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  1. Tejada is still demanding a trade and he’s even unhappier than he was three weeks ago.

    Any ideas? Renteria and who else? Orioles want pitching prospects.

    Not that I think this will happen. The Boston deal is the best they’ve got.

  2. If the Sox are really gonna send Baltimore Manny & Clement (as has been mentioned), we shouldn’t even entertain this notion.

  3. I doubt we are entertaining this option. As nice as it may be to have Tejada at short, the price may be too high in terms of high level prospects. I don’t think JS is interested in depleting one of the best farm systems in the majors.

  4. I’m still waiting for Erin Andrews to be traded to my erogenous zone. Yowsers, she looked good on the Neb v. UM telecast. I noted she looked a little weighty in the chestal region, could she be w/child? Who dares defile EA in such a way?


  5. I keep reading all these crazy trade rummors for Manny. THey are all nuts and there is no way they get him, and even if they did he is about to be on his way down. He is a below average defender, clubhouse cancer, and I bet he would be around a 30 HR hitter, at best, in that stupid ball park.

  6. The Boston front office, has no clue on how to run a ball club. They will have to pay someone about $10-12mil per year to take Manny (unless the Mets want that salary). Just wait until the day they are paying more money to players they’ve traded than the players who are on their current roster.

  7. It’s kind of funny that the Florida Marlins signed Pokey Reese when they already have a player who’s a better solution at second base.

    Of course, I’m talking about Mike Mordecai.

  8. Tejada would be costly in money and prospects, but he would elevate the club to an entirely different level for the next 3-4 years.

    Chipper isnt going up from here. Andruw can be counted on for last years numbers. Francour is a wildcard and we have nothing at first base, and serviceable options in Left. I dont think the braves could make it happen, but I’d like to see a go for broke move on one of the decades great ballplayers. My only reservations with Tejada is that he is “demanding” a trade. But, if I played in Baltimore and had hopes of ever getting a champtionship, demanding a trade is the only option. With the Yank-O’s, Sux, and now Toronto throwing money at anything that moves, its not a good time to be an Oriole.

  9. I think Pokey may play short.

    If I were the Sox I would package a deal with Cleveland and New York that brought me David Wirght, Cliff Floyd, and Co Co Crisp for Manny and Marte, maybe even get another theam that would land me a short stop

  10. By the way, JAc Holtzman, that was some of the creepiest shit I’ve read in a while. so impertinent, so descriptive, and mixing in the issue of motherhood….. What in the world?

  11. Don’t be so quick to covet Tejada, folks. With Renteria back in the National League, I think he is very likely to return to his All Star form of his tenure with St Louis.

  12. Renteria at his very, very best is no match for Tejada in a below-average year. I’ll continue coveting him, thanks.

  13. Renteria is the same age as Tejada. He has had one excellent and two very good years offensively. The other 7, including the last two, one in the NL and the other in a very hitter friendly park no less, sucked. Renteria is entering his age 30 season. He is going to suck with the bat. Get used to it. Tejada has had six straight very good to excellent seasinbs offensively, two excellent in a row, in a very tough park to hit in. He is going to be at least a very good hitter next year, and probably an excellent one. He even has about the same contract value as Renteria. Think I’ll go cry now about how we could have packaged Marte and gotten a real offensive shortstop, instead of the Renteria Memorial To Schuerholzian Risk Aversion.

  14. Jim Baker over at BP talks about an upcoming “milestone” for the Braves franchise. Ever since 1923, the Braves have been below .500 as a franchise (historically speaking). Going into 1991, they were 526 games below .500. If the team goes 93-69 this season, they will end up back at .500 for a franchise. It’s an interesting read — the Prospectus Matchups column over there — if for no other reason than posterity.

  15. What is sad to me is that some of you keep bemoaning the fact that we have Renteria. Can’t ya’ll stop and let him play first for us before you start bashing him? I mean come on, yeah it would be nice to have Tejada but then at some point every one would start bemoaning the fact of who we gave up to get him. Focus on the positive. JS seems to know what he’s doing and Bobby is still Bobby. Until they start looking and winning like the Devil Rays, I’m going to trust them. I mean isn’t that what they get paid for?

  16. Incidentally, in just two short years, the Philadelphia Phillies can become the first team in pro sports history to lose 10,000 games. They’re at 8679-9879 right now, a .468 winning percentage (only the Padres, Devil Rays, Rangers, and Rockies are below that).

    Incidentally, only one franchise in Major League history has won 10,000 games–the New York/San Francisco Giants, more than 300 wins ahead of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Giants, and more than 800 wins ahead of the New York Highlanders/Yankees. Who woulda thunk?

  17. Tejada is a diva with his public trade demands. He signed with them in the first place. I mean, what was he thinking? Plus he seems to think the Blue Jays have gotten better… so he’s stupid to boot. I’ll pass.

  18. Well, the Giants have played eighteen more seasons than the Yankees so that’s less than fifty wins a year. That .567 winning percentage for the Yanks is ridiculous. It’s the equivalent of a 92-70 season in an average year.

    Note that the best record of any expansion team belongs to the D-Backs, but they’ll fall to .500 with a 77-85 year. The Astros are six games below .500. All the other expansion teams are way below and only the Blue Jays seem in striking distance.

