Game Thread: September 6, Mets at Braves

Today’s Fun Mets Fact: If the Mets won every game from now until the end of the 2007 season, they’d almost be .500 as a franchise.

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  1. Of course, the Braves are only 223 games over .500 over the same time period, even with their run since ’91.

  2. Furcal
    Jones C
    Jones A

    Franco gets the start today against the righty. Hope Smoltz’s neck is loose today.

  3. I like this line-up more than recent ones, although I’d like to see McCann 7th and Langerhans (defensive reasons) 8th.

  4. 26-pitch first for Smoltz, though no runs. How’d Matsui manage not to strike out? And why is Matsui hitting second, when the top of their lineup could go Reyes-Beltran-Wright-Floyd?

  5. BP today, free article:

    That leads to the true offensive sinkhole, the number-two spot. After Mike Cameron (and his .367 SOB) was knocked out in the gruesome collision of August 11, Randolph slotted his second basemen into the vacancy behind Reyes and ahead of Carlos Beltran. New York’s keystone situation is a complete disaster, between Miguel Cairo, who has no business being a regular, and Kazuo Matsui, who has the skill set of countryman Tsuyoshi Shinjo sans stylish orange wristbands. After showing flashes of effectiveness last season, Matsui has regressed horribly this year instead of taking the step forward his power-hitting namesake did in his second campaign stateside. Matsui and Cairo have combined for a -5.5 VORP, and their out-magnetization has robbed the big guns–Cliff Floyd and David Wright–of precious RBI opportunities.

    That’s just a bit of a long piece. Apparently, Randolph is afraid of Floyd not getting “protection” if Wright is moved to the three hole with Beltran moving to the two-spot where he belongs.

  6. Because Willie Randolph is running the team and he knows that you need a fast guy who will put the ball in play hitting second.


  7. Braves hitters versus Pedro:

    Chipper .125 .263 .313, 32 AB
    Andruw .182 .182 .409, 22 AB
    Jordan .300 .300 .400, 20 AB
    Furcal .133 .133 .133, 15 AB
    Estrada .444 .545 .778, 9 AB

    So the only guys who have hit him at all aren’t in the lineup.

  8. The weird thing is that Randolph, a career .276 .373 .351 hitter who walked nearly twice as often as he struck out, hit second a lot and was a practically perfect #2 hitter.

  9. Randolph was one of my favorite players growing up, even if he was a d-mn-d Yankee. I remember one year when the Yankees were in the race, would have been mid eighties, and Henderson got hurt, and they were fine, and Winfield got hurt, and they survived, and Mattingly got hurt, and they got through it. Randolph got hurt, and they collapsed. Pity he’s such a dud manager.

  10. Again, how did Matsui do that? Smoltz threw him 5 fantastic pitches, he took the first two, fouled off two more, then hit a triple. I am mystified at him suddenly discovering how to control a bat.

  11. And Shinjo’s name is just so much fun to say. I mean, sure.. KazMat sounds like HazMat and all. But “Tsuyoshi Shinjo!” is too much fun. Especially really fast.

  12. So far, the Mets’ good hitters (Beltran/Floyd/Wright) are 0-4 with a GIDP, a walk and a HBP. Their medium hitters (Reyes and Diaz) are 0-4. Their bad hitters (Mothra, Minky, Castro) are 4-6 with two doubles and a triple.

  13. can someone please tell me why they are talking about Fidel Castro and Tommy Lasorda in the same breath on radio… Give me a break

  14. Just checked in the score (can’t watch the game live today!!!), and I love the fact that Julio is in the lineup instead of LaRoche, hope Bobby will keep Julio in the lineup!

  15. Ok Mac, It is a Co-ed team here at the University of TEnnessee at Chattanooga. I wanted to use ‘Sex Panthers,’ but that was vetoed. Colt 45’s is the best one that anyone has come up with. Ya’ll need anymore info?

  16. You don’t want any suggestions from me, Smitty. My roto team is the Veal Rollups. Which is a totally lame Southpark reference.

  17. creynolds, I don’t think any South Park reference is lame. Not even naming your team after Mecha-Streisand.

