can’t be it. Let me tell you, eating an entire family-size box of strawberries in 20 minutes is NOT good for your stomach.

  35. Mmmm…strawberries. Coincidentally(sp?), we are going to a u-pick strawberry farm on Friday where they sell for $8 a gallon. It’s Eat Local Challenge (google it) time again which means field trips and good eats around here.

  36. I couldn’t help but notice as a 4th year pharmacy student all the commotion about Ambien…what’s going on here? It is true that Ambien has been known to cause the late night munchies without the patient being aware of it…pretty cool stuff!

  37. Another late-night listening session reveals (drum roll, please) WOLFMOTHER!

    Alrightnow! Light your Bics!

    Wolfmother sounds like Jack White imitating Ozzy, but fronting a) Queen, b) Rush, c) Yes, d) Uriah Heep and e) Any ’70s band with silly mythological cover art.

    They’re more prog-rock than Sabbath (who were plod-rock, if anything), so by definition Wolfmother deserves to be somewhat ridiculed. Songs like “White Unicorn” veer into the Spinal Tap territory of self-parody, but it does rock stupid-big, so what the hell…

    For something this plain ridiculous, it’s kind of entertaining, but God, I’m glad The Ramones came along when I was 13…

  38. Mac, Just wanted you to know that I could not access the site for much of the game. I lost contact with Braves Journal about time that Sosa was serving them up; it almost made me think the two events were somehow connected…

    In response to Alex R., I think that the Braves will probably give both Stockman and Moylan special attention. Unforunately, Stockman just got lit up, but his numbers are still impressive.

    While talking about the farm, does anybody out there know why Beau Jones was just put on the DL?

  39. I concur with whoever it was that was talking about how terrible Matt Holliday’s defense in left field was. Both the balls hit by Andruw and Giles were hit fairly hard, but a decent outfielder should’ve been able to get to them. I was at the game tonight and I don’t know if TV quite did justice to it or not, but Holliday ran the most ridiculous circle routes possible, turning both those balls into doubles. I guess it’s difficult to say that he cost them the game, since he also hit two home runs, but he was terrible out in the field. Outfielders should not let fly balls to the warning track directly behind them go over their heads unless it’s the pitcher batting and they’re playing way in or something like that.

  40. Kyle, Holliday is definitely not one of the five best American outfielders, but he is one of the five best American outfielders who are willing to play at the WBC. Berkman, Dunn, Brian Giles, and Sizemore are more interested in spring training than WBC.

    BTW, Hilliday’s defense tonight reminds me of Kelly Johnson, which makes me appreciate Langerhans even more.

  41. A quote from Adam: “Lately I’m not giving myself chances to hit. I don’t think I’m a threat to pitchers right now. I don’t feel real good. But every year I go through this.”

    Maybe that’s because you are not good enough Adam.

    The following quote is from TP:

    “So much is going on in that swing,” Pendleton said. “It starts out open, then he strides and it comes closed to a normal swing. He’s got a hitch in his swing…You’ve got to match each piece of his swing. It takes time.”

    That’s a nice way of saying Adam’s swing is too damn long.

  42. For the record, I’d like to state that I think badminton is for pussies and I don’t care who knows it.

  43. ububba – nice call on Wolfmother. Over the past couple of days I have downloaded a couple of their songs and agree with your assessment.

  44. Scott Thorman is having a good year so far… 92 AB’s- 29 hits – 3 doubles- 2 triples- 4 HR- 14 rbi- .388 OBP- and .315 average. i say send diaz to richmond let jordan back up the outfield and let thorman play first a little….or alot…also travis smith havin a good year… 27 IP with a 1.33 era.

  45. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this in any of the recent threads but I seem to recall someone asking about it a couple of weeks ago…. Reitsma now has a video/music intro played on the big screen when he comes in from the bullpen. I’m not sure what the music is; it sounds kind of like Metallica. The video shows a bunch of shots of umpires ringing up hitters and tries to portray Reitsma as a “flame thrower”. At the game last night it just gave me the willies because it made me think it will be harder to pry him out of the closer role.

