235 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 26, Natspos at Braves”

  1. We need to show something in this series. Not because it’s the Nats, but because you can feel the Mets and Phils gaining confidence the longer Atlanta remains stuck in neutral. Either of those teams has the talent to put together a 22-10 type stretch, we need to get things going on this end.

    At least we missed Patterson, he’s been lights out.

  2. I understand that Moshe Dayan’s eyepatch and Jennifer Anniston’s teenage love letters are also up for auction.

  3. Today would be a really good day for Estrada to just serve the suspension. Call up Pena (or activate Eddie), then DL Estrada before calling up a pitcher for Saturday.

  4. they shoudl have let Estrada serve his suspension beginning last Sunday. He wasnt feeling well and knowing that Monday was an off day and today Smoltz is pitching. After tomorrow his suspension would be over with and he would have had 4 days off to get his back better.

    Hopefully Perez is healthy enough to come off he DL. Pena has put up decent numbers in AAA, but looked terrible while he was up..

  5. They’re apparently finally talking about this, but no word on it yet. It’s getting ridiculous how much time he’s missed while appealing a pretty reasonable suspension.

  6. It’s really getting to the point of anger. Let the organization and/or the union take up the umpire issue. I think I’ve said this before… I’m sympathetic to the general beef he has, but there is not one thing out of line with the suspension he received. Take it and get on with your life, Johnny. Geez.

  7. Patterson has been good this year but part of that is the cavern in dc.

    It’s funny how that’s worked for them. RFK hasn’t hurt their offense much, 198 road runs vs 190 home runs despite not batting in the ninth a lot of the time. (Of course both those numbers stink) But their pitching is 3.03 home ERA vs 4.70 road ERA.

    For whatever reason, they seem well designed for that park.

  8. I think we will need Hampton for October. I am not to confident on a Smoltz, Hudson, Thompson(???), Home Run rotation. This all makes tonight’s game a little bigger for us.

  9. Finally broke down and got the extra innings package, I couldn’t handle missing another big game. One question, where do they get the feed from the game from? Turner?

  10. Wow. The Nats radio announcers are beyond annoying.

    How close was Marcus to coming up with that ball?

  11. Crap! Somebody help me! I’m in the DC area (Arlington), but I can’t find the game on tv. I don’t understand what’s happening! The Braves have their own friggin’ network, the Nationals live here, and it’s an important game between divisional rivals!! Why isn’t it on tv?!!

    Is it on a channel that I’m skipping over? Can I just not find it?

  12. Mac,
    You have to get an E-bay account. I just picked up a Mccann signed photo on there.

  13. It’s not on. We talked about this earlier. Stupid DC area. Gotta get mlb.tv to watch the Braves here.

  14. Anybody have any info on Josh Burris? Starting Lf on Myrtle Beach rated the top LF in the minors(according to Choptalk). Could he be a platoon with KJ in a year or two??

  15. ermoore, it’s not on TV unless you have satellite. Go to 104.1 FM or 1050 AM.

    Fouling out on 3-0? Kill me now.

    Nice hit, Chipper! Let’s take advantage.

    *Exit Captain Obvious*

  16. I’ve figured out why the announcing is so bad. I will leave it at that.

    Damn bloops.

  17. Random thought: We are so lucky to have Pete calling Braves games.

    Nats need to stop hitting the ball.

  18. Another random thought: We are so unlucky to have these crappy spoken word ads on Turner South.

  19. My favorite Ron Gant line of the year was when he asked (paraphrasing here) “How would someone react if that happened to them while they were at work trying to write a business essay?” I think it was back during the Sheffield incident with the fan, but it doesn’t matter. It totally floored me. I’ve been asked to do a lot of things at work, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word “essay”.

    I know this isn’t fair because the guy’s never had an office job, but it still makes me laugh.

  20. I know I had to stay late at the office this evening working on book reports.

    Or at least that’s what I told my wife.

  21. I had to take a 100-question true and false test last week.

    With Chipper still gimpy, we need Marcus to heat up. Jenny, you want to badger him?

  22. I had to write a 50 question matching, multiple choice and true/false test. But even that didn’t feel as much like high school as when they had to alert everyone that, while there was no strict dress code, women shouldn’t dress in such a way that exposed the navel or the far northern reaches of the thighs. One of the perks of working in the same building as the customer service call center ended that day… and I left the company shortly after.

