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  1. And yet again, it’s not on TBS. Which means I get to watch the O’s game and the LLWS on mute while listening to this game on the radio. Which means I’m going to be hopelessly confused all night. Thanks, Time Warner.

  2. I was going to post something on this earlier, but the following quote lifted from the Baseball Crank says it best: “The collective record of the NL East this season outside of the division is 202-162, a .555 winning percentage (i.e., a 90-win pace – for an entire division). On Baseball Tonight the other night, they were waxing enthusiastic about Florida’s chances at the Wild Card. Well, I was high on the Marlins before the season and I’m certainly not giving up even on the Mets, but let’s face facts: given that the NL East will play itself in September, the Astros have to be the overwhelming favorites to win the Wild Card just by virtue of their schedule. The Astros have 12 games remaining against teams above .500, compared to 32 for Florida, 28 for the Phillies, 28 for the Mets, and 29 for the Nationals.”

  3. is it bad that our two closers, have the two highest ERA’s (except for Brower)in our bullpen? just wondering

  4. Alright, the next person that bashes LaRoche better show me a good defensive first baseman with decent offensive output making the league frickin’ minimum. The Braves don’t have any money, and people are saying that LaRoche stinks because he’s putting up league-average offense for $300k….He’s giving us what we paid for. Get off him. He’s doing fine.

    Rob – posting here, as the other thread I assume, is dead –

    Well…how about the average OPS+ for 1B’s is 117. That’s for ALL 1b’s backups included. Starters do a bit better than that. LaRoche hit 109 last year, and is a crisp 102 this year. He is a: not doing fine, b:not league average (actually 13% below this year), and c:is easily replaceable for this money by any number of players. His defensive skills are not shown to be any great shakes by any advanced metric (although I concede these are far from perfect indicators). I don’t think anyone is arguing that we need Pujols-esque production, but LaRoche simply sin’t up to par with the rest of the league. As for guys you could have had for cheap, Tony Clark has bounced around for years and is outproducing him, just off the top of my head. I’ll give it a bit more thought and get back with a few more later tonight.

  5. Guess what folks, I am back in Vegas for the 2nd time in 3 weeks, and NO, I do NOT have a gambling problem…however, the Braves BETTER win because i have some money on Hampton and the boys tonight. We are due against the Pods especially with Chan Ho on the mound.

  6. Tonight they are celebrating the 1995 World Series team. I would have loved to see it on TBS. I loved those guys…

  7. I didn’t even think about that. OK, now this is over the top. I understand that we miss some good matchups because the schedule is at least mostly laid out at the beginning of the year (I don’t like it, but I at least understand how it got that way). But this was all planned long ago, and for it not to be on TBS is completely ridiculous.

  8. Okay, is anyone watching the LLWS on ESPN2? Why do they wire the Russian coach if they’re not going to translate what he’s saying? I mean, Russian is a cool language, but I don’t actually UNDERSTAND it.

  9. Why, in the other thread, did I pick tonight as the FIRST WALK OF JEFF FRANCOEUR?

    One reason.

    Chan Ho Park.

    Nobody avoids walking with Chan Ho on the mound.


  10. Let’s not argue, people. Let’s rally around something about which we all agree:

    Dan Kolb: 48 IP / 26 walks / 29 strikouts

  11. Someone let me know if they do any more segments with Brian Giles and shower jokes. Every time he and Marcus play each other I always hear one from him.

  12. Good point, Mac. Anyone I can recall who won the HR and RBI titles without the MVP (like, say, Fielder) wasn’t on a first place club.

    I’ll actually broaden your question. Has anyone won the RBI title on a first place club without winning the MVP?

  13. Read y’all again in about 3 or 4 hrs. I got married, worked and studied in San Diego during the 1980’s. Great place. I know why Ryan likes it there. regards from Japan.

  14. Larry Doby, 1954. Only year the Yankees didn’t win in the fifties, and they gave it to Yogi anyway. Doby won the HR title, too, and finished second in the MVP voting because Avila won the batting title and split the Indian vote. (I prefer to think that that was the reason. No African-American would win the AL MVP until Robinson in 1966.) So it’s happened before. Now, has it happened in the NL?

