Now I’m feeling sorry for them

AP Wire | 12/30/2005 | Marlins add infielder Helms and catcher Olivo

Wes Smelms, back in the NL East! Miguel Olivo occasionally looks like a decent player but most of the time makes Eddie Perez look like Javy Lopez.

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11 thoughts on “Now I’m feeling sorry for them”

  1. And i love how info on the Marlins doings comes from “” (well i know ultimately it comes from the AP, still…)

  2. Maybe the Marlins are shooting for something our of Major League. They do have the Miami connection, and the team seems like it could be about that bad, Now all they need is Bob Euker and that peel-off poster.


    Michael Hill, Asst. GM
    I never heard of half these guys. And the ones I do know are way past their prime.

    Larry Beinfest, GM
    Most of these guys never had a prime.

    Orrin Freeman, Head Scout
    [pointing to sheet] This guy here is dead!

    Jeff Loria, Owner
    Cross him off, then.

  4. He didn’t “leave out” a comma. He screwed up the first sentence by adding extra commas so it didn’t make sense. Also, my post was clearly meant in the spirit of fun. Really, he needs to take a deep breath before he posts next time.

  5. “If I can get even one smidge of information from an interview that people have yet to hear, then I have done my job.”

    at least he has high aspirations. in my book that smidge would be about all that would be fit to post. people don’t read blogs for regurgitation.

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