Game Thread: Sept. 2, Reds at Braves

Today’s fun Mets fact: the Mets’ Opening Day team payroll was the highest in the National League and third-highest in baseball, and yet they will probably miss the playoffs yet again.

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  1. FoxSports lists:

    Furcal, SS
    Giles, 2B
    Jones C, 3B
    Jones A, CF
    Franco, 1B
    Francoeur, RF
    Estrada, C
    Langerhans, LF

    No Jordan against the lefty. Hope Andruw doesn’t strain something swinging at Moonshot Milton’s pitches.

  2. Have to say I’m surprised Jordan’s not in there.

    Our lineup looks a whole lot better when the first line reads “Furcal, SS”

  3. maybe Bobby is over his drunken stage from last night! If Brower pitches again today I dont know what it will take……

  4. the Yanks are going after Ponson, they are desperate! Wright was injured again yesterday, he is our Hampton. Maybe the Yanks will take Hampton from us after this year!

  5. To be fair, Wright got hit in the neck with a line drive. It wasn’t exactly preventable.

    George Steinbrenner wants to sign the fat moral reprobate that is Sidney Ponson? I wouldn’t think he’d conform to their high professional standards, but having Big Unit and Pig Unit on the same team should be amusing. Anything to get him out of Baltimore.

  6. maybe someone can clear this up. there are 43 guys on the braves 40 man roster, according to the official site. now, with two 60 day dl guys in perez and powell they’re still only down to 41. how is this? is lerew not really on the 40 man roster?

  7. I guess this will be the 1st time I will be pulling for Washington. They just kicked it off w/ Philly

  8. whatever happened to Dewayne Wise form last year – wasnt he traded to Detroit. I saw where Juan Cruz was called up to the A’s yesterday, but I dont know anything about Charles Thomas

  9. Wise is still with the Tigers minor league team as far as I know. Thomas was called up yesterday from what I hear.

    …Yes, Wise is still with Toledo, the Tigers’ AAA affiliate. And Mike Hessman is too!

  10. Griffey actually has a higher VORP than Andruw this year: 60.3 vs. 57.5. Griffey isn’t near Andruw or his old self on defense, though.

  11. Heh, that’s one. If this was in Cincy, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chipper-Andruw-Julio-Francoeur all homered in a row.

  12. Re: Ponson to Yanks.

    A few names for you: Steve Sax, Luis Polonia, Mark Whitten, Strawberry, Gooden.

    And let’s not forget Mickey Mantle & Billy Martin.

    Ponson fits right in.

  13. ububba, you stopped short of predicting Furcal’s destination next year.

    Cano just doesn’t cut it as a second baseman. They need the best serial-drunk-driving free agent available.

  14. Joey,

    You got me giggling (and reaching inside my fridge). Hell, the Yanks already have 2 shortstops, might as well make it 3.

    Of course, if I were a GM signing Furcal, I’d insist that a driver be included in the contract. The car services up here are really good.

    BTW, nice one, Julio!

  15. This is a little late, couldn’t post earlier. Did anyone else notice that Chipper’s homer was caught by a kid in a Chipper jersey? How cool was that? Bet he has a fan for life.

  16. I hate it when Chip asks himself a question, then immediately answers it with, “The answer: [yes/no].”

    That just annoys me. We know it’s the answer. You don’t have to tell us.

  17. Why is Gant not in the booth on Friday?

    Not that I particularly like Ron “it all goes back to that bunt they didn’t try …” Gant, but anyone who takes air away from Chip and Don would be my best friend right about now.

  18. Fla 2, NYM 1 in the 6th. Marlins threatening & Zambrano just threw his 100th pitch.

    C’mon, Huddy…

  19. When I scanned your comment and saw “Zambrano just threw his 100th pitch”, I thought you were talking about a Cubs game where Dusty Arm-Killer would make him pitch three more innings.

  20. No, this is the bad Zambrano (i.e.-the Latin Leiter).

    And now it’s 3-1 Fla, Zambrano just got pulled & the Marlins have the bases full.

  21. Yeah, Mac, as soon as they said that, I thought, “Julio should shoot one back in his face just on principle.”

    Then I realized I was being irrational and mean.

  22. How ’bout that.

    I grew up just on the other side, in Columbus, Ga. From my house, you could hit a baseball into the Chattahoochee River.

  23. Has anyone been in touch with ryanc since Sunday afternoon? I’m wondering if he made it out of New Orleans okay.

  24. You know what ANNOYS ME…when fucking Chip comes on (like he did two innings ago) and AGAIN schills corporate for AOL-Timewarner and says again a LIE that John Thomsons threw a GREAT START the other night.

    Are you fucking blind asshole? Are your fuzzy eyebrows blocking your vision?

  25. This is exactly what I mean by “hit unlucky”.

    A bloop hit that barely squeezed in. A liner Langerhans actually had glove on.

    Six inches on EITHER of those balls, and the inning is over.

  26. A little disheartening to see Reitsma brought in that situation. Didn’t pitch too badly (bloop single, a play that Langerhans should have made). Hopefully, Farnsworth can get us out of this.

  27. Mac, you haven’t been listening to Smitty enough. Clearly, KJ would have not only let the ball pass him, but he would have accidently thrown to first, allowing an inside-the-park home run.

  28. Those guys of FSN Ohio are comparing Farnsworth with Brad Lidge on their fastball-slider combination. Hey, I like their comparison!

  29. I guess that kind of makes up for the muffed play in the 8th. But KJ wouldn’t have had to dive for it.

  30. Langerhans and Giles with ESPN highlight plays tonight…beauties.

    Nice pen performances tonight from 2 of 3 of the reliable guys, Foster and Farnsworth. Reitsma lucked out tonight…I will reserve judgement.

  31. And for dessert, Leiter just gave up a 6 spot in the first against Oakland. I suspect Ponson is already warming in the bullpen.

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