  15. This Russia-Guam game is hilarious. The umpire keeps talking to the Russian kids, and they don’t understand a word he’s saying, none of them speak English. And he doesn’t realize it. He was yelling “Step out of the box!” and they were just staring at him.

  16. Good research, Mac. Closest I came was 1962 NL, when Tommy Davis won the RBI title for a club that finished one game out of first, but was lost, I guess, in the whole Mays/Wills debate.

  17. Hampton is allowing hits, but he looks pretty sharp tonight comparing to the other day.

    Don’t know what you guys think, but I love listening to Dave Justice. I still hate that Justice-Grisson for Lofton-Embree deal even though I know it’s for budget reason.

    Wish TBS hires Justice rather than Gant or Chip.

  18. We seem to have a hard time bunting in sacrifice situations this year.
    Thompson couldn’t lay one down last nite and Johnson(HOT lately,but our WORST hitter in the lineup) could have bunted in tonite’s 2nd inning. I wouldn’t have mind seeing McCann and Hampton hit with runners on 2nd and 3rd.
    Anyway-hope the boys can pull this one out and hopefully we can learn how to lay down a bunt.

  19. Well, Prince Hal Newhouser won back to back MVP’s as a pitcher did he not, so by extension those years would meet the criteria. SOmebody with a fast connection look it up.

  20. Since he batted in 3 runs, I will forgive Furcal for making the last out of the inning at 3B.

  21. Yeah, without even looking at the numbers, you can tell Hampton’s on. That’s why I made that crack about Furcal probably winning the game with the three run double/triple.

    I just don’t see the Padres scoring a lot tonight.

  22. Marcus isn’t looking very good lately. I’ve noticed that both he and Brian can’t play well at the same time. It just doesn’t happen.

  23. KC,

    At the time, I hated that Justice deal with Cleveland, too. But it wasn’t only for budgetary reasons. The Braves were seriously tired of Justice at that point. They were looking to deal him.

  24. are we the only team in baseball that cant execute a sacrifice, i mean park is a pitcher and did it just fine, kj a position player couldnt lay down a bunt if his life depended upon it

  25. Good timing Bobby, Hampton has nothing left.

    I think the Braves were tired of Justice being too outspoken?! Which was kind of like what LaRoche did after yesterday game…

  26. The braves have BIG problems with starting pitching with Hampton and Thompson really bad since coming back…

    8-3 now. game already out of hand!

  27. DOn’t know how to do formatting, but here you go for KJ –


    2005 Atlanta NL 67 241 41 58 10 2 9 38 34 62 2 1 .333 .411 .241 0

    2004 Greenville AA 135 479 70 135 35 3 16 50 49 102 9 9 .350 .468 .282 11

    2003 Greenville AA 98 334 46 92 22 5 6 45 35 81 10 3 .340 .425 .275 16

    GCL Braves R 6 26 10 10 1 1 1 3 3 4 1 1 .467 .615 .385 0

    2002 Myrtle Beach A 126 482 62 123 21 5 12 49 51 105 12 15 .325 .394 .255 24

    2001 Macon A 124 415 75 120 22 1 23 66 71 111 25 6 .404 .513 .289 45

    2000 GCL Braves R 53 193 27 52 12 3 4 29 24 45 6 1 .349 .425 .269 17

    TOTAL NL 67 241 41 58 10 2 9 38 34 62 2 1 .333 .411 .241 0

    AA 233 813 116 227 57 8 22 95 84 183 19 12 .346 .450 .279 27

    A 250 897 137 243 43 6 35 115 122 216 37 21 .363 .449 .271 69

    R 59 219 37 62 13 4 5 32 27 49 7 2 .363 .447 .283 17

  28. Let’s give Hampton and Thomson couple more starts before being critical on them…at the end, those guys haven’t pitched for two months…


    WHAT’s the RECORD for PA or AB’s without a WALK to start a career??

    Francoeur’s gotta be close!!

  30. This is a wierd time to be a Braves right now. The offence is is almost automatic; the pitching is what we should be worried about now.

