Game Thread: July 23, Braves at D-Backs

Let’s win this one, okay? As noted, it’s actually Sosa who will start; I think it’s at least 50/50 Hampton gets DLed Tuesday.

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  1. Jenny – You get your wish – the TB team sucks every day with their management, and sweet (I’ll only do well with really good players) Lou at the helm, how could they help?

  2. Guys? That “Jenny” is not me, in case anyone was confused. I’m using TypeKey. It’s somebody else. Identity theft! Ahhhhh!

    Just kidding.

  3. OMGLOL!!!eleventyonethousand!!1!

    When did the comments section get outsourced to AOL?

    /Braves actually start play in 2 hours – OMG!!!1!?1
    //Sorry, a little cranky today

  4. This is not cool. I’m being impersonated, intentionally or otherwise, by what seems like a ditzy party animal. There are too many Jennys out there. Guys, it’s not me!

  5. Whoever posted as “Jenny” also previously posted as “John”, trying to lift another poster’s ID. If you want, I will delete the comments. Your call, Jenny.

  6. Can you please delete them? All this stuff about putting out and getting drunk really bugs me, because I’m not like that and I don’t want anyone to get that impression. Thanks, Mac!

  7. Okay… Whoever posted those comments purporting to be Jenny and insulting her, that’s not allowed. Do it again, to her or another poster, and I will ban you.

  8. Mac – serious question – really bugs me. How can someone come on and impersonate someone else????? I’m interested in the technicaltities of this. This worries me more than just a bit.

  9. Nats are already up 4-0 in the 2nd inning. Backe is imploding. We need a win tonight.

    Thanks for getting rid of that garbage, Mac.

  10. Derrick Lee hit homerun 32 for the Cubs today. Bet the Marlins want that trade back. If they had more capital they could have kept Gary Shefield, Kevin Brown, Cliff Floyd, Moises Alou, Edgar Rentaria, Livian Hernandez, Matt Clement, Pudge Rodriguiz, Rob Nen, and the younger Al Leiter

  11. Mac! Help! Now this person is digging into the old comments! This is starting to creep me out.

  12. Jenny – if those were your comments on Tampa Bay, I would like your views on “Sweet Lou”.

  13. By the way, is there an easy way to stay signed in with typekey? I have an account there, but I have to sign in over and over again, as opposed to just leaving the “remember me” radio box checked yes.

  14. They weren’t my comments, bipolarbaer. But I will give you my views anyway: he’s a solid manager with temper issues who’s very entertaining to watch and I think he should leave TB because he’s being wasted. There you go.

  15. There’s supposed to be, but it’s been a long while since I used TypeKey. I don’t want to have to go to moderated comments, but I recommend everyone get an account just in case.

  16. Please clarify Mac. I am using type key … is there something else I should be doing?

  17. I got the account because I didn’t want my email to be so easily accessible at just one click. And it was good this time, because then how could you tell the difference between me and that idiot? It works strangely for me. Usually I only have to sign into the actual website every few days, but I have to sign into this page maybe 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes when I refresh the page it signs out, but if you click “sign in” and then refresh, you usually don’t have to go to the website. I don’t mind it so much. Especially not now. I’d recommend it as well.

  18. I would have been able to tell the difference, Jenny, but then I have access to IP addresses… Bipolarbaer, no, you’re fine. I’m just suggesting to anyone that doesn’t have TypeKey that they get an account, just in case I go to moderated comments. TypeKey users’ comments could come up immediately, but I’d have to approve everyone else’s.

  19. Great – back to baseball. Why the Gribowski (sp) trade – Is the prospect that well regarded. I did not hold the “hatred” for “g” that a lot of the others seem to hold. To trade a major league long term regular for a prospect (particularly from the Rangers) seemed a bit strange. But then I’ve learned not to question JS a lot for a little while until the dust settles. Someone … please explain this logic (of the trade) to me. Thanks

  20. Forgot the IP addresses. That’s good to know.

    I think the Gryboski move was a salary dump and possible preparation for a bigger move, because from all I’ve heard, the prospect we got isn’t very good. Just my opinion.

  21. Bipolarbaer, it was probably made to clear room on the 40-man. Thomson is currently on the 60-day DL (and so not on the 40-man) and is expected to return within a couple weeks. Otherwise someone would have had to go through waivers. Instead of risking that, why not get something for the bottom man in the pen?

    Plus if they wanted to add a lefty reliever (McBride or someone else) one of the righthanders had to go, and other than the untradeable Kolb Gryboski was the worst of the relievers.

