Open thread and admission

I don’t think anyone will really be surprised by this, but I was “DANNY”.



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102 thoughts on “Open thread and admission”

  1. Hey Mac, do you think Alex will return next year or is he really gone for good? There is no way he doesnt read this site, he’s too loyal to leave for good.

  2. You don’t think anybody will really be surprised by this? I’m surprised. Maybe I’m just dumb. This is bigger than Deep Throat!


  3. That’s awesome Mac, I have always been guessing that Danny is you. I thought Danny will just leave us forever and he will become a legend on here!

  4. JC, I just find the rumor about Marte having tear in his elbow rather hard to believe. I mean, if the guy is hurt, you wouldn’t think he will still be playing winter ball, right?! There is no reason for the Braves to leak this rumor to save face because the Braves believe they are getting an all-star shortstop and $11M in return for Marte. I still think it is the TB people who are mad at themselves because of missing out the chance of getting Marte.

  5. You can start one for free at Blogger. You want something more robust, you have to pay a little, but it’s not really a whole lot, maybe $50 a year. But once you get more traffic the costs can rise pretty dramatically. Merv, and now Kyle, have done a lot to keep this place open.

  6. Mac, I think we have a pretty close group of guys here who just love to discuss about the Braves. If you need further help to keep this site going, just let me know.

  7. that mets guy is a tool. he wants to make a living off being a mets fan??? i’d rather have a 50 years sentence of hard labor.

    I think a new post should be: Name the Car that Most Exemplifies a Met

    (1) Mo Vaugh = Range Rover: bulky, inefficient, overpriced, unreliable

    (2) Jose Reyes = Lamborghini: fast as hell, but the frequent break downs kill the thrill

    (3) Kris Benson = Pontiac Firebird: appears powerful and fast, adored by Redneck, trashy women, but seeing it in action leads to disapointment and high repair bills.

  8. Where he stops, nobody knows:

    According to two major league baseball front-office sources, the Red Sox went into last night primed to pull off a deal with Cleveland which would send newly-acquired third baseman Andy Marte and relief pitcher Guillermo Mota to the Indians for outfielder Coco Crisp.

    I don’t get it–it’s a really convoluted way of ending up with Coco Crisp.

  9. That’s about eighteen times what Crisp is worth. If I’m Cleveland, I do that deal regardless of whether I sign Nomar.

    And for some reason, losing Marte to Cleveland doesn’t seem as bad as losing him to the Red Sox.

    I don’t believe the deal, though. It doesn’t really make sense for the Red Sox.

  10. Best quote in that article:

    The 22-year-old was going to most likely platoon with Adam LaRoche at first base next season if he stayed with the Braves.

    That’s a case of a writer extrapolating using common sense instead of reporting on what would actually be likely to occur.

  11. Marte and Mota for Coco Crisp? Someone actually thinks the Red Sox are that stupid? They know what Marte’s worth, if this author ever bothered to read any actual articles or talk to their front office. Wonder who his source was? Maybe this is the same person that planted the Marte injury story (*cough* Tampa *cough).

    I spit soda on the desk when I read that one!

    And did anyone see PayRod’s comments about not participating in the WBC? Easy to figure out why no one likes him.

  12. Actually, I thought PayRod’s comments were decent. I mean, if it were me, I’d pick a team and play. But I think his reasoning is valid.

  13. Ok but the Braves got a fair deal, so I don’t see how this is inexplicable. Furthermore, I haven’t read or heard any comments from the Boston front office, that they were desperate to unload Renteria. It is my understanding that the Braves approached the Red Sox and they worked out a deal.

  14. If the Red Sox were desperate to unload Renteria, they would not have traded Hanley Ramirez a week earlier. According to Jed Hoyer, they weren’t even thinking about it until Schuerholz approached them with the Marte offer, and then they jumped all over it. (“It’s a deal you can’t pass up,” I think he said). Which is better, us getting a guy they were desperate to unload or us making them an offer they were so excited about that they then wanted to unload him despite having no replacement? I’m not sure. But this thing has been beaten to death already.

  15. I think that Marte was traded for the $’s not for Renteria. We could have gotten Renteria for a lesser prospect(but then Boston doesn’t throw in the $11 Million).

  16. If Boston was to make that trade who would you rather have. Coco Crisp or Renteria and $11 mil. Sounds like we got the best end of that deal if it was between the two. It’s probably just a rumor, though.

  17. The way I see it is that usually in a deal where one team is getting some money in return they have to throw in an extra prospect or two. So if we analyze the trade more, the Braves got a starting SS, and $11 million for one prospect. That’s just why I don’t see it as inexplicable.

