Game Thread: September 3, Reds at Braves

Short rest? Hey, it’s not like you have a practically unlimited roster and two or three top pitching prospects in the minors or something.

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  1. Joe Hamrahi is reporting that Lerew has been called up. Link

    He has Sosa starting, so I don’t know what the Braves plans are for Lerew.

  2. I’d love to see Lerew get a chance to releive in the playoffs. Hes got the big fast power sinker to have some immiediate success from the pen

  3. Maybe Lerew starts tomorrow, keeping HR from short rest.

    Or, maybe, he just finished his last start, and there’s no reason to keep him down if he won’t pitch again this year.

  4. Yeah, TBS.

    A good way to get the Braves TV for the next game is to visit the Braves’ official site.

    In the little box on the right previewing the next game, they have the TV, and it hasn’t been wrong, that I’ve seen, all year.

  5. Boise State-or at least Zabransky-is looking mighty rattled by the crowd right now.
    While I love it anytime Georgia stomps some one I was hoping that Boise St would look so sloppy because they are one ofthose programs i root for on the side – for whatever reason. Georgia is clearly looking bigger, faster, stronger, more phsyical and more athletic.

  6. Am I nuts, or do we have to wait for this Colorado game to finish before the Braves come on?

    Somebody win this silly game.

  7. This is just a crazy sports day. In a couple of minutes, I’ll be switching to US/Mexico during commercials. Then the Auburn game starts up in an hour. I kinda wish I had three TVs.

  8. Unfortunately at William and Mary we don’t get ESPN classic, so I’m “stuck” watching the Braves game (and watching Maryland v. Navy and USA v. Mexico on gamecast).

  9. What gamecast do you use for US v Mexico, Piers? I’d like to have it up while the Braves game is on.

  10. What the hell happened to Sosa out there? Looks like he triped over his own feet.

    Nice break there on the non-DP.

  11. And THAT is why LaRoche should walk more.

    Get Jeffy on with men on base. Awesome.

    And my favorite song plays.

  12. Not only did Sosa escape from the inning with the lead intact, but he did it just in time for me to switch over and see a great save by Keller right before halftime.

    Maybe Sosa was just a little winded from running the bases. Or maybe he just walks a lot of guys, constantly tempting fate. Whichever.

  13. Don Sutton: “If you are a moneyball guy, you like high on base and low k’s ,so how do you eveluate Adam Dunn?”

  14. I just can’t stand Chip and Don together. They reinforce each other’s retarded statements.

    Two wrong people agreeing doesn’t make what they’re saying right.

  15. Well, they happen to work with microphones in front of them, so I guess that’s the difference. You know, I think Chip can only work with his dad if we have any hope to be more entertained watching the Braves games on TBS.

  16. If we get Boyer through this inning with relative ease, would Bobby ever let him go 2?

    Or are we entering…the Brower zone?

  17. I think the scouting report is bound to get around now.

    How do you stop Francoeur from hitting homeruns? Take out his ankles.

  18. Gant has a really expressive face. He has a future as a talking head on baseball tonight. All he has to do now is get outrageously fat.

  19. Now that I am done off being on a mental CRACK high over Georgia’s thrashing of the vaunted Boise State Broncos (God I am happy right now) I am visiting to discuss AGAIN why Boyer was used in the 6th inning.

    Is Bobby NEVER going to trust him in the 8th inning?



  20. Georgia Tech just scored on Auburn..maybe Mike Gottfried’s upset prediction tonight is right on.

    Unlike Georgia, Aurburn has not re-loaded lost talent quite the same way and I think it’s evident with both teams right now.

  21. Just FYI…seeing as I hate BOTH Auburn and Georgia tech, I wish there was a way for BOTH teams to lose.

  22. There’s something of a difference between an ACC team and one from the WAC. I don’t care if one’s ranked #18 or not, it’s not used to these conditions or these athletes.

  23. Mac-

    You can denegrate Georgia’s win all you want, but beating a team that was 11-1 last year 48-13 is a FUCKING STATEMENT.

    Not to mention 5 TD’s for DJ Shockley. The kids a class act and he finally got some love tonight from the fans and commentators.


  24. And that same WAC team beat a PAC 10 team last year and all my Pac Ten buddies around here in D.C. are always in my face saying that the Pac ten is as good as the SEC.

    Once again (thank you Dawgs), I say BULLSHIT.

  25. Yeah, me, too, 12 years earlier.

    Kinda tough to be a Dawg fan here up North, but that game was nothing but sweet. Reminded me of the game where the Dogs intercepted BYU’s Steve Young 6 times in a game.

    Gotta believe Shockley’s gonna have a big year & how ’bout that new tight end?

    The line of scrimmage was a terrible mismatch, too. Boise wasn’t exactly playing Weber State today.

  26. Alex, is Shockley a class act in the same way that you are, dropping f-bombs all over the place? Given your language, I’m not sure I’ll be trusting your assessment of such things.