  22. I see Thompson as Prime Trade Bait. If the Braves make a move it, I think, will be with Thompson. The Yanks need a starting pitcher. Thompson has seemed to be “rushed” into “health” … and there are some interesting possibilities there. Any comments … or flames … btw I like Davies long term. And Sosa looks good also. ……..

  23. Thompson’s actual pitching ability is far greater than his perceived ability. If the Braves traded him, they wouldn’t get value in return.

  24. I don’t think Thomson will be traded. He’s better than most if not all of the players who got the 3/21’ish deals last offseason: offhand, I’d take him over Wright (3/21), Milton (3/24), Ortiz (4/33), Pavano (4/40), and maybe even Benson (3/23). When you consider he’s only making 4.3 million this year with a team option for 4.5 next year (I think, it’s not higher than 5.5), he’s an excellent value.

    If we were to try and trade him, any team would want a lot of doctors to tell them that he actually is healthy, so I don’t think we would be able to pass off damaged goods onto (say) the Yankees.

    Davies looks fine long term, but I thought he wasn’t ready when he was called up (and didn’t really do anything to disprove that, a few good starts notwithstanding), so there is nothing wrong with him developing further in AAA.

  25. Great, now you have me typing “Thompson” instead of “Thomson”. Thanks, bipolarbear.

  26. Why does ESPN feel the need to become the “All T.O. All the Time” channel before the football season even starts? At least wait until September! Why are they facilitating his egomaniacism (is that a word)? And 50 States in 50 Days needs to die quickly. Save it for the History channel. Rrrghhh.

  27. When Thomson’s healthy, he’s too much of a workhorse to let go.


  28. Egoism? I don’t own a TV, much less cable, so I’m completely out of the loop. Sounds like I should be thankful.

  29. Sorry about the mis spelling … but .. . the Braves… long term … need to make room for Davies … lets face it … this is a “retooling” year for the Braves … a starter has to go … isn’t it better to get inflated value at the trade deadline than wait until the offseason.

    As much as I would like to see the Braves go all the way …. I don’t see this team being a World Series Champion. So bolster you farm system while you can … try and win the East … and get ready for the next, potentially good year … if you can trade Estrada, and get good value on the offseason.

  30. T.O.went to the same college I go to. He is our most famous alim, along with Mr. Belding from “Saved by the Bell.”

  31. bipolarbaer, if I am JS, I am trading Horacio this off-season to make room for Davies. Davies was a little bit overused earlier this season. Perconally, I want Davies to spend the remaining season at Richmond. Davies should be a fifth starter next season. Besides, Horacio should be entering his first year of arbitration this offseason, so it’s a good time to let him go. There should be many club who will be interested. HoRo, LaRoche, Kolb, and Estrada should bring us back a very good player.

  32. Oh, yeah. I agree about Davies. This is a potential first place with no where else to go season for the Braves (I would hope for more … but). I see Davies as the Braves 4 or 5th starter NEXT SEASON. But you plan for that now. Get what you can for the individual that will be out of the rotation next year. I don’t see the Braves position particularly improvining by the replacement of someone after Smoltz/Hudson/Hamilton, in the starting rotation for THIS YEAR.

  33. The announcers haven’t realized it, but Bobby Cox made a pretty genius move just now. He had Chipper slated to bat 5th, knowing that he was hurt and wouldn’t/couldn’t play the field. So if Chipper’s spot came up there would presumably be men on, Chipper could hit and then be pinch run for. Since Chipper’s spot didnt come up he replaced him completely in the lineup with Wilson Betemit, shifted the lineup to have Betemit hit 8th, and saves Chipper for PH duty later on if he needs it.

    At least I think that’s what happened.

  34. I don’t think you can. The lineup is fixed when the game starts — actually, when the lineup cards are exchanged. You used to be able to do that, but not for a hundred years.

  35. Mac, that occured to me, that it isn’t legal. However I am pretty sure we just did. It’s similar to Little League, when you are in the playoffs, and you start sending in your best hitter every inning until someone notices(well, they did it in Bad News Bears anyway).

  36. I’m quite certain about this. There’s an anecdote in one of Bill James’ books about Cap Anson. If the first couple of hitters got on, he’d hit third. If the first two made outs, he’d hold back and hit fourth. (Remember, he was the manager and the best player as well.) So they made that illegal after awhile.

    Or look at it this way. Most teams, historically (less so today) have had at least one bench player who was a better hitter than their 6-7-8 hitters. If they could do what you said, they would send up that hitter in the first inning if there were several runners on, then send in one of the bad hitters for “defense” in the bottom of the inning.

    Or pitchers. Teams do bat around in the first, sometimes. You wouldn’t let your pitcher hit then, especially with two out. You’d send up a hitter as your “starting pitcher”, then bring in your pitcher as a “reliever”.

