Philosophy and Comparisons

The question of Dale Murphy‘s Cooperstown candidacy is primarily a philosophical one. There is no question that his peak years were of a Hall of Fame caliber; no player with a clearly superior peak is not in, and those with roughly equal peaks who are not are not in for readily evident reasons. At the … Continue reading “Philosophy and Comparisons”


I am going to refer to a set of Bill James-invented and -inspired standards in some future articles. Explanations for all are available at Baseball Reference. Black-Ink Test Gray-Ink Test Hall of Fame Career Standards Test Hall of Fame Monitor Murphy does well on all but the Career Standards; his Black Ink rating is superb. … Continue reading “Standards”

Keltner List of the Day

The Keltner List was developed by Bill James as a device to evaluate a player’s Hall of Fame candidacy. In The Politics of Glory James says that it is probably his favorite tool to do that. (You can read about the background in that book, or do a Google search, for further information.) So let’s … Continue reading “Keltner List of the Day”

Everybody go read this

I was going to make it the first item in my “book club” but I never got around to it. Anyway, you’ll see where I was coming from, and covers many of the arguments I made and will make. The hardcover title is The Politics of Glory, and that is probably what a library will … Continue reading “Everybody go read this”