  46. Reitsma throws plenty hard, he was hitting 94 on the gun last night. Combining that with his changeup and he has the repertoire of an Eric Gagne, sort of. He doesn’t have the command or the stuff of Gagne but he can’t blame that on lack of velocity.

  47. Mike Clay-

    Let’s just say we woon’t be hanging out anytime. I love that I AM ignorant because I like SEC Football and Basketball but hate Golf (again, the whole paint drying thing) and Nascar.

    At the end of the day, aren’t these all just opinions? One man’s lemons is another man’s lemonade…yadda yadda.

    Hey, if I can wholeheartedly agree with Stu twice in 1 week, anything is possible.

    I also hate LaRoche and Reitsma but they are the ‘Cat’s Meow’ to others. It’s just life.

    The fact is, Nascar gets huge audiences and fantastic ratings. I don’t get it, I never will, and when I am 88 years old and having hot nurses wipe up after me, I still won’t get the Nascar thing. But that’s just me and a few million others…overall, the numbers are on your side so you don’t have to attack…hey, on ratings, you win. I just don’t GET it. :-)

    As for John Daly and his athleticism, are you going to argue that point with me? Really? The man was smoking a cigarette during a tour. He’s fat and drinks a lot and has lost $50 million (supposedly) gambling. Tiger Woods is a great athlete, I grant you…but there’s as many golfers in the shape of Phil Mickelson adn John Daly as there are Tiger so I don’t buy the argument that you have to be an athlete to hit a Golf Ball.

    I think hitting a Golf Ball and making it go to some exact far away spot looks incredibly hard. Just because I think it’s the most “boring” sport on the fact of the planet doesn’t mean I don’t respect how incredibly hard that must be…I grant you that as well, Mike. That said, it does not require athletic skill…it requires tremendous hand-eye coordination. There’s a difference.

    But I do think Golf looks like one of the hardest things to accomplish…I still think if I was having trouble sleeping at night, then I would put Golf on and go right to bed. Golf might be better with Jim Nantz if he had Billy Packer at his side screeching about how crappy all the Golfers were. Then Golf would at least be kind of funny.

    The NBA? It’s non stop action, thrilling 3 pointers..I like it…it moves, and it’s exciting. Just more my cup of tea.

  48. My initial NASCAR comment was truly meant as a joke. While I’m not at all interested in the sport, I don’t begrudge anyone who is. My apologies to Mike and anyone else who may have been offended.

    For the record, I love golf. Playing and watching. It’s one of the primary reasons I came to law school.

  49. See…I think the point Stu has makes sense and puts it into perspective. Stu (from what I remember?) likes SEC football and he likes Golf, but hates Nascar.

    I like SEC football but hate golf and Nascar while Mike likes both golf and nascar and hates SEC football.

    In the end, we ALL love the Braves!! That’s the most important point. But I think we have managed to show you are getting a range of folks in here in terms of what our sports interests are beyond the Braves.

    I imagine that many of you like different TV shows then I do…I cannot stand Reality TV (specifically Survivor and American Idol–think they are crap) and also despise dull procedurals like the CSI & Law & order franchises…for that matter, I pretty much hate prime time show (save for one comedy) on CBS!

    For my money? Give me Lost, 24, Prison Break, The Office, My Name is Earl, most of HBO, Rescue Me, The Shield, Alias, Scrubs, Battlestar Galactica and a few more. I like shows with interesting writing, nuanced and well developed characters and love creative geniuses such as Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams and Rob Thomas. I wrote screenplays in college and that was almost a career path for me and still closely follow creative Television shows. It’s a real passion for me along with sports.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents but I would imagine my love list and hate list crosses over in parts with all of our cast of characters here in BravesJournal land.

  50. My only must-TV is “The Sopranos.”

    I’m the only person I know who has never seen an episode of “Lost,” “CSI” or “24.” I’m sure I’m missing something good, but not watching is by design–I’m afraid I’d like these shows.