  37. I didn’t even know you could do that.

    You can’t, that’s not what happened. The announcers just didn’t have the most current lineup, but it must have been changed before the game started. You can’t swap spots once the lineup is official, regardless of whether those people have hit yet.

  38. Yeah, the first inning bench player argument makes sense. It was probably just a change from the early lineup that somehow wasn’t propagated to the news outlets when the cards were exchanged right before the game. Usually, they’re pretty good about fixing the lineup before the game starts, but it’s not out of the question for there to be some sort of lag.

  39. HoRo, LaRoche, Kolb, and Estrada should bring us back a very good player. -kcThat statement gives me the warm and fuzzies.

  40. Should I go see Bad News Bears?

    Anybody watching BBTN during the commercials? Cowboy Brantley just RIPPED Carlos Beltran up one side and down the other for being, essentially, a lazy bum. Good stuff.

  41. I’m just so glad to have a game I can actually sit down and watch. Between the in-laws visiting and FSN it was worse than the all-star break.

  42. I’m well aware that it isn’t allowed. I am not sure that we didn’t just do it anyway though. It’s not as if these are ESPN announcers that know nothing of the club, these announcers work for the club and it doesn’t seem very likely that if Chipper hurt himself in batting practice(which the visiting team takes a long time before the game starts) that they wouldn’t have known about it. I think that if CHipper actually does try and PH, that the Diamondbacks appeal. I am well aware that it is not allowed, but I think we did it ANYWAY.

  43. Jenny, my reference to Bad News Bears wasn’t to the remake, but to the sequel. Both the first and the second(Breaking Training) are highly enjoyable and are worth a rent. Haven’t seen the new one, but from the looks of it….if you liked Bad Santa then you will like it because Billy Bob is playing the same character.

  44. I feel like I should go see it because the Post reviewer liked it and he hates everything, including LOTR, which won multiple Academy Awards. I just saw War of the Worlds yesterday. It was good, but it was almost exactly like Independence Day.

  45. The original Bad News Bears is awesome. Tatum O’s best role ever. The remake sounds like one for Netflix.

  46. Johnny Estrada is so slow I want to cry. Anybody else would have been safe on that play, including Bobby.

  47. I’m well aware that it isn’t allowed. I am not sure that we didn’t just do it anyway though. It’s not as if these are ESPN announcers that know nothing of the club, these announcers work for the club and it doesn’t seem very likely that if Chipper hurt himself in batting practice(which the visiting team takes a long time before the game starts) that they wouldn’t have known about it. I think that if CHipper actually does try and PH, that the Diamondbacks appeal. I am well aware that it is not allowed, but I think we did it ANYWAY.

    It doesn’t matter what the announcers know, there’s an OFFICIAL scorecard. It CAN’T be changed in that manner. There won’t be any appeal because Chipper was never officially in the lineup. Period. I mean, you can think whatever you want, but it’s baloney.

  48. Well, Leo wouldn’t have made it. He would have just sat down and started rocking, completely forgetting to run.

    War of the Worlds was enjoyable if you ignore the fact that Tom Cruise can’t act, that the entire movie was undone in the last 13 seconds, and that the world hasn’t figured out that someone other than Morgan Freeman could in theory narrate.

    LOTR were pretty overrated as far as movies go. The casting was great in parts(Hugo Weaving was phenominal for instance) but weak in others(Liv Tyler is made to be th supporting actress in romantic comedies, Orlando Bloom is…well, actually, he is made to be the supporting actress in romantic comedies as well). The story was written for them so they don’t deserve credit there. The score was great, no argument there. The battle scenes were fun but overly CGI. The characterization of Gollum as comic relief was disgusting. And the actual camerawork was pretty mediocre except in landscape scenes. IT was a solid movie but didn’t deserve to be listed as a Best Movie of the Year.

    Sorry for the hijack.

  49. It’s hard to tell with remakes. Bad News Bears was getting pretty good reviews. 2 thumbs up Ebert & Roeper… I just got back from seeing the Fantastic 4, it was pretty good.

  50. I bought the original Bad News Bears on DVD at Wal-Mart for $5. No extras, but a great flick. Great line: after Tanner disses Amanda for being a girl, she challenges him, “Grab a bat, PUNK!”

  51. Many *best pictures* don’t deserve that honor. We watched Sideways yesterday and it didn’t deserve the hype either. Wine snobs, meh.

  52. I posted this in the chatter over at Primer, but I might as well say it here too: You know, little known piece of trivia, the last person to no hit the Braves was a lefthander pitching for Arizona.

