Game Thread: July 30, Pirates at Braves

The Natspos have lost, again, and the Braves find themselves 4 1/2 games up, but just 5 up on the Marlins.

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  1. “How much farther, Mr. Cox?” asked Danny Kolb for at least the tenth time that day. “Are we almost there?”

    “Almost Danny,” said the old man, smiling down at the youngster. “Just a little bit further.”

    Danny was excited. He had scarcely been able to contain himself that morning when Mr. Cox announced he was giving Danny a new bike. But Danny hadn’t realized they would have to walk so far into the forest to get it. It seemed like they had been walking for hours. Furthermore, they had left the path some time ago, and Danny no longer knew where they were. This part of the forest was much darker and scarier than the parts Danny was used to. If he were not with Mr. Cox, Danny knew he would be very frightened. What is my new bike doing in the forest anyway? thought Danny.

    At last they stopped. The old man said, “Well, here we are.”

    “I don’t see a bike anywhere,” Danny murmured, peering about him.

    “It’s over there, Danny boy, in that overgrown thicket. Why don’t you go get it and then we’ll return home?”

    “Gosh, Mr. Cox, I don’t know how to thank . . . Mr. Cox? Are you crying?”

    The old man smiled again. “No, Danny. The pollen’s getting to me a little bit, I guess. Go get your bike; you deserve it.”

    “Yaaaaaay!” cried Danny as he bounded off, disappearing almost immediately into the underbrush.

    The old man stood there for one more moment. He wiped a tear from his eye, then turned and began to quickly and resolutely walk away. From behind him, he heard the kid call out, “Mr. Cox, I don’t see my bike anywhere!”

    Without turning around, the old man called back, “Just keep looking, Dan. Just keep looking.”


    Danny emerged from the thicket disappointed and a bit scratched up. He guessed Mr. Cox was just having a little fun with him. Still, he was disappointed: Danny had been daydreaming during the walk, thinking how the other guys in the clubhouse would start being nicer to him when they found out that he was the proud owner of a new bicycle. After all, they would want to ride the bike too. Oh, well.

    He looked around. Where was Mr. Cox?

    “Mr. Cox?” Danny called out nervously. “Mr. Cox, shouldn’t we be heading back? It’s almost dark.”

    There was no answer. Danny glanced about him wildly. All at once, the darkness seemed to rise up around him like some black, sinister force intent upon his destruction. Dark shapes began to move about him; the sounds of evil cackling seemed to come from behind every tree.

    “Mr. Cox!” cried Danny as he began to run. He ran about ten yards before tripping over an unseen rock. He hit the ground hard.

    As he lay there, trembling and tearful, Danny whimpered, “Mr. Cox?”

    Off in the distance, an owl hooted.

  2. Mac, feel free to delete that little piece of whimsy if you want. Just thought I’d share . . .

  3. If only it were a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

    If you are Danny, do you

    a) keep crying and calling out for Mr. Cox


    b) try to fashion a bicycle out of sticks and tree limbs to ride out of the forest?

  4. Two perfect curves to Bay, and then the wheels came off – I no unnerstan’ Lucy.

  5. That play would have been a lot funnier if the Pirates hadn’t already scored three runs in the inning.

  6. On that Jason Bay homerun how many people think that Johnny Estrada was at fault just as much as Davies. You have the hitter 0-2 on two great curveballs and then the catcher decides to set up outside to try to have the pitcher paint the corner on 3 consecutive pitches. Finally when it is 3-2 you throw a fastball down the middle. Does that make any sense. I know the kid made a bad pitch, but comeon. Johnny expects Maddux precision out of a 21 year old. Stupid!!!

  7. Minor update Anthony Lerew and Chuck James pitching tonight. Brandon Jones hit a 3 run homer for Rome. He was on BA’s hot prospect list as was Chuck James and Salty.

  8. Actually, i think that had alot to do with Bay. It is hard to take a pitch way out there and pull it that far. I do question the pitch selections, but it was a nice swing. Bay is quite talented (in non-homerun derby affairs, of course)

  9. Estrada is not able to wait until the pitcher starts his delivery to set up on a corner, unlike almost every other major league catcher (including McCann). Players will always have an easier time figuring out where the ball is going when he’s back there. I wonder why he doesn’t work on that.

  10. Six SO’s through 4 is nice.

    One hit is nice.

    3 BB’s through 4 is not so nice.

    78 pitches through 4 is just not nice at all.