  27. ububba,

    Great points and yeah…not being IN the Atlanta area is tougher as a Georgia fan but there are a ton of us alumni around Northern Virginia thank God. Lots of SEC folks here in ACC country in general.

    I agree…people forget that Shockley was a 5 start recruit. Though I was critical of his play the last few years, to be fair, how well would ANY of us play constantly looking over our shoulders for a David Greene to come back in?

    I fully expect a big year for Shockley, plus we have a Top 3 offensive line, a fantastic trio of running backs, two NFL level tight ends and extremely athletic and underrated wide receivers (Sean Bailey made a name for himself tonight!).

    I am very excited about this year and I point out Tee Martin’s year in 1998 leading the Vols to a National title after 4 heralded but title free years for Peyton Manning. It would be nice for Shockley if history repeats itself.

    By the way, the Big 12 continued to embarrass itself tonight considering Oklahoma’s home performance…further proving that Auburn got screwed last year.

  28. If anyone genuinely thinks there’s another football conference as good as the SEC, they’re out of their mind (or reading these silly national rankings).

    Has anyone noticed that our middle relievers haven’t been touched yet?

  29. Hey Stu, is there a reason you are trying to pick a fight with me? This blog is our haven to vent about things we don’t like.

    And you can attack my class all you want in here, but if you listened to ESPN talk about Shockley’s off hours activities, I was really touched by the work he does for underprivledged kids and his excellent GPA.

    And just because I cuss doesn’t mean I don’t treat my friends and loved ones and wife with a lot of love and respect.

    that was just nasty on your part to take a personal attack on me when I wanted to say something nice abnout a classy young man like DJ.

  30. Mac,

    I wouldn’t douse bama’s year yet…Auburn is not exactly looking invinceable. and, remember, you don’t have to PLAY US unless we meet in Atlanta (which is my dream of course because as Mac knows, Bama is my 2nd favorite team after Georgia).

  31. Gee, Mac…way to be a supportive friend.

    I am outta here and don’t plan on me responding to your emails anytime soon.

    All I did waqs say something nice about a nice young man in DJ Shockley, a klid who’s taken a lot of abuse from his own fans the last few years.

    And Mac…not defending your friends of 12 years is more classless than saying the F-word.

  32. Don mightve gotten the whole Moneyball thing wrong but he is otherwise a pretty bright announcer, esp when it come to the finer aspects (esp in pitching) of the game

  33. I’m not trying to pick a fight, Alex. Just pointing out that your language is offensive and ridiculously and unnecessarily crass. It’s honestly hard to accept character evaluations from someone who shows so little class.

  34. Alex,

    I kinda quit paying attention to the national rankings years ago. They prove nothing. A lot of energy is wasted over getting #1 to play #2.

    As much as I love college football (SEC especially), I gotta admit that it’s the dumbest sport in the history of the world for not having a genuine playoff/champion.

    Even counting UGA’s 1980 title, in my own mind, there’s never been a genuine national champ–ever.

    Who’s to say Pitt couldn’t beat Georgia in 1980? Who’s to say Auburn couldn’t beat USC last year? Who’s to say Georgia couldn’t beat Ohio State a few years ago? We’ll never know and that’s ridiculous. (So when the Dawgs won the SEC in 2002 that was the best it could get for me.)

    If MLB did it like college football, we’d discard the playoffs & have, say, the White Sox & Cards play one game on October 5.

    The SEC gets it right. The league makes you win the title on the field, and perhaps beat a team twice to do it. That’s what you call an undisputed title.

    The rankings? Hell with ’em. It’s all caca.


  35. Okay, Stu, you be nice, okay? Everyone stop attacking everyone else here. Let’s focus our vitriol on those who deserve it, like pitchers who throw at our star rookie, and the Kolb/Brower axis.

  36. As far as being an announcer’s son, Chip Caray is quite a bit better than Joe Buck.
    He’s not as good as his dad, and he’s not as good as Ernie Johnson, Jr., but at least he sucks less than he could. Unlike Jim Brower, who sucks as much as it is humanly possible to suck.

  37. That last post should read:
    Jim Brower (Tom Martin, Jr.), who sucks as much as it is humanly possible to suck.

  38. Chip just said Clemens is injured. That’s good, right? That increases the chances of Braves/Padres in the first round.

  39. Mac,

    You read my mind. Aside from the Franco/Francoeur HBPs, the only bad thing about this game is any perceived confidence in Brower.

    I mean, if Bobby only wants to bring him into 9-3 games, I can handle that. But I’ve gotten to where I can’t even look at him.

    Phils tied the Nats. Nnnng…

  40. JoeyT, what have I done/said to make you so mad, buddy? I mean, “troll”? That’s taking it a bit too far, don’t you think? I don’t recall ever having addressed you, actually. Please explain.

    On the bright side, the Bravos won and Phils are about to lose. If only the Mets could do something with Florida.

    On the even brighter side, my Commodores beat Wake on Thursday. And all of OUR players can read and write.

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