    Of course the difference is that Brad Halsey sucks. I guess the Braves hitters just suck more tonight. Dernit all.

  53. Hmmmm. Okay. Interesting views, JP. I don’t really agree (especially about Tom Cruise, and, FYI, not because I think he’s handsome; I don’t) I think they gave LOTR Best Movie as a trilogy, not just Return of the King, which I thought was one of the weaker ones, as there were about 10 endings. Did you like the books? I hated them. As for WTW, I liked Independence Day so I liked that, but the end WAS bad. Oh, well.


  54. Sideways sucked. I’ve tried to watch it 3 times and never gotten past the first 15 minutes. I still have no clue what’s going on.

    “Little known piece of trivia”, latnam? :-)

  55. Orr tried to bunt? Enough with the bunts. I’m beginning to hate bunts almost as much as I did right after the ’92 Series.

  56. If you’ve ever known an angst-ridden novelist (or any other type of struggling artist), then Sideways makes a lot of sense. By the way, the film’s “star,” Paul Giamatti, is the former commissioner’s son.

  57. Two yuppies have a “mid-life crisis”. My girl inherited a part of the family winery so we felt obligated to watch it. American Splendor was a much better role for Giamanni (sp?).Furcal with the first hit, whoo!

  58. Jenny: Sarcasm doesn’t come off well in online message boards.. Haha..

    Here’s a little known piece of trivia: I was at the Randy game. That was when I lived in Nashville, so I had made a trip just for that game down to Atlanta just to see Randy pitch. It was pretty cool.

    Tonight is just depressing….

    Oh, and about Lord of the Rings, whoever didn’t like them must have missed the part in the first movie where Legolas stabbed a guy and shot him with the same arrow! I mean seriously, that’s worth like 4 oscars right there.

    Yay! Furcal!

  59. I forgot that about him being the commish’s son. He might have made a better *Buttermaker* than Billy Bob.

  60. I think It’s time to play Langerhans and Francoeur against a lefty and give KJ a lefty off.

  61. Jenny, I liked Sideways.

    IS KJ not allowed to swing til he gets 2 strikes on him? He needs to be more like Giles.

  62. If I’m Bobby, Estrada sits three out of five. SHAWN GREEN just stole a base, and now there’s a runner on third with one out. Inexcusable.

  63. That run is one hundred percent Estrada’s fault.

    If it’s a 1-0 loss, Estrada’s lost two games in the last week by himself.

  64. And what about the other 8 guys on the team who aren’t hitting jack? Is any of this on them?

  65. Totally, Bob, he was still getting good movement on his pitches and his pitch count wasn’t ridiculously high.

  66. How is that Estrada’s fault? If a guy runs on first move off a lefthander there isn’t much the catcher can do about it.

  67. Estrada throws better than Pena. I think the stolen base was as much Foster’s fault as it was Johnny’s. You have to keep those guys close.

  68. Yeah, I wonder too. He has some control problems, but he could have given up that run himself. And he might not have, too. Bobby, why?

  69. Well we did hit for Sosa. If Orr would have hit a double, no one would have said anything.

  70. I agree, Smitty. It is starting to get intense (witness Furcal) and we will step it up and get a few.

  71. Nice way to take the bat out of Andruw’s hands. Boo!

    Orr does need a start. Giles looks hungover again.

  72. .241 .330 .315

    That was Craig Counsell’s line last season. Our announcers have mentioned that he had a great season last year 2 times already, and I’m betting on a 3rd when he gets up again.

    Sosa had a nice little game, didn’t he(ignore the 4 BB in 5 IP)? The Diamondbacks think they are buyers, trade him to them. NOW!

    Sideways was a fun character study, but wasn’t reall a great movie either. Of the recent Best Moies, few have wowed me. American Beauty(I think thats it’s name, but it was a movie with Kevin Spacey), Shakespeare in Love, LOTR, Sideways, all good movies but not a great one in there.

  73. It was only 96 degrees here today. I can’t imagine 114. If that don’t drain you nothing will.

  74. Something’s up with Estrada… JoeyT, you don’t have any Estrada dolls with pins in them do you?

    Nice one Julio…….

  75. Chipper should not be pinch-hitting. If he gets on base, we’ll have to burn a pinch runner. Our bench is already running out.

  76. I sorta liked Sideways until the last five minutes. Then the Hollywood ending ruined it for me.Chipper should have sat for a few more weeks.

  77. Yay! I talk mad smack about how I don’t think Francoeur is ready, but I really like the way the ball flies off his bat. I still think he ends up as a .270/.330/.520 player at best, but he is fun to watch at least.

