14 thoughts on “Disturbing trivia and open thread”

  1. Maybe we should ban Chipper and Smoltz from riding in cars in case this is some sort of curse.

    I just found out the most earth-shattering news of the year: the “Greek God of Walks” is NOT Greek. Kevin Youkilis called into a radio station to talk about the Bengals and when they threw out the “half-Greek” thing, he said he’s actually ROMANIAN. Wow. A whole chapter in Moneyball and the clever nickname is wrong? I am in shock!

    Oh, yeah, and then he said he was Jewish and the hosts were accidentally like “Merry Christmas!” when he hung up. LOL.

  2. I knew Youkilis was Jewish, but I didn’t know the family was Romanian. Ah well. There aren’t many Jews in Greece any more, although apparently Thessaloniki used to have a pretty sizable population (they were pretty much all Sephardim from along the Mediterranean; it wasn’t an Eastern European Ashkenazic population at all).

    Hopefully someone can find a starting job for him some day, somewhere. I’d rather have him as the next Shawn Green than the next Mike Mordecai.

  3. I remember Oliva too. He was a really feast-or-famine kind of guy, either hitting a homer or striking out, and more often the latter.

    Damn, that’s a sobering thought. Here’s hoping the rest of the champs, wherever they are, are safe.

  4. Rick Honeycutt from North Georgia was just named pitching coach of the Dodgers. Rumor had it he wasnted to go to Atlanta and the Braves wanted him, but he had already signed a contract with LA.

  5. Goodness those KC people aren’t that bright, are they? I mean, this could be nothing but they never gave the kid a shot.

  6. OK, I take back the kid part (since he’ll be 28 come Spring). But still. Potentially nice little pickup if’n they don’t plan to waste him in Richmond all year.

  7. i may have come of as sarcastic in my post but i think it could be good. especially if we use KJ or Langer to acquire a closer.

  8. I’ll wait for confirmation, but my initial reaction is bleah. A corner outfielder who hit .281 .323 .404 in a neutral park? He has some good minor league numbers the last couple of years, but he was 26 and 27, he should have hit.

  9. I always liked Sharperson. He and Mike Deveraux, never really became the stars many thought they would be coming up through the LA System.

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