163 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 9, Giants at Braves”

  1. With 50 games left Francoeur will likely get betwwen 250 and 300 abs or between 249 and 299 plate appearances.

  2. I think it will depend on how Duke, Duffy, Ramirez,and Church will do. Very long Shots McCann and Davies

  3. I like Zach Duke’s chances for ROY with the way he pitched the other day. Admittedly that was against the braves who couldn’t hit off anyone as a rookie pitcher, but still…. I’d love to see JF win it.

    “Has anyone used the term ‘coeur’s Field for Turner Field yet?”

    Clever… if not, they should

  4. If he hits 20 homeruns, well… damn… that would kick ass. It would also be incredibly tough for the voters to ignore. Since many ignore PAs in favor of ABs, his walk (ahem) rate will work in his favor :)

    I don’t remember who first said it here, but I like the nickname “Jeff Franchise”.

  5. Frantic? Fanchise?

    eh…weak nicknames IMO, not that anything ive come up with is better

    Is the came in ATL or SF? and what channel is it on?

  6. They both beat Frenchy. Franchise would ware off, for sure. But I like it short-term, all things considered.

    The game is on TS, as far as I know. It’s in ATL.

    I’m still hoping he hits a couple of sac flies before he gets a walk or another HBP. Something perversely satisfying about a guy having a lower OBP than AVG.

  7. I like the nickname that Skip Caray used for Jeff:
    The Natural
    I think it fits him perfectly!

  8. Oh, no. HoHum is pitching. I wasn’t sure. He’s the guy on the staff that I have the least faith in. What’s the over-under on bombs? 2? 3?

  9. ‘coeur’s Field: remember, you saw it here first!

    My other million dollar idea was that Skip and Pete should start calling their barbeque chop suuuuey. You know,chop as in tomahawk chop and suuuey as in the hog call.

  10. I just watched the clip on the Braves site of the Tooner Field opening. Observing Bud Selig attempting to be personable with small children is frightening.

    And I think he looks like a used-car salesman. The creepiest of the Big Four.

  11. Anybody hear the rumor that another big name tested positive for steroids? Apparently it’s been on ESPN radio, NY Daily News, and Boston Herald and will be announced later in the week.

  12. Pete just said on the radio that (1) Smoltz will start tomorrow, on his usual five days’ rest; (2) Hudson will start Thursday; (3) Sosa will start Friday; (4) Davies will move to the bullpen because the other Kyle, Farnsworth, has dropped his appeal and will not be eligible to pitch until Sunday; and (5) Thomson will start Saturday’s game.

  13. I saw this Hennessy guy pitch before, and he was actually pretty good. I don’t know what’s up with him today. I’m glad he decided to lose it against the Braves.

  14. I don’t like how everyone dislikes Adam here. He’s done nothing to warrant it. I hope they work him in to our lineup in ’06. And I still don’t trust Wilson.

  15. Francoeur’s hit was it hard? I don’t remember seeing anyone hit the ball so hard.

  16. Not everyone dislikes LaRoche but with Marte not much longer in AAA he better step it up more.

  17. Eh. Everyone is quick to make Adam to odd man out. I think Bobby, John, and Co. will be creative come this offseason. Hopefully keeping LaRoche in town.

  18. Again, how are they going to be “creative”? Chipper was headed to first even before he messed up his shoulder. Are you going to make LaRoche an leftfielder? That would be fun. Andruw would be dead from covering for him by August.

  19. LaRoache isn’t a very good player, especially not for a first baseman. With a GIGANTIC platoon advantage, he’s hitting .257/.311/.459. Against lefties, he’s a dismal .156/.182/.281. He puts up decent numbers for a catcher, maybe, but not for a major league first baseman.

  20. And stuff like that hit he let get by him last inning drives me nuts. He was bailed out by a double play, but that lack of hustle bugs me.

  21. I liked Napolean Dy-No-Mite for Francoeur, but it hasn’t caught on. Obscure movie, too long, it’s dying a well deserved death I imagine.

    Has anyone noticed that most major basketball players get a nickname, but that for baseball players it is rare?

  22. yes, mac is right. laroche is going to be out of here one way or the other. call me crazy, but i would much rather have marte and chipper than chipper and laroche. marte will bring the much needed defense to 3rd and chipper will bring… well chipper. it’s a win-win situation for us.

  23. In fact, what are the best Braves nicknames all time? Other than Hammerin’ Hank, not one springs to mind.

  24. The Lemmer (Lemke), The Beeg Boy (Rico Carty), Cha Cha (Orlando Cepeda), The Big Cat (Galarraga), The Kitten (Felix Millan). That’s all for now.