  18. I should point out that my APBA team name was the Hoover Damned until three years after I moved from Hoover.

    I’m sure that the Bobby Cocks would be vetoed, then.

  19. Mecha-Streisand would be a great name. But I think you must at least propose Mac’s suggestion. It’s too good to go to waste.

  20. Yeah, the girls on the team shot down ‘Sex panthers’ so i am sure no South Park stuff is going to fly

  21. there was a legendary team out of auburn university called the “turkey legged dingos”. one rumor was before the 1st game, everyone would get drunk off of wild turkey and draw turkeys on their jerseys in a ritualistic circle. rumors grew that they made the ugliest turkey jersey into the “senor crappy” jersey. if one were to make an error during the game, they would have to remove their regular jersey and slip on the “senor crappy” jersey. again, these are all rumors.

  22. Marcus didn’t just score from 2nd on a ground out, did he? Gameday doesn’t show him advancing to third on a prior play.

  23. I can’t see it myself. I assume he was running on the play and caught the Mets off guard. You’d be surprised how often you could do that, though hardly anybody tries anymore.

  24. Lovecraftian softball names are always nice: the Dread Esquimeaux, the Dunwich Horrors, the Space Colours. Or Biblical: The Abomination of Desolation, Onan’s Revenge, the Apocalyptic Mushrooms. I’m not much for regional variations.

    One of my favorites was a friend’s team that was composed of his Reformed University Fellowship group, or RUF. They went as the RUF Sects (though that wasn’t co-ed…).

    As to the game: how did Marcus score on an infield grounder?

  25. No wonder why we are talking about team names on game thread. How many of us here are actually WATCHING the game?!

  26. Yeah, Marcus was running. Franco hit a dribbler between the pitcher and third, Martinez fielded and threw to first without looking at third, and Marcus just never stopped. Made it without a throw.

  27. Ok here is what we settled on. Univ. of Tenn oat Chatt (or UTC) used to be the Moccasins and an indian was the masscot. Well PC decided to have them change the name to just Mocs and used a mocking bird and a train as the masscot.

    We have decided to the the Moccasins. If anyone says anything we are going to say we are the Water Moccasins.

    What do you think?

  28. Thanks for the update Kirk, gotta love Marcus as long as he doesn’t hurt himself.

    Still working Mac?! What make you staying so late at work?

  29. That’s funny Mac.

    109 pitches for seven innings, I guess that’s more than enough for Smoltz today. See who will pitch the eighth…

  30. Double switch brings Langerhans in to play left–hopefully we’ll be seeing that substitution a lot over the next couple months. Good call, Bobby.

  31. The rarely seen anti-switch, where you bring in a guy to hit after the pitcher. At least according to ESPN (I know, but it’s the only thing I can get to work on this computer) which has Reitsma hitting seventh. Given the odds that Farnsworth will have to bail him out, I question this.

  32. Well, I guess that worked out. I dunno. I either would have brought in Farnsworth to pitch to Wright, or brought in Foster to walk him, forcing the Mets to either pinch-hit or to have Minky face the lefty.

  33. Chipper’s hit aside, the Braves really do struggle with middle relievers. It’d be nice to have more than one game in September where we pile on a lot of runs and win going away.

  34. Got home just in time to see Farnsworth TEAR THROUGH the ninth.

    He’s just ridiculous. Schuerholtz should get a medal for that deal.

  35. Don’t want to nit-pick, but does it seem to any of you that Farnsworth goes to a lot of three-ball counts? Man it makes me nervous. Hasn’t bit him yet though.

  36. Just tuned to ESPN to hopefully catch some sports news. Main ESPN is showing p*ker, ESPN2 is showing a halftime band competition. Is that lame or what?

  37. Not sure Kirk, I remember Farnsworth striked out Beltran on three pitches yesterday, so I don’t see that as a concern…

  38. Just my imagination I guess. I checked his last four appearances, and besides going three-ball on two hitters tonight, he has only gone to three-balls on one other hitter (when he walked Griffey on 4 straight).

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