Atlanta 4, San Francisco 1 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Giants

John Smoltz had another great start, and the Braves took the rubber match to put the pressure on the Natspos. John gave up a solo homer in the fourth but otherwise shut the Giants down, allowing six hits — other than the homer only one for extra bases — walking none, and striking out seven in eight innings, 102 pitches, 75 strikes. He’s pretty good.

Juliometer.GIFThe Braves got a 2-0 lead in the second on a homer by Jeff Francoeur, scoring Julio, whose 2497th hit was a two-out double. Francoeur went 3-3 (half the Braves’ hit total for the day) with two runs scored on the day. After the Giants homer, the Braves got the run back in the sixth when KJ doubled, Marcus got him to third, and the left fielder committed an error on Andruw’s popout allowing Johnson to score. Smoltz doubled home Francoeur in the seventh to finish the scoring. Andruw just missed a couple of homers, one foul and one caught at the track; either would have been his 30th.

Reitsma allowed a two-out double in the ninth but came back to get a strikeout to end it, getting his tenth save… The Natspos play tonight, as do the Philets. The Braves have tomorrow off before starting three in Arizona; the opener is Hudson versus Claudio Vargas and will be on SportsSouth.

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  1. It’s amazing to me that word hasn’t gotten around yet that there is no reason to ever throw Franceour a strike because he will swing at everything. Do the Giants employ advance scouts?

    It was nice to see Johnson get a hit today but it’s clear teams have figured out that he’s a little overly patient and have just pounded the strike zone on him. His walk to strike out ratio in the last 10 games: 0 walks, 15 Ks many looking. Yikes! He’ll need to make some adjustments soon. Hopefully they won’t be as extreme as Marcus’ swing at the first pitch no matter where it is philosophy.

    Good win today, we are going to need to keep it up because it looks like the Mets and Phils want to make it interesting.

  2. Nice win today.. Francoeur continues to impress me, He’s not going anywhere he’s here to stay..Francoeur was very patient in his 7th inning single to right. He took a 3-0 fastball right down the middle and then hit a 3-1 curveball to right. Directv gave the Giants FSN Bay Area feed and their announcers Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper were very impressed with Francoeur. We were so close to a sweep, A Horam pitch and a Furcal throw… Go Rockies tonight!!!!

  3. Natspos because they’re really the Expos and I need to remind people of that. I’m just trying out Philets but that may not stick.

    Reason I needed to rush out the recap is that I just got interviewed by someone who at least purportedly was Dan LeBatard on the radio about Road From Bristol.

  4. Why do so many Braves fans hate Ortiz? “one of Jon’s worst”??? 36 wins, 400+ IP, for $10 million. The last new Braves pitcher to go 36-16 his first 2 years for $10 was Maddux, and that was $10 million, in 1993-94. Sure, Maddog had a miniscule ERA, but that why he got $10 Million for 36 wins, TEN YEARS before Ortiz. Ortiz’s big shortcoming for me is the post-season play, but given the way he dominated the Braves in ’02. I pray we get a pitcher in the offseason that would give us that much value. You guys can Moneyball me to death with numbers, i think I took Stat 2000 once, but I’m standing firm that we got a great deal. As for pitching prospects that havent debuted 4 years out, im not faulting anyone. A lot can happen in 4 years and the Braves needed immediate help. I think Schuerholz can hang his head proud for that one.

  5. I’d love to have Wainwright back, but at least we got rid of Dirty Ray King, who never inherited a baserunner he didnt let score. Thats the Dirty Ray secret to keeping a low ERA.

  6. Well, I don’t know how many even questionable trades JS has made for Atlanta. We’ve gotten back what I think has been questionable talent sometimes (Rey Sanchez), but just for cast-offs. So, really, I don’t consider that such a bad thing even if it is his worst. Of course, it’s nothing if Cabrera doesn’t turn into what he should be. But even if he does, that’s probably not a good way to put it.

