Rosenthal: Still goofy – MLB- These off-season issues have lingered The Braves. Still without a closer, they likely will trade for another reliever, probably a hard-throwing youngster, by Opening Day. Um… Ken… I’m not saying that the Braves won’t do that. It’s just that they already have lots of hard-throwing youngsters. Boyer, McBride, Villareal, Devine — these … Continue reading “Rosenthal: Still goofy”

Why I’m not worried about the Mets

Braves Journal: Amazing Mess I was looking for something in the archives and came across this. Some people just don’t learn. Actually, you can change the people and they make the same mistakes. The Mets’ 2003 planned Opening Day lineup: CF Roger Cedeno 2B Robby Alomar C Mike Piazza LF Cliff Floyd 1B Mo Vaughn … Continue reading “Why I’m not worried about the Mets”