105 thoughts on “Early Game Thread: July 18, Braves at Giants”

  1. Over under on Pauly Shore’s “Minding The Store” I say TBS will want to cut it after 2 eppisodes. After the 10th, maybe they will bring back the Braves.

  2. Byung-Hyun Kim should not be alowed to pitch in pennate race games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Meanwhile, the Marlins look to be giving up. Seems likely that in the next 24 hours Burnett and Lowell will be traded and that McKeon will be fired. I wonder if Cabrera will move back to third.

  4. Mac – what I saw said Cabrera would be moved to third. But I don’t understand this trade from either side, except as a “dump” again, by Florida. The “O”‘s will be taking on a lot of salary long term with Burnett, and they have a big payroll already.

  5. I think it’s a good deal for Florida. Better in my mind than if they were getting Cabrera. They have plenty of time to use Penn to get a starter if they need one. And Bigby is an upgrade over Lowell and significantly cheeper. And Julio may not be as good as he’s looked sometimes, he’s still a pretty good guy to have. Same with Kline if he’s still in the deal. I like it. It doesn’t worry me as a Braves fan… yet, but I don’t think it’s a bad deal for Florida at all.

  6. If Florida is going to have another fire sale, too bad they don’t have a shortstop!!!!!!

  7. I’m listning to the Natspos (I like the term) game … the announcers said that there is also a rumour that in addition to the O’s deal, there may be a three way possibility with Boston and San Diego involved, but they have no details.

  8. Colorado just took the lead on the Natspos – Armas supposedly went out with dizzyness and dehydration (after 2 innings).

  9. Washington has tied the score on a sacrifice fly that ended up scoring two runs. (Error).

  10. For all of you trying to figure out the O’s front office, don’t bother. They utterly defy logic. We’re giving up a mediocre but solid LF, a top pitching prospect, and a mediocre reliever who nonetheless has a lot of firepower to get an oft-injured pitcher and (to use my favorite phrase) a pile of suckitude in the form of Mike Lowell, the Infield’s Sammy Sosa (who, BTW, had a sudden clutch home run tonight. I ate a pair of socks). We just DFAed our excellent long reliever in favor of keeping Pig Unit Ponson and his 5.5 ERA and Steve “Grumpy” Kline and his similar numbers.I don’t pretend to know what goes on inside their heads, but it’s definitely delusional. Why wasn’t the pitching fixed in the offseason, when there were more options? I hate Beattie and Flanagan.

    Go Rockies!

  11. I wouldn’t count out Lowell just yet. He’s having a bad year, but he’s just 31 and had been an excellent player for several years. I think it’s just one of those things. Though I guess he could have fallen off a cliff, that occasionally happens too.

  12. Can I fly to SF and strangle Marcus Giles with my bare hands? Runner on 3B and you SWING AT THE FIRST PITCH? When will this loose cannon learn some patience? Arrrghh!

  13. Back to back? The Return of Chipper! Bwahahahahaha….

    Sorry, BJ Ryan just blew a save and I’m tearing my hair out. Glad something’s going right!

  14. I really like the idea of hitting Chipper fifth. I thought about the possibility and wonder if Bobby will do it. Furcal, KJ, and Giles are all on-base machines. Having Chipper batting fifth will give Andruw tons of protection. I really like this lineup.

  15. Well, if Sosa pitches the whole game like this, we may need more than 3 runs. Jinx!

  16. I like the idea of hitting Chipper 5th too. I’m just surprised Bobby did it. He might keep it up to, what with today’s results and all.

    Needed that K from Sosa there. Now settle down Jorge!

  17. Timely strikeout.

    Should we have sent him down and kept Colon? That would have been the one I picked.

  18. All right. One of my games is in extra innings and this one…is just tense. That was a clutch strikeout, though. We need way more runs here.

  19. kc, Chipper is better at getting On-Base than Furcal, Giles, and Johnson. He is also a much superior hitter to Andruw. Andruw should be “providing the protection” for Chipper. It sucks to have to move Kelly Johnson down in the order, but the idea of not having Chipper hit as high up in the order as possible is just stupid. Unless they think he is going to get hurt again/not last long on this stint, and then just dont want to mess with the lineup.

  20. In that Yankee game Pete is talking about, Williams dropped a fly ball that led to three runs (so far). They’re desperate for anything that resembles a Major League centerfielder. I wonder if the Braves could leverage Langerhans and their pitching depth into something, either from the Yankees or as part of a three-way trade.