  18. Justin, I agree. We got an Allstar SS, yes he might of had a bad year, but we got him for someone that wouldnt play for us for several years. The bigger question – Is Marte really injured and that’s why Boston is trying to dump him for Crisp?

  19. I am no longer going to fret about Andy Marte. If he becomes the next, um, Chipper Jones, so be it. If he becomes our lost Jeff Bagwell, well…tough.

    Renteria’s our shortstop and Marte’s out of the picture. Can we please score a decent closer?


  20. AJC reports the Braves are interested in Jeff Conine as a backup at 1st. They also report an offer has been made to Seanez.

  21. The Braves got the right to pay Edgar Renteria $9+ million/year for the next three years. Given the market for SS, and his historical production, that probably reflects his true market value. (If you want to quibble with this, fine, but my point goes on.) Then we gave up $8 million dollars to allow the Red Sox have the rights to Marte for the next 5/6 years (I’m not sure which is right given his service time). The $3 million buyout is irrelevant, since the Braves wouldn’t have to pay it unless they added Renteria, and that money goes straight to Edgar. Is Marte worth more that $8 million over 5 years (I’ll be conservative though I’m almost certain it’s 6) over what they would have to pay him? That’s the question to be asked when evaluating this deal. You also need to work in the cost of an alternate short stop, but with Betemit around it seems the cost is low. I think he’s worth more than that.

  22. How did the Braves give up $8 million dollars? It seems that they received it, to pay for Renteria’s contract.

  23. Yeah but he is a lefty bat and it seems that the Braves should be in the market for a right handed hitting leftfielder to platoon with either Langy or KJ, I just don’t see both of those guys staying around.

  24. i am tired of all the platooning talk. i would love to have a 1st basemen that we would not have to discuss platooning. hell, put betemit over their and trade laroche to the swamp beavers. put betemit at 1st and get burnitz. lineup
    c. jones
    a. jones

    sounds nice to me

  25. We got the right to pay Edgar Renteria $9m x 3. This is roughly his free market value. If he were a free agent today, we could sign him for this price.

    However, we got him and his free market contract along with $8m in exchange for Andy Marte. Boston is betting EITHER that Marte will be worth more than $8m over 6 years (it is 6, JC, although depending on his service time he could be arb-eligible for up to 4 of those years) he is guaranteed to be under contract to them, OR that Renteria will be worth less than 27m over the next three, OR both.

    We are making the opposite bet.

  26. Ryan the only problem w/ that is Langy batted almost .300 against LH and .260 against RH. A platoon wouldn’t help us

  27. sorry… i am just trying to find a way to get laroche out of the lineup. i really dont like him in the lineup at all. i would love nomar at 1st and keep everything else the same, but it looks as though we are not even pursuing him. if the braves picked up nomar, they could do a 3 way platoon with nomar/betemit at 1st and nomar/k. johnson in left with langerhans being the 4th outfielder.

  28. O.K. I finally read the story about arod’s reason for not playing in the WBC. How lame is that? I don’t understand how complicated his decision really could be. I was thinking earlier that since my grandpa is of German heritage, I’ll be representing the German people when internet browsing becomes an Olympic sport. I’ll just forget the FACT that I was born and raised in the USA!!!

  29. Read this from Fox Sports:

    Sports Wife of the Year
    Last year, Anna Benson, wife of New York Mets pitcher Kris Benson, caused a ruckus when she threatened to have sex with the entire team if she ever caught her husband cheating on her.

    “I told him, cheat on me all you want. If you get caught, I’m going to screw everybody on your entire team. Coaches, trainers, players. I would do everybody on his whole team,” she told Howard Stern on his radio show.

    “Even the coaches?” Stern asked. “What about, like, the bat boys?”

    “Everybody would get a turn,” Anna pledged. “If my husband cheated on me and embarrassed me like that, I will embarrass him more than he could ever imagine.”

    The Mets put Benson on the trade block this winter, perhaps because Anna, a former “exotic dancer,” had negotiated with Playboy for a pictorial spread. (The two sides failed to reach a monetary agreement.)

    “We would never, ever have signed with New York if they had said they were going to trade us,” she told the Daily News. “I was Miss (Politically Correct) for the Mets the entire time I was there.”

    Anna also criticized new Mets slugger Carlos Delgado, who refused to stand for the singing of “God Bless America” with his previous two teams as a political statement.

    “How are they going to sit there and say it’s so controversial when they sign someone like Delgado, who turns his back on our flag?” Benson said. “Playboy is all-American. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Cindy Crawford has posed. They didn’t turn their back on the flag.”

    No, but they did fly their skirts at half-mast.

  30. Anna Benson could singlehandedly set the female empowerment movement back 30 years. I find it funny that she thinks having sex with everybody on the Mets would embarrass her husband more than it would embarrass her. Since I’m female, I feel entitled to say, “Anna, get back in the kitchen.”

