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  1. The fact of the matter is, there are hundreds of teams it would be worse to be a fan of than the Braves. Take, for example, the Baltimore Ravens. Their offense should star in a sitcom revolving around athletic incompetence. We were “lucky” enough to get their game yesterday and spent much of the time rolling around on the floor laughing at Kyle Boller.

    Although the Royals are pretty damned bad.

  2. Rumors of Nomar wearing a tomahawk are flying all around…is he the next Raul Mondesi or the next J.D. Drew for the Braves?

  3. John Thomson to STL? Who would we get in return? I think Thomson is more valuble to us than anyone we could get back from the Cards (minus Albert)

  4. My uncle played for the royals when they won it in 85, so i’m a big fan. Thanks for the story Mac, I know they are horrible but maybe one day………

  5. Hmm. Walker retired, Sanders is a free agent and persona non grata in the ATL anyway. Pujols is untouchable, Edmonds too expensive, they aren’t going to trade a starting pitcher for a starting pitcher. No need for another infielder, even if they were going to trade one. The Cards’ farm system is pretty bare, from what I know. That would mean relievers.

  6. He’s saying Thomson’s value went up because Morris–with whom Thomson is certainly equal, ability-wise–is set to make 9 million a year in this market, whereas Thomson is only making 4.75 million. Thus, Thomson is an incredibly good value to any team, not just the Cards.

  7. Thank you for clarifying that Stu.

    My thought is that we now have a pitcher who is making $4.75 mil and the market for that kind of player is $9 mil.

    Making Thomson a valuable trade chit. We could use him as a piece to get a closer or try to find LaRoche a platoon partner.


  8. why the urge to trade Thompson. He’s a pretty solid number 3 or 4. Why do we want to move him all of a sudden?

  9. I live in theRoyals backyard (Nebraska) I’ve been a Braves fan since their appearances in the WS in the 50’s, but I’ve followed the Royals since their inception. Not too far in the distant past (late 80’s) the Royals were one of the richest and most popular franchises. Kaufman Stadium drew crowds not only from KC, but from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. They had one of the most popular major leaguers in the 70’s and 80’s in George Brett and an absolute folk hero in Bo Jackson. Ewing Kaufman (Hallmark fortune) was a great owner who loved the Royals and Kansas City, unfortunately when Kaufman died he turned over the Royals in a trustfund to the unscrupilous David Glass(Walmart family) Although Glass made his money the old fashioned way(he married a Walton)and is I believe the seventh richest man in America, he believes totally in socialism when it comes to major league baseball. He has stood firm against spending any money or as far as I can tell (I go to 2-3 games a year) having fans have fun at the ballpark. Glass is currently working with Lamar Hunt (another obscenely rich socialist) to try and blackmail kc residents into building a new stadium. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH KAUFMAN STADIUM, IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! But it does not have a bunch of corporate skyboxes which are not subject to revenue sharing—he wants the good people of the KAYCEE area to ante up so he can keep them out of the skyboxes and make more millions. Every year he stocks his team with players that would have looked right at home on the Cleveland team in the Movie MAJOR LEAGUE. The Royals will suck as long as WALMART is running the team, what really frosts me, is he didn’t even have to come up with the cash to buy them, just meet some fiscal guarantees. So Paul Bako lives on in the grand tradition of other AA players playing in the show in KC. It’s GREAT to be a BRAVES’ fan!

  10. The Rangers have just traded a player to be named for Padilla. Not that that really fixes thier rotation, but it may reduce their urgency to get a starter. Plus, from what I’ve read, they’re asking A LOT for Mench. Way more than Thomson.

  11. The Rangers need a lot of pitching though, you are right Padilla definitely won’t solve their problems. I have read that Texas’ new GM is overpricing Mench as well, but figured surely he would come to his senses soon.

  12. It sounds like Jon Daniels is sort of a Chuck Lamar redux. One executive apparently joked that if you try to trade with him, he’ll ask for your firstborn and two pitchers, at the very least. Doesn’t sound too sane to me.

  13. I am with Smitty–why trade Thomson? He will probably have a great year for the Braves at a bargain price. I doubt that the Braves would ever get anything close to fair value in a trade.

  14. i’m actually getting more and more optimistic about this Renteria trade as time goes by.

    Braves mailbag suggests that Nomar is a possibility in left field. Maybe he’ll end up being this years J.D. Drew for the Braves?

    JS has something up his sleeve still, he’s not done yet.

  15. Is talk of N. Garciaparra still going to be banned/frowned upon when he signs with the Braves? ;)

    It appears like the front office is worrying about finding a closer. If we don’t spend (relatively) big there, Nomar seems somewhat likely…but the bigger need comes first.

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