Game Thread: Aug. 17, Dodgers at Braves

If it’s the ninth, and the Braves have a small lead, who shall close? I’m guessing Farnsworth, though I wouldn’t be shocked to see Danny. Or even the Rouge Rookie.

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  1. Snarky comment: “Wow, one of the rookies wears makeup?”

    It’s “rogue.”

    Now that I’ve got that out of my system, Gryboski was sent down by the Rangers. You can’t see me, but I’m smirking like a mad monkey.

  2. I assumed Mac meant “Red” as in Red Rookie, as in Boyer has red hair.

    But that’s just me, I’m not in Mac’s head.

  3. Who is the starter for tommorrow? I know Hudson and Pena don’t get along so that wouldn’t be a good thing right there.

  4. I’ve got a random question for you guys. Looking back on the Tim Hudson trade, do you think we robbed Billy Beane in the deal?

  5. Should be Thomson. As I’ve said before, I’d rather team Pena with one of the lefties since they hold runners better, but of the righties Thomson would be the best bet.

  6. I think Horacio will be pitching Sunday.. Am I right about that? He should start then and give McCann a rest before he becomes worthless

  7. The Hudson trade looks great for the Braves now, but Cruz is tearing up AAA and Meyer still has a propsect sheen, so the jury will probably remain out for a few years – but boy, did we deal C. Thomas at the right time.

  8. i think the braves fox announcers just made up a new league. has anyone ever heard of the mexincan league? these guys really get on my last nerve.

  9. Paciorek is known for excessive use of the word “nasty,” as in describing pitches: “That’s just nasty right there.”

  10. maybe i should get chip on my fantasy team. any1 know chip’s lifetime stats comparing 1st half of season and 2nd half?

  11. Nice stat on the radio…Julio’s old enough now that the next home run he hits (and all past it, of course) will make him the oldest player to hit a HR in major league history.

    Oh yeah, and is Chipper on fire or what?

  12. i dont see the comparison. francoeur is not the athlete bo was. i might have a little of a bias opinion considering i did graduate from auburn. bo had a chance to be the best there ever was in the nfl. i like francouer, but i dont think his reputation is that high, especially in both sports. if he is just comparing his baseball skills, then that is just an odd comparison.

  13. He may not be quite the athlete, but Francoeur now is pretty much the player Bo was before his hip injury — raw power, high strikeout rate, swings at everything, productive despite now really knowing what he’s doing yet.

  14. like i said, i am probably biased, so no matter how you can prove me wrong (which you obviously did) it still wont change me. just one question mac: does francouer know diddly? i bet not, so there.

  15. why does mlb endorse vi-agra so damn much? does long time usage of a cup do something to your junk?

  16. Paciorek makes a compelling argument for the nickname “Frenchy”. And he oughtta know stupid when he hears it, so this is something he’s more than qualified to judge.

  17. Dumb question: do major leaguers pay for their own food on the road if they go out in small groups? Or do they get wads of cash from the team?

  18. you know 1 thing that really drives me crazy about the fox braves announcers. they laugh all the time at themselves like little girls, and yet, nothing is EVER funny. Skip is funny very often, yet he rarely laughs at himself. they give me the “saved by the bell feeling”. that feeling you get when you are embarassed for the tv and you want to change the channel for a brief moment until the embarassment stops.

  19. On the road, players get meal money–in a lump sum before the trip begins, if what I’ve heard is correct. How they spend it, I’m sure is up to the individual. Rookies at the minimum probably have to buy Chipper’s steak, I’d guess.

  20. Thanks. I was just interested. I could probably live on Taco Bell and Quizno’s for the whole trip.

  21. Strippers…I’m sure there’s probably only one, per city(not that there’s anything wrong with that, or if you like, it’s a terrible, terrible thing), but that’s still plural to me.

  22. “Broxton strikes out the side.”


    True, but he gave up 4 runs in the meantime…struck out the side…hahahahahahaha!

  23. Did anyone read the BP article Prospectus Today? It was about how Francoeur isn’t ready.

    I’m too cheap to subscribe so if anyone cares to put up a synopsis, I’d be grateful.

    I’m wondering if I’m EVER going to see a game. I guess that Ohio doesn’t qualify for South.

  24. O.k. eventually francouer’s bat will cool, but we know that defense does not slump.
    Do you get the feeling that some people are just waiting for ‘frenchy’ (can we use that word now or do we still have to say ‘freedom’) to fall flat on his face?

  25. If I recall correctly, it wasn’t particularly insightful. He listed the leaders in consecutive ABs without a walk this year, and Francoeur was up there just a smidge below Reyes. He acknowledged that Francoeur had more power than Reyes, and called him something to the effect of a huge talent, but said he wasn’t ready since he hadn’t taken a walk yet and his performance at the plate so far was a fluke. He mentioned his K rate, which certainly looks bad in K/BB, but that seemed like a pretty weak stretch to try to justify his point.