  31. I actually understand ARod’s decision. His immediate family is from there, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. I mean in the long run fans are nice, but we’re fickle and his family is what really counts is it not? So rather than have to choose between his family and the fans he choose not to play. I mean come on yeah the guy gets paid lots of money but can you honestly say which one you would choose? There’s a big difference between your grandparents being born there and your parents. I mean Piazza is playing for the Italians and I don’t think he was born there.

  32. My problem with ARod is that he never takes a stand on anything. He goes so out of his way to try to please everybody and be perfectly neutral that it’s annoying. It’s like he’s trying to be his own PR agent. His statements always sound really contrived.

  33. He goes so out of his way to try to please everybody and be perfectly neutral that it’s annoying.

    That’s why everyone hates him, methinks…

    Burnitz sucks. He won’t give you anything that Langer or KJ wouldn’t.

  34. Burnitz sucks. He won’t give you anything that Langer or KJ wouldn’t.

    Well, unless you consider “slowness” and “being washed-up” to be something. Let’s not go back to the has-been strategy, okay?

  35. Having seen Burnitz’s one suck-ass year with the Mets, his swing reminded me of a left-handed Brad Komminsk. And wouldn’t you know it–the results were similar.

    He’s an all-out-effort/no-excuses kinda guy and a feast-or-famine type player (pretty good power, lotsa Ks). He just had the worst season you’ll ever see a guy have (think Reggie Sanders for the Braves). He seems to have recovered somewhat from ever having to wear a Mets uniform. I don’t think we need him, but he doesn’t appear to be washed up & he’s certainly better than Modesi/Jordan/fill-in-the-blank-old-guy we’ve been recycling recently.

    Jenny–You’re right on the button about A-Rod. There’s a fakeness about him that’s highly annoying. He’s a marvel to watch, but I just can’t dig the dude, sorry.

  36. Can someone please explain to me why the new biography of Lou Gehrig is called “Luckiest Man?” I would hardly call dying of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis lucky. I’ve heard it’s an awful way to die. Very strange choice of title.

  37. The title comes from Gehrig’s farewell speech at Yankee Stadium, in which he refers to himself as “the luckiest man alive” or something to that effect.

  38. I’m not surprised! REALLY!!!!!!!!! I was 100% sure Danny was you because I had enough evidence.
    One day I saw Danny was interviewing. He had a bushy beard (To be frank….I am afraid of that guys. No actually, I extremely don’t like it) and his face got red with an expression of tension. He was gentle to the reporter. Unexpectedly I thought he was so lovely. I changed my mind, so I enjoyed them .
    Danny is cute but you’re not even if I do’t know well about you. I hope you are angry about that! See?

  39. do you honestly think that our left-fielders will have a better year than burnitz would have in the left field spot? burnitz might be older, but he is by no means washed up. also, he doesnt seem to have to many injury problems. mac, even by you that is a bad comparison. last year, jordan and mondesi were washed up, but burnitz still has a couple of good years left in him.
    i guess there is no sense in speculating any deals, but i have come to realize that no matter what you say on this blog, someone is not going to like it.

  40. i was just thinking, i hope marcus does lead off next year. i bet the braves would score more 1st inning runs than they have previously. first of all, marcus is a doubles machine. secondly, he wont be batting second to screw up a bunt.
    box score: marcus doubles, renteria sacrifices, chipper flies out, 1-0. it seemed as though we hardly ever jumped out in the first inning last year. chipper might set a rbi record for himself

  41. I’m pretty sure that both our left fielders will top the mighty .322 OBP that Burnitz put up last year in 600 ABs, so yes, they’ll have a better year. Which isn’t even to mention how much better Langerhans is defensively, (and Kelly will keep improving as he gets more OF play in).

  42. Langy and KJ will improve. Burnitz is old and slow which are two knocks against him before you even get to actually hitting the ball where, once again, the young guys have him there as well.

  43. OK, I am pumped for the Patriots-Bucs game tomorrow. Really pumped. Y’all can imagine pathetic me sitting on my couch in my Tom Brady jersey all afternoon tomorrow. It’s going to be great.

    Only if the Pats win and Brady doesn’t reinjure his leg, of course.

    And I second Malone’s comment, I’ve wiped Kolb from my memory as a psychological defense mechanism.

  44. ryan, Langerhans and KJ will give the Braves at least the same output as Burnitz will at one-ten of the cost.

    Malone, I am glad you have short memory!!!

  45. Is Jarrod Saltalamacchia going to play for Italy in the World Baseball Classic? He could outhit Mike Piazza at this point.

    By the way, Mike Piazza wasn’t born in Italy; he’s just doing it because there aren’t really any Italian nationals in the major leagues, like when Jason Simontacchi played on the Italian Olympic baseball team.