  78. Those numbers aren’t too shabby. They’re average, but baseball’s full of average players.

  79. It looks like he’s starting and stopping his delivery, which I thought was illegal. Maybe I was wrong.

    I think we got into the bullpen too early tonight.

  80. Uh, Chip? If you’re going to talk about how steroids are causing disillusionment or whatever, Luis Gonzales isn’t the best example…

  81. Powell come on, your funky leg isn’t lined up or something THROW STRIKES…Tough spot for Mcbride, let’s see…

  82. Going back a few comments, I think Francoeur could learn a lot from Johnson, and Johnson a lot from Francoeur. Maybe KJ should ditch Langerhans and team up with Jeff instead.

  83. Easy decision HMMMMMM.. Maybe his pants were stuck to the bench, didn’t look easy to me.

  84. Hope KJ’s arm is okay, I was worried for a second. If he’d stuck it out any more he could have broken it.

    I thought the ball was gone. My heart stopped. It’s beating again.

  85. I hope he tries more creative things to distract Halsey this time. He should hold up a sign, tell “your mom” jokes, something.

  86. Kolb. I’m about to have a heart attack.

    Is Langerhans in for defense or did KJ get hurt smashing into the wall?

    And a 405-foot out. Gasp. Choke.

  87. It’s only the 8th? Damn, I thought it was the 9th for some reason. We have to get through Kolb and Reitsma?

  88. Estrada came out because he was hurt, his back is sore. They may DL him. Brian Pena time, damn!

  89. Why does Bobby insist on bringing Kolb in a one-run game?

    Everyone but Bobby knew he’d blow it.

    KNEW it.

  90. I have totally had it with this. Not another extra inning game. No. And now our bench is empty and we have no backup catcher. Just great.

  91. I think McCracken out-confidenced Kolb. He’s lost it again. Avoid him like the plague, Bobby, Leo.

  92. It’s been awhile since we’ve had to watch one of these from KolBB. Yes, I am returning to KolBB. I’d forgotten how tortuous it can be.

  93. kc,

    Great comment, you can’t trust him.. Time to take Kolb Yeller out behind the shed and …………

  94. Why wouldn’t they keep Kolb in for the intentional walk? Save Reitsma’s arm for the actual pitching.

  95. we have no choice but to try to heal Kolb before October. There aren’t any other realistic options. He’s got to be given opportunities to build up his confidence.

  96. Well, we’re still tied and KolBB is gone, so there’s hope. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEE!


  97. Good at-bat there by Clayton, Glad Skip and Don have been kissing his ass for 8 innings.

  98. How did the kid in the Listerine commercial get on top of the light and if his leg is hanging down, why can’t the mom see him?

  99. Smitty,
    Do you have any lucky numbers for Monday? Your an F’in psychic….Way 2 go Andruw!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Gosh we need PReston Wilson right about now.

  101. How the heck did he homer on that pitch? It was around his neck! I have never seen anyone try to force a homer and actually succeed. Thank you!

  102. I am in my room listening on the radio and rolled my ankle running to the other room to see the shot. I’ll take it though!

  103. Too bad. Sorry about your ankle, Smitty, hope it feels okay!

    If we blow this in the 9th I am going to bed. No extras for me. I can’t take any more tension.

  104. Sooner or later, teams will refuse to pitch to Andruw, that’s when we need a HEALTHY Chipper Jones.

  105. Smitty,
    Put some ice on it man. Jenny, you won’t be able to sleep without a final score…..

    Shit Reitsma throw strikes….

  106. That’s just insane. Are the D-backs just this patient, or have all our pitchers forgot where the plat is?

    We should be getting blown out with that many baserunners. Maybe DIPs just won’t notice…

  107. Great job tonight.. Someone please lock Kolb in a bathroom and keep him there until after tomorrow’s game. Good night everyone….

  108. Leave Jordan and Perez there too.
    They can throw football in the bathroom and Jordan can tell him all about his NFL days.

  109. Poor Smitty. Your sacrifice is appreciated. Go put it on a pillow or something.

    With any luck, someone will shove Kolb’s head in the toilet and flush it and he will go into the sewer with all the rest of the #2 in there, where he belongs. Sorry, Dan. I’ve had it with you. Maybe we didn’t lose, but the demoralizing effect you have on our team is enough to warrant your being beaten to a pulp.

  110. I will only call home runs when we need them, I hate to do it, but I felt this was a place for one

  111. Okay, I’ve been reading the BOLG again, and this just kills me:


    I can’t stop laughing. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s 1:00 AM, but wow, something about this line just gets me. What will we do for quality entertainment if we dump the Danker?

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