Game Thread: Pirates at Braves, July 29

If it’s Friday, it must be Turner South. Again.

UPDATE: I am coming down with a cold and am all NyQuilled up. I will probably fall asleep in the third inning or so. Anyway, the recap should be up in the morning.

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  1. Turner South … and, according to the schedule, in HD on Bravesvision (which I don’t get, as I have no HDTV).

  2. Let’s not suck tonight!
    Let’s hear it for not having anything else to do but watch baseball on a Friday night!
    Let’s all have some Nyquil (or equivalent(sp?) I’m thinking Jack, or Jim) and enjoy!
    WOoo… Ok that’s just sad.

  3. Olney is reporting that the Sox, Mets, and Rays are hammering out a deal that would send Manny Ramirez to New York…

    Sox Get: Huff, Cameron
    Mets Get: Manny, Baez
    Rays Get: Many, many prospects

    Thoughts? Probably won’t save the Mets, but stil…

  4. It would make the Sox formidable indeed, With Huff making up a lot of the offensive slack, and Cameron giving the ma nice defensive upgrade. They must be paying a LOT of Manny’s contract. I love Mo, as a performer and as a player, and think he gets a bum rap from the Boston media.

  5. Wow. If that’s right it does make the Mets a much scarier team than before. It might mess their defense up, as Manny

  6. The Mets spend big money, but the players they sign never learn to play together as a team–that’s the problem, not any lack of depth.

  7. I don’t think “playing as a team” has much to do with it. It’s just that they overpay for players. Other than Pedro, nobody they sign is worth their contract.

  8. With Estrada on first with a 3-2, 2 out pitch coming to Kelly Johnson, Skip said, “It may be difficult for you to tell, but Johnny will be running with the pitch.”

  9. Well I would normally say “you gotta throw a strike now”, but I guess that’s not true here. Of course, he may hit it anyway.

  10. You think you follow baseball closely and then the Pirates show up. I have never in my life heard the name Brad Eldred, and yet there he is hitting cleanup for the Buccos.

  11. I wouldn’t feel bad – just 18 AB’s and a .167 avg, means you won’t have to memorize his name just yet.

  12. Does anyone else think it’s really cool to hear the Ramones in a Braves radio promo?

  13. has any1 else noticed that horacio looks pretty solid through about 5-6 innings on almost every start. maybe he’s just not a 7-8-9 inning guy.

  14. Wow, I just noticed that the first place Padres in the NL West would be in last in the NL East… The entire division is over .500, and the entire West is .500 or worse.

  15. We need to figure out the post to Braves Scored ratio. Seems like nobody’s got anything to say during a pitching duel, or worse, a braves loss.

  16. Maybe the Braves and Pirates are taking this opportunity, when they’re both in the same town, to hammer out a deal for Lawton.

    Maybe it’s already done, and they’re just not pulling the trigger until Sunday to avoid the awkwardness of playing your old team the day you’re traded.

  17. Looks like Bobby Cox and I think alike. Yesterday I said he should go with the lineup he is using today (with the exception of LaRoche in there for Franco). I think it will work out nicely.

  18. I would hope for something a little nicer than 0 runs on 5 hits and 4 walks through 5

  19. Larry Bigbie was pulled out of the game tonight and replaced by Luis Matos. Could be an injury, or he might have been traded…

  20. Andy Marte just drove in the tying run for Richmond and Martin Prado knocked in the go ahead. They lead 4-3 in the 9th.

  21. Martin Prado is in Richmond? I thought he just got promoted to Mississippi.

    Looks like KJ is back to his old tricks and Francoeur is as well.

    Eldred is supposed to be a huge (literally) all-or-nothing type hitter, monster power and lots of Ks. How did Francoeur throw him out at first?

    I think there are more posts when the game is on TBS :)

    My mom had a cold in the hot summer,too bcause the air-conditioner only gives out a token breeze.I am giving her a hard time about it.I know sometimes I’m the naughty one;;BTW Today,the breaking news took me rather by surprise.I gave them quite a start.I flutterer with new hope.
    And I whoop it up for braves.WAY TO GO ~~~~~~~~

  23. In the middle of a pitch he threw the ball waaay wide and fell down grabbing his elbow. More precisely.

  24. It sure looked like he reinjured it. I hate seeing that kind of thing. Too cringe-worthy for me.

  25. Brower will shut this down. I believe in him.

    Man, it will suck for the Braves if Powell’s injury is bad. That means Kolb might have to pitch in meaningful games down the stretch.

  26. Powell’s injury is bad. I’ve never seen anything like that not be bad. I’ll be shocked if he throws again this year, or maybe even ever again.

  27. Considering Foster’s control problems recently, is anyone else puzzled by him being brought in with a one run lead?

  28. Yeah, sometimes these things just happen. I doubt Dr. Andrews did anything but excellent work on Powell.Let’s go Brower!

  29. McBride? Now? I’d stick with Brower rather than go with someone with so little experience against big league bats, regardless of handedness.

  30. Tough to keep him from getting under one, but hedoes strike out, and he is quite the DP candidate. Boy I remember when I would have traded a lot for this guy. Can’t believe he didn’t turn out better.

  31. Yeah, that was really stupid. Especially since he got that strike out you mentioned, spike.

  32. I was referring to Ward about the k’s. As my good pal Daffy Duck would say, pronoun trouble. Putting in Doumit was really dumb.

  33. McBride looked incredible. I didn’t expect him to utterly dominate those hitters like that.

    Bobby needs to try him against righties. If he pitches consistently like he did tonight, he’s an obvious choice for the 8th.

  34. That was McBride’s first save, but I have this weird feeling it won’t be his last.

    The way he pitched, those hitters didn’t stand a chance. He had them completely dominated. I was shocked one even made contact, weak as it was, for the final out.

  35. It was an impressive performance, no doubt, but let’s not get carried away. McBride has logged about 5 major league innings, and the Pirates swung at some godawful pitches. He’s earned the right to stick around, but I don’t know about closing.

    What do you guys think of Andy Sisco or Mike MacDougal from KC? I think either would be a decent addition and might come cheap.

  36. I’ve watched that Powell injury several times now, and I wonder if he broke his arm like Tony Saunders or Dave Dravecky. Considering his history, the elbow is way more likely, but it did remind me a lot of those injuries.

  37. Is there any way we can get Stu Klitenic retroactivel (and honorarily I suppose) added to The Road From Bristol? He knows nothing about baseball.

  38. According to TSN’s Ken Rosenthal, the Orioles have acquired Eric Byrnes from the Rockies for Larry Bigbie.

  39. Thank you, Macay McBride^^I’m really proud of you guys baby braves.Never foget it! HUMBLE OFFENSE THAT MAKES ME CRAZY

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