  25. What was the name of that big pitcher with the nickname “Hondo”? Pitched in the late ’60s. Jim Something or Other.

  26. Actually, Marte has 13 errors so far at Richmond in 84 games. Ok but not great. Chipper’s got only 3 in 62 games. Not sure Marte is a great upgrade defensively, although he is sure to improve with time.

  27. I forgot the Crime Dog. And wasn’t there a Braves reliever with a big fu-man-chu mustache that had a weird nickname?

  28. Forgive my ignornce…

    have Chipper to 1B rumors started up? I agree that Marte/Chipper would be better than Chipper/LaRoche

  29. And “Knucksie” for Niekro, but I think that’s a communal nickname knuckleballers sharea.

  30. Jim Britton is the guy who was nicknamed “Hondo.” He pitched for the Braves in 1967.

  31. Ralph Garr = Roadrunner.

    Some guys who weren’t primarily Braves:

    Gary Matthews = Sarge
    Johnnie “Dusty” Baker
    Jimmy Wynn = Toy Cannon

    Omar “The Outmaker” Moreno, but that’s unofficial.

  32. Marte will make more errors than Chipper, but he’ll also get to more balls, so he’s a better fielder overall.

    *still shaking head re: Francoeur*

  33. Thanks Malone. I could picture Hrabosky, but couldn’t come up with the name for the life of me.

  34. Other relatively meaningless information: Al Hrabosky is a broadcaster for Fox Sports Midwest, hosts a sports radio show in St. Louis, and has his own website. Also, no apparent facial hair.

  35. Yeah, I don’t get that either. I guess he was just bringing out his innings-eater long reliever, and it just happens to be a lefty.

  36. Remy wins the unoffical nickname contest. Larvell is right. He was with Atlanta for 5 seasons and his total games played add up to about a season and a half. Also, Sugar Bear is tough to beat.

  37. How do you mean, Remy? He can’t be traded now. No way he clears wavers. And a lot of things can happen between now and the end of the season.

  38. If you guys look at Andruw’s split against left-handed pitchers and right-handed pitchers, you will understand Alou’s decision.

    David, calm down on LaRoche man, he drove in our first two runs.

  39. Actually, I’m in LaRoche’s camp, though I agree he could be more productive. I’ll spare the commentary and stick to nicknames!

  40. I think Chipper does count, but it’s a stupid nickname so it counts just barely. Other than “Smoltzie” also pretty bad are there any other nicknamed Braves on the roster. I suppose we could count the silly things Cox calls his players when he is clapping encouragement—it all involves adding a y, right?

  41. Hey, my head is full of useless, arcane knowledge. Try paying the bills with that! Besides, what’s a geezer to do?

  42. vs. Left:

    Franco: .282/.370/.494
    LaRoche: .156/.182/.281

    vs. Right:

    Franco: .292/.337/.472
    LaRoche: .269/.325/.480

    Chipper doesn’t even have to move to first. Franco every day!

  43. I’m incapable of calling him anything but Larry… somehow I can’t get “Chipper” out in nomral conversation.

    There’s these more recent ones:

    Pacman = Rafael Belliard
    Dirt = Mark Lemke
    Skates = Lonnie Smith
    Leon = Deione Sanders

    OK, I made the last one up. And I guess the others weren’t really all that widely used.

  44. I don’t want to start rumors, but I heard Francoeur is the love child of Chief Knock-a-Homah.

  45. I envy it Remy, my skills of recall are degenerating with every google search. I’m of the generation that outsourced its memory to search engines.

  46. I always thought that Otis Nixon looked like a cigar-store Indian, but I could never work that into a nickname.

    “Eye Chart” just breaks me.

  47. Don’t they call LaRoche “Three-Second Delay” because he’s something of a space cadet?

  48. I think Franco drops dead if he has to play everyday. If he can at his age then I’m signing on to the deal with the devil camp. It’s a wingnut position, but no way proper diet and exercise works that well. [I say as I finish my beer]

  49. Ride Franco into an earlier grave or hope Marte drinks the Francoeur kool-aid? Either one is fine.

  50. Remember David Letterman calling Terry Forester a “fat tub of goo?” Does that count as a nickname?

  51. Do we have a consensus here that we should trade LaRoche this offseason, moving Chipper to first base, and starting Marte at third base?

  52. For fun, guys, you can go to this site to pick a nickname for Jeff Francoeur! Winner gets something from 790 the Zone.

    Darn it, Jeff! I love singles, but you were so close to a walk!

  53. I think Marte has earned a shot next year, and he apparently can’t play the outfield nor should Chipper. That doesn’t leave much room for LaRoche.

  54. My God. I had no idea LaRoche’s home stats were like that. There should be a home/road platoon. He’s got Coors-level home/road splits! Worse, even.