    I’d rather watch the various cable outlets: The Tornado Channel, The Shark Channel, The Nazi Channel, etc. The only one I won’t watch is the Surgery Channel.

  51. I was wondering what music Reistma came out to. I think he should come out to the theme song from Sanford and Son. Either that or the Rolling Stones 19th Nervous Breakdown.

  52. I personally think that Reitsma should come out to the theme song from the Benny Hill show.

    …but maybe that’s just me.

  53. “I like shows with interesting writing, nuanced and well developed characters..”

    MY NAME IS EARL?????

    I believe you are from the south, despite the inexlicable reference to “my spurs” earlier.

    I cannot believe anyone from the south would watch such crap. that show is completely offensive. the only comparison would be replaying episodes of Goodtimes under the title, “My Name is Darkie”.

    I’m sick of this Blue Collar Comedy crapola and wish, Earl, Cable Guy, and everyother asshole that gets on tv and “acts suthurn” would get on a bus and drive into the ocean, for a slow painful death.

    I will exonerate Ron White, despite his presence on the original BCCT, he’s a good comedian that is funny w/o making an ass of himself.

  54. ububba… you’re not the only one… I don’t watch any of today’s tv shows very often… I watch sports and I love old tv shows… I also hate reality tv. Probably the closest thing to a tv series of today that I watch is “Everybody Loves Raymond” but as for a series that is currently still running… I don’t watch any. I do watch American Idol sometimes… just depends.

    I for one am a huge NASCAR fan… we’ve already established that, but I’m use to hearing the comments from people that aren’t fans so I just try to ignore them. I love it and I don’t care how stupid other people think it is. I’m the same way with baseball and when I get the comments from other people as to how stupid they might be… I try not to get on my soapbox but I’ll defend them till the end because I do love them.

    I’m not a huge football fan… I watch it depending on who’s playing but I don’t schedule my life around it.

    I agree… we are all here because we love the Braves! It’s neat to see how much our other sports interests vary though.

  55. I’m really not a very violent person and I generally believe in self-determination, live-and-let-live and all that, but Larry the Cable Guy must die.

  56. FYI, our fearless leader, Mac, is also a fan of “Earl”.

    The show isn’t necessarily the south…it’s more an overally humorous look at loveable ‘white trash’ characters. I am born and raised in the south and take no offense…I for one have absolutely nothing in common w/ those characters except that we all have pulses and breathe in oxygen and beathe out carbon dioxide.

    However, in an age when there are numerous terrible sitcoms on the air (two and a half men, king of queens, according to Jim, etc. etc.), a show that’s offbeat, creative and manages to make you laugh is impressive.

    I don’t like Earl nearly as much as I love “The Office”, “Scrubs” or HBO humor like “Curb your Enthusiam” and “Entourage”.

  57. I am pretty sure that (despite the accents) “My Name Is Earl” is set somewhere in the west, possibly Arizona. Nowhere that dry in the South.

  58. Stephen-
    How did you find out Jones was put on the DL? I was at the last game he pitched in Rome on the 27th of April, and near the end of his outing (he pitched 5 innings), the pitching coach came out and talked to him for a while. He seemed to be in some pain, but I couldn’t tell what. I think he actually stayed in the game. After the game, I heard somebody ask him if everything was okay, and he said he was fine. I guess maybe he wasn’t….

  59. How bout them braves huh…JK!!!

    I personally like to play golf, while keeping track of the NBA and NFL Draft on my Treo, while watching the Office clips or 24 on my Vcast cell phone, while listening to the Braves game on my Ipod with FM transmitter, while taking an ambien and washing it down with a Corona.

  60. Can we get back to baseball? Thanks.

    Two things:


    2. The same thing goes for McCann, the kid is hitting 320+ now? I mean come on! Just because you THINK he can’t hit lefties you pinch hit for him, and the pinch hitter is hitting 200! Not to mention McCann can call a great game, has good defense, and is above average at throwing out base stealers. It makes no freaking sense.

    And Reitsma will eventually blow a string of saves, this is inevitable.

