Game Thread: July 24, Braves at D-Backs

Anything less than glowing praise for The Lord of the Rings in its book or movie incarnations will be dealt with savagely.

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  1. Will there be 265 posts today? It is 1-1 going to the top of the 8th in Washington, go Stros!

  2. Natspos have three hits through seven innings against a guy who entered the game with a 6.79 ERA. Supposedly Nick Johnson’s going to be back for the Braves series, but regardless, Atlanta seems to be getting them at the right time. Smoltz against Hernandez on Tuesday should be quite the pitchers duel.

  3. USUALLY, when we get teams like Washington(a team that is challenging for the division title) we put them away with a statement.

  4. Someone asked in the other thread:

    Chipper’s not in the early lineup. Neither is Estrada.

  5. Jose Guillen got hit by a pitch, and had to come out of the game. This might be good for us

  6. Three hits through ten innings. And not against Houston’s big three. Or Lidge.

    The Nats offense is so bad.

  7. True, the Nats offense sucks but I think their pitching staff is one of the best in the NL.

  8. somebody bashing lotr? do you remember that feeling you got the first time you laid your eyes on “star wars”. that was the feeling that i got when i first watched “lord of the rings”. that is kind of sad because i first saw “star wars” when i was 4, and i first saw “lotr” when i was 24. both mesmerized me.

    pretty even matchup from a pitching standpoint. i hope we can pull it out.

  9. The Nats pitching isn’t half bad, but the numbers look substantially better because RFK Stadium is playing as a severe pitchers’ park. Their 3.06 home ERA is best in the NL, their 4.70 road ERA is ninth.

  10. Nevermind. They got the next two, including Lane, out. I guess those Nats are CRAZY GENIUSES!

  11. What’s up everyone…. Let’s win this series…..
    Smitty, how’s the injury and do you have any predictions today???

  12. Better today, thanks for asking. I think the MO from last night will carry over today and we pull this one out 6-2

  13. Nats game now going to the 13th, still tied. It’s the only thing good on TV right now.

  14. I wanna start a fine system today. If Chip says the words Chicago, Cubs, or any combination of he will be fined each time he says it.

    Interview with Francoeur…cool

  15. Darn. Jose Guillen didn’t break his hand. That’s terrible of me, but they just said it was a bruise.

  16. We got an out, at least. This is going to be a long day. First the O’s get swept by the DEVIL RAYS, now this.

    Astros now have runner on 2B with 0 outs. WP from Carrasco. Come on!

  17. There might be 2 on with no outs in the Nats game now, but Ausmus is up, so in a second it will be a guy on third with two outs.

  18. Yeah, but now “Eric Bruntlett” has to get a hit. This game is going to last forever. It’s been 4 hours already.

  19. Too bad he had to stick us in a 2-0 hole before he did it.

    WTF can’t the Astros just get 1 hit?

  20. At least HoHum can hit, if not pitch.

    This is funny. Joey Eischen is now hitting for the Nats. They are totally out of people.

  21. Four great years, then one misstep with the Yanks, and suddenly he’s “not that good”?

    He’s still a great pitcher. He’s better than his ERA this year.

  22. I agree with Joey. Javy is a good pitcher who had a tough year last year. As I mentioned on the other thread, he has owned the Braves.

  23. All right. I’ll retract my statement. What I mean is, he’s not so good that he should be throwing a 1-hitter with 4 SOs against us. That says something about our offense.

    Astros win! We have a cushion.

  24. The only baseball game on right now is Sox-Sox. And if the WGN announcer says “He gone!” one more time I will put a hammer through the TV.

  25. Joey – especially if the Nats were sending Joey Eischen to the plate.

    Vazquez has a 7:1 K/BB on the road. That park sucks.

  26. I’m late because I was watching the BNB remake(which was actually very good). Anyway, my dad tells me that Pete was saying that Andruw is equal to Albert Pujols, or something like that. Then he said that Javy is a Pedro type pitcher….interesting to say the least.

  27. Andruw deserves to win the league MVP. He is really carrying this team right now.

  28. I’m somewhat sensitive to the “difference-maker” MVP thing. In that sense, Andruw may qualify more than Lee. But, really, Lee has to be the guy. I was hoping the Hank Aaron award (remember that?) would be more like the Cy Young for hitters and the MVP could be more subjective like that – and more open to pitchers – but it ain’t so that’s really as there is to it (IMHO, of course).

  29. Derek Lee’s numbers certainly make him worthy of receiving MVP honors; however, I believe the award should go to the player who best supports his team, especially if that team manages to contend or win a pennant (e.g., Terry Pendleton in 1991). For that matter, Chipper didn’t win any batting titles, etc., when he won league MVP in 1999. In my opinion, Andruw deserves consideration for the award because he has, through solid defense and explosive offense, consistently carried the Braves and thus kept them in the division pennant race. (An argument could be made for Smoltz’s performance this season as well, but Andruw’s performance has more influence because he plays more games.

  30. “In play, out(s) recorded.”

    I think I’m going to be seeing a lot of that today. But this happened yesterday and we won. Of course, we weren’t actively losing at the time. But there’s hope. If HoHum will stop giving them runs.

  31. While a players contributions to a winning team should count, when a player is as dominant across the board as Lee has been so far this year (alot can happen between now and the end of the season) he shouldn’t be punished cause he team sucks. Lee deserves the MVP, it shouldn’t be snatched out of his hands because the cubs are a shitty team.

  32. Lee has a near 200 point OPS lead, a 100 point BA lead and has played in only 4 fewer games than Andruw. I love AJ as much as anyone, but if the season ended today, it would be a travesty if Lee didn’t win. .370 .442 .735??? That’s Bonds/Ruth territory.