  31. God, I wasn’t trying to be racist! Wow, I never even looked at it like that! I just thought that “Chan Ho” and “Ho Chi” sounded kind of similar. It was a joke, but wow, I’m sorry, guys.

  32. It’s ok Jenny. Just making sure you know you may offense someone without knowing it yourself, especially dealing with Asian names.

  33. Thanks. I wasn’t even thinking about that. Hope I didn’t offend anyone, I really didn’t mean to. I’m normally really careful about stuff like that.

  34. DJ had big problems with the local press, which is almost impossible because the Atlanta Journal-Consitution is practically a PR agency for the Braves. DJ had problems with the fans, which, yes, he went public with. People in the organization really didn’t like him because he just didn’t grow up. Yes, he was young, but it never seemed to change. His relationship with ex-wife Halle Berry got nasty & publicly so. (Go to the Smoking Gun site, if you like.) The final straw seemed to be an incident at spring training where he “got lost” in his car and got pulled over by police in a very sketchy area near West Palm Beach.

    Don’t get me wrong: As a player, I liked Justice a lot. He did some amazing things, especially in the clutch in 1991 and 1995. I could truly care less about athletes’ public lives, because I don’t have to deal with these people. But the Braves did and, from all I’ve heard & read, they were done with him.

  35. He seems to be in a long-relief role now, which I question when we’re playing an NL West team, seeing as how he came from SF and had bad numbers there. But we don’t really have any other options. do we?

  36. Thanks ububba. I guess DJ would still have a decent relationship with Terenece Moore.

    I wish Bobby will let Brower pitch the rest of the game and will put him on DL for the rest of the season.

  37. Sosa should have come in right after Hampton was taken out. I don’t know why they waited.

  38. I believe Bobby was searching for a role for Brower to be successful. He did a good job last night.

  39. And that same double switch again. We’d better hope Pena doesn’t get hurt. I wish Bobby would just start him one night, if he wants to give McCann rest. I know his defense is bad, but this is too risky.

  40. As a former Nashvillian living in Athens, GA, I don’t get to see many Titan’s games, (probably none this year as they’re likely to not be very good), so I’ve been switching back and forth between this game and the football game; even if it is just a preseason game

    As it is I’ve seen all the runs score in the baseball game, and I just don’t get it.

    Can it be we were a better team with Sosa and Davies in the rotation instead of Hampton and Thomson? I find that hard to believe.

    John and Mike are obviously rusty, but I personally have more faith in Thomson being “good” again than Hampton.

    Brower on the other hand just sucks.

    On the plus side the Phillies and Nats are losing.

    I find this incredibly frustrating.

    Ok, now I’m just writing for no reason.

    But I’ll keep going, I say leave Brower out there to finish the game then DFA him and bring back McBride. There I’ve solved all the Brave’s problems.

    At this time I’d like to mention that I started back to school this week and have been getting less sleep than ‘normal,’ therefore, I’ve lost my ability to make sense while posting on an internet message board. Not that I had any to begin with.

    I don’t know how ‘Stu’ can keep his coherency, he’s in the same 8:30 class I am… Anyway, I’m going to bed, I have full faith in Ho(me)R(un)am tomorrow.

    Not really.

  41. KC,

    From what I read, DJ’s issues strangely were more with beat writers, not as much the AJC columnists, many of which I actually like–I find Moore to be hit-and miss; I’m more of a Mark Bradley fan.

    I read a book in 1992 called “Miracle: The Inside Story of the 1991 Braves” (or something like that). The author IJ Rosenberg seemed to take a degree of pleasure in describing what a disagreeable young athlete Justice was. Justice, apparently, kept a diary of everyone who’d ever written anything “negative” about him.

  42. Playoff roster? Right now, playoffs are the last thing on my mind. The Braves are about to go to .500 on a homestand against a division of sub-.500 teams.

  43. This team will make the playoffs. They’re having a bad stretch right now. Again, if you’ve watched the Braves during the regular season in the Cox Era, they’ve had a remarkable ability to right things quickly. Just when evidence points to a real tailspin, they turn it around. Seen it a million times. Come down from the roof. It’ll be fine.