    Davies has settled down after the first to be sure. Now the Braves just string together some hits.

  11. Ok, I’ve been more sceptical than most here. (I’m more of a Marte guy) But Francoeur is starting to convince me.

  12. I think Francoeur’s won himself the starting RF gig on a more or less permanent basis. He’ll have nights like last night, but he’ll also have nights like tonight…and about 5 other nights as well. Pretty good company he’s in with the active players with 12+ RBI in their first 12 games, as the guys said on TBS.

  13. While perfectly aware of the fate of Cassandra, and fully believing in Frenchy’s long term potential, the notion that he can keep this up for the rest of the season is, um, sanguine at best.

  14. Francouer’s homer reminded me how much I love the homerun song. I think it is called Apache Mix. Anybody know the title and/or artist?

    My friend is an Astros fan and everytime he hears the song he thinks of Chipper turning around a Wagner heater in the NLDS.


  15. That 12 RBI stat is nice, but how many guys start enough of their first 12 games to really have a shot?

  16. BTW, Will Carroll at BP is reporting a Jason Marquis for Brian Giles swap is on the table, with minor details (prospects, cash) to be worked out. Marquis has done pretty well this year, but still has some problems with walks. You’d think the Braves could come up with something better, but I guess it’s the case of a more “proven” player than a prospect (perhaps) winning out.

  17. Hank Marvin and the Shadows hada hit with it in 1960 – Jorgen Ingemann in ’61. INgemann is a killer surf guitarist as well. My fave is Echo Boogie. Ps – I am a guitar junkie as well as a baserball one.

  18. We might need to institute a Francoeur nickname contest. I’m not sure we want “frenchy” to stick. I’ll throw out Napolean Dy-NO-Mite, or Mini-Murph…just to get the ball rolling.

  19. there you go guys…Blaine Boyers up in the pen.

    also, Lawton looked hilarious on that 3-0 pitch. At least make it look like you are up to bat. haha.

  20. Other than some sporadic control problems and one bad pitch to Bay, Davies has looked pretty good. Much better now than when he was sent down.

  21. Does Kelly project to be a streaky player or is it just growing pains?

    I think he is a keeper regardless.

  22. Francouer. Actually saw him take a pitch. He must be a golfer. Another extra base hit off his shoe tops. Kelly gets an extra base hit!

    Jeff must read this blog. He is determined to make guys like me that says he ain’t ready eat crow.

  23. What is Chipper, a foot taller than Giles? He looked like he was towering over him during that high-five…

  24. I’m finally getting to watch a game now that its on TBS, and I don’t want to trade anybody after seeing this. Its a fun team.

  25. Alex R. isn’t happy until Boyer is striking out in the late innings of close games, not in the middle of blowouts.

  26. Hey Mac, give him credit…he apparently knows how to build a bike out of stuff he finds in the forest…

  27. Any possibility that the Padres are so desparate for pitching that theyll take Kolb in a package for Giles?

  28. Watching on Gameday @ work. Please tell me Andruw is out because of our generous lead and not because he’s hurt.

  29. ”Well, we found a use for Kolb. He sets up Reitsma perfectly for Save Opps.”


  30. “Inability to pitch” is ringing true more every day. KolBB is just taking up space.

  31. You can see why the Braves like Davies’ “makeup” in the way he bore down on Lawton to get out of the 6th. I’m concerned about his struggles locating his fastball, but optimistic on his future. His curve ball and changeup both look like plus pitches already, but he doesn’t really throw them that much. Which is fine, because he needs to master his fastball to make his other pitches that much better.

  32. BTW Chuck James through 5 no runs 2 hits 1 bb and 7 K’s. He and Devine would be great postseason additions or earlier if Kolb gets outed.

  33. Did you guys see that they’re offering 96 cent tickets for Monday’s 1:00 (eastern time) game? If I wasn’t a 3 hour drive away I’d be mighty tempted…

  34. Francoeur now in 14 games has 16 ribbies. Wonder how many of the 12 and 12 club are still with him?

  35. Richmond game was suspended after 3 innings Lerew 3 innings 1 hit no runs Thormon 2 homeruns,
    James left after 6 innings no runs 3 hits 8 k’s 1 bb. Time to promote him.

  36. If Francoeur keeps this up, he may win Rookie of the Year. He’s got the charisma, charm, and he’s looking like a major part of a playoff team.

    Really, who out there will be a more likely candidate at this point?

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