    Other than those points, good game :D

  61. That Reitsma intro was by far the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time. As it first started, I just stared at the screen, my mouth hanging open, dumbfounded that they would do such a thing. Then came the part where he was throwing fireballs and I just started laughing hysterically. The damn thing lasted for at least 30 seconds, too. They must have taken every single good pitch Reitsma has ever made over his past three seasons as a Brave and spliced it into that stupid intro. I couldn’t tell what the music was. I was laughing too hard to even think about that.

    The best part was that nobody that I could see was really getting pumped up by it. They were all just staring at each other like, “What the hell is this?”

    The sad part is that some poor sap wasted a day editing that thing together. I sure hope they had an intern do it or something. I mean, that’s a day out of this person’s life that they can never have back. I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever it was frequently wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat at the thought of having put together an intro that makes Chris Reitsma look intimidating. Hopefully it didn’t scar them for life.

  62. Alex, Stu, among others,

    I have no problem with who you like or what sports you like, but I always take offense when people talk about how stupid nascar is because all they do is ‘drive in circles’. If you are stupid enough to believe that nascar is simply guys driving in circles, you have issues.
    And don’t get me wrong. I will defend any sport I love with the same compassion. It’s just that nascar takes the most critisism, usually from the uninformed or unexposed. Like I said earlier, if you have been to race, you at least should know what constitutes the sport and therefore should have more respect for it.
    My point Alex about the Spurs, SEC, etc. is that if its okay to talk about them on here, its certainly okay to talk about Mark Martin and Nascar.
    I dislike tennis and soccer, as i said, but I will defend the sport when people talk down on its fans. If thats what floats your boat, good for you, enjoy.

    As for TV shows, all i watch is ‘War at Home’ ‘Family Guy’ and never miss ’24’
    Rest of the time its sports.

    I think I have it all covered. Look for me in left center field tommorrow.

  63. i think larry the cable guy is from nebraska, not seattle. at least, that’s what the famous david cross article said.

  64. I never said “all they do is drive in circles,” Mike. I never called NASCAR stupid, either. Perhaps you should read for comprehension?

  65. JS will spend his final days in ATL, and he probably will be done within the next 2 to 3 years. We would be in trouble if they took Moore w/ them though.

  66. I thought Larry the Cable Guy was from one of the Dakotas… but it could be Nebraska

    either one of those sounds right though it’s somewhere in there

  67. As someone who is forced to live out in this area for much of the year, I can tell you that it doesn’t really matter if Larry the Cable Guy is from the Dakotas or Nebraska, because they’re all pretty much the same: flat and boring.

    Yes, this also applies to Minnesota.

  68. Just looked it up on Wikipedia (for what reason, I have no idea…just bored and had nothing better to do, I guess). He’s from Pawnee City, Nebraska.

  69. haha.. that’s where I got my info also and I was thinking… I hope no one walks by me and sees this… they’ll think I’ve lost my mind!

  70. Jim Brower has been designated for assignment. Hopefully the Braves will miss this transaction.

  71. Mike Clay is making some good points. I don’t really like soccer, but I’m still not going to say it’s a stupid sport or anything. I grew up in an area where NASCAR and golf (weird combination, I know) were huge, and people feel just as strongly about those sports as we do about baseball.

    Stu, I’m pretty sure Mike was directing it at the other people that were saying that all NASCAR is is a buncha left turns, which is pretty stupid of a statement itself. That would be like saying all baseball is is a buncha old guys running around a diamond.

  72. I stand corrected, I guess.

    But no matter where Larry the Cable Guy was born, no matter how many “towelhead” references he makes, you know what that guy is?

    Not funny.

    Re: The Phightin’ Phils.
    Brett Myers is one of those annoying pitchers who I always feel we should beat. He gives up a ton of HRs, but every time I go to a Phils/Braves game he beats us.

    Marcus, however, does kill him (370/452/815 in 27 AB with 6 2Bs & 2 HRs).

  73. Great, so if we just run out the following lineup:


    We should be just fine!

  74. Is Larry the Cable Guy the one that says “Get R Done?” I have some friends who say that, but I don’t know what it means.

