175 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 10 Giants at Braves”

  1. Mark McLemore & a dude I’ve never heard of calling the game on ESPN. McLemore can’t speak right, it’s embarassing. Bob and Tom are better, just because of their comprehension of the English language.

    Oh Boy!! Hello!!

  2. I HATE COMCAST! Not only am I not getting the Braves, I’m getting the freaking Rangers-Red Sox game, and CHRIS BERMAN and JEFF BRANTLEY (the Fat Tool) are the broadcasters. This is possibly the worst crew ever.

  3. ESPN showing Rangers-Sox? Wait. ESPN2 must surely be showing baseball, mustn’t it?

    Stephen A Smith doing “Quite Frankly”!? Shuck that jive, man. Shuck all of that jive.

    I think Jenny and I must be using the same cable system…

  4. For me, Brantley is the only guy who can approach McCarver for repulsiveness. I don’t think I even like baseball when I have to listen to those two talk about it. YMMV

  5. I guess that’s the only good thing about mlb.tv, you get to see every single Braves game, but you have to watch it on a computer.

  6. MLB issued a statement emphatically denying the steroid rumors. Hmmm. Do we trust the snakes?

  7. You don’t get every Braves game with mlb.tv. You don’t get the “national blackout” games. Those aren’t necessarily games that occur at the same time of day as a “national” broadcast in your area, either. Like 4 PM games are blacked out when the Fox game in your area is at 1 PM and vice versa.

    They really need to work on their blackout system. They blackout games based on proximity to the local team, but they don’t bother using that same information to sync the “national blackouts.”

    Nice strikeout on Durham.

  8. Paciorek, talking about Ramirez’ great home numbers: “Well, this is a great pitcher’s ballpark.”

    If you look at the 2005 Bill James Handbook park factors, which I tend to trust, it really isn’t. It just seems like a great pitcher park because the Braves have always had great pitchers (and Leo, of course) since it opened.

  9. The baseball-reference.com numbers back that up, too. I just wish TV voices would explain themselves when they make blanket statements.

  10. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way Francoeur’s playing, but listening to these guys you’d think he can heal the sick and flies to the ballpark every day.

  11. Like Paciorek says about Francoeur, “He can some kind of play baseball.”

    I’m not sure what that means, but I wholeheartedly agree.

  12. What, Mac, you didn’t see him soaring into the park today?

    I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I will enjoy it for now. Go Braves!

  13. Is there some reason Correia is walking guys around the bases? He didn’t throw a single strike to Smoltz or Furcal. Is this some sort of deranged strategy or is he having a meltdown?

  14. is anyone else a little surprised that neither of the two men paid to call the game – and are thus theoretically qualified to do so – haven’t mentioned that smoltz has seriously altered the delivery he’s used his entire major league career? maybe i’ve missed something, but i’m surprised.

  15. Correia went back to the wind-up after pitching from the stretch, which brought the ball down a bit, but it looks like he’s lost his mojo.

  16. That strike zone grew a foot on each side for KJ’s at bat. The first called strike MIGHT have been okay, but the second one was so far inside it almost hit him.

  17. ANDRUW! That’ll teach Correia to throw the ball anywhere near the middle of the strike zone.

    And I agree, Mac. Duh.

  18. “MLB issued a statement emphatically denying the steroid rumors. Hmmm. Do we trust the snakes?”

    I missed something. Who’s the subject of the latest roid rumor?

  19. why does Paciorek talk to the ball??

    the braves kangaroo court should throw the book at laroche for trying to seal.

  20. Fox SS just flashed the top 5 home run leaders altime. still looks weird to see Sosa at #5.

    nice place Wilson….

  21. “MLB issued a statement emphatically denying the steroid rumors. Hmmm. Do we trust the snakes?”

    Ah, I see the story now on MLB.com.

  22. JoeyT, I am in Hong Kong, so I don’t get bothered by the blackout system. The trouble is that I can’t catch the weeknight games as they are played when I am at work…which is like NOW!!!

  23. “Pick it, Wilson!”

    Do you think that was an intentional allusion to Wicked, Wicked Wilson Pickett, or did he just blunder into that one?

  24. FSN South got its feeds mixed up a bit. We got a few seconds of FSN Bay Area.

    Video outages, massive delays, muted colors …


  25. There are two “Turner South: Braves” signs behind the batter.

    That’s right. Rub this Fox thing in our faces.

  26. would it be smart to move kelly down in the lineup, move andruw to 3rd and move franc the tank to 4th. that way they have to pitch to andruw.

  27. Yamid Haad? I don’t want to bring undue attention to race, but is he Middle Eastern? How many such players are there in baseball? Cool!

  28. Ryan, I’d think you’d want a guy who hits more for average in your 3-hole and keep the power hitter (not that Frenchy isn’t a power hitter, but Andruw hits more exclusively for power and Jeff picks up all kinds of hits) in the cleanup spot. Just my thought.

  29. “Well, if you’re gonna keep throwing it over the plate, I’ll deposit it in yonder stands!” AJ.

  30. I would like nothing better than for Andruw to ruin Derrek Lee’s bid for the Triple Crown. To see a Cub win it would be galling to me.

