Andruw: Traipsing through the numbers

Leaving aside the MVP stuff, Andruw’s season is going to stand out in the team record books.

  1. As you know, with 45 homers he is two away from the franchise record of 47, currently held by Eddie Mathews (1953) and Hank Aaron (1971).
  2. He is projected for 132 RBI, which would tie the Atlanta record currently held by Gary Sheffield (2003).
  3. He’s moved from ninth to seventh on the franchise career RBI list this year, passing Billy Nash and Bobby Lowe.
  4. He’s moved to ninth in the franchise career walk list, and will tie Rabbit Maranville with his next one (probably an intentional walk with LaRoche on deck). Two after that would tie Darrell Evans for seventh, fourth in Atlanta.
  5. He’s now third on the franchise career HBP list, after Tommy Tucker and Jeff Blauser.
  6. He’s moved from eighth to fifth in career sacrifice flies.
  7. He’s now tied for ninth in career intentional walks with… Mark Lemke?!?!? (I guess that’s what happens when you hit eighth for ten years.)

6 thoughts on “Andruw: Traipsing through the numbers”

  1. what i love about the Mets is that their fans are so pathetic the team should be embarrased by them and the team is so pathetic the fans should be embarrased by it

  2. It’s a shame that the games after Andruw got hit with a pitch (which helps to trigger his hot streaks, right?) will be played in RFK, where long fly balls go to die.

    Though Delgado did hit a monster shot there last series, so maybe Andruw can get a couple too.

  3. I was just watching CNN and they were showing this old guy in NOLA wading chest deep in the most putrid oily looking muck you can imagine.

    He was holding a box of Little Debbies above his head in one hand and a half empty bottle of water in the other.

    The news guy yelled out if he needed any help and he and the camera man helped the guy climb up a wall out of the grime.

    The news guy said to the guy, “sir how long have you been stranded”

    “6 days I think”

    “sir was your house destroyed?”

    “nope but it’s under about 10 feet of water”

    “well sir I know you must be grieving the losses you have sustained”

    “Yeah, sure but at least I’m not a Mets fan!”

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