  21. *sigh* “Past a diving Chipper” I know Chipper’s not as bad as BP makes him out to be, but that looked ugly. I know it was off the bag, and a tough play, but again, it just didn’t look good.

  22. But what would anyone want from the Yankees? They’re not trading A-Rod, and everyone else is either aging with huge contracts or not very good.

    The only thing the Braves would want is cash to use to add salary somewhere else.

  23. JPMouton, I understand exactly what you say. Ideally, I think the best case would be betting Chipper fourth (I still don’t like to break the Furcal, KJ, and Giles at the top) and Andruw batting fifth. Considering Chipper is just returning from injury and no one knows how healthy he actually is, it’s a wise move to bat Chipper fifth.

    Eventually, you are right, we should have a power hitting right-handed batter batting behind Chipper.

  24. What DIPS forgets is that some people are born lucky.

    Luck is real. Luck is palpable.

    And Sosa has a pocket full of it every inning.

  25. I know what I want from the Yankees: Steinbrenner’s head on a stick. That plus cash for Langerhans is a great deal.

    Seriously, what’s wrong with cash? Let’s not be roped into taking bad players when we can just get cash and buy the stuff ourselves. It’s like a gift card! I don’t think the Braves and Yankees match up well as trading partners, anyway.

  26. JoeyT, that’s why Mac is thinking about a three-way deal because there is nothing we want from the Yankees. On the other hand, I still don’t think we need to make any trade unless the trade will provide significant upgrade without hitting our payroll, which is very hard to accomplish.

  27. Ya know who might look pretty good sharing time with Langerhans is Rondell White. Detroit has an outfield glut, but I’m sure he’d cost too much… and Bobby might play him too much.

  28. Jenny, I think there is a rule that teams can’t trade player for cash of over one million. I don’t think one million is enough for Langerhans.

  29. Marcus got a hit but I’d still rather he hadn’t swung at the first pitch! At least work the count and tire out the pitcher.


  30. Lee hit two for the Cubs today, Andrew has to keep pace, so he needs one more tonight.

  31. I don’t care how much better Derick Lee’s stats are than Andruw’s, but Andruw is a true MVP up to now.

  32. KC, of he is off the DL then he should be healthy. If the Braves have any doubt about him they need to put him back on the DL. So we have to assume he is fully healthy. So if he is healthy, do we want our best hitter(BY FAR) hitting 5th or 3rd?

    MLB would not let a straight player for cash trnsaction happen if it involved any substantial amount of cash, especially not with the Yankees involved. I’d love to trade Langerhans for Tom Gordon(as I’ve said before) but then we need a new RF, and the only thing we have to trade are top prospects and Johnny Estrada(who I doubt the Braves want to trade). Are there any OF(that the Braves would acquire) out there that you would trade Chuck James and Jarrod Saltalamacchia for?

    P.S. Sorry for butchering Salty’s name, but it’s his fault for not having it legally changed.

  33. I love that Andruw is tearing it up again, but this week in my head to head fantasy league the guy I’m against has Andruw. It just figures. Hmm I think the start of Andruw’s last hot streak was against me too. Must be some sort of cosmic balance thing or something, eh? Or not at all.

    In short, ahem “yay”

  34. No, we’ll be 0.5 out if we win tonight.

    Anyone still think we should move Andruw out of the 4 spot? I think this lineup is working out quite well so far…

  35. I was just about to ask how people felt about this lineup. KJ is kind of a hole right now, but he’ll get better, I think, and this is really giving Andruw stuff to hit. 5-0 already? Something’s working. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chipper bat behind Andruw before, but I like it.

  36. Sosa or Colon? I think Sosa is the keeper for now. I think he’s pitched more consistently. Also, Colon hates the bullpen, and assuming Thompson comes back, it will be easier to move a guy to the pen thats been facing major league hitters all season.

    Andruw just hit his 2nd of the game. Think he likes having Chipper back?

    It’ll be sad if the Orioles dont make a good run. I loathe the thought of a Yankee post-season, who wants to hear A-rod’s canned good-guy commentary, or see Joe Torre cry again. I’d always liked Boston, before the past 9 months. This over-hyped squad is the most dislikeable baseball team since the 93′ Phillies.

  37. JPMouton, Chipper is not famous for being honest with his health. Besides, the guy took two months off, this is like spring training for him again.

