Other Outfield Possibilities

Not much. The Braves signed Brian Jordan to a minor league contract. Let us never speak of this again. Pete Orr can back up in the outfield if necessary, Thorman or Jurries could probably wear a glove and do a Klesko imitation. Billy McCarthy is still around in AAA (last I heard) after a catastrophic … Continue reading “Other Outfield Possibilities”


Just a note… When I talk about “peak value”, like Bill James (whom I am shamelessly copying) I’m not talking about what a player did any one season. I mean, Ken Caminiti in 1996 had a season roughly equivalent to Chipper’s best season (1999); that doesn’t mean Caminiti’s “steroid”-enhanced peak was as high as Chipper’s. … Continue reading “Peaking”

Murph and the Cobra

“Voting shall be based upon the player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played.” —Rules for Election to the Hall of Fame Dave Parker was maybe the best hitter in the National League in the late 1970s, a high-average hitter (winner of two batting titles) with … Continue reading “Murph and the Cobra”

Murphy List of the Day 2

NATIONAL LEAGUE 1985 RUNS CREATED RC 1 Dale Murphy 129 2 Tim Raines 126 3 Willie McGee 124 4 Pedro Guerrero 120 5 Ryne Sandberg 117 T6 Mike Schmidt 111 T6 Dave Parker 111 8 Tom Herr 107 T9 Keith Hernandez 99 T9 Keith Moreland 99 I was looking at the National League MVP voting … Continue reading “Murphy List of the Day 2”