  23. Matt Clement seriously injured after being hit in the head with a line drive off the bat of Carl Crawford – no video until postgame, according to MLB guidelines.

  24. McCann needs to play at least 3 out of 5, if not 4 out of five, even when Estrada comes back.

  25. As we return to the Natspos batting, I’d just like to say that I no longer know what constitutes a swing. I used to, but now it seems as random as balks.

  26. Thefirst two were no swings, the last one was.

    This is going to be our inning. Giles is going to do something, he is SO due!

  27. The future of baseball stadiums: Amusement Parks with a game going on sometimes in the middle.

  28. Sorry, guys, I went to read a book. It was bad, so I’m back and ready to badger. Who did you want? Marcus? Okay, here goes:

    Jeez, why can’t this shrimp stop swinging at every pitch, work some counts, and actually make solid contact once in a while? This has been going on too long. Bench him. Yeesh, Marcus! I guess everybody who said you were a “good hitter” was WRONG!


  29. I think we should trade Giles. He is the weak spot in the order. Wilson and or Orr could fill in just fine.

  30. This division isn’t looking like such a lock anymore. Funny that even the Marlins have a better record than the Padres.

  31. We should just let Andrew hit lead off. No one is getting on base in front of him anyways. He could get more at bats then.

  32. Of course, no matter what we say, Marcus will be hitting third for the rest of the season.

  33. Bobby has to shake up the batting order. If nothing else, flip Chipper and Marcus. Getting Orr a start might not be a bad idea either. Marcus has looked awful since his “flu”, which I am starting to suspect was actually mono.

  34. That’s an interesting concept kc. Could a team of eight Andruw Joneses be a competitive team? I can see maybe him struggling at catcher, but we’d probably have the best defensive outfield ever and really, I’m sure he could take a few groundballs in the infield without totally killing the team.

  35. Former Brave update: Eli Marrero left the O’s game with heat exhaustion. It’s 100 degrees up here, no joke. I can’t believe DC is hotter than Atlanta, but it’s happened. They put a thermometer in the OPACY outfield and it went to 130F.

  36. If I have eight Andruws on my team, I will only have two outfielders and five infielders.

  37. John, OTOH, looks great. I think that the only ball actually hit hard off him was the line double play in the first. Sometimes the balls just fall wrong.

  38. If Marcus had mono, he’d be a lot sicker, I think. I’ve had friends with that and they were in bed for weeks. That said, somebody should look at him. He has looked awful, both at the plate and physically, for a week or two now.

  39. I bet if Hernandez walked Andruw and Chipper to start the inning, we still couldn’t score!

  40. I had mono once and I was in bed for three weeks. I wish Giles would get mono and maybe then Kelly Johnson would drink some of his kool-aid

  41. Oh, this is great. I just read the official O’s game report (sorry for the OT) and it says Eli Marrero “left due to an injured head.” What the heck does THAT mean? I love GameDay.

  42. I hate Livan, but that curveball striking out Andruw was a great pitch. Chipper is taking some good swing tonight, looking a lot better than the last series.

    Great job LaRoche!

  43. For some reason, I’m much more optimistic with a rookie from AA up there than a vet who hit .300 last year.

  44. We should have had four that inning, if we can get him for one more inning, maybe Julio can knock one out

  45. Did Guillen jump over the wall or something? The red dot is in the seats. I’m guessing I just missed a Web Gem.

  46. We get Julio, Furcal, and Kelly next inning. If Livan is still in there we have a chance.

  47. McCann looks great up there.

    Say what you will, I like Livan. It’s not his fault Eric Gregg is retarded. I wish we had him.

  48. Does anyone else think Nick Johnson is funny-looking? I can’t place it, but he makes me think of someone involved with a circus.

  49. Then how was Smoltz involved? Gameday says it went from Smoltz to Marcus to Raffy to LaRoche. And the ball is located in shallow center. Huh?

  50. It went 1-4-63. The ball hit off of Smoltz’s glove and bounced over to second, etc.

    As predicted, Orr leads off the eigth.

  51. But now there are 2 outs. And KJ is probably forever averse to swinging at the first pitch. Oh, well.

  52. How did Kelly get on? My internet hiccuped and when the video came back, he was on.

    Gant: “That was the 100th pitch thrown by Hernandez.” LOL. I don’t think that’s gonna mean much.