  38. kc, I realize that. I am on record as saying that Chipper has surgery before August. I still think he deserves to hit 3rd though. Also, Marcus Giles should be the 2 hitter, with KJ sliding down to 5/6.

  39. Sosa looks so bad. If he gets through tonight with only a couple of runs, he has to be traded now, while his ERA is still ridiculous.

  40. This is ridiculous. How many lives does Sosa have, because he’s quickly running out. How many LOB is that? Pedro Feliz has 6 all by himself. I can’t live like this.

    BTW, doubledawg, O’s just won 3-2 in 11 innings. Tejada hit a monster.

  41. We can put him back in the bullpen because he’s bad. He won’t be this lucky forever.

  42. Nice comparison with Ortiz & Sosa, but Sosa doesn’t madden me the way Ortiz did. I can’t believe the tightrope Sosa’s walking tonight. So far so good though…
    As far as batting order goes – why not bat Chipper behind Andruw? If the concept of ‘protection’ has any validity , I think it would actually be an even bigger help to Andruw to have Chipper hitting behind him. Chipper has the bigger reputation (deserved) – and it seems like when you have Chipper batting in front of Andruw, they ‘pitch around’ Chipper to get to Andruw (whereas the reverse doesn’t seem to be true).
    Just seems like Chipper is likely to be pitched around in any case (hitting ahead of or behind Andruw), so it may be better to have Andruw seeing more fastballs batting ahead of Chipper.

  43. Two on. No out. I hate this. I really wish we had Colon now. Sosa looks horrible.

    If he keeps getting lucky, this could be the worst pitched shutout in history.

  44. JPMouton, I don’t think the Yankees will trade away Sheffied AND pay his salary. No matter how prospects we give to the Yankees, I don’t think it will happen.

  45. Yeah I know, I just really like Gary, always have. Give em Langerhans, James, Estrada, and Hampton for him.

  46. It’s hard to say if Colon will pitch better. The Giants. Besides, we have to remember the Giants are third in the league in batting average…but eighth in the league in scoring, I guess we see the reason why tonight!!!

  47. This is amazing. It’s like watching a train wreck where everyone walks away miraculously unscathed.

  48. Really good analogy, JoeyT. I don’t believe what I’m seeing. I didn’t think the Giants were this bad. My God, they must have left 12 on base already! Un-freaking-believable!

  49. You guys remember El Presidente’s 12 hit (14 hit? Some ungodly number) shutout?
    Marcus, I love you, man, but quit swinging at the 1st pitch! 3 ABs, 3 pitches…

  50. Marcus Giles has seen 3 pitches tonight. That’s absurd. Someone really needs to slap him. HARD.

  51. Aside from the financial impossibilities, Sheffield has stated publicly that he would retire if the Yankees traded him. I believe him.

    Besides, they’re on the verge of first place and scoring runs by the boatload. Why would they trade their No. 3 hitter?

  52. You know what managers not with saber-inclined clubs see? Sosa: 5 IP, 0 ER, W.

    Trade him now. He will never in his career hve higher value.

  53. A 1-2-3 inning. Maybe somebody slapped Sosa. But Marcus still needs a good one in the face.

  54. Of course, the Giants would be better off if their entire starting lineup (except Ellison) wasn’t over 30 and they played in a ballpark where someone other than Barry Bonds could hit.

  55. Yanks won and are back in first. This is all we will hear about for two weeks now. When we take the lead ESPN may mention it durring Red Sox/Yankee Rumor Nightly, sorry I mean Baseball Tonight.

  56. In all the excitement I didn’t notice that Marcus actually saw 5 pitches this time. That brings his total to 8 in 4 ABs, for an average of 2. Uhhh…

  57. Devine got his 2nd save tonight for Mississippi. Now 12 innings total for year still no runs, only 4 hits. Marte 3 for 6 tonight with double and homerun.

  58. Does anyone know what Pete was refering to when they were talking about managers who had coached their sons and he made the reference to Pedro Martinez playing for the Yankees?

  59. It’s his “The Yankees are my daddy.” quote we heard 8,000 times in the last year.

  60. Let’s get a quick bottom 9th since I need to fix my VCR. Our offense is back at the hotel already anyway. Not that it matters now.

  61. Is there a Nats message board? If we can get the game over fast enough and win while the EXPOS lose, we could be in first today!

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