  26. Clearly, he does not watch the impact Jeff has had on this time. Reyes and Francoeur are no comparison. You don’t need alot of walks when you hit 93% of what you swing at and are hitting .385.
    Yes, he needs to increase his plate discipline to some degree, but saying he is not ready is stupid. He will develop under the best “developers” in baseball.

  27. Sheehan was really stretching. Francoeur’s K rate isn’t that bad. It’s roughly the same as Marcus and Andruw. He’s not walking, and that probably will come back to bite him, but the strikeouts aren’t a big problem.

  28. Maybe that steel plate in Francoeur’s face is channeling vibrations into his brain that make him able to hit impossible pitches. He’s said he can feel it depending on the barometric pressure (I don’t ever want to know how that feels). Someone should do a study on Francoeur’s performances vs. the weather.


  29. The only weak point in Francouer’s stats is his zero walk, and people are just making a big deal over it so that they can pretend to be a baseball expert and blah blah blah. If those people have seen Francouer played in person like we do on TV regularly or at the stadium once a while, I am sure they will have different conclusion.

  30. My point exactly KC. Saying a player is ready or not has alot to do with intangibles. The people who see him play everyday are the ones who see this. Not sports writers who need a topic to get hits.

  31. Johnny, I really don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason to Turner South being just in the south. I live in Florida, and I don’t get it, and apparently people on here from other parts in the south don’t get it, but people close to them do. I live in northeast Florida, about an hour south of Jacksonville, and Jacksonville cable companies get it, but I don’t. It’s odd…

  32. I wish I could see him on a regular basis. TBS SUCKS!!!
    Sorry couldn’t help myself, saw a golden opportunity to whine a little.

  33. Marcus has run out of ways to get himself out tonight (except for interference). Maybe he’ll get a hit.

  34. should hudson be out there? i know he doesnt have an excessive pitch count, but is there any reason? well, besides last nights blowup by our bullpen.

  35. Thanks creynolds. In other words just the stuff that we have been saying all along. Read somewhere the Vlad comparison. Looked at Vlad’s statistics. The guy has a .390 career OBP. He has 34 walks (12 of which were intentional) in 426 PAs. A pretty typical year for him. Ok, a career .390 OBP walking less than 1 time per 10 PAs. I guess its possible.

  36. Well, ryan c, you may see Hudson pitching the ninth too even though he has made over 100 pitches. I think Bobby will let Hudson getting his first complete game as a Brave tonight with a five-run lead.

  37. OMG! Steve Schmoll went to Magruder High School! That’s like 10 minutes away from me and I have a lot of friends there! Wow!

  38. ‘watching’ the game on I bet we see Huddy in the 9th. Thought I’d never see the day when folks on this blog are hoping that Dan Kolbb is closer.

  39. Franco is so good. I have no idea why he ever sits. He’s shown no signs of coming down with the olds.

  40. Trent, I’d like to see Francoeur walk, but alas he struck out. Jenny’s friend must have some good stuff.

  41. LaRoche is on deck? Bobby must be getting tired. There’s no better way to end an inning than trotting out LaRoche.

  42. Bobby seems to be alternating Langerhans and KJ hoping one of them gets hot. Who do y’all (not making fun of Southerners, I’m from Charleston SC) think has the better chance to be a regular?

  43. Those “Southern Sports Report” people are just as bad as the announcers. Do even one percent of game watchers stick around for that dreck?

  44. For those of you without FSN-S, you’ll NEVER believe what happened.

    Kolb, get this, let the first batter on … then got a double play!

  45. I will never be comfortable watching Kolb pitches. I don’t buy the idea that a pitcher can be successful with only his fastballs.

  46. I was just looking at Vlad’s statistics as well, and I would love to see Francouer be there, but honestly, I don’t see him being able to post a career .325 BA. The .390 OBP is a direct result from that, and I don’t see Francouer being able to do that. Now, I would LOVE to have an Andruw, Chipper, Francouer batting order where Francouer is putting up Vlad numbers, especially with the fact that Francouer will be better defensively, but it doesn’t look likely. What do you guys think?

  47. As the resident knowledgeable/thoughtful fan, I’ll say I’m not ruling anything out for Francoeur. I think it would be wrong to assume that he’s a Vladi Daddi in the making, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

    Also, more important than where Steve Schmoll went to high school is the fact that his name is Steve Schmoll.

    And as for the remarks directed at me on this and other threads…well, I got carried away in proclaiming myself brilliant and everyone else stupid, but no one has yet argued with the points I made about Furcal in that same post. I’d like to hear what you think about that.

    Also, someone said I had no sense of humor…well, it seems that not being able to take the fairly tame comments I made with a grain of salt calls into question others’ senses of humor.

  48. There has been study after study and no evidence that having a fast guy on base makes any particular difference. Of course, you don’t believe in statistical studies, because amateur baseball is just like the major leagues.

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