    I don’t know in depth statistical analysis (my one stats class was like 12 years ago and totally unproductive), so we won’t be doing that. It’s just that I don’t think wins and losses tell you much. Even Don Sutton agrees with that, and he’s no stathead. But in fairness to Ortiz, he ended up having a decent enough ERA both years in ATL (3.82 and 4.13). Not Maddux territory in the years you mention, but still good enough. And at the very least, ERA is indicitive of a pitcher’s success… if not his overall quality. So, really, that didn’t work out so bad even though ti about drove me nuts watching him. I was probably unfairly harsh because I do not think he ever has actually been a good pitcher.

    I’m with on Ray King 100%. And that trade netted JD Drew. Even if it was only for a year, it was a huge year.

  7. Oops. Make that Valdez and not Cabrera, of course. I must have Cabrera on the brain.

    Also of note, it is easier and less embarrassing if you review your posts before posting them, rather than after. This is something I’ve known for a while, but I’m hoping it will sink in with repetition.

  8. They’re comments on a blog, creynolds. Hardly worth review. In three days, this entry will tick off the first page, and only half a dozen more people will ever see your insightful replies.

  9. Man is but an insignificant speck, and our existence as we know it is only a splotch on the great timeline of the universe…blah blah blah. I get dizzy even thinking about it. When I was little I once had a crying fit because I was afraid that when I died, I would get bored in eternity. Come to think of it, I’m still scared. Tip: Don’t imagine how long eternity is, you’ll have to lie down.

    Fabulous that the Road from Bristol has gained such notoriety. Do you think we can gain enough nationwide influence to actually get the winner fired? :-)

  10. Doubledawg:

    About the Ortiz gave us as many wins as Maddux argument. I can’t look this up, but I know Ortiz’s 20 win year was when the Braves were just murdering the ball(Furcal-Giles-Sheff-Chipper-Javy-Andruw-Fick-Castilla), so, though I have no run support information on either Maddux or Oritz, I’m willing to bet one American dollar that Ortiz got much more run support than Maddux. And additionally, 1994 was the strike shortened season, so Maddux would’ve certainly had more wins if the season had ended.

    Russ Ortiz sucks, has for a while, and will for the rest of his career. He did a reasonable interpretation of a major league pitcher for us; I was happy to see him go. I wouldn’t say it was a bad trade, as Damien Moss wasn’t better than him. I just hate baseing(sp?) pitching performances on wins, and when someone uses wins to compare one of the top pitchers ever to Russ Frickin’ Ortiz… It just bothers me.

  11. Yeah, this Road to Bristol is getting pretty big. Big enough that the petty, self-involved talking heads it targets are starting to pay attention.

    Someone mentioned putting Dale Murphy for the Hall ads on the page. I’ll second that recommendation.

  12. He’s not a Brave, but i think a Jack Morris for HOF should be on there as well. Afterall, he did give the Greatest Pitching Performance ever against the Braves. There’s a slight connection.

    As for Muphy, I couldnt agree more. As I type this, Murphy, my basset hound, is snoring peacefully in agreement. I plan to get a male basset in the next year or two, named Dale. Dale Murphy ranks among the greatest men ever thrust into the public spotlight. Not to mention, he was one hell of a player. Despite A-rod and Jeter’s smarmy, good guy, scripted crap, the fans will never love him like the South loved the Murph. I cried the day he was traded to Philly. Which is really embarassing since I was 10.

  13. Jenny, I think Nietzsche is only slightly more aprapro than politics on this board. Lets keep it sophisticated, like Top Gun.

    As for edits, I cant imagine how many words i butcher, this little box isnt nice enought to mockingly highlight them in red.

  14. Those of us who live within his sphere of influence (FLL-MIA) call him by his true name: LeBastard.

    Jusy sayin’.

  15. That Dale Murphy seems to be losing hope of consideration for the HOF makes me sick. That Braves fans seem to accept it makes me sicker. I am the one who suggested using the Road for Bristol as a soapbox for promoting Murphy. He deserves it. I’m not prepared to make a case, but I bet if we put our heads together, maybe started a thread where all you smart guys like creynolds and smitty chimed it, we could come up with enough evidence to turn some heads.

    WE are the ones who remember Murphy in all his greatness. The ESPN talking heads are the ones who see his career stats and aren’t impressed. If anyone will make a case, it will be the people here. Seriously, was the 80s that long ago that people can’t even remember that Murphy was the mack??!?

