A couple of people were wondering about supporting this site. As I’ve said, it doesn’t cost me much, just a few bucks a year for the domain name. I can’t speak for the owners of BravesBeat, though nobody’s suggested any fundraising for now.

If you’d like to support me, I’m shameless enough to allow you. I’ve put up my Amazon begging bowl again at War Liberal, in the upper righthand (ironic, in a way) corner. Or, should you desire to shop at Amazon, you can use the search at War Liberal (just above the tip jar) rather than at Amazon — I get a (very) little cut that way.

I know some people don’t like Amazon, and would prefer PayPal. Personally, I don’t see EBay (which owns PayPal) as more acceptable, but the real reason is that I can’t figure out how to put up a PayPal link!

As for why it’s there instead of here, the main reason is that I don’t want MLB to sue me like they have a couple of other sites they thought were trying to profit. I’ve never heard of going after someone just for Amazon tips but you can never tell with those guys.

5 thoughts on “Shameless”

  1. From

    The Atlanta Braves have acquired outfielder Matt Diaz from the Kansas City Royals for minor league pitcher Rico Rodriguez.

  2. Here is his Baseball Reference page. I am not sure what this trade is about. I thought we had a glut of young outfielders. Can someone throw some light on this for me?

  3. Good question. Diaz is not even young, but at least he is inexperienced. The good news was that he did cost much either…

  4. Interesting. I’ve never heard of him. He has absolutely killed AAA pitching, although at times being a bit old for his level (YOB 1978)- 341/386/ 577 in 1000+ AB’s, but has never really gotten much of a look at the ML level. He definitely has what they call “upside”.

  5. From the good posters over at Baseball Primer, the word is almost uniformly positive – here are some snips from the discussion when he was DFA’d this week

    There’s nothing wrong with Diaz, look at who released him.

    Actually, I don’t blame Tampa for letting him go, given how stacked they are in the outfield.

    Allard on the other hand…

    If Diaz got a chance he’d be Kevin Millar + some defense, a lot like Craig Wilson. He’s not great in the outfield, but he wouldn’t hurt you playing in left. Obviously he can play first, and supposedly can catch too.

    His character has nothing to do with his release either. He’s super-religious, his mother is a popular christian author, and I believe his dad is a minister. He said he signed with KC last year because they were honest with him and told him he’d start in AAA, whereas other teams were promising he’d be in the majors when they obviously didn’t have room for him.

    Shitty move for him to be DFA’d, especially since all the roster crunch in KC is due to Allard bringing up (then quickly sending down) a bunch of 19 year olds from AA.

    and the opposing view

    Matt Diaz=Ken Harvey with patience.

    Check that. Matt Diaz walked 12 times in 260 ABs in Omaha last year. He’s Ken Harvey good twin brother.

    He’s also Mike Sweeney with a glove.
    Nice bench player/part time DH, but nothing more

    Here’s the whole thread.

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