  31. This is ridiculous…just got in expecting the game to be on ESPN. Nope. I could understand if I lived in say, somewhere other than the SE US….but I live in the Florida Panhandle! No Turner South, no Fox Sports South…and now a Braves game in regional coverage isn’t on in favor of Texas-Boston? This is absurd.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad to see things are going just as they should. Andruw and Jeff are running the show from the batting end, Smoltz is mowing them down on the pitching end, and while the Giants are trying to make a rally here…I think we can close it out.

  32. John really doesn’t need to pitch the ninth inning…he can save this one inning for October.

  33. See, in my mind a “save” should be with the tying run on base.

    This should be another meaningless stat. A “hypersave” “supersave” “bonus save”.

  34. JoeyT, I think they have a stat category called “tough save”, but I don’t quite remember the definition of it.

  35. Well, we still have the bottom of the ninth. We can pull this out. Assuming Reitsma doesn’t blow it right here.

  36. This whole mess started when I went to get the honey mustard pretzels and the Coke. I won’t eat them for the bottom of the ninth.

  37. It’s Bobby’s fault for letting Smoltz pitching the ninth. Someone needs to remind Smoltz that he is not our closer anymore.

  38. Come on, kc, he was pitching fine and he wasn’t even to 100 pitches yet. He just didn’t get it done. Bobby is not clairvoyant.

  39. What happened on the fielder’s choice (watching on CBS Sportsline)? How did they not double up Snow? Or did Sportsline get something wrong?

  40. i would be all for farnsworth coming back and taking a shot at the closing position. reitsma has been ok, but he just doesn’t seem to have the dominance that we should be looking for in a closer. i wouldnt mind seeing him and farnsworth swap spots.

  41. I’d put Franco in here. He hits righties almost as well as lefties. You can pinch run Orr after Franco gets on base if that’s the plan.

  42. At least Kolb is warming up

    I never thought I’d see the day where we’d be grateful for this. Let’s hope Stephen’s optimism is well-placed.

  43. one good thing about this is it looks like giles will get a chance to extend his hitting streak.

  44. You might let Smoltz pitch to the first batter. But once he reaches, you pull him. And for God’s sake, you don’t leave him in after the double.

  45. Kolb’s feeling it tonight. Nice strikeout. Before that, he actually got the first batter out.

  46. Best case, Kolb gets the win here, further padding his stats for a subsequent waver trade to the Yankees.

  47. how do you know i dont care, jenny? you some type of supergenius? havent you seen that i am the best 2nd basemen of all time. by the way,isnt it convenient that i can play the field and respond to your statement at the same time.

  48. Should I be rooting for the Astros or the Nats? I just can’t bring myself to say “Go Nats!” but they’d be easier for us as a wild card team, I think. Currently they trail Houston 5-4.

    And if we can pull this out and Boston hangs on, my day will be perfect. The O’s already won.

  49. for your information, ms. jenny, i have been diagnosed with little man’s syndrome and that’s is why i seemingly enjoy running into big stuff. are you big? i bet i could run over you too. bring it!

  50. Gameday has Kolb still pitching in the top of the 11th. The audio says its Boyer. Kolb’s pitch totals keep going up.

  51. Wow, with all the people in the bullpen and Kolb is still going for his second inning…what’s going through Bobby’s mind tongith?!

  52. Can you imagine if Tom Paciorek and Bob Rathmun switched places?

    “HELLO! There’s a rocket! Another bullet! Oh man!! Yes, sir!!”

  53. i could run over a truck, a horse, a camel, a 300 pound man (easily), a gazebo, a slot machine, the ocean, that old coliseum in that gladiator movie, and tons of other HUUUUGE stuf!

  54. Busted! :-)

    Damn Jeff. I know his free swinging is his style, and it works, but in that situation, it’s just totally wrong. GIDP. Killing rally. Boo.

  55. The Boston-Texas game is ugly. Their pitcher hit a guy and then walked another with the bases loaded. It’s now 13-5 and counting.

  56. I’d probably have had Francoeur bunt in that situation. I don’t care what the fans say, you need a guy in scoring position.

  57. The blame is on Francoeur for hacking away like that. I know it’s what he normally does, but come on. He needed to be patient there and he failed.

  58. Really, how hard is it to keep the head of the bat above the handle? Why can’t Major Leaguers bunt?

  59. WTF? Ramirez? That’s a surprise. I guess it makes sense, though. He’s not a bad hitter and he just pitched yesterday.

  60. Thanks, HoRam. Teach me to say something positive about you! I forgot. You suck! But now it’s too late.

  61. Ernie and Don were saying that maybe Davies, who has ten sac bunts, should have pinch hit.

  62. That’s not a bad idea, David. Not a bad idea at all. We may be here until 4AM at this rate. Thankfully I don’t have to go to bed…

  63. if he says “get up” one more time i am going to SCREEEAM! he is the most annoying announcer in the world.

  64. Think we can get JS to call Theo up in Boston and offer to trade Brower for some of their runs? They have extra.

  65. yes, i won the game and kept my hitting streak alive. did you see neikro get out of my way at 1st? i could run him, his dad, and his stupid uncle over like bowling pins.

  66. “maybe Davies, who has ten sac bunts, should have pinch hit”

    Cox probably wanted to reserve the option of using Davies as a relief pitcher if the game went longer. Pitchers used as pinch bunters or pinch bunters are almost always starters.

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