  16. Murphy for the Hall is a tough cause given all the fuss about numbers. But if you go back and look, he should have won the 1984 MVP (see link), to make it 3 in a row. There is no denying he got robbed in ’84. I guess sports writers were unwilling to give a three-peat before Barry “cheating scum” Bonds got into the picture. Also, Dale outhit everyone in 1986 and in 1987 he bested Dawson in ever category except HR. (44,49). I bet the Hall would be a lot closer if Dale had 4-5 MVP awards in a decade.

  17. Bill Shanks at wants us to trade for Ken Griffey, Jr.

    I guess if he plays like he did the first half, sure…

    What do everybody thank?

  18. Apparently, Mike Hampton has strained his back climbing out of a hot tub and may miss his next start. I would normally be upset by this news, but considering the way he pitched last week and the manner in which he was injured, I’m too busy laughing. I find it very amusing that AJC didn’t mention how the injury occurred. This is nowhere near as dumb as Smoltz burning his chest while ironing a shirt he was still wearing, but it ranks pretty far up there with Marcus’s thumb-in-the-window incident. Maybe a forklift should be installed in the clubhouse.

  19. I don’t see the Braves dealing for Griffey. The Reds would probably want too much and I feel that it would be a waste to deal our youth for him. I think Francoeur should stay in right, KJ in left, with Ryan as the 4th OF.
    If I had to make a move, I would deal for a big time corner outfielder (not take a chance on an injury riddled 35 year old, no offense Griff) to make a push for the world series. However, cash is a problem in Atlanta as we all know and I the only deal i see happening will be a middle reliever. Someone unexpected, as usual.

  20. There’s a rumor going around that Livan Hernandez is injured and may miss the rest of the season. Just a rumor, mind you,I will see what they say on Comcast SportsNite at 1:00, but this would be great for us. He hit 4 batters today, so something is amiss.

    If anyone here is on the Scorching West Coast, stay cool! I can’t even imagine 120 degrees.

  21. If he is, they will fold by the end of the week. Houston will be in Washington this weekend, if no one had noticed, Houston is red hot.

  22. I read that article on and I fully agree.

    I as a Braves fan would love Griffey. yes he is injury riddled, but in right field he should be fine, and Bobby has a fine tune for giving vets the day off. and KJ will no doubt be good, but he has struggled lately, and we could use another bopper.

  23. “According to Hernandez, he has been pitching through pain and inflammation in his right knee since the middle of May, and his condition is not likely to improve until he undergoes arthroscopic surgery after the season is over.” (yahoo sports 6/12)
    Maybe he aggravted the injury bad enough to knock him out for a while. That would be good news for us, although i feel they aren’t going to contend anyways.

  24. But he makes too much money. To get him we would all have to sign up for AOL for like 50 years! If the Reds will pay for him to play here, I’d be for it.

  25. I do agree Griffey would do wonders for the offense, but they will NEVER take on his $10-million+ salary. Its never going to happen.

  26. I agree that we will be going after a reliever, but I don’t think it will have to be a lefty. John Foster has been solid in that role. Figure on them getting someone who is under the radar.

  27. I tend to think like Mac, and I really think Embree is a good solution to the lefty problem.

    That, or trade Sosa for Gonzalez or Grabow.

  28. Bill Shanks is making Terrence Moore very proud, but that’s as far as the article is going to get. The money part of Ken Griffey just doesn’t work. It’s amazing that Bill doesn’t realise the Braves can’t even take on additional $3M, unless Dan Kolb is involved in the deal. Even if the money issue works out, I still don’t want Griffey. The Braves does not have enough payroll flexibility to take on a health risk gamble.

    Mac, I agree with you that we may be Marcker III coming, and he will join the team and get hurt again the rest of the season. Anyway, I just think we should just put Rameriz to the bullpen and keeping Sosa as our fifth starter when Thomson comes back. Then, we will not need Mercker at all.

