I wasn’t aware that he was late

ESPN.com: Page 2 : Has Andruw finally arrived?

Best part:

As if looking for a new challenge, Andruw has continued his defensive dominance even while gradually adopting a body type that can best be described as “voluptuous.” It’s like watching the Hamburglar play center better than anyone else in the game.

6 thoughts on “I wasn’t aware that he was late”

  1. Nice column, and a hilarious analogy. I have a hard time realizing that Andruw is 28, probably because I was so young when he first came up (I’ll confess right here that I can’t remember ANY baseball before the 1995 season, and I was barely 8 then) and it makes me realize, gee, I’m getting older! Ack! But he has been VERY frustrating, to say the least. He’s consistently inconsistent. Maybe he’s finally figured it out, but I won’t draw any conclusions yet. Maybe he’s just elongating his peaks and valleys.

  2. I too can’t remember baseball before ’95- i too was 8 then. It seems like Andruw should be at least 35 by now… he’s only 28?! Insane. Here’s hoping this isn’t a fluke- but really, his pitch recognition has been much better this year. I think he turned a corner, but we shall see.

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