  53. Marcus, please get your sorry ass ejected for the good of the team. This is awful. He needs to sit. WTF is going on with this guy?

  54. We have to get a hitter. A corner outfielder, KJ is not a big league hitter and isn’t going to be. I am through with Giles too.

  55. I’m not through with him. Not at all. I think he needs to sit for a few days. He’s a good player in a slump, but he’s hurting us right now. If he’s sick, why is he playing?

  56. Talk about overreacting. They’re slumping. It happens. KJ will be a fantastic major leaguer, and Giles will revert back to form soon.

  57. How am I overreacting to say Giles needs to put his butt on the pine for 2 or 3 days? This has been going on for over a week now.

  58. sigh! Let’s regroup here. Andrew, Chipper, LaRoche. We should get one run from these guys, even with Cordero comming out.

  59. I’m not worried about KJ, actually. It’s the veteran who worries me, because he looks hapless out there right now, not hitting the ball with any authority. I was joking about mono, but he’s not right, which suggests sickness or injury.

  60. Positivity. I’m on board. For 30 minutes. Then I get to revert back to my usual “badger” identity :-)

  61. Refresh my memory: how good was Javy at blocking pitches in the dirt when he was here?

  62. am i wrong, but does kj have adam dunn disease? (minus dunn’s power)

    damnit betemit!!!

  63. adam dunn disease: being too selective at the plate; betemit’s blunder had me worked up there for a sec….

  64. Great inning. Chipper is looking better and better. It’s Andruw’s fault for not hitting four homeruns tonight. Adam drove in both runs, now we just need to fix KJ and Marcus.

  65. I’m in Burbank with no Braves…

    How close was the play at second with Betemit CS?

  66. I don’t have a TV, but does Baerga still look like a bowling pin with a mustache?

  67. It is the designated closer position tied and at home like this. Use him now and hope your team scores soon!

  68. God, that’s scary. I hope Clement didn’t fracture his skull. Sounds like he might have.

  69. Why didn’t Cox double-switch for Reitsma? May need him for more than 1 inning, and with him batting 9th, he’s going to be pulled for a pinch-hitter in the bottom of this inning. Is there anyone left on the bench?

  70. If we don’t score here, then Kolb is going to pitch to Guillen and Johnson. The chances of them getting back-to-back doubles are high.

  71. Can I ask why Don Sutton can’t get Brian McCann’s name right? Its not just tonight, last time he announces with McCann catching, he kept calling him “Kelly McCann.”

    Irks me.

    Yay Stanton, he still sucks right?

  72. Kelly McCann? Ha!

    This just in: Apparently the Braves have acquired BRIAN Giles? At least according to the stupid Nats announcers who have been mixing them up all game.

    Brian might be hitting, though.

  73. Estrada catches the next inning if the Braves don’t put it away in the tenth.

  74. This is a huge gamble. And I don’t like it. Not with the Offensive Offense Duo coming up.

  75. Powell is warming. Why the heck would you use your best right-handed PH to bunt? I don’t get that at all. Use a pitcher, Bobby!

  76. Anybody think he should have pinch run Orr and pinch hit for johnson with francouer? Shouldn’t have wasted him pinch running

  77. Jason, from looking at the box score, he already used Orr. Franco was the last position player (except Estrada, who can’t bat evidently).

    He should have used a pitcher to bunt Jeffie over to 2nd (or used a pitcher to run for McCann).

    Yea, Giles got hit – come on Andruw!

  78. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A 4-pitch walk! What a great reliever! A HBP and a 4-pitch walk! I love Luis Ayala!

    And the Orioles won. Finally. I’m flying.

  79. Jeff, you don’t remember?! Kenny Rogers will never forget. I love the walk-off walk.

  80. Astros & Phillies tied at 1 in the bottom of the 9th, maybe some free baseball there too. And Florida already lost. Mets losing in the 4th.

  81. Thanks John. I missed him using Orr. That’s what I get for questioning Bobby…a win that will eat away at the Nats…good game

  82. Nobody will ever write a poem, or a song, or even a half-way decent story about a walk-off walk. But, really, it’s a thing of beauty. Something about all that built up tension never really being broken.

  83. Boyohboyohboy! THis one has got to hurt the Natspos. All those 1-run wins are starting to even out for them.

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