  29. I don’t agree with dealing Sosa for Gonzalez or Grabow. In fact, i think that is absurd. Jorge is underrated and has potential to be a formidable starter. I think he has a nice future and I think dealing him would be a mistake. Embree would be a nice pickup, but not for Sosa. Maybe ship Brayan Pena in a deal.

  30. I like Foster, but most teams like to have two lefty relievers, and also Bobby’s reluctant to use Foster for standard middle relief because he wants to have him available to pitch to one guy in the later innings.

  31. If the existence of Francoeur can keep Jordan out of the starting lineup, I don’t care if Francoeur doesn’t draw a single walk this season…

  32. The theory re Griffey’s $$$ is that he would restructure his contract to play for a contender, especially Atlanta.

    Francouer in RF, Griff in LF, Andruw in CF. Barring a hamstring pull, that could be the best defensive OF in the Majors.

    I’m getting a little concerned about Kelly Johnson’s recent stats…not good at all…

  33. Why is Jordan still on the roster? If he’s there in October, I’m driving to the Ted and demanding a tryout.

  34. Opposing pitching may have figured KJ out, and until he adjusts, he won’t hit anything. He is incapable of hitting inside pitches, which has to change if he’s going to be a viable major league starter. I’m still excited about him, but he and TP need to have a little get-together.

    I don’t think we need another lefty reliever, I think we need another better reliever. If a pitcher is any good, he should be able to get guys out on both sides of the plate. Of course, I also don’t agree with Bobby’s current usage of Foster. I think he’s over-specializing.

    Off-topic: A FROG just came down my chimney and into my living room. Talk about an adrenaline rush. I got rid of him and that’s all the energy I have. Good night.

  35. It’s always been interesting to me that whenever a player has a down period in production(a slump basically) it is always that the pitchers have “figured him out”. Maybe he is just having a bad week?

    Earlier this season, when Griffey started out nice and slow, everyone was talking about how he needed to shorten up his swing because he didn’t have the bat speed to do his (gorgeous) uppercut. Well Griffey, his swing, and his .917 OPS all say hello to those people.
    The same applies to Kelly. He will hit. He is very much capable of hitting inside pitches, has done it in the past, and will do it in the future. Kelly’s “slump”, which proves that he can’t hit anything btw, has lasted all of 7 games. Seriously, look it up. 29 AB. Seriously, let’s overreact a bit more.

    The idea of trading for Ken Griffey Jr. because Kelly Johnson has has a bad week is beyond asinine. Kelly Johnson makes about 300K. Ken Griffey Jr. makes 10.4 million. Griffey is also still owed 85.5 million on top of his 2005 salary. Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

  36. Well you beat the heck out of that strawman JP.

    Baseball is a game of adjustments. Every at bat is completely analyized by coaches and players, much more than in the minors. As a result, the book on how to pitch and defend a player constantly changes based on what is seen on tape. In Kelly’s case, it’s obvious that he’s very passive early in at bats trying to get ahead in the count and hit a cripple pitch or draw a walk. The league has responded by pouring in strikes early in at bats, leading to lots of pitcher’s counts, the elimination of Johnson’s walks, and a spike in his strike out rate.

    Now it’s Kelly’s turn to adjust. He has no doubt watched tapes of all his at bats and seen what is going on. His ability to adjust his approach to counter the various things teams will do to him will determine what quality of career he will have.

    Some guys can’t adjust and wash out of the league (see Thomas, Charles). Others it takes a long time to revamp their approach (see LaRoche, Adam) and go through long stretches of futility. The great ones of course can adjust on nearly a daily basis. We’ll see which group KJ falls into.

    And no we won’t, nor should we, trade for Griffey. For better or worse, this is our team.

  37. Livan Hernandez said.

    “It’s 99.9 percent I’m not going to pitch no more” this season, Hernandez said. “I’m done, I think, so let’s see what happens. … I’ll go to sleep and I’m going to make a decision tonight.”

    His knee, drained on May 16, has been a nagging problem all year. The right-hander (12-4, 3.44 ERA) said it’s not bothering him enough to affect his pitching and he wasn’t told to have the knee worked on.

    “It’s not the doctors. It’s me. I’m the doctor. I don’t need it, but I’m going to” have an operation, he said.