  19. But Mac, the .540 record for the Giants–about 87.5 wins a year–is almost equally ridiculous, considering they haven’t won a World Series in 50 years, and they haven’t had the players the Yankees had. Just think of the last decade: the Yankees have had Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Roger Clemens, and Alex Rodriguez, all locks for the Hall; as well as Bernie Williams, Alfonso Soriano, Jorge Posada, David Cone, David Wells, and Andy Pettite, ALL of whom are better than any player the Giants have had in the past decade with the exception of B.B. and possibly Moises Alou.

    So I’d say that for a normal club–a team that isn’t the Yankees–that’s a pretty impressive win total.

  20. What is sad to me is that some of you keep bemoaning the fact that we have Renteria. Can’t ya’ll stop and let him play first for us before you start bashing him?

    He’s played for 9 seasons. There’s a pretty clear track record of his skills out there. I don’t bemoan that he plays for Atlanta. He’s a perfectly useful player. What I DO bemoan is that it cost us a Top 5 prospect and $8M per year to downgrade offensively from the in house option, assets that could have been spent on a corner OF/1B whic h we really do need.

  21. Nate, do you really think the Blue Jays haven’t gotten better? They may have overpaid, depending on how you rate such things, but they have certainly acquired some talent.

  22. Prospect being the keyword. If he gets in the hall of fame or becomes really good in the majors I say worry about it then. But I looked back through the archives one day and people were moaning about the fact that Chen was traded, Millwood, all of these so called “top prospects” who never panned out. How many prospects never pan out even though they might be in the “top 5”. All I’m saying is lets trust JS in his decisions.

  23. Andy, I think I’m not making my point clear – the point is not whether these prospects will be good or not, but if they are to be traded, let’s get maximum value for them.

    Do you think, really truly, the best Schuerholz could get for Millwood coming off an 18-8, 127ERA+ season, was a backup catcher? He was 27 and just set his career high in strikeouts.

    Do you really beleive that the best use of Andy Marte, the very best hitter in the Braves system and desired by many a GM, was to acquire an expensive, declining, Renteria?

  24. I believe given the constraits JS had, that Estrada was indeed the best he could do for Millwood. Maddux surprised everyone and chose arbitration, so JS had to stay true to the payroll and trade Millwood. The only team that was willing/able to do a straight salary add was the Phillies. Do you really think JS trades a good pitcher within the division if he has better offers elsewhere? He was whining like a brat after that trade. He hated that he had to make that trade.

  25. Even at that look at the trade. Millwood still hasn’t been consistent and we got a good catcher for a couple of years.
    You made your point clear, but lets say the rumors of Marte having a torn whatever it was are true. And personally I’d rather have Renteria than Lugo. That was the only other rummor I heard out there. You say other people were asking for him, but what were getting in return? And what else were we having to give up? As other post stated we also got money thrown in as well.
    Renteria has been a good shortstop, a lot better than others seems to be making him out to be and I think he’ll do well in Atlanta.

  26. I agree that Renteria will do well in Atlanta. He may not be the best shortstop in the league, but he’s alot better than most. And, he has the incentive to ‘make up’ for a bad seaon in Boston. He’s got the right mindset, eager to be back in the National League. Any way you cut it, he is now a Brave, and most of you seem to be Braves fans. He’s our shortstop, so ‘get on board’, quit bemoaning coulda woulda shoulda, trust the best GM in the league and start being supportive.

  27. That’s crazy. The Mets are still very much improved over last year, but they’d better hope Glavine has another good year in him.

    This has to be the most retarded trade of the offseason, though not quite of the magnitude of giving away Marte. Either one of Heilman or Seo would be a better setup man than Baez could ever dream of being. To downgrade AND give up prospects is something only the Mets could think up.

  28. By the way Stu, that link was hilarious.

    “You can call us Aaron Burr by the way we droppin Hamiltons.” That’s fantastic.

  29. Omar Minaya appears to have put all his eggs in one basket, because they are set up to win in the next two or three years and suck after 2008 or 2009. It is possible to find middle ground, but not many teams seem to be very good at it.

    As for Tejada, my inside source tells me the Braves are not on a list of about 8 teams the Orioles are listening to, so I don’t think Schuerholz has any designs. I for one am sick of Tejada mouthing off, no matter how correct he may be, and hope they ship him out.

  30. Well according to a lot of people, we downgraded and gave up a better prospect than anything the Mets could give up.

    I’m not one of those people, however; I don’t think this is the 2005 version of the Millwood trade. I don’t think we got fleeced, we didn’t mortgage our future, and I DEFINITELY don’t think Betemit is an improvement over Renteria, even with salary taken into consideration.

  31. Has anyone heard more about the Langerhans – Riske trade? Seems like nothing new has happened since the news came up a week ago…

  32. Fun question: What is the dumbest/funniest name of a bowl game this year?

    My nomination: San Diego City Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl.

    My dad goes hysterical every time he hears “Meineke Car Care Bowl,” though.

  33. I believe that the Sun Bowl (formerly the John Hancock Bowl, remember those days?) was sponsored by Vitalis this year. I didn’t know they still made Vitalis. Still, it doesn’t match the glory days of the Poulan/Weed Eater Independence Bowl, or the Humanitarian Bowl.

  34. Jenny, I am also a fan of the “Meineke Car Care Bowl,” but I think another ridiculous name is the “ev1.net Houston Bowl.”

  35. Houston has the best collection of names. That game used to be the Galleryfurniture.com Bowl. And the old game that petered out a couple decades ago was called the Bluebonnet Bowl and the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl.

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