    But I sure hope Archi Cianfrocco will be able to get at least a coaching job with Italy’s WBC team. He had my favorite name of any major league player, ever.

  46. Yes, Kyle, and I have both a home and a road jersey (replica, of course, who wants to pay $250 for a shirt?)! Sick yet? There are a lot worse jerseys, though. I could, for example, own a Kyle Boller jersey. Or a Joey Harrington jersey.

    Or, going back a bit further, Ryan Leaf.

  47. you guys are probably right. i am just not happy with this team and hope a good move will happen in the future. i would love to see a big slugger take laroche’s spot, but it looks as though that is not on the priority list.

  48. ryan, I know exactly what you mean. That’s why most of us are angry about trading Marte for Renteria. If the Braves have money to spend and are willing to trade Marte, I would expect them getting somebody like Dunn/Delgado type of slugger in return.

  49. Mac-
    You mentioned Merv in an earlier post, as in, I assume, the Merv who posts at Yes? Where is Merv these days? The last thread says “on vacation.” Man, that’s some vacation! I try to open discussions here about the Braves farm system now and then (particularly Rome), but I don’t get many bites. I really want FutureBraves active again! What’s up???
    I love this place, Mac, don’t get me wrong….I just really love talking about the Minor Leagues from time to time…

  50. Hey Mac why doesn’t this site do like a donation type thing via paypal? I am sure that we could get enough money up to keep this site going… This is a braves community and it seems like a strong one. Having a voluntary donation link on here would work wonders..

  51. I’ve never been comfortable with that for me personally because the site doesn’t cost me anything, plus MLB has gone after sites that tried to profit. I used to have an Amazon tip jar on War Liberal and if you order from Amazon you can use the search box there (I get a cut).

    Merv ran and owned BravesBeat for a long time, but over the past year he’s had some real-world issues take time away, and recently he sold to Kyle. I don’t think it’s going to change anything.

  52. Mets sign DARREN OLIVER.

    Sure its just an NRI and he probably wont be allowed to make the team but I love the idea of him pitching for them in AUgust. oh i love the Mets

  53. At Lou Gehrig Day at Yankee Stadium after had had been diagnosed with ALS, in his speech, Gehrig said, “people say I’ve been given a tough break but I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” Check out “Pride of the Yankees” where Gary Cooper (playing Gehrig)does a very poor job of portraying a baseball player, but does give the speech.

  54. Yeah, you guys need to reent “Pride of the Yankees”

    In other news, can anyone believe that the Tennessee Volunteers beat Texas, at Texas, by 17?

  55. How about believing that the Pats beat the Bucs 28-0? I didn’t see that one coming.

    Or how about believing that Tony Siragusa has lost 110 pounds? And he still looks fat. It’s pretty incredible; the guy lost more weight than I weigh IN TOTAL and he’s still three times my size. Shocking.

  56. That Boston trade buzz has got me wondering.

    Does anyone here think they should have tried to go out and get Crisp and leave Betemit at short?

    I’m not one of the many dissatisfied with this trade, I’m just wondering what everyone else thinks.

  57. oh god Ryan Leaf… That has gotta be one of the worst feelings ever, one draft pick away from Peyton Manning. It’s like in 97 in the NBA when the No. 1 overall was Tim Duncan… and No. 2… Keith Van Horn.

    Gotta love sports.

  58. Who’s the link for, Joey, me or Tony Siragusa? I can’t speak for him, but I don’t have an eating disorder :-)

  59. Braves fans love this one especially, when it comes to late round prizes:

    Marcus Giles: 53rd Round

    and my favorite, Mike Piazza: 62nd round, which no longer exists, I might add in.

  60. Brady went late because all the scouts looked at was the combine numbers, how skinny he was, and how well he didn’t run (being a catcher in HS does that to you; if he’d gone to the Expos when they drafted him we might be facing him instead of Brian Schneider). They forgot the part about actually playing football.

    I don’t think the baseball draft goes over 50 rounds any more. And I guarantee Marcus would have gone higher if he was two inches taller. It’s pretty ridiculous, actually.

  61. Jenny, Brady went late for another reason — he couldn’t beat out failed Yanks 3B prospect Henson to start at Michigan for most of his college career.

  62. Wish I knew how to do that fancy box thing… This is from Len Pasquarelli’s football column on ESPN.COM

    “…Falcons owner Arthur Blank might kick the tires a little, but in the end, probably won’t make a run at buying the Atlanta Braves, who went on the market last week. Blank, by the way, isn’t thrilled by the performance of the Falcons this year. Even before the Sunday night loss at Chicago, the team had taken a step backward after going to the NFC title game in 2004.”

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