    Pressed for an explanation, Hernandez said: “I’m tired of something. … I’ll tell you when the season’s over. I’m mad.”

    Nationals manager Frank Robinson said he didn’t want to say much without hearing directly from Hernandez.

    “I have no idea who he’s mad at,” Robinson said.

  38. Well, we have ten more days, which lead to about 30 more at-bats. We will see if Kelly is for real or not.

  39. Because 30 At-Bats is enough to make permanent evaluations on a player’s long term level of play.

    I still think he’ll be fine, but his declining walk rate is troubling. It might be time to stop hitting him second, though.

  40. I just read the WaPo article, and I’m even more confused about what’s going on with Hernandez. Basically, it sounds like he’s been told he needs surgery. He’s sure he can wait until the offseason, but something pissed him off so he may just have it now anyway? Weird.

    Of course, if I had reporters following me around at work they’d catch me saying some pretty crazy things in moments of frustration. Well, if they could manage to avoid hanging themselves out of sheer boredom long enough.

  41. nyb, I can’t figure out from your comment whether you agree or disagree with JP. First you call jenny’s argument a straw man, which it isn’t, then the rest of your comments seem to support what she said.

    Jenny: “Opposing pitching may have figured KJ out, and until he adjusts, he won’t hit anything. He is incapable of hitting inside pitches, which has to change if he’s going to be a viable major league starter.”

    I don’t know about “incapable”, but I don’t see the problem with “may have figured KJ out” — the difference between saying that and saying “The league has responded by pouring in strikes early in at bats” is semantic at best.

    JP: “It’s always been interesting to me that whenever a player has a down period in production(a slump basically) it is always that the pitchers have “figured him out”. Maybe he is just having a bad week? Earlier this season, when Griffey started out nice and slow…”

    What’s the problem with the term “may have figured him out”? Isn’t that what scouts attempt to do when a new player arrives — assess his strengths and weaknesses to create a gameplan? To deny the possibility that pitchers are able to gameplan a young hitter after seeing him a couple of timies is to seriously misunderstand the nature and history of the game. It happens — Kevin Maas, Joe Charbonneau, Charles Thomas perhaps.

    “Figuring out” a young hitter is what happens. Everyone had Griffey “figured out” years ago. You’ve seen the defensive shifts, right? He’s just too good for them to do much about it.

    “Seriously, look it up. 29 AB. Seriously, let’s overreact a bit more.”

    This is snide.

  42. The Reds would trade Griffey for anyone. Trust me they would. They’d love to get from underneath that contract so they could buy more crappy pitchers like Eric Milton. Its tragic that a franchise with a great history like the Reds is now run by such a crappy ownership/management team. Shanks is beyond hilarious. The Braves would sooner obtain Kevin Brown from the Yankees than take on Ken Griffey. Lets see:
    Home: .405 .581 .313
    Away: .315 .510 .261
    Can anyone say park effects?
    KJ will make adjustments. His modus operandi is to have a very small strike zone in the beginning to get a ball to drive. Thats why lately it seems that he is always 0 and 2. The league has this figured out and he is seeing a lot of pitches at the corners of the zone or off speed stuff. Once he makes an adjustment and starts putting some of those balls in play then he’ll be ok. I’m not so sure about Francouer. I haven’t had the privilege of actually watching him play because I’m not an alien but 9 hits in 22 PAs doesn’t necessarily annoint him the starting RF. Once the league adjusts it will be interesting to see how he does with a steady diet of breaking and off speed stuff that will inevitabley be coming his way.

  43. There are times when I am glad this team has strict financial constraints (especially since it’s still a big budget). This is one of those times. Please no Griffey. Hall of Fame? sure. Atlanta? no thanks.

  44. For all of us cheap bastards who dont subscribe to ESPN Insider, whats the latest on the rumor mill? Has the been a Colbrun or Mercker sighting?

  45. Brian Jordan’s 15 days are up. Has he been designated for assignment or will one of the young guys (#18, #27, #7) get sent down?