  44. Well, ububba, we all know Justice was never good with PR, but I guess I never realize he was that BAD!!!

    Good play Chipper, I am scared every time he dives for a ground ball…

    I think Sosa will be getting a bigger role in the bullpen down the line. Few more appearances like tonight and last night, we will be seeing Sosa pitching the eighth and Farnsworth pitching the ninth.

  45. Alex isn’t here, but I’m sure he would agree:

    Hampton to the DL.
    Thomson to the DL.
    Sosa and Davies back in the rotation.
    Farnsworth is the closer.
    Brower is released.
    Call up Devine.
    Trade for Guardado if at all possible.

  46. Mac, I understand what you mean, but it seems like we have been extremely unlucky in playing the western division teams this year. We lost Thomson, Hampton, and Chipper on our first trip to the west coast (plus Kolb losing his closer role), and now Thomson and Hampton are coming back from injuries.

    It’s unfortunate that we are struggling during our longest homestand this season as I thought now is the time to pull away from the rest of the division, but I guess we caught a break as the Phillis, Marlins, and the Natspos are not playing well at the same time.

  47. Mac, should we be a bit more patient with Thomson and Hampton?

    And I am not sure if we can afford Guardado, unless we can dump Kolb to the M’s…

  48. Guardado has a rotator cuff problem and some kind of no-trade clause. I don’t know.

    Nice hit, Jeff.

  49. It’s so, so great having Franco on this team.

    I have no idea why LaRoche starts so many ballgames. None.

  50. Well, we got back in it last night, too, and didn’t do anything. I’ll remain pessimistic so I’m not disappointed.

  51. Francouer and Franco are amazing…rather than getting Guardado, should be simply DL Brower and call up McBride?

    Still can’t believe we didn’t sign Hammond last winter…65mph changeup and 83mph fastball…amazing.

    Brower sucks.

  52. if your wondering about Francoeur not walking yet… the record to start a career without walking is Oscar Azocar of the Yankees in 1990, who went 130 PAs before his first walk. Francoeur’s streak is not even the longest CURRENT streak. That belongs to the Reds Aaron Harang who has 140 PAs without a walk.

  53. Great defense. That was great timing sending it home when the runner starting going from third. Too early, and the runners scurry back to their bases. Too late, and a run scores.

  54. It seems like the word is out that we WILL gun you down from the outfield if you try to take that extra base. And it wasn’t even Francoeur. Nice to have a little fear going on in our opponents minds.

  55. It’s funny Bochy took out Hammond when both Chipper and Andruw are better facing right-handed pitchers.

  56. This Little League coach I’m watching should be shot. He left his pitcher in for 137 pitches!. Until he gave up a 3-run bomb to Dante Bichette’s kid. That is WAY too much for a 12-year-old.

  57. Those two pitches are balls. Those were the strikes which Glavine and Maddux got in the late 90s.

    Adam seems to be turning around.

    Brower sucks.

  58. hes 3-for-4 and he cant get love. your right. YOU SUCK LAROCHE. Cant even hit 1.000… you failure…

    Kolb looks good. Still want him closing our games?

  59. Kolb’s just putting guys on so he can get his patented inning-ending triple play.

    You mean his patented game-ending three run homer.

  60. My suggestions:

    – DL Brower and Kolb for the reason for inability to pitch;
    – Call up McBride and Devine;
    – start Julio every game; and
    – LaRoche is a good pitch-hitter off the bench.

  61. Wow, the Braves allowed 20 hits, when was the last time they allowed this many? 1990 when Andre Thomas was still the shortstop?

  62. Is it just me or do Reitsma’s mechanics look different? Something about his little kick at the end isn’t like it normally is.

  63. I agree, urlhix. He might be trying to change some things in light of his recent struggles.

  64. It looks like he is going to the plate with his final leg move more than he used to. With less of a flick (for lack of a better term). It seemed to work.

  65. JoeyT, There is something wrong about that, for sure. Is there any other team in the bigs that has that many different stations regularly showing games?

  66. Two three balls count for Francouer tonight. He is working on it guys.

    I am glad Skip is working on tonight’s game. Otherwise, the game will be so boring with Chip.

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