Atlanta 9 Arizona 5 – Major League Baseball – Box Score – Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves

This was the sort of game that’s aggravating to watch, even when you win. The offense did well — even scoring more than they left on base — but there was some really sloppy play by both sides.

John Thomson wasn’t sharp early on, allowing two runs in the third (and getting out of it only because of a lucky bounce on a wild pitch that got a baserunner thrown out trying to score from third) and a two-run homer in the fourth. When he did settle down, with a 5-4 lead, Andruw, of all people, butchered a two-out fly ball into a two-base error, letting a runner score from first. No decision for Thomson. his final line wasn’t too bad, despite the five runs/four earned — eight hits, five strikeouts, no walks in six innings.

The Braves took the lead in the first, Julio hitting a sac fly RBI. They took it again in the third, Julio hitting a three-run homer. They took it again in the fifth, Furcal tripling and scoring on Pete Orr’s groundout. They took it for good in the seventh, Chipper doubling to the gap to score Furcal and Orr. They got two more in the eighth, Francouer doubling and being doubled home by McCann, who was singled home by Furcal.

Orr started at second, Julio at first, despite Russ Ortiz, who is of course a righthander, getting the start. They had big games, as you see above. Marcus is probably safe, but that might not be true of LaRoche. Chipper had three hits and a walk (he’s 5-8 since returning to the lineup) while Furcal, Orr, and Andruw had two hits each.

Boyer and Foster combined to pitch the seventh, Foster getting the win. Kolb pitched the eighth, getting a double play to erase one of his leadoff walks. Reitsma got them 1-2-3 in the non-save ninth.

Kyle Davies was sent down to make room for Thomson… The Mets just started, the rest of the division plays tonight. The Phillies are now in second, 5 1/2 back. With the Mets’ and Marlins’ injury problems, and the Natspos just not being that good, the Phillies are the only team really worth worrying about right now… Hampton will return tomorrow (I have no idea who will be sent down) against Javier Vazquez on TBS.

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  1. I would guess McBride getting sent down. Might be another reason to send Ramirez to the pen, to keep two lefties there.

    That’s my guess at any rate. McBride.

  2. It won’t be Ramirez, as he doesn’t make much money and would surely be claimed on waivers. I’d send down Brower, but you’re right, it’s probably McBride.

  3. if julio started a little more he might have a 20 hr season by the end of the year. on the downside of that thought, he might be dead.

  4. Foster’s done a good job coming in with runners on. Heard on the radio he’s allowed only 7 of 35 inherited runners to score. A much better grybo than grybo ever was.

  5. I don’t know if they mentioned on air, but JoeyT and I were at the game and saw Furcal make a nifty play on Francouer’s assist. WHen the ball came towards the infield he stuck out his glove like he was going cut it off which chased the batter back to first, but let it skip underneath onto Chipper. A little thing, but very cool as he completely sold it and kept the runner from advancing to second.

  6. Scott Rex with OnDeck ranks Elvis Andrus the best prospect in the Gulf Coast League, and he just turns 17 this month. Yikes. Beau Jones is the #6 prospect in the GCL.

  7. Good site Kyle. I see Brandon is rated the #10 prospect in the Carolina league, with Salty #3,Jake Stevens 16, and Esquivel #21. Maybe jones is the new #1 outfield prospect in the organization. Can Atlanta handle 3 Joneses?

  8. I caught the Bobby Cox Show (aka a 3 minute interview) on radio today, and he said they hadn’t made a final decision between Sosa and Ramirez for the fifth starter. I don’t know how, if at all, that affects who gets sent down.

  9. Dan’s spelling has gotten worse in the past couple of weeks. I mean, it wasn’t great to be again with, but it’s getting pretty bad. Must be the nitrogen…

  10. I think Bobby was hoping Sosa would be lights out his last start, making the decision easy, but he wasn’t.

    Sosa isn’t a great pitcher. I definately see him as below league average with a flukey ERA. However, he’s clearly a better option than HR. I know it’s nice to have two lefties in the rotation, but HR is such a poor starter at this point that it’s better to not have him in the rotation at all.

  11. Has anyone noticed how terrified of a ball hit near any wall Kelly Johnson is. He looks like Todd Pinkston going over the middle.

  12. I’ve noticed that. He slams on the brakes instantly whenever he gets near the wall. If I recall correctly, he did slam into one pretty hard a few weeks ago.

    Pain is a powerful teacher. I’m sure he’ll get over it in time. I just wish he’d stop misplaying routine fly balls that AREN’T near the wall.

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