  55. You know, I just realized that some of the players on this team, like McCann and Francoeur, are actually young enough to have been in high school at the same time I was. Only for a year, true, but that’s scary. I’m getting over the hill!

  56. Just wait until the rookies you’re watching now retire, Jenny. Or until you realize that 80% of the players are now younger than you. I guess those things will come about the same time.

  57. Resign Furcal and throw in either Orr or Betemit in the LaRoche trade. Plus with Lerew, Chuck James and Davies ready to start throw in a pitcher.

  58. I know, creynolds, my mom told me to wait until I’m old enough to be these guys’ parents, then complain.

    Of course, if you think about it, Julio could reasonably be the parent of many of the guys on the team, say, anyone 27 and under. Wonder how that feels?

  59. Julio just missed facing his platoon partner’s father. LaLob’s last full year in the majors was with the Yankees, 1982 (he pitched briefly in 1983) and Julio joined the Indians in ’83.

  60. franc, in addition to the (old) currency means free. Francoeur shares the c (in french when letters double up in a word one gets dropped) so it means free-heart.

  61. http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Mathematicians/Francoeur.html – Louis Francoeur, mathematician and astronomer in Napoleon’s era.

    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0290670/ – Richard Francoeur, French actor, 1894-1961

    Those are pretty much the only big Francouers I see on the web… there’s a guy who’s a scientist, too, Allen Francouer, into energy systems, but I didn’t find a real good bio website for him. Just some research fodder for y’all…

  62. I forgot, franc can also mean sincere, so it is also sincere-heart. The kind of last name that strikes fear in the hearts of men (or frenchmen anyway)

  63. The ilovefrancoeur site is listing “Braveheart” as a choice. That hadn’t occurred to me, but it’s minimally clever.

  64. Sadly, “The Cure” Francoeur is winning in the voting right now. Followed by Hardcoeur, Ball Park Franc, and Francoeurstein. God I hate people sometimes.

  65. Who is the big name going to be that MLB has busted with ‘roids?

    Hampton pitched well tongiht in his rehab start.

  66. For a surreal suggestion, I vote we all start calling him Sugar Bear and just hope it catches on…

  67. I’ve heard speculation that it’s Clemens, since someone said it was a likely HOF pitcher. But I’ve also heard Miguel Tejada, Mike Piazza, and Manny Ramirez.

    Nobody knows.

  68. Please explain to me why we bring in Brower, who has done nothing but struggle, against his FORMER TEAM? I know we’re up 6, but, well, bring in Kolb!

  69. Is Jenny’s Frenchy different than the frenchy that’s stuck on him now? Is that your fault Jenny?

  70. Gotta be Franchise, the others are so lame. It’s the most marketable even if it is cliche’. Bobby’s nickname for him is probably Frankie.

    Franco did play with Bake McBride.

  71. Wow, it is 8 LOB. Yikes. I won’t forget the 2 RBI, but something tells me that the Walking Unibrow may be tweezed in the off-season.

    I apologize for the bad joke. If Marcus calls him Cockroach, I think we should be able to.

  72. If it is Clemens, that would be the bigest new in baseball history. He would only miss two starts though. Baseball has a terrible drug policy.

  73. Don’t blame Frenchy on me! I heard it somewhere else, probably from one of the fools on the official message board!

    I like Franchise. But “Frenchy and Fookie” has a nice ring to it.

  74. Where are y’all hearing rumors about another big name testing positive? When approached on PTI today, Selig flatly denied it, saying the only even questionable test he’s heard of involves a young player.

  75. No flies on you, Jenny. It’s just that you’re the first person I heard use that name. Not a bad nickname, though.

  76. I worry Franchise is going to stunt his growth. That’s a tough name to grow into. Leaves a lot of room for disappointment.

  77. Wasn’t it Sonny “Two Sheds” Jackson? No, on second thought, it was Arthur (old Monty Python routine).

  78. And Frenchy leaves a lot of room for ridicule.

    Chris Dimino from 790 the Zone said McCann is going to get most of the starts over the next couple of weeks because Estrada is very banged up.

  79. Selig flatly denied it

    Bear with me for a sec, Joey…but this is BUD SELIG we’re talking about here. BUD SELIG. ‘Nuff said.

    And I’ve heard the rumors in the Boston Herald, the NY Daily News, and ESPN Radio. Not the creme de la creme of news sources, but no National Enquirer, either. We’ll see, though.

  80. I read somewhere that Foster had one of the best pct. in the majors for getting the ist batter out with inherited runners on.

  81. Question for fjensen: You mentioned in the other thread that Marcus had HEMORRHOIDS?


  82. Giles had a bad case of the piles and had to sit out(or stand out) of a week’s worth of games.

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