  46. OK. First of all. Griffey is NOT coming to Atlanta. Yes, he could restructure, but not enough to satisfy our budjetory restraints. Forget about it.
    Next, knowing Bobby Cox, I’m sure he would love another reliable lefty in the pen. However, I would rather them go after a GOOD reliever, not settle for a sufficient lefty.
    As for Mr KJ, I think some people are forgetting how hard it is for rookies in the Major Leagues. Everyone takes time to adjust and he is doing better than most. It will take some time, but he will be a solid major league moneyball player. Also, don’t forget that he was a SS and still adjusting to the outfield as well.
    I agree that we just not get too on the Francoeur bandwagon. He is even younger than KJ and will hit a bad stetch as well. However, he is one helluva talent and will be a success in the majors. I figure he will put up .275-35-95 years (similar to our pretty decent centerfielder). If he learns to go opposite field (unlike Andruw) he could hit .310.
    Finally, don’t bother with espn insider. That site is such crap anymore that I’d rather use or any other site. Good insight and lots of fun rumors. Espns rumors are just as credible as mine are anyways.

    Have a good one.

  47. It sounds like the Nats have some serious clubhouse problems. I’ve been talking to some of their fans, and apparently Hernandez has had issues with FR in the past. When he first came to the team, FR didn’t want him, and said as much. He also overuses pitchers. I saw Livan’s interview: he was mumbling and kind of incoherent, making me think he’s having a temper tantrum. The fact that he contradicts himself about 5 times lets me know he’s not thinking clearly, and he may renege on all this today or tomorrow. But if he’s not going to let reporters know anything until “after the season” this speaks to me of in-house issues. It’s also telling that Hernandez went to the media before he went to his manager. They’ve already had problems with Tomo Ohka and Zach Day and both of them were traded. It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds, especially since Hernandez is supposed to start against us on Tuesday. I personally don’t think he’ll have surgery, but if he’s psychologically messed up for the rest of the year (hitting 4 batters? Anger?), it’ll be just as bad as a physical ailment. Hopefully the Braves can take advantage of this situation.

    Don’t take Griffey. He’s expensive and he gets injured all the time.

  48. Addendum: There’s also speculation that he’s upset because Wil Cordero was DFAed and they were good friends. And because his pitch counts are always so high. I don’t see this, though–yes, he did throw 140 pitches one outing, which is completely absurd, but I don’t think the Cuban National Team is ever terribly careful about watching out for pitchers, so shouldn’t he be used to it?

  49. I just checked out It is pretty good. You can read just about everything on the site with out paying for it and they cover other teams besides the Yankees and Red Sox. There weren’t as many pop-ups either. It doesn’t seems like a site Fox would run, no ;ame promos for shows that suck, no Tim McCarver or Joe Buck. If there TV coverage was as good as there website, ESPN would be in trouble.

  50. I just finished Harry Potter 6 last night. Good stuff. Left me in a weird mood here at work though. Anyone else a Rowling fan?

  51. Here’s what the AJC said about Hampton:

    SAN FRANCISCO Keeping fit has again proven hazardous for Braves pitcher Mike Hampton, who strained his back doing leg work in the weight room Tuesday at SBC Park.

  52. Yet here’s what MLB said:
    Hampton hobbled: Count this as one of the stranger incidents a Braves player has encountered this season.

    As Cox described it, Mike Hampton was getting out of a hot tub after Tuesday night’s game when he suddenly felt a pain in his back.

  53. I like Rowling pretty well Kyle, though I’m a little behind the times (okay, a lot behind – I’m only about 100 pages into #4). My girlfriends a pretty big fan – her copy of #6 should get here today. I’ve heard the tone/writing of this one is a little different from the others, so I’ll be eager to see – probably around Christmas.

    To further derail the thread, I was wondering if any gmail users would mind shooting me an invite (per yesterday’s discussion). Jenny was kind enough to give me one, but I think the sob’s in Georgia Tech’s IT department filtered it out. If someone is feeling generous, my alternate email is ‘’

  54. It’s okay, Eric, I’ll send you another one. No problem. :-)

    And I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I finished book 6 in 4 hours. I thought the explanation about Voldemort’s immortality was really clever. Did she start with that in mind or did she make it up later?