  33. MLB Gameday Audio, though I’m seriously considering XM Radio for next season. Please respond off-list if you’ve had any experience with satellite radio.

  34. I guess not many of yall are watching the game on Turner South (on tv or via, but it’s been an “interesting” call by Chip and Don. Chip suggested that Horacio walk Gonzalez to get to Glaus because he either forgot Horacio is left-handed or doesn’t understand how the platoon advantage works.

    Very nicely turned DP by Horacio there. I’ve been down on him for the dingers he gave up (the one to Clark was somewhere between 450 and 6000 feet – left my laser rangefinder in the closet) but he’s doing a much better job of throwing strikes over his last few starts. He has just 4 unintentional walks in his last 29 innings.

    HAHAHA huge jack the other way by Andruw. He can only hit one homer per at bat, unfortunately, so we’ll need some more help to win this game.

  35. Grst and spike, you make a great case for Derek Lee winning MVP honors, no doubt about it; but it would be a crime if Andruw doesn’t receive serious consideration.

  36. Sutton is going nuts about the D-Backs apparently calling pitches from the dugout.

  37. There was no way that LaRoche wouldn’t hit into a double play there. None at all. Let’s get Julio a start next time against a righty, huh?

  38. Vasquez is starting to wear down….Bring on their bullpen………So much for my predictions, damn Laroche…

  39. Another stupid mistake by Chip – he said Chipper didn’t realize that Clark had stepped on first, when he obviously had (since he stopped running towards second base). I am not a Chip Caray fan :/

  40. Grst and spike, you make a great case for Derek Lee winning MVP honors, no doubt about it; but it would be a crime if Andruw doesn’t receive serious consideration.

    No argument here, he should be near the top of the list at this point. And like I said, a lot can happen between now and the end of the season.

  41. i’m with you mac, laroche is killing us of late. does anyone else think he always looks lost with that halfway open “duh” mouth. it reminds me a lot of the face i see in the mirror every morning.

  42. Every time he swings and misses, he gets the “huh?” look on his face. He looks totally clueless.

    Marcus is hitting like a toilet lately. 3 K’s? Time for a day off.

  43. Based on the article about the 5 dumbest things Adam did according to his mom, he doesn’t sound like the brightest kid. Hell, he’s a jock, is that a big surprise?

  44. Nice double play. Too bad they din’t pinch hit for Vazquez – they obviously don’t trust their bullpen.

  45. Very good point by Don about pitch counts (sorry for spamming – since I’m watching the game on the computer, I feel like posting more :). The importance of limiting pitch counts has become so dogmatic, it can become a way for managers to avoid responsibility and think less; e.g. “Sure, I would have loved to not go to the bullpen, but he was at 105 pitches, what could I do?” Bobby doesn’t seem to act like this at all, especially wrt Smoltz (and in the old days, Doggie and Glavine).

  46. For everyone that criticizes Horacio, 6 of his last 7 start have more than given the team a good chance of winning, not too bad from a guy when everyone is healthy is supposed to be our fifth starter.

  47. If Andruw’s up with two out and the bases empty in the ninth, what are the odds he gets an intentional pass from Vazquez?

  48. KJ and marcus will strike out like, as usual. They don’t need to be hitting 2 and 3.
    Andrew will go deep again, but it won’t matter we will give up another run here and loose as we let the Phillies back in it.

  49. If Gonzalez, one of two legit power threats for the D-Bags, is 5-7 career off Brower, who already blew a game in this series, then why let Brower start the inning?! Also, when did Tony Clark get so scary? What a great year for an old man.

  50. Nothing authoritative, but my guess is something along the lines of “no way in hell.” They’ve given up on Pena, understandably. And Dmitri young is, at best, overpaid. If they can’t get rid of young, then I imagin he and Shelton bouncing between DH and 1B next year. They got him in the rule V from the Pirates. I hope nobody wonders why the Pirates can’t win.

  51. I’m not as worried about the Phillies as some of you guys.. Most of this Phillies streak was at home wait until they hit the road…

  52. Brower’s been great for the Braves. Do you always judge pitchers after one bad outing?

  53. We need to get Giles one of those shock collars for dogs. Whenever he attempts to swing at the first pitch, he should get zapped.

  54. WTF can’t KJ steal a base? Not that it really matters now, but it might have.

    I am in such a bad mood. Can you tell? :-)

  55. Ack. Oh, well, the Nats lost. Head to head series coming up! Which I will be forced to watch on MASN with their dumb announcers b/c of blackouts or whatever. But at least I can see the games.


  56. Ugggghhhhh!!!! Well, I guess we’ll just have to sweep the Nats if we want first place and some breathing room.

  57. Well, Andruw should have hit another home run. I blame him.

    I got Chris Shelton as soon as he got called up. He still has catcher eligibility in my league. The weeks I have started him, he’s ranked 5th, 1st, 1st, 2nd, and 1st in points among all catchers. Too bad he won’t keep catcher eligibility next year :/

  58. I have Directv and see MASN with Proctor and Darling. They sound funny because Proctor’s voice is so deep and Darling sounds like a girl next to him

  59. jenny, I’m watching it. Pujols reminds me much of a player that predates you by a bunch, HOF Tony Perez. Pujols may be more talenetd, but he isn’t more clutch. Enjoy it, gal; you’re watching someone special!

  60. I picked up Shelton for free too (but he didn’t qualify at catcher in my league). I’ve done well with the FA pickups, but I’ve sucked at trades this year. If it makes you feel any better, Mac, I traded Tejada away for Randy Johnson earlier in the year. Nothing you did could have been worse than that. I did manage to get Shef and Street (who I’d foolishly traded away for Wade Miller about a month ago… see what I mean?) for Johnson and Millar last week. But it’s far too late.

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