  75. Here’s my pop culture radar for 5/3/06:

    Daily Show
    Arctic Monkeys
    TNT Halftime Shows (but not the actual games)
    Aimee Mann
    Simpsons/Family Guy/South Park

    Ummm…that’s about it. Oh, almost forgot, add one case of Miller Lite, and it’s hello weekend!

  76. Stephen (and anyone else who cares)….from the Rome newspaper:
    “Rome left-hander Beau Jones, a first-round pick in last year’s draft, was scheduled to start Tuesday, but he was put on the disabled list earlier in the day (retroactive to Saturday) with a strained right oblique muscle. He’s expected to be able to pitch again next Tuesday.”

  77. Yea, Stu, my apologies. That wasn’t directly pointed towards you or anyone. Just a general statement.

    How bout some scores tonite…2-1? 3-2? 1-0?

  78. Larry the Cable Guy was born in Nebraska, but was raised and still lives in Sanford, Florida. Its just down the road a bit from me here in DeLand, and that is a real Florida Cracker accent he speaks in.

  79. Man, I’ve seen “Eight Men Out” a dozen times or so, but it still makes me incredibly sad at the end.

  80. Stu,

    I love that last scene in “Eight Men Out” with Shoeless Joe hitting the triple for the Hoboken team.

  81. Yeah, it’s powerful. It kills me, though. Great film. (It was just on my HDNet movie channel; that’s why I brought it up.)

  82. Stu,

    Vanderbilt baseball might be scary-good for the next couple of years. They are still in the top 25 with mostly Freshman and Sophomores. BA was touting Pedro Alvarez as the possible freshman of the year (see quote below):

    Vanderbilt freshman Pedro Alvarez hit six homers and drove in 17 runs in five games last week. He also walked six times and scored seven runs as the Commodores went 4-1 and won an SEC series against Georgia. Alvarez improved his season totals to .357/.500/.746 with 13 homers and 41 RBIs in 126 at-bats. Alvarez has thrust himself into top consideration for freshman of the year honors, and his explosive bat has Vanderbilt competing for first place in the SEC a year earlier than was expected of a team dominated by freshmen and sophomores. The junior and senior classes at Vanderbilt account for just two of the team’s top eight position players and three of its top 11 pitchers. So as good as the Commodores finish 2006, they’ll be even better in 2007.

  83. Even though I own the movie, if it’s ever on TV (and it’s on a lot) I usually stop what I’m doing and watch it. I love that flick, too. It just feels real & if you love baseball as much as I think we do, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it.

    A couple interesting things about it:

    Y’know, the director John Sayles plays the cynical sports writer Ring Lardner & Studs Terkel plays the writer who actually breaks the story.

    And has Michael Rooker ever played anything but a heavy?

    In “Eight Men Out” he’s the super-crooked Chick Gandil, in “Mississippi Burning” he’s the super-violent Klansman, in “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” he’s the title character. Some dark stuff there.

  84. Oh, I’m well aware, Parish. :)

    Alvarez was the headliner in the #1 recruiting class in the country this year.

    I’m definitely glad others are beginning to notice.

  85. Yeah, ububba, Rooker’s just got one of those faces, I think.

    I had no idea that reporter was Sayles. I’ve always thought he was kinda creepy looking–kinda like the gangster in the white suit in “The Untouchables.”

  86. “I’m forever blowing ballgames,
    pretty ballgames in the air.
    I come from Chi,
    I hardly try,
    just go to bat and fade and die.
    Fortune’s coming my way,
    that’s why I hardly care.
    I’m forever blowing ballgames,
    and the gamblers treat us fair.”

  87. the cable guy’s accent isn’t real. he’s bragged about being able to go in and out of it at any time. but i agree, ububba, he isn’t funny. never was.

  88. Second Bass–Thank you for the update. I think I got the info from Shanks, but when I looked at an editon of the Rome paper, the story you site had yet to appear–either that or I cannot read!

    Anyway, it is good to know that the injury does not sound serious.

    By the way, I want to Thank you for your Rome updates.

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