  55. I am curious as to where all you people are from…I’m 20, from Pottsville, PA and i go to Kutztown University (Sports Editor for University’s newspaper). Any of you from around here?

    …and to stay on topic…not a harry potter fan ;)

  56. Got it Kyle, thanks at ton (and thank you too Jenny)! On Rowling, I really hope that she’s been planning things out from the start. I’ve been burned before on series where the creator obviously don’t know where they want to go. I’m looking at you Matrix series and George Lucas.

  57. Isn’t Pottsville where the Maroons are from? I remember seeing something on ESPN about that.

    24, married, born and raised in Atlanta, live in Northern VA, work in DC at a litigation consultancy. My baby daughter is coming home from the nICU this weekend! :)

  58. Yikes, London actually did get bombed again! I thought Smitty was being weird and just realizing what happened 2 weeks ago, but then I checked the news. It doesn’t sound as bad this time, it’s probably just a copycat crime and it didn’t sound as if there were many casualties, which is good. There just is no good security, is there?

  59. Yes, the Maroons are in fact from Pottsville. I’ve done much research on the team and I actually plan on doing a story on them for the KU paper this semester. It is pretty neat to be able to say a pro football team made their home in your hometown. hah.

    Also, I wish i was closer to Atlanta or even Virginia sometimes so i can see a game at the ted or @ Richmond. Some day I’ll get down

  60. I am from Cleveland, TN and I go to school/live in Chattanooga now at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

  61. I’ll play –
    26, live in Atlanta (well Decatur), grad student at Georgia Tech, grew up in Wyoming watching the braves on TBS (thank god for cable).

    Congrats on the little girl, Kyle.

  62. Congratulations, Kyle, that’s great news for you and your family! I hope she does well and my best wishes for all of you!

    I’ll play the game: I’m 17, almost 18, I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life, about 20 minutes from Washington, DC, and I’m going to Carleton College in the fall. Everyone in my family has been Braves fans since the 1920s since my grandmother’s originally from Georgia and they now live in North Carolina, but I’ve also been an Orioles fan since I was 4. And yes, thank God for TBS.

  63. how comes i can’t see Jennys posts….her name just overwrites the previous commenters name…im confused…

  64. by the way: I’m 24, live in Evansville, IN, Married for 3 years to my high school sweetheart, My family raised me correctly to be a Braves fan. I’ll never forget when I was 12 and my parent woke me up to see the end of the 92 NLCS and Sid Bream’s slide.

  65. As for the Harry Potter thing: please be careful not to give too much info out. I haven’t got my copy yet so I have to be careful not to hear any surprizes.
    Also, how in the world do you strain a muscle in a hot tub. I thought the purpose of being in the hot tub was to rest strained muscles.

  66. My wife went to Kutztown, her folks live in Oreville. She moved to Texas about 8 years ago and we met in 1999, married 3 years later. We live southwest of Austin, out in the Hill Country. I’m 41, and prefer to say I’m a fan of the game of baseball rather than any one team. Still, I have favorites, and the Braves are one of them. I started watching them in the bad old days of the early 80’s, mostly because WTBS was the only station regularly showing games, and I think the only one during the week. They were so bad! Still, you had to love the losers back then, and I’ve followed them ever since. It was nice to be rewarded when the team got good.

  67. According to a person close to the Braves’ legendary coach, Mazzone has been informally and indirectly contacted by members of the Yankees’ hierarchy, asking if he’d be interested in succeeding Mel Stottlemyre. Mazzone has told the friend he would come to the Bronx “in a minute” for the right offer.

  68. Somebody tell joshg that I’m not saying anything worthwhile anyway so he’s not missing much.

  69. Well, I stand by my statement that you didn’t miss much. Maybe I’m only a figment of my imagination…

  70. Ok, I’ll play too, I’m 30, married with 2 kids, live in DeLand, Fl, home of Larry Wayne Jones Baseball complex, and I’ve been a Braves fan since you could by upper deck seats at Fulton County, and sit in the front row!

    Does anyone else remember Pascual Perez? I was thinking about that this morning….

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