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  1. That’s awesome observation Mac. Anyhow, a team losing six straight in September does not deserve to be in the playoff. They lost consecutive series to the Giants, the Phillis, the Marlins, the Braves, and the Cardinals. It’s time for them to go home.

  2. A frequently cited criticism is that Bobby Cox has only won 1 World Series. That the Blue Jays won 2 World Series under Cito Gaston has also been noted periodically.

    One of the reasons that the Blue Jays won 2 World Series is that they were willing to make the sort of traded that the Braves don’t tend to make (at least, not since the disasterous Len Barker trade).

    The 1992 Blue Jays traded a 24-year old Jeff Kent (along with Ryan Thompson) for a 5 week rental of David Cone. Cone only allowed 4 runs in his 2 World Series starts against the Braves, and the Blue Jays won both of his starts. Cone then left as a free agent in the off season.

    Kent has gone on to have what is probably a hall-of-fame career (though fortunately for the Braves, the Mets foolishly traded Kent for Carlos Baerga just as Baerga’s career was collapsing).

    I wonder how many Braves fans would have been willing to trade off a young future hall-of-famer (say a young Chipper or Andruw) in late August for a veteran rental that brought us 1 more World Series victory…

  3. 10 years from now, when people are talking about Roman Colon’s hall of fame career, there will be some talk of how the Braves made a mistake trading him to the tigers for a three month rental. Sure, Kyle Farnsworth closed out all four world series wins, but was it worth it?

  4. I haven’t bothered counting, but it might be interesting to note how many Friday Night Xtra games actually occur on Friday Night.

    Not interesting enough for me to spend 5 minutes going through the schedule on tbs.com or mlb.com, though.

  5. Then, there is that famous Smoltz – Alexander trade.

    Just wondering because I couldn’t remember, was Jeff Kent that big of a prospect back then? I remember Ryan Thompson was a big deal and Kent was an under-performed prospect stuck behind Alomer. If I remember right, Thompson was actually the key prospect in the Cone trade rather than Kent. Of course, we all know who turned out to have a better career…

  6. JoeyT:

    I have time. The answer is 7 out of 15 Xtra broadcasts are on Friday nights. None of them are for the remainder of the season. They’re all on Sundays.

    You’re welcome. ;-)

  7. One thing I have to admit is that I am certainly not the best person to critizise Bobby. I started following the Braves in 1990 (the first of my three years of living in Atlanta, or Marietta to be precise), and Bobby has been everything I have seen and followed closely. I am pretty sure, when Bobby finally retires, I will appreciate more on what Bobby accomplished then what Bobby didn’t.

    And no, I don’t think Gaston is a better manager than Cox and LaRussa. Saying the opposite is like arguing the Mets are better than the Braves, which is hopeless and impossible. At the end, there must be a reason why nobody offers Gaston another chance even though the Blue Jays won two World Series under him.

  8. I have enjoyed this discusion of Bobby for many reasons:
    1)We’ve all been able to stop worrying about LaRoche for awhile.
    2)Nobody brought up the “genius” of Sparky Anderson.
    3)In the glorious anxiety that comes from cheering for a team with this many rookies with incredible upside but no playoff experience; at least I have someone I know how to fret about.

    It’s a Sunday in September. Time for the Braves to send a message; to expose another pretender in the gNatspos. To put them away.

    Go Braves!

  9. Ok, I just tuned in. Bobby has GOT to stop hitting LaRoche fifth. A walk, a HBP, a double, an IBB, and then a sac fly. At least he got it out of the infield and didn’t GIDP!

    And is Marcus okay? Where did it hit him?

  10. Joe and Chip are the worst broadcasting duo in the world. Their hackneyed attempts at political commentary make it even worse.

  11. boyer hasnt been very effective in late innings. bobby probably used him in the 6th inning for a reason

  12. Why take Reitsma out here? Two fly outs and a single is hardly being lit up. Are the lefty/righty splits on the next batter really bad?

  13. at least now hopefully bobby will see that it should be mcbride and not foster as the first lefty out of the pen

  14. The most amazing thing is that the pen has conceded 5 runs and kolb isn’t involved. It might be more otherwise …

  15. no disrespect to bobby, and i understand today that the guys just sucked.

    but have you noticed he doesn’t just stop using these guys? Farnsworth, Boyer, and maybe a couple others are usually successful. yet, he doesn’t always use them.

  16. i hate our bullpen. if the bullpen converts just 4 of john’s win opportunities, then he could have had a chance at 20 wins this year. if they could have converted all of them he would be winning his 20th today. if i was smoltz, i would probably be in jail right now.

  17. joey, mcbride had one bad appearance against st. louis remember? and we need those strikeouts in situations where you dont want runners to move up…

  18. actually i clearly meant chipper was gonna hit the go ahead HR…of course i stupidly forgot there wouldnt be a walkoff since the braves are on the road

    God i am good

  19. so now that the rosters are at 40 why couldnt the Nats have called up a their 4th starter from AAA just to eat up mopup innings so they wouldnt destroy their pen by overuse

    i dont think going w a commitee of relievers is the worst idea when you dont have a starter but when you have 15 spare roster spots why can’t pick up a few more pitchers?

  20. Let’s not forget how bad the pen is though ….. we are toast in the playoffs. The ‘stros will never let that happen

  21. “How bad was Laroche hurt? ”

    i missed the first 8 and a half inings…what happened here. im getting excited about the possibility of a lack of laroche

  22. NMS, the Natspos are “over budget” so the “team president” (that is, the MLB patsy) isn’t letting them add too many players from AAA. That they’ve made a lot more money than the original budget called for doesn’t matter. Plus there’s apparently a war going on between Robinson and Bowden, and Robinson is probably doing this to make a point.

  23. They showed Chipper and Andruw in the dugout before the inning and they looked pissed. I say we all write letters saying terrible things to Andruw and Chipper to keep them pissed.

  24. “NMS, the Natspos are “over budget” so the “team president” (that is, the MLB patsy) isn’t letting them add too many players from AAA. That they’ve made a lot more money than the original budget called for doesn’t matter. Plus there’s apparently a war going on between Robinson and Bowden, and Robinson is probably doing this to make a point.”

    wow, thats just stoopid
    if a team cant afford to call up one or 2 guys for a week-esp when they are in a race and could use a body to help an over worked staff-they need to join the international league

    also what are the odds cordero has arm surgery in the next few years? it seems like they work him like a dog

  25. You know what’s scary? The Braves nearly gave the game away, and Kolbb didn’t make an appearance.

  26. The following dialogue took place between Jenny and I just after i witnessed the homers:

    jenny: and this in RFK! there is no such thing as a bomb in that park. everything just creeps over the wall. unless he managed to get it in the upper deck
    me: Chipper and andruw just went upperdeck

  27. Didn’t the nationals make something like $15 million more than they were expecting to because attendance was so good? Yeah, calling up a few guys from AAA is really going to kill that profit.

  28. Did Chip use his lame Blaine Boyer “I didn’t come up here to give up runs” anecdote which he stole from Don and has repeated on at least three occassions? And which was lame the three times I heard Don tell it?

  29. I expect that the lack of callups has less to do with payroll and more to do with the owners of the Astros, Phillies, and Marlins calling Bud and saying that they’ll raise a stink if MLB lets the Natspos spend any more money.

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