Horacio Ramirez

The longest-tenured pitcher on the staff other than Smoltz, even though he isn’t any good. Last season, his ERA (4.63) finally matched his 2003-04 peripherals, only to see his peripherals get even worse. His strikeout rate was the worst in the National League (3.56/9IP — next worst was 4.35) and he allowed 31 homers (sixth … Continue reading “Horacio Ramirez”

Berger and Murphy

This actually grew out of my “Top 40” (or however many I settle on) research. I was perusing through Win Shares, because it’s the best way I’ve found to compare hitters across time. Anyway, there’s something very odd in Wally Berger’s record there. Win Shares, by season, 1930-36: 26 31 26 36 33 21 23 … Continue reading “Berger and Murphy”

Murphy and Wynn

In the New Historical Abstract, Bill James rates Dale Murphy as the twelfth-best centerfielder of all time. Nine of the men ahead of him are in the Hall of Fame; a tenth, Junior Griffey, will certainly be in. The eleventh is Jimmy Wynn. Jimmy Wynn Statistics – Baseball-Reference.com Jimmy Wynn, in 1969, the year of … Continue reading “Murphy and Wynn”