That’s a bit… much

Results of Special Negro Leagues and Pre-Negro Leagues Elections Seventeen people. Effa Manley becomes the first woman in the Hall of Fame. Now, I’m passingly familiar with segregated baseball, and these people generally do belong — there are lots of less qualified people in the Hall. They did a good job. But seventeen at once? … Continue reading “That’s a bit… much”

Non-baseball trivia question and open thread

As you should know by now, the Braves are America’s oldest professional sports franchise, pre-dating the National League by several years. Today’s question has two parts: 1. What is the oldest current professional basketball franchise? 2. What is the oldest current NBA team? The existence of question 2 should make obvious the answer the question … Continue reading “Non-baseball trivia question and open thread”

If Jordan makes the team…

AP Wire | 02/20/2006 | Langerhans works to keep starting role Once again, it will show that the Braves aren’t being serious. Bobby mentions two “longshot” pitchers, Jose Ascanio and Chad Paronto, as having made impressions. Paronto is listed at 250 pounds (so he must weigh at least 265) and spent last year with